Sport commentators for SVT using clearing throat sound as mind – thought control interference. More than 28 clearing troat sound during 15 km ski cross ski of tour du ski

Sport commentators for SVT using thought control through televisionin in live sport broadcasting and interfering everytime you think a thought

Today it was more than 28 clearing troat sound during 15 km classis cross ski

One Cleaing throat sound and two silent commenttato for around 30 seconds. Same methods is been used when you watching snooker sport and the commentators dont comment the game for 3-5 minutes and then starts comment the game when you think a thought

The Orwellian society is real

And during the tv broadcasting neighbors from apartment above standing outside and banging in the fence one meter outside your window, and after the broadcasting he start drilling above your head, and one second after the recording started he stops. Then they start hammering instead. Then they start drilling again and stops after one second. This is reality in this area of the matrix. The neighnor abobe knows when I start the recording and stops in same second, and same method is been used when they stalking and shadowing your around your apartment and walking above your head and stomping in the floor when you moving from room to room, or dropping things above your head. Or when you eating food starts fake coughing.

And there is a ongoing computer generated voice in the airs that is beaming sounds and words, and literally speaking in the airs and beaming this into your mind.

So they interfering through television live broadcasting and using clearing throat sound as a thought control through television. Its Orwellian thought control through television.

Neighbors banging in the fence outside your window

Neighbors start drilling

A computer generated voice in the airs is speaking, stalking , beaming and looping sounds and words and all is the same spirit of this world.


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