The secondary goals seem to be to make the target homeless, jobless, give them a breakdown, and the primary goal seems to be to drive the target to forced suicide or madness

The expressed goal of Organized Gang Stalking is to silence a victim

The goal with gangstalking is “to destroy every aspect of a targeted individual’s life

The aim is to drive the victim out-of-his-mind, insane and then creating this psychological, emotional and social enviroment.around their minds

Organized Gang Stalking is designed to not exist, and the goal is to make the targeted look foolish and then be delusional

Here is an illustration of some of all organized gaang stalking method they using to achieve their goals of destruction and these strategis is covertly. In the middle of this illustration is the human mind, consciousness or the self, and they targetting the mind, consciousness or the self with these covertly psychological warfare strategies to destroy the relaxed state of mind, destroy every human life quality, and then triggering every negativie emotion or thought, then stresses the human ego with fear, stress, panic, hunting, targetting the mind with voices, looping psychic driving.

They triggering fake amygdala attacks

They triggering the fight-or-flight mechanism in the human mind (this they triggering with ostracism, persecution and covert aggression, subtle threats, fear, stress)

Systematic sound-torture blocks the victim´s capacity for conscious processing.

They destroy the human thiniking system with sound torture and gaslighting

They using paranoia psychology,; stresses the mind, using fake amygdala attacks, make subtle threats, changing their perception, confusing and gaslighting, ostrasizing and persecuting,

They triggering all form of helpnessless with these ongoing activities day and night, indoors and outdoors (to create this break down, panic, madness or to drive them to suicide)

They walking outside your apartment and shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks and 3-6 hours every day. Who in Sweden has resources to shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks and 3-6 hours every day? It´s firecracker shooting between 70-140 hours around your apartment (some day 3 hours, some day 5 hours). Who in State of sweden has these resources and who has access to firecrackers when they even shooting firecrackers all year, when they just selling these at easter times and new years times? In same way they using firecrackers, in same way they using machines, power tools, trucks, cars, helicopters, honking horns, and in same way they using these strategies they behaving in this way on a psychological level; communication interference, crosstalk, non-stop babbling, mind controlling, brainwashing, gaslighting, and in same they crete a emotional and social enviroment of mind games, enviroment manipulation, wickedness psycyhology, paranoia psychology, walking around and fear mongering, stress mongering.

Then organized gang stalking is psychological warfare and political terrorism; is left brain domiance trying to destroy right brain from awakening, or a psychological warfare between the ego and higher self, or the brain and solar plexus brain in the stomach, or a invisble war about transformation of the ego, or is human living in some form of Matrix and humanity living mind-enslaved/captivated in this Matrix and no one can leave the Matrx. Is this Matrix and the Ego same and when humans starts spiritual awakening they start transforming these Solar Plexus Energies and this Matrix then starts attacking to destroy this transformation process.

Human is born free, but in chains everywhere, and when human starts breaking these psychological chains of structure in the mind and ego The Matrix starts the desructive drive to madness or suicide process.


The Battle of The Mind is ON




State of Sweden Organized Gang Stalking trying to hijacking your life, hijacking your mind, hijacking your consciousness, hijacking your ego, hijacking your health, hijacking your sleep, hijacking your perception, hijacking your reality, and they create interference activities everywhere, day and night, indoors and outdoors. Here is some examples;

State of Sweden starts beaming hair shampoo commercials into your apartment and then they start synchrnozing this at same time you ashing your hair

State of Sweden hacking your computer at night and raising the volume you have in the background when they targetting your mind with sound torture to create sleep deprivation

State of Sweden want´s control when you visiting toilet and when you sitting on the toilet thy start sound of sirens, sound of commercials, sound of looping songs, and then does they speed up of the sound of sirens when you sitting on the toilet to stress your mind. When they speeding up the sirens when you sitting on the toilet, in same way they stress your mind with these methods everywhere.

State of Sweden want´s control when you make breakfast, dinner and when you eating and starts sound of sirens, then speeding them up when you eating, and then starts looping commercials or songs.

