State of Sweden has now started looping demoralising willpower message in their psychological warfare and political terrorism

State of Sweden beaming and now looping sound or word “FÄRDIG” which means “FINISH” like; Your are finished and they looping this in some form

of electronical voices speak/singing this word and constantly change the sound of it…..

Demoralising messages is used in psychological warfare to break peopled down peoples willpower

State of Sweden starts beaming different version of Unibets commercials and then starts beamings two version at same time to confuse your mind and this going on for 6 days, day and night, indoors and outdoors

Then does State of Sweden starts beaming and stalking you with We are the Champ Ole Ole Ole for 19 hours on and off, indoors and outdoors

Now they started looping this electronical speak/singing voices of the word “FÄRDIG” in Swedish which means “FINISH” (the demoralising message could be “You are finish”. State of Sweden has earlier beaming music chorus like

“You drive us wild, we drive you crazy” into your apartment (gaslighting)

“We love to hate you” (covert aggression)

Looping “FINISH” (demoralising messages to break down willpower)

This is the Swedish government agency or the Swedish Hive Mind 2018





Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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