State of Sweden trying to hijacking, captivating, barricading your mind

State of Sweden using some form of hijacking psychology and synchronizing their stalking, interference at same time.

When you wash your hair they start beaming hair shampoo commercials at same time.


When going outdoors they start beaming “thoose eyes” and looping this outdoors and then continues indoors and beaming “thoose eyes”. This is same psychology as the synchronizing of hair shampoo commercials. It’s like State of Sweden trying hijacking your perspective and they gaslighting everywhere in Swedish departements.

When you watch tv series they start beaming these into your apartment, and when watch tv shows they beaming these indoors and outdoors, and when you watch sport programs they srart beaming commercials from these into your apartment, and when you listen to music they start beaming these into your apartment, and they beaming voices into your mind.


When you write mail to some departement neighbors starts make hitting sounds in the floor


When you using internet bank they start making hitting sounds in the floor

State of Sweden is stalking and shadowing you when you visiting toilet and then starts beaming sounds faster and faster and faster, looping these commercials or sound of sirens to rush up your mind.


When you take a bath they interfering with hair shampoo commecials at same time or beaming commercials or loopings songs or neighbors starts hammering in walls.

Neighbors is stalking in same way; they shadowing from room to room and harassing  and interfering at same time with same sound.

Neighbors starts fake coughing for 15 minutes every day constantly in every 1-2 seconds and then starts stalking you with fake coughing when you make breakfast and then when you eat dinner and then interfering in real time when you watch tv series and then starts coughing when something happening in the movie or tv serie you watch.


After neighbors starts fake coughing everyone starts fake coughing when they passing your window. Then they start walking after you in food stores and fake double coughing. Then does pharmacy workers start fake coughing in same way and for 15 seconds. Then does they start using this same double fake coughing outdoors when you passing them outdoors.


These people are more like “Nordics reptilians” behaviors. Here is a few examples from State of Sweden. When State of Sweden in their organized gang stalking beaming sounds of sirens  indoors and outdoors, using sound of owls outdoors, transmit sounds of a cuckoo clock into your apartment, or when people using barking dogs-swedes then starts imitating these sounds outdoors on the street and starts make human made sound of sirens, starts sound like owls, make human made sound of a cuckoo clock, and then starts barking like dogs.


Does State of Sweden make their citizens barking like dogs, make sounds of owls, make them sound like a cuckoo clock, or make them sound like a siren…if this not State of Sweden what force in their minds make them imitating State of Swedens organized gang stalking – the reptilians. All these behavior with synchronizing actions is the reptilians race of behaviors.


Swedes on the streets imitating or gesturing movements, and this is same psychology when they mirroring everything, they also imitating or mimicking or gaslighting your life.

Organized gang stalking is the reptilians race of domination of the human race.


People in Sweden even talking in this interfering way and this is done with covert methods of communication.

Everyone can be participating in organized gang stalking, anyhow or anyway and they can synchronizing these actions at same time every day. They leaving or arriving to apartment at same time or appearing outdoors at same places every time. In same way they can shadowing people in real time in their apartments they know when the person is moving in the apartment and  can stalking at same time.


When they can stalk in real time and knows where you are in the apartment these foeces can synchronizing several of harassment activities at same time.

Organized gang stalkers has no need of any education in psychological warfare or psychological terrorism, they acting like expert in these strategies. They can  stalk, harassing, interfering, gaslighting, mind control, brainwashing, sensitizing, triggering, demonizing, victimizing, trauma-basing, dehumanising, demoralising, and is expert in communication interference, expert in terrorizing with noise harassment, expert in playing street theater, mind games, enviroment manipulation, clownery, and using methods to make the targeted look foolish, and they all these method covertly. They are expert in covert communication interference and this on a advanced level that’s not human behaviors.

These is reptilians race of stalking, harassing and domination behavior that is narcisstic. And all society has accepted organized gang stalking and become organized bullying and they have become predators of stalking on earth. And these methods goint on all day and night. These swedish behaviors is the reptilians race of the nordics reptilians.


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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