State of Sweden has today beaming and looping and targetting your mind with pedophilia and beaming take off your cloths naked and then I take off my cloths naked

Then beaming where did the bananas go

Pedophile is funny to see

Pedophile need help

They have targetting your mind for 7 years with covert communication and covert psychological terrorism

They beaming this indoors and outdoors

Then they start looping these and  same time beaming and looping “anxious” ” anxious” and then beaming pedophile pedophile pedophile pedophile and then thoose eyes thoose eyes

This is State of Sweden – targetting your mind day and night

Satan is  stalker and roaring around day and night and never sleeps- same with organized gang stalking in Sweden

State of Sweden beaming commercials

“I want ou”


Outdoors they playing music “I want your body” and then playing music chorus “Your body your body



Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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