State of Sweden has now beaming and looping Soccer Anthem We are the champ Ole Ole Ole for 11 hours now since 05.30

State of Sweden has ealier for 6 days beaming Unibet:s commercials into your mind day and night, indoors and outdoors, and between this sound of sirens

Now they started beaming and looping Soccer Anthem We are the champ Ole Ole Ole since 05.30 in the morning. This was hat you hear when you wakening up 05.30 and this sound could going on in the background all night – they can attack your mind even at night and programming your mind.

Last 7 days they have constantly beaming Unibets commercials for 6 days and beaming 5 different version and they beaming two at same time two confused your mind, That´s what State of Sweden does; torturing your mind with constant same loop for 6 days and now they started with Soccer Anthem We are The Champ Ole Ole Ole for 11 hours an between this sirens.

When you going out and exercise they targettin your mind with We are the Champ Ole Ole Ole and sound of sirens, and when you are home again they start when you are in the bathroom and then when yo take a bath, and then continue with sirens and more of We are the Champ Ole Ole Ole

Can you be a Champ when you targetting a human mind with technology for 7 days

This is some form of Alien behavior, Archons behavior, Satanic behavior, or Cult leader brainwashing

Maybe the Swedish mind is invaded by outer space forces. People in Sweden walking around like robots

Now they started We are tHe champ Ole Ole Ole again.

Today they have technology so they can beaming a sound, music, voices, or commercials everywhere, indoors and outdoors and stalking and harassing your mind everty minute of the day.

State of Sweden has also organized their stalking vehicles in same bluish color: Helicopter, Postal service trucks, Swedish ice cream truck song, and a cleaning comapny has same bluish color and all participating in organized Gang Stalking

This bluish color in same color as “Blucifer” at Denver Airport, and this is related to Freemanonsry or Illuminati

Maybe this bluish color symbolize Blucifer – Lucifer and som text say this then is related to the underworld and star Sirius

All State of Sweden does is stalking, roaring around and make noise/sound day and niggt, they never sleeps and sound torturing t night, they harassing, creating constant distractions for the mind, gaslighting, persecuting and ostrasizing, people lurking around, sneaking, shadowing day and night, interfering when you visit bathroom



This Sirius star is also known as the Star of Ra or Star of Solomon. In conjunction with three other prominent starts depicted in Solomon’s Key, Sirius can be triangulated, thus forming an inverse triangle in the sky. Sirius, Thus, when we superimpose the celestial star triad over a pyramid, we find the basis for the hexagram, an ancient sign of Masonic/reptilian black magic. Could it be that the Masons pay homage to the source of Hell and Satan, the Star Sirius, through these veiled ceremonies?

STAR SIRIUS which is the DOG STAR or the Great Mastiff (Satan) which brings trouble to the earth.

Sweden has also removed the word “Blue” from the Bible version 2000

They using blue stalking colors but removed the word blue from the Swedish Bible version 2000. Is this stalking bluish color another Lucifer rulers and the blue in Bible represents God´s law

These vehicles is participating in organized gang stalking. The swedish employment agency get a work at same company that is stalking you.

Swedish employment agency get a work at same company that is stalking you with their vehicles Postnord – a government owned postal service company

When you going for job interview the bluish helicopter airstalking late night and then stalking you to the job interview

When you the start your job the helicopter is airstalking you when you working with delivery post/mail

And one of the post/mail adress is GUESS; SIRIUS

Government employment agency get a work at another government owned stalking company and then does another government helicopter stalking you at work

Then is one of the post/mail adress Street of Sirius

This is how State of Sweden working with their departments

They still stalking you with these in Sweden 2018

Bildresultat för postnord

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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