State of Sweden want´s interfering and sensitizing your breathing. Peeople in live tv sport broadcasting starts fake nose breathings. Here is the example from Swedish sport broadcasting and fake nose breathing

State of Sweden want´s control your sleep with sound torture. Sound torture starts same minute you trying to sleep and sound torture starts same minute you wakening up.

State of Sweden want´s control your ego – or the Solar Plexus brain. Swedish healthcare informs about a brain in the stomach. Then does the swedish government stalkers beaming “We control the sunlight” into your apartment and then outdoors into your mind when you exercise

State of Sweden want´s control your dreams and swedish healthcare informs about an existing “dream guard”

State of Sweden want´s control your perception and gaslighting in departments, doctors changing shirt, social wellfare workers trying make you believe you hear things, then does swedish social wellfare workers gaslighting with mail and sendring two different visit times, and some government agency then remove the first visit time you get in your mail box.

State of Sweden want´s control your reality and using gaslighting, enviroment manipulation, using wickedness psychology, fear mongering, stress mongering, using paranoia psychology, beaming voices into your mind, looping music chorus and commercials, using voice to skull technology and syntethic telepathy, to make you lose perspective of reality.

State of Sweden want´s control your life and swedish healthcare informs human has a suicide gene, doctors informs stress kills, and after this the kill word starts appearing in every tv sport broadcasting you watch, and in organized gang stalking they using sound and noise and noise kills, and then creating sleep deprivation and sound torture at same time, and the stops prescription for sleeping pills, and then don´t have any new times to other doctors for 9 weeks, and this during treatment for depression.

State of Sweden want´s control your health and destroying it (sound torture and sleep deprivation) and the goal with organized gang stalking is to destroy, drive the targeted individual to madness or suicide and all these methods working to destroy it in different psychological covertly ways, sensitizing, triggering negativity, victimzing, trauma-basing, psychic driving, using paranoia psychology, gaslighting, beaming voices into the mind, fear mongering, stress mongering, ostrasizing, shadowing, using remote viewing and terrorizing the mind, beaming and targetting the mind day and night, indoors and outdoors with sounds.

State of Sweden want´s control your willpower and beaming music chorus, creating sleep deprivation, break you down, using wickedness psychology, gaslighting, dehumanising, demoralising, demonizing, attacking self-image.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden is a Stockholm Syndrome Psychological Terrorist War, they hijacking, barricading (interfering), and captivating your; life, mind, consciousness, ego, health, sleep, perception, reality and holding you as a psychological hostage with psychological warfare aggression and political terrorism. Organized Gang Stalking is a invisble war, psychological warfare, political terrorism and the psychological terrorist is the gang stalker or the gaslighter.

State of Sweden trying to be at to places at same time
State of Sweden is interfering with your daily actions day and night and everywhere

State of Sweden trying to control your life and interfering (tunneling) and then entangle all their organized gang stalking simultaneously and synchronously at same time you doing something

State of Sweden has surrounded your apartment and your mind with sound technology and it seems this is some form of Matrix, and this then stalking you indoors and outdoors, and it seems this stalking matrix of Sweden never sleeps.

This Matrix trying to hijacking, barricading, captivating your seeing with street theater, clownery, mind games, enviroment manipulation

This Matrix trying to hijacking, barricading, captivating your hearing with sound torture, noise harassment, communication interference, crosstalk, non-stop babbling, distortion sounds

This Matrix trying to hijacking, barricading, captivating your perception with gaslighting, wickedness psychology, psychic driving, beaming voices, music chorus and looping songs with voice to skull technology, syntethic telepathy, and electro magnetic frequencies.

The Battle of The Mind






Organized Gang Stalking using covert hidden psychological warfare strategies and building structures of mind control, brainashing, tormenting structures in the human mind. These methods is covert, subtle, stealthy, disguised, hidden in psychological warfare (aggression) strategies

Here is same text or methods that´s is hidden covertly in organized gang stalking and their psychological warfare.




Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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