State of Sweden communicate in a remote “interfering” viewing way, moving in a remote viewing way, harassing in remote viewing way, imitating in remote viewing way, shadowing in a remote viewing way, spying in a remote viewing way, interfering in a remote viewing way; State of Sweden want´s to be everywhere or they want´s control everything in their organized gang stalking

State of Sweden communicate in a remote “interfering” viewing way, moving in a remote viewing way, harassing in remote viewing way, imitating in remote viewing way, shadowing in a remote viewing way, spying in a remote viewing way, interfering in a remote viewing way; State of Sweden want´s to be everywhere or they want´s control everything in their organized gang stalking

State of Sweden trying to hijacking, captivating and barricading your mind with constant onginmg harassment and interfering everywhere and by anyone.

They hijacking or captivating your seeing (street theater), captivating hearing (constant sound interference), captivating perception (gaslighting and manipulation of reality), hijacking sleep with sleep deprivation, hijacking reality, informing about existing dream guards, informs about a brain in the stomach and wants control your ego or the solar plexus brain, co0ntrol life, mind, thought, emotions, health by attacking your health and attacking your cognitive functions on a every day basis.


The Swedish Horus “Surveillance” Eye stalking, harassing, terrorizing and using remote viewing indoors and outdoors and using other people (organized gang stalking) to stalking, harassing, terrorizing by using remote viewing in real time interference. This it hat you see in today´s changed Sweden. Cars driving around like this everywhere, with one broken light on their cars. When you going outdoors and exercise you may see 5-8 cars every day during one hour exercise. It´s 30-60 cars every week with one broken front light or broken rear light, and they have driving around like this for years and the Swedish police want people to drive around like this, or the Swedish Hive “controlled” Mind want´sthem to drive around like this. It seems the Swedish Mind has been taken over of this total surveillance psychology everywwhere and they interfering everywhere. Soem force has changed these minds



If this image illustration above illustrate the Swedish stalking, harassing and terroring “psychological” Horus “Surveillance” Eye, so does this image below illustrate the this taking place in the “physical” life. Here is four different vehicles in Sweden and all is used in Organized Gang Stalking (even Swedish police is Gang Stalkers). Swedish police helicopter has bluish color, the postal service truck has same bluish color, and even the swedish ice cream truck has same bluish color, and a cleaning company has same bluish color, and all stalking around everywhere.


Here is some of the swedish police organized gang stalking and airstalking. They stalking your life everywhere, they stalking when you exercise, when you going to food store, when you going to job-interview, when you start your new job, they stalking you when you shopping, they stalking you daytime and harassing late night, they stalking you when you going to healthcare, they even hovering over the roofs during therapy. They stalking your life everywhere and several at times when you exercise outdoors.

Swedes gang stalkers like sneaking and lurking around everywhere and using remote viewing interference methods everywhere. They speak and communicate in surveillance remote viewing interfering way, they using remote viewing and stalking you around your apartment and creating interfering harassment sound that can be synchrnozied in exact same second.


State of Sweden using neighbors for remote viewing to remote viewing targeted individuals life. They can interfering in exact same second when you watch tv or reading and drop something  in the floor.


And when you watch tv they create constant distortions sound in every tv broadcasting and your tv screen suddenly  have a black frame around it, so state of Sween walking around and creating all these distractions of sounds, manipulating functions on websites, manipulating tv screens, manipualating information, manipualting enviroment, speaking in a manipulated way, gaslighting to manipulate and this is how people in Swedisg gang stalkers doing, from early morning to late night. And every department in Sweden is participating in organized gang stalking. Sweden breathing organized gang stalking and they breathing surveillance and they want everyone else to think, acting like a robotized creature that walking around and stalking, harassing, interfering.

What they learning people in Sweden is to be tools and political and psychological terrorist for the governments and rulers.

And they learning them to be a part of a bull-y sapiens mentality and the new image is the new collective bully- sapiens Hive Mind





This Swedish Horus “Surveillance” Eye psychology is used everywhere and in every department in Sweden, and foodstores or pharmacies.  Here is some of all examples from Sweden

Healthcare informs you people have a suicide gene

Swedish healthcare informs human have a brain in the stomach (control of Solar Plexus Brain)

Therapist in same institution informs about an existing “dream guard” (control and surveillance psychology of dreams)

Same therapist has business cards in a medical packaage (control of health)


Swedish pharmacies is also participating in Organized Gang Stalking and even worse they using remote viewing psychology. State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation so you can´t sleep. They stop precsription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, Then they have no new times to other dcotors for 9 weeks. So you buying healthcare products from the pharmacy you get a transparent bag that it used when you return medication you no longer use, not when you buying healthcare products. When you buying healthcare and leaving the store the alarm start because they haven´t alarm off the products. Pharmacy workers start fake coughing for 15 seconds. And the remote viewing surveillance is used even in Swedish pharmacies. If you split a pill in four piecis and when you visiting the pharmacy they give you same advice to split the pill in four piecies and this when you haven´t asking for any advice. This revealing they reveal themselves they surveillance you psychology is used everywhere in organized ganag stalking. The Swedish Hive Mind seems to be an expert to communicate in this intefering way. Business cards in a medical package, Existing dream guard. Brain in the stomach and Solar Plexus Psychology.




Doctors who informs about a brain in the stomach also using classified psychology. Doctors start using the classified word, then does the pharmacy workers start using the classified word, and then they have manipulated the screen to look like this when they open your health journal. And they using this paranoia “interfering” psychology. For example same doctor suddenly saying; I see you have meet my friend……..and now he is referring to another doctor who working at another company outside the state healthcare. This paranoia interfering psychology they using everywhere in different ways; in same way same the doctor speaking in a manipulated way he talks about medication and talks about reaching over medication pills from hand to hand, or when therapist has a medical package on his desk during therapy and then even has his business cards in this medical package, and same interfering method is used by swedish pharmcy workers. When you visiting swedish pharmacy they can manipulate the commnuication by start speaking so loud so everyone in the pharmacý ca hear the conversation about another peoples medication, and this is same methods people on the streets using, they interfering by word dropping or content dropping when you passing people on the streets or they start talking in the food queue or around your apartment and walking around and screaming names, in same way they interfering with constant sound torture at night or noise harassment or communication interference.


The doctor in Swedish healthcare who informed about a brain i the stomach also talks about all diseases in the brain, and at same time he has a red  stalking t-shirt and it has even a text logo; OUCH.

They uisng computers to affecting the human mind. Another example from Swedis healthacre is political abuse of psychiatry. Wjen you visiting Swedish healthcare the therapy room can look this: A screensaver logo is moving on the screen hen the ttherapy starts, and this is same screensaver you have on your computer. This is how they start mind control your mind; they start mirroring your life or imitating your life.


Then the therapist has an open Word document like this in the therapy room. This is the political abuse of psychiatry. This mirroring my writing. Week after week therapist has a Word document open and probarly want discuss a unpublished text. Afterwards one year in this health(s)care of psychiatry you understand State of Sweden have hijacked your computer during therapy, State of Sweden surveilled phone calls during therapy and they have surveilled what tv program you watch and then mirroring this


Here is more of mirroring and stalking psychology used in Swedish healthcare. When your fire alarm starts at home they mirroring this in swedish healthace. The fire alarm then starts in the middle of the therapy.





And when you talk to a doctor their is a powerbreak and at same time it sound like people starts moving furniture when it´s a powerbreak. They start building mind control structures cris cross from one place (anchoring) and to other places (chaining). Swedish healthcare using interfering psychology, stalking and mirroring psychoogy, monarch programming.


When this mirroring process they even start mirroring themselves. After a while people around your apartment starts limping and the therapist has a limping style when he is walking. Then people starts screaming same name as the therapist outdoors. So they using anchoring and chaining psychology in Swedish healthcare and using this for mind control. Below this limping image is another example of this achoring and chaining psychology.


Then they start using props in Swedish healthcare. Therapist who has business cards in a medical package and informs about an existing dream guard now start using props like a orange on his desk. When you visiting the graveyard someone has place out a orange on the gravestone.


After this there is orange peel everywhere even on the winter streets. This is the sensitizing proceess they using in oragnized gangstalking when they sensitizing with colors and then chaning it to other things, this is same funcition they using in Sweden


Then does the government gang stalkers start transmit music chorus like we control the sunlight indoors and then outdoors. What does sunlight symbolize in this way of Swedish communication mean. Healthcare informs about a brain in the stomach


Then does the government gang stalkers start transmitting music chorus on same theme; The Solar Plexus Psychology or the Brain in the stomach psychology into your apartment. Then they start beaming this into your mind when you exercise outdoors and at same time a helicopter appearing.


Afterwards they still working with same Solar Plexus psychology and now they using the Swedish Social “Wellfare” Services workers for this. Now they give you another social service worker and her name is “SUN”.  and this is how they anchoring and chaining in Sweden, cris cross everywhere. Like they building a stalking psychological grid



When you exercise outdoors there is airstalking helicopters, stalking vehicles, stalking people, obstructing people walking cris cross on paths, cars blocking the way, communication interference, and State of Sweden even using sound of owls to create this stalking and surveillance psychology around your life. There is sounds of owls in the woods or around paths there you exercise. People even make human made sound and imitating owls when you going outdoors. This is the Swedish Hive Mind. State of Sweden stalking you with sound of sirens indoors and outdoors, and even here people imiating and make human made sounds of sirens. State of Sweden also transmit sound of cuckoo clock into your apartment and people even imitaing this when you exercise outdoors and passing people. So organized gang stalking in Sweden seems to have an imitating component everyhwre, and mimicking, and mirroring, gesturing, or duplicating everything, or interfering, and these behaviors is like computer behaviors; superposition (be at two or more places at same time) gang stalkers mind want´t to be everywhere, quantum tunneling (interfering) and gang stalkers interfering everywhere, invadning life, space, privacy, and integrity, and entanglement (synchronizing and imiating at same time), and gang stalkers imiating and stalking in real time and synchronizing at same time. Is organized gang stalking a human program or unhuman program controlled by others.?



And they place out things around there you exercise. Even fireworkes particpating in oganized gangstalking and place out firehoses there you exercise when nothing has burned. This is the Swedish organzied gang stalking methods; to place out things here and there to affetc and sensitizing.



Here is some of all Swedish interfernce methods

Some methods captivating seeing; street theater, mirroring, clownery

Some methods captivating hearing; noise harassment, sound torture, communication interference, crosstalk, non-stop babbling,

Some methods captivating perception; gaslighting, enviroment manipulation, mind games, trickery, confusion psychology, wickedness psychology or crazy-making, voice to skull, syntethic telepathy, psychic driving, electro magnetic frequency, and sleep deprivation

Can these methods be human made; make people believe they hear voices, using paranoia psychology, using wickedness psychology and crazy-making to drive people to madness, to sensitizing and triggering emotions and thoughts of negativity, looping and uisng psychic driving to create depression, if not drive them crazy so drive them to suicide.

And everywhere these methods are activated like programs and people acting like robotized and controlled humans and behaving and speaking in these ways. This is a destruction program of human qualities. What is the goal with gang stalking? To destroy!

Anchoring, chaining, sensitizing, triggering, looping, synchronization, psychic driving, victimizng, trauma-basing, slandering, dehumanisation, demoralisation, demonization, mk ultra, monarch programming, mind control, brainwashing, syntethic telepathy and voie to skull (to create voices), and electro magnetic frequency weapon and maybe use of Silent Sound Spread Spectrum technology. If they using all these methods in different ways day and night, the possible even using methods to affect the human dreams with hypnopaedia methods. What does all these methods symbolize; a human, or unhuman, or machine, or program or a juggernaut or maybe a Transhumanism program to destroy every human quality and then replace it with technological qualities.



When the social “wellfare” services or the swedish employment agency providing some form og health activities or working project everyone  is part of organized gang stalking. If you participating in health activities provided by social services and group walking these are used  for organized gang stalking, and if you going to meeting to get health activity information these are manipulated to affect your mind, and if the employment agency provide some working project you see see siren on the refrifgerator.


If the employment agency provide another working project you may move the swedish flag every time you move a pallet. So everywhere there is these constructed manipulation of reality, enviroment, people, healthcare, sociall services worker and these eve trying to gaslighting your mind and trying to make you believe your hear things.



And it is even worse tha this in Sweden

When you visiting Swedish healthcare or visiting doctors to get new prescription they start shooting firecrackers outside your window late evening before a apoointment to healthcre. There is no easter time or new year to shooting firecrackers. This is happening every night before you going to healthcare.

This mean: They who shooting firecrackers knows when you have a new appointment to healthcare and who has access to this and who is using this to shooting firecrackers.

Who has access to firecrackers in Sweden all year around when these are been sold during easter times and new year times…?

This is the reality in Sweden.

State of Sweden stalking with helicopters when you going to the healthcare, so they know when you going to healthcare and then they even hovering above the roofs during therapy, so they know where you are and stalking you everywhere.

Then does State of Sweden hijacking your your computer during therapy

State of Sweden hacking your phone during therapy

State of Sweden surveillance what tv programs you watch.

All these actions is The Swedish stalking hidden police or related agency.

People walking around your apartment and shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks day and night and for 4-7 hours every day, so the Swedish Hive Mentailty using firecrackers to harassing and to create sleep deprivation.

Who in Sweden has access and resoruces to shooting firecrackers for three weeks and for 4-7 hours every day?

This is political and psychological terrorism and psychological warfare.

And it´s even worse than this

State of Sween using remote viewing in your life and shadowing you around your apartment by using neigbors who is interfering with your life in real time


Sweden and remote wieving is real in Sweden

They using remote viewing in their psychological warfare and psychological torture and psychological persecution and shadowing in Sweden. The Force or Spirit can use everyone for this stalking or harassing purpose.


State of Sweden revealing themselfes that they using remote viewing has proven to be an extremely accurate and revealing “spying” in medium and Swedes interfering in real time or using different infiltration psychology

They know where you are in your apartment and when you moving around in your apartment (they can stamping in the floor)

They know when you going outdoors (synchronizing with others leaving or arriving at same time)

They can see what you reading in books (neighbors can drop thing above your head when you read something)

They can see what news you reading (same here drop things when you searching for information)

They can see what tv programs you watch

They can see what movies you watch (they can drop things above your head in real presence when something happening in the movie)

They know when you falling in sleep (when you have falling in sleep they drop something above your head to wake you up)

They know when you are awake or awakening (they start looping music chorus, sound torture or shadowing you when you going to bathroom and then start sirens or grastrimmer sound)

They know when you make breakfast or dinner (neighbors walking to the balcony and starts fake coughing every time you make breakfast in the morning)

They know when you writing mail and can see when you writing mail to departments (neighbors starts make hitting sounds in the floor every time your writing and mail to some department or social service)

They can see when you using your internet bank (starts make hitting sound when you using your internet bank)

They even know when you start thinking or they can beaming in thoughts into your mind (it seems they can mind reading and make noise or screaming or bangning in something)

They know when writing on your blog even before you have publish it (starts make noise or sounds when you writing)

This is Sweden and they revealing themselves every day by bangings, start make hitting sound, hammering or drilling, high pitch screaming, honking horns

They drop things on the floor or start making hitting sound in the floor

Or start fake coughing when you make breakfast or eating

They shadowing you when you visiting bathroom or toilet and starts sound of grasstrimmr, or sirens or trumpet sirens sound (this is made by The Swedish Police Department or other stalking agency)

They mirroring everything you watch on tv. If you watch a art program and they painting things blue in the nature, a few days after peope has painting stone blue there you exercise. So they even surveillance what tv program you watch and then mirroring this.

If you visiting healthcare they can have an orange on the desk and days after when you visiting the graveyard they have place out an orange on the gravestone

If your fire alarm starts at home when make food, healthcare mirroring this when the start fire alarm starts in the middle of therapy

They can start transmit hair shampoo commercials and then start synchronizing this when you washing your hair. This is how Sweden using this remote viewing to terrorizing your daily life. They constantly interfering and then even imitating everything you do, watch, see, read, listen to, and mirroring this. They interfering and mirroring every day and trying to hijacking your brain or mind.

This Swedish remote viewing presence revealing they shadowing, stalking, surveillance everything you do. This must be the EGO. And this make sence because even Swedish healthcare informs about a brain in the stomach and then does the government stalking people transmit music chorus like; We control the Sunlight.

The Solar Plexus Brain is the human Ego and Ego is the human perception the rulers want you to see reality (Matrix reality), and when a person in a spiritual transformation process this ego will be change t a soul ego or Divine Mind, so these people trying to control your Ego to hindering spiritual growth. The Divine Mind don´t see this world or reality through the Ego, but throught the Third Eye perspective. Third Eye is a process when two becomes one, or duality becomes Oneness, and this world of Sweden don´t want any Oneness or the Ego on´t want any Oneness so it´s trying you captivating seeing, hearing and perception, and organized gang stalking is about this. Using the human collective ego to control others transformations process or control their spiritual growth.

In Sweden;

They remote wieving

Then they terrorizing your life with different sounds

They create sleep deprivation and sound torture and can transmit same looping sound for 18 hours, indoors and outdoors

Then they imitating, mimicking, mirrorimg everything

Then they start looping same music chorus, same trumpet sound or commercials hour after hour, day after day to building structures in your mind and trying to hijacking your mind

Then they create sleep deprivation and sound torture

Maybe this is the battle of the mind process – when you are spiritual awakening they can psychological attacking by intefering and it seems from these examples the swedes everywhere trying to interfering with my daily life and captivating my seeing, hearing and perceptions.

To free yourself from the ego mind to the  soul ego you have to walk trough these different  frequencies in the human chakra

They trying to captiavting your seeing with street theater, mimicking,imitating

They trying to captivating your hearing with constant noise harassment and communication interference

They trying to captivating your perception with gaslighting, mind games, manipulations

This is how they using their methods in Sweden and it seems it´s a spirit which acting like this in people and it seems this spirit can use everyone how it want´s


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden including remote viewing, like stalking you with VR glasses in real time, and interfering

Does this headlline of this post sound like science fiction? It is not science fiction, it is real in Sweden.

7 years with organized gang stalking daliy actions have get me a lot of time to observe these actions and they are difficult to explain because of it character of advanced mind control and consciousness interfering energy.

This post don´t explain how these advanced methods is working in this reality, but here is an illustrations how it is to explain how it takes place on every day basis.

Here is the components in this organized gang stalking in Sweden

1. They using remote viewing psychology

2. This remote viewing seems to work in same way VR glasses working

3. With these method they can interfering with your life in real time and presence in exact same second something is happening

4. They using these methods to interfering everywhere and they revealing themselves they are surveillance

5. And this mean they using these methods to create fear, stress, distractions, interference, harassment, stalking, persecution, shadowing, terroriizing

6. This mean they using remote viewing to stalking you and this mean they using others at same time who are the stalkers who is interfering in real time and presence time whe you doing something

They trying to mind control your mind or hijacking your mind and the people around you and everywhere are been used as remote stalking viewers.

This mean they can use my consciousness to see what I doing in every seconds and people in Sweden are been used as remote viewers “distractors”. They can create a distractions in same second you thinking a word and they intefering in exact same second, or they interacting in exact same second when you watch a movie, or they they interacting in exact same second you reading something.

This may sound like science fictions, but isn´t. This is reality in Sweden and has going on for 7 years soon, so I have observed these actions for many years now.

So what is a human and how come everyone seems to have this high tech remote viewing ability everywhere and can interfering with your thought and consciousness in real time presence.

This is new technology where they using VR technology to a guide around in the apartment, And this is how it is when they remote viewing your, stalking, intefering and shadowing your around your apartment. Shadowing is part of organized gangstalking and same methods is used when they remote viewing to interference. It´s same psychology. But Swedes gang stalkers eve using fear mongering psychology and intefering with synchronized screamings, honking horns, drilling machines, hammering in walls and using other power tools and using firecrackers outside your window for three weeks and 3-5 hours every day.

These methods of remote viewing and feeling of VR stalking psychology and intefering psychology is used in a way where they trying to synchronizing their actions simulatneously when you doing something, and this methods is used everywhere. They start harassment when you visiting toilet in the middle of the night and starts sirens, or sound of grasstrimmer or sound of trumptes. And they transmit commercials into your apartment for hair shampoo and when you washing your hair they start this hair shampoo commercials. When you are home they transmit music chorus like “We control the Sunlight” and when you are outdoors they transmit same music chorus when you exercise. Neighbors shadowing you around the apartment or when you going to your backyard, and they start fake coughing whe you make breakfast or fake coughing when you eating dinner. The Swedish government stalking you with trumpet sound around all city and for 18 horus with same looping music chorus. They start trumpet sound whn you sitting on the toilet, take a bath, eating breakfast or make dinnr or going outdoors for exercise.

They even seems to know whe your close your eyes and trying to sleep and starts sound torture and sleep deprivation and they seems to know exact when you wakening up and starts sound torture direct or waiting ubtil you visitng the toilet/bathroom and starts. And they using this remote viewing in their gang stalking in Sweden and terroizing and stalking your mind. They know whe you writing a mail to some department and start make hitting sound in the floor, and they know when you using your internet bank and start make hitting sounds in the floor every time. It´s like a robot or some form of simulation program that´s active in humans minds and working robotical. Maybe this is the Matrix and when start leaving the matrix this matrix start using everyone to stalking, surveillance and terrorizing your mind. And even Swedish healthcare informs about a brain in the stomach, and swedish healthcare informs about an existing “dream guard” and they also informs humans have a suicide gene, and therapist for example has business cards in medical package, and then does the stalking government transmit music chorus to inform they control the sunlight. Healthcare informs about a brain in the stomach (the solar plexus brain) and government gang stalkers then transmit music chorus like “We control the Sunlight”. This means they informs you they control the human Ego and the energies in the Solar Plexus. Solar Plexus is the symbol for the Ego, willpower and energy source.

This is how it can be when they stalking you or shadowing you in your apartment. If you walking around in your apartment and sit down someone outside suddenly makes a high pithc screaming, or they drop something aboev your head, or start drilling or hammering. So it´same psychology when they  using sound torture and sleep deprivation. When you trying to sleep their is constant sound torture to disturbing when youi trying to sleep, or in daytime they using suddenly drops something above your head when you take a rest. And it seems they even know when you falling  asleep and can drop something above on the floor, and neighbors above evne laughing loud about these action in the middle of the night.


They can interacting and interfering in real time and in same exact second you doing something. If you watch a movie they can drop something above your head  in exact same second happening in the movie or they can drop something above your head when you reading books or searching after books and information and start making hitting sounds in the floor.

