State of Sweden and their Horus Eye psychology

02.29 In the night they playing sirens and grasstrimmer sound to create sleep deprivation.

State of Sweden “Horus Eye” playing sirens indoors and they stalking you with sirens outdoors.

State of Sweden “Horus Eye” psychology –  swedish police also playing music chorus like “We control the sunlight” – this means they control the solar plexus and solar plexus is the ego. Horus Eye is in the brain and swedish police saying they control the solar plexus brain in the stomach.

This Swedish Horus Eye psychology or Solar Plexus control psychology they also using in Swedish healthcare and psychiatry. They informs you about this brain in the stomach and talks about all diseases in the brain. This is Horus Eye psychology they using everywhere.

They stalking

They shadowing

They persecuting


This Swedish “Horus Eye” psychology, force or ability can;

  1. Persecuting
  2. Mind reading
  3. Shadowing
  4. “Police thoughting” (Orwell)
  5. Spying
  6. Synchronizing
  7. Imitating
  8. Manipulating
  9. Programming

And this force doing everything and every day and everywhere and whenever.

Persecution: Persecution everywhere.  By people, cars and vehicles and helicopters and airplanes

Mind reading: Mind reading – they can manifest themselves like a demon make sounds at same time you thinking at something and start banging, smashing, screaming

Shadowing: Shadowing – this shadowing mind of something can shadowing you from room to room and knows when you eat or visiting toilet at night. Swedish police is shadowing and start playing sirens and grasstrimmer sound when you going to the toilet at night.

“Thought police” – then they can mind reading and shadowing you they also can “Police Thought” you as in Orwells novel “1984” and this is “reality and surreality” in Sweden

Spying: Spying – this force which can mind reading, shadowing and “thought policing” is also spying on you and reavealing this with real time interference actions or by imirating or mirroring

Synchronizing: Synchronizing – this force can synchronizing peoples psychological warfare actions against you and start several actions at same time to targetting you. And this force using a constant interference psychology and start make things at same time

Imitating: Imitating – this force is imitating and mimicking your daily life with a stalking and shadowing psychology to control you or trying to hijacking your mind and reality.

Manipulating – Manipulating – this force of “something” manipulating reality, emotions, thoughts

Programming – Programming – this force of “something” is programming or using or anchoring and chaining psychology when you sleep and this is same psychology State of Sweden using in your daily life. They anchoring and chaining to sensitizing you and same psychology trying to programming you. State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation, sound torturing and brainwashing with music chorus and they even hacking your computer to change the volume when you listen to music at night when they sound torturing. Programming like this is sleep control or hypnopaedia. And it seems they trying occupy and targetting you with sounds indoors and outdoors.

Communicating – Communicating – this force is communicating through other people to targetting and sensitizing. And this force using everyone to targetting you. This force even using children to hysterical screaming for hours and they high pitch screaming after midnight. People sensitizing you with words or by content dropping to targetting you everytime you going outdoors.  They playing psychological communication street theater in food stores and using communication manipulation. And they even targetting you with music chorus in food stores and this is music chorus they targetting your apartment with.

Obstructing – Obstructing – this force is obstructing with cars and people standing in your way or they walking from one side of the walkway to the other side.

Interfering – Interfering – this force of ” something” interference and people start actions at same time every day. Door slamming, firecrackers, leaving or arriving to apartment at same time, screaming, make hitting sounds in floors or walls, crosstalk, non- stop babbling, communication interference, noise interference, or banging or smashing in something to create sounds, they start playing drum beats when your exercise, they airstalking with helicopters if you looking at stars. This force of something is creating constant interference and sound distractions or sound torturing and sensitizing you. Swedish police is shadowing you when you visiting the toilet at night and starts playing sirens or grasstrimmer sound. Swedish police targetting you with music chorus when you exercise outdoors to interference or swedish police targetting you with music chorus to say ” We control the sunlight” and this is the solar plexus – ego. And they targetting you with this even outdoors.

This is a government of this world who is using these methods and psychological warfare and this government of this world State of Sweden. This is psychological terror and psychological torture.


This is not a novel like “1984”  or “New Brave World” – this is reality in Sweden today.

This hijacking is reality in Sweden

State of Sweden has

  1. Hijacking your sleep by creating sleep deprivation with sound torturing
  2. Hijacking your reality by gaslighting, using enviroment manipulation, by making reality to surreality, constant brainwashing with music chorus and playing music chorus ” Land of confusion”, using wickedness psychology
  3. Hijacking your communications by close your internet and all your tv channels
  4. Hijacking your social life by persecution and by creating ostrasize
  5. Hijacking your amygdala by fear mongering and psychological warfare
  6. Hijacking your freedom of speech by close down your communications
  7. Hijacking your emotions
  8. Hijacking your silence and peace with constant sounds and psychological sound torturing
  9. Hijacking your perception of reality by gaslighting, manipulation, brainwashing and constant sound torturing and by close down your internet and your tv channels
  10. Hijacking your brain by obstructing psychology
  11. Hijacking your privacy and integrity by shadowing

This force of spiritual “something” in Sweden is reality and is surreality and bizarre and this force of “something” seems to make people playing psychological street theater or psychological communication street theater.

This force of “something” which is stalking, persecuting, shadowing, gaslighting, sound torturing and creating sleep deprivation feels like Satan and Hitler and cult leader is trying to hijacking your reality

This force of “something” is creating ostracism and psychological torture.


What is this “something” of force in Sweden?

The Beast system…..?

The rulers of Archons…..?

The Beast – Horus Eye…..?


After I publish this neighbors start playing constant drum beats and several of them seems to have equipment or technology to start different drum beats distractions.


These behaviors feels like a psychological serpent poison – a stalking and shadowing demon psychopath who is trying to overrule your reality and perception of mind.

It seems this force of “something” is trying to hijacking your mind and soul and this force is manipulating reality and it seems swedes are puppets to this force.


This force of “something” using everyone to targetting you, so this force has control over their minds and when you see this psychological communication street theater and mind gaming and manipulation and this ongoing sound harassment and children walking around and screaming like demons it is like Twin Peaks surreality in hell. And these people walking around like they gatekeeping “something” and they acting like the Archons.

They gatekeeping

They police patrolling

They walking with hands in their jacket

They driving around with one broken light on their cars or no lights

This force make everyone to acting, stalking, playing psychological street theater and this force makes everyone create sound distractions.


Today they have been shooting firecrackers for 19-20 days since 27/12 and they still have firecrackers 16/1. They shooting firecrackers outside your window and then these people waiting until you going to the food store and starts shooting firecrackers.  Sweden is a spiritual manipulated and this is how they using enviroment anipulation to stalking you with firecrackers.  And this is how these people waiting to sensitizing you with psychological serpent poison mentality psychology. This force of “something” in stalking swedes is a hunting-spirit of witch-hunting.

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