State of Sweden beaming your relaxing music into your apartment and sirens 05.30

A Government harassing your mind for 7 days with same looping commercials for Unibet and then Soccer Anthem We are theChamo Ole Ole Ole for 7 days, day and night, and between these beaming sound of sirens indoors and outdoors,, when you exercise outdoors they beaming looping commercials for Unibet or Soccer Anthem We are The Champ Ole Ole Ole

At night you haver some relaxing music in the background when they targetting your mind even before you tryinb to sleep and they start beaming sirens or looping commercials same minute you trying to sleep, and now they have started beaming even your relaxing music you have listen to in the background into your apartment. So when you turn off your relaxing music they start looping this into you apartment

This is how the State of Sweden government agency sitting and planning their actions to targeted your mind.

A government like State of Sweden stalking you with commercials, soccer Anthems, sound of sirens, stalking you indoors and outdoors, day and night, beamings sound of sirens when you visiting dentis and  beaming sirens between drillings, and sirens in the food store, and sound of owls outdoors, cuckoo clock into your apartment, beaming “Jade make people do crazy things” (from TV-show Jade Fever), and imitating and mimicking everything in your life.

They shadowing and remote viewing your life and interfering in real life presence and trying hijacking your mind, interfering with sirens when you read news, or when you write on your blog, and this going on every day. They beaming commercials for hair shampoo into your apartment and then starts synchronizing this at same time when you washing your hair, interfeing when you visiting bathroom or when you sitting on the toilet they start beamings commercials or sirens, or grasstrimmer sound, they targetting you when eating, when you make dinner, when you watch, and they beamings other peoples voices into your mind; voices from tv shows, voices from tv sport commentators, voices from swedish politicians, beamings looping musi  chorus or looping commercials and then stalking you with these indoors and outdoors.

And people on the streets imitating same sound State of Sweden beaming into your apartment. When State of Sweden beaming sound of sirens, using sound of owls outdoors, transmit sound of a cuckko clock, or when they using barking dogs in their organized gang stalking people imitating this and starts make human made sounds of sirens, owls, cuckoo clock and barking dogs.

When one person in Sweden anchoring one harassment behavior every swedes then start using this in the public domain and stalking you

When neighbor above starts fake loud coughing for 15 minutes every day and fake coughing in every breath they then starts stalking you around your apartment with fake coughing when you make breakfast, eat dinner, watcvh tv series. A neighbor decides suddenly to start fake coughing for 15 minutes and then start using this for stalking and shadowing you around your apartment; how wicked isn´t that. And people then start using this outside your window when they passing and double coughing, and then they start stalking you in same way neighbor using this and stalking you around your apartment, people walking around in food stores and fake coughing, and they then fake coughing when you exercise. So they using fake coughing and stalking you with fake coughing in Sweden; this the Swedish Hive Mind or The some form of spirit.

Same method is used with fake breathing. Coughing, sneezing is part of organized gang stalking and State of Sweden also using fake nose breathings. When you watch live tv sport they starts interfering in real time. They know when you watching their programs and then starts fake nose breathing sensitizing. Here is an example how Swedish people in live broadcasting starts fake nose breathings and then they starts using same method in every broacasting, then does swedish people even starts uisng this to stalking you at buses when you going somewhere and sitting behind you or around you fake nose breathing to stalking and harassing your mind and life.

All these methods is just one part of all methods they using.

This is the Swedish Hive Mind and this is todays organized gang stalking in Sweden

After 7 days with bombardment of same looping sounds, songs, commercials day and night they start beaming and looping this into your mind and apartment; looping the “FINISH”. Now State of Sweden saying when someone is finsih or want them to feel they are finish after bombardment of same looping sounds dat night, indoors and outdoors.

State of Sweden has now started looping demoralising willpower message in their psychological warfare and political terrorism

State of Sweden beaming and now looping sound or word “FÄRDIG” which means “FINISH” like; Your are finished and they looping this in some form

of electronical voices speak/singing this word and constantly change the sound of it…..

Demoralising messages is used in psychological warfare to break peopled down peoples willpower

State of Sweden starts beaming different version of Unibets commercials and then starts beamings two version at same time to confuse your mind and this going on for 6 days, day and night, indoors and outdoors

Then does State of Sweden starts beaming and stalking you with We are the Champ Ole Ole Ole for 19 hours on and off, indoors and outdoors

Now they started looping this electronical speak/singing voices of the word “FÄRDIG” in Swedish which means “FINISH” (the demoralising message could be “You are finish”. State of Sweden has earlier beaming music chorus like

“You drive us wild, we drive you crazy” into your apartment (gaslighting)

“We love to hate you” (covert aggression)

Looping “FINISH” (demoralising messages to break down willpower)

This is the Swedish government agency or the Swedish Hive Mind 2018


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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