State of Sweden airstalking with helicopters everywhere in Sweden and they synchronozing this airstalking to other organized gangstalking actions to strengten the stalking surveillance effect. The hovering around the roofs both day and night, and they hovering every time you going outdoors and exercise and can appearing 3-4 for times when you exercise. State of Sweden using airstalking and synchronizing it with sounds actions. For example does State of Sweden transmit different music chorus into your apartment like “We control the Sunlight” – which means the Solar Plexus Ego Brain, and when you going outdoors and exercise they beaming same music chorus into your mind/head and suddenly a helicopter appearing. Every time a suddenly thought from nowhere appearing in the mind the helicopter appearing at same time. This is how the Swedish mind control factory of Sweden is working; creating, manipulating, beaming and transmitting and affecting the human thinking system and then appearing with a helicopter. So every time a thought suddenly appearing from nowhere the swedish airstalking helicopter appearing.


10 methods of Organized Gangstalking and Psychological Terrorism in Sweden

Organized Gang Stalking: New Torture Tactic to Neutralize Citizens

Imagine waking up one morning and finding from early morning until late at night you are being stalked, not by just one person, but by multiple people. They are there at your entries and exits.They walking around in hoods, standing in darkness and tunnels, driving around with car light broken everywhere or turn lights off, they shadowing and persecuting in your apartment from early morning and shadowing night time, they screaming after midnight, gaslighting and fear mongering and projection psychological fear and terror into the  mind.  Here is some of all methods they using in Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden and all have one thing in common; darkness, stalking, fear mongering, surveillance, distortion. This is a Mind Stalking program; Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden and everyone who want´s can participating


  1. Cars driving around with one light broken (front or rear light) or have light turned off. Horus Eye
  2. They stalking and surveillance you by using sound of electronical owls sitting everywhere around paths or in the woods
  3. High pitch screaming after midnight and hysterical screamings for hours daytime
  4. Predator Stalking. Standing in gangs and groups around apartment or walking around apartment and sensitizing
  5. Standing in groups in tunnels or sitting in darkness
  6. Shadowing from room to room. Stalking daytime and night time and creating sounds at same time
  7. Transmitting words, voices, music chorus with Voice to Skull technology or Syntethic Telepathy
  8. People walking around in hoods and walking around with hand in their jackets
  9. Making high distortion sound when watching television
  10. Psychological gas-lighting and turn off street lights evenings/nights and turn on light daytime

Gang Stalkers Program fear interference and surround the targeted individuals life and mind with these daily sensitizing and subliminal psychological message and these building “mind structures” or building strongholds of fear and terror. Fear is negative and destructive energy that blocking energies, hindering enlightment and spiritual growth, fear also hindering light from expanding or wisdom to expand in the human mind, and this is related to the Higher Self. Fear is Mind Control because fear controls people and these methods are fear based disguised mind control methods.


They trying to captivating your seeing with street theater, captivating your hearing with constant sound harassment and they captivating your perception with gaslighting.



This was some of all methods or examples how they using remote viewing like some form of VR glasses psychology and then stalking and terrorizing your mind with these constant interfering actions.

Strange things going on in this world and humans minds and their consciousness

It seems the battle of the human mind is ON and this is the part of the journey of horror to get free from this Matrix or simulation program humans maybe are controlled of.

They using these methods to mind control and captivating and double binding up the mind


From the Matrix or simulation to something new – a Divine Mind to they who´s overcomes fear and negativity or the white stone that is mention in Revelation.



This is surreality of the Swedish Hive Mind


Be free and feel free in this democracy and all these methods has built this freedom

Thoughts about freedom in Sweden

Nazi “surveillance” and stalking mentality
Satan ruler of this world mentality
Cult leader brainwashing mentality
Orwellian “technocracy” ideology
Secret socities
Scientific Dictatorship
Thought Science
Total Individual Mind Control Technology
Carnal “Ultra Ego” Mind
Fear-media-propaganda psychology
The Matrix
Life is a simulation
False Ego of Illusions
Mk Ultra -programming
Mind control
Electro magnetic frequency weapon
Syntethic telepathy
Voice to Skull
Mind games
Street theater
Psychic driving
Mind reading
Remote viewing
Organized Gang Stalking

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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