Spiritual intelligence, enlightment, dna activation

When you gain spiritual enlightenment that is when you know that your inner being has been gripped by a force, power, and presence that are greater than you. You become aware of a different kind of intelligence. This kind of intelligence is not in the business of proving a hypothesis like the rational, analytical left brain does. Spiritual intelligence has not much to do with the manipulation of words, ideas, knowledge and wