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January 4, 2018

State of Sweden constant brainwashing and constant psychological warfare

State of Sweden constant brainwashing and constant psychological warfare

This is the Swedish abuse of authority. State of Sweden is a abusive gaslighter. They using gaslighting and wickedness psychology and they psychological tormenting you.

State of Sweden wants to appear superior to the one being gaslighted. They trying to make you feel completly helpless, completly powerless, completly lack of knowledge, with very low self-esteem, negative and depressed, no control over their own destiny or no control of the future.

State of Sweden trying to hijacking your life or steal your life with abuse of power and abuse of authority.  They constant attacking you with psyxhology or they constant attacking with sound torture or attacking you with firecrackers for 8 days to create sleep deprivation.

They trying to brainwashing your mind with constant sound and they creating constant interference psychology and it’s like a cult leader trying to brainwashing your mind 24/7 and install sound torture technology surround your apartment with these technology.  Then people starts acting, playing, speaking to manipulate your mind and reality to infect or affect your mind with harm.

These methods feels like a witch-hunt, be brainwashed by a cult leader, surveillanced by Hitler technology and be tormenting by Satan and they have created a room 101 – a torture room or torture chamber of my apartment surrounded with sound torture technology. Here is some of  State of Sweden psychological warfare psychology


Sweden using constant psychological warfare.

They creating sleep deprivation. Swedish police is tormenting you day and night with sirens or grasstrimmer sound to create sleep deprivation.

Now they have been shooting firecrackers for 30-35 hours from 27/12-2017 to 3/1-2018. They shooting firecrackers outside your window when you trying to sleep. And this they still continue doing when the new year has started.

They tormenting your mind with constant sound tormenting.

They creating sleep deprivation.

They targetting your mind with sounds

State of Sweden trying to hijacking your life

They hijacking your sleep by creating sleep deprivation and they using tormenting sounds around your apartment and people walking around and shooting firecrackers outside your window so you cant sleep and they have been shooting firecrackers for 8 days now 27/12-2017 to 3/1-2018.

They hijacking your social freedom by osteasize you and they persecuting you and they stalking you and they stalking and targetting your mind with same sound or music they tormenting you in your apartment they stalking you outdoors.

They hijacking your amygdala by fear mongering and creatw sound torture

They hijacking your reality by manipulation. They gaslighting you everywhere. Doctors in healthcare changing shirt. Social service trying to make believe you hear things. Swedish police hijacking your computer and starts gas-lighting by changing the volume in same way they gaslighting.  Energy companies mind mixing with street lights to confuse your perception of reality. They close down your internet and all your tv channels to create isolation from reality. They using enviroment manipulation. They trying to create time confusion of reality when people walking around with umbrellas in sunshine. They using wickedness psychology to strenghten a feeling of craziness. Swedish police playing sounds of cuckoo clock and sounds of owls. And people screaming crazy, crazy, crazy. And they constant starts sounds and then turn them off and then starts and turn off sounds. They playing sounds and they playing drum sounds.

They hijacking emotions and creating fear, stress, paranoia psychology, they gaslighting your reality to create doubts, they mirroring your life

They hijacking your communications and close down internet and all your tv channels. They hijacking your freedom of speech

They hijacking your silence and peace of mind by constant communication interference or noise interference

They hijacking and stalking you and mirroring and they gesturing, imitating, mimicking, gaslighting, shadowing,

They stalking you with sirens when you visiting toilet or starts playing grasstrimmer sound in the middle of the night

They shadowing you from room to room and they starts make sounds when you eating.

State of Sweden is hijacking your life on every level and they trying to destroy your life on every level. This is the swedish psychological warfare and they tormenting you mind, they stalking your mind and they trying to manipulate your mind and they working 24/7 with these psychological attacking psychology.

State of Sweden trying to hijacking your life with;

Mind control

Sound “tormenting” control


Wickedness psychology

Interference psychology

Communication interference

Noise harassment

Psychological torture

Ostracism and isolation

Stalking and persecution

Double-speaking psychology


Psychological communication street theater


Mirroring psychology


Mind stalking





When even swedish healthcare and psychiatry becomes to political abuse of psychiatry – healthcare becomes health(s)care

Swedish healthcare and psychiatry is psychological propaganda facitilities and facitilities of political abuse of psychiatry

Swedish healthcare and psychiatry using self-destructions programs – Monarch programming – Omega – Code Green to destroy them.

What is MK-Ultra – Omega – Code Green?

Omega is a self-destruct form of programming also known as “Code Green”. The corresponding behaviors include suicidal tendencies and/or self-mutilation. This program is generally activated when the victim/survivor begins therapy or interrogation and when too much memory is being recovered.

In same way they trying harm, tormenting you and destroying your life and healthcare is part of same psychological warfare.

They create sleep deprivation and psychological torture with sounds and then swedish healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression and then they dont have any new times to other doctors for 9 weeks. They collaborate in same way nazi-doctors collaborated with Gestapo. And Monarch programming and Omega – Code Green is named after Dr. Green from this nazi time. So swedish psychiatry using nazi-psychology-monarch programming to destroy you.

State of Sweden using psychological warfare strategies to constant attacking your soul, mind and life

They doing this by hijacking your sleep and creating sleep deprivation.  They targetting your mind, brain and head with constant sound tormenting weapon.

Swedish police has surrounded your apartment with sound torture technology and transmit sounds, sirens, intense grasstrimmer sound day and night. They even tormenting you with same sound when you going outdoors.

Swedish healthcare and psychiatry starts a political abuse of psychiatry destruction plan

They start with inform you human has a suicide gene

Then they informs you there is something called a dreamwatcher

Then they informs you about a brain in the stomach and talks about all diseases in the brain

Then doctors starts gaslighting and changing shirt

Then they starts mirroring

Then they starts playing street theater in healthcare

Then they start implement the kill word

Then swedish media starts using the kill word in every sports program you watch

They start a psychological misleading or confusing psychology

They starts persecution

They starts fear mongering

They creating stress

They start mind control

They start making reality to surreality

It feels more like a psychological warfare and it feels more like political abuse of psychiatry.

Theu start using firecrackers outside your window every evening before a appointment to the healthcare  to get new prescription.  So people outside psychiatry knows when you have a new time to healthcare and then starts shooting firecrackers outside your window.

This is the swedish police who is stalking and surveillance and knows when you going to healthcare.  Then they starts fear mongering you. And swedish police is the one who can surveillance your appointments to healthcare and they must have a storage of firecrackers to use all year and they using firecrackers.

And people has been shooting firecrackers for 8 days outside my window.  This is how nazi-psychology is used in swedish psychiatry and by swedish police. They collaborate and using firecrackers.


Swedish psychiatry and swedish police collaborate to stalking and persecuting you. State of Sweden is using anchoring and chaining psychology to create mind control in the public domain.

Swedish psychiatry using “props” and then are people outside the psychiatry place out these “props” you going to visit. Therapist using a orange on his desk and when you visiting the graveyard someone has place out a orange on a gravestone.

Sweden using this kind of anchoring and chaining psychology in every departement.

Then the therapist has his business cards in a medical package. Same therapist informs you about a dreamwatcher. Same therapist starts mirroring you and same therapist using political abuse of psychiatry and starts have his computer on during therapy. It started with same screensaver and them startef have a open Word document when the therapy started. Then he started opens his door and checking left and check right and then close the door.

They even start fire alarm to mirroring you and they create a power break and they using these methods to create mind control

They using anchoring and chaining psychology.  The therapist is limping and then people starts limping around your apartment and people even starts screaming his name when you are outside. This is a method they using. And when you talking to the therapist about something they create or manifest this outside and around your apartment.  If you telling about skateboard everyone around your apartment starts skateboarding.

This is healt(s)care psychology from “hell”. They call this for treatment when it is political abuse of psychiatry.

Then they start classified psychology and every doctor starts using the classified word. But nothing is classified because they have started to surveillance everything to reveal they stalking you everywhere and thimgs from therapy manifests outside the therapy. And they know whem you going to healthcare and starts shooting firecrackers every time. They stalking your life. Then the pharmacy starts using the classified. And same doctor who informs you about the brain in the stomach has constructed so your journal has a classified text cross over the screen. Same doctor has a red t-shirt with text logo “ouch”.

Then the therapist tells you to call and the number has expired and not in use (ostracism)

Doctors write prescription for 239 pills against sleeping problem

And before this they have informed you human has a suicide gene (Code Green)

And doctors talks about all diseases in the brain when he is talking about the brain in the stomach

Doctors informs you stress kills

And then they start using the kill word in every sport program


Then healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression and then there is no new times to others doctors for 9 weeks

And then they starts tormenting you with sound torture at night, so you have to sleep with music and headphones.

Then they hacking your computer and manipulate your music files you listen to at the night

Then they start gaslighting you by hacking your computer when you trying to sleep and starts changing the volume

And then they starts playing or transmit same music into your apartment in the morning and then they start transmit same music into your apartment around midnight and then they even transmit same music outdoors

After healthcare informs you about a brain in the stomach swedish police starts transmit a music chorus “We control the sunlight” and this is the solar plexus brain in the stomach. They saying they control the ego – solar plexus means ego

Then swedish police start playing sounds of a cuckoo clock and outdoors sound of owls.

This was just a part of the swedish psychological warfare psychology they trying to break you down with and this going on 24/7.

This is how they trying to make reality to surreality to change your perception of reality.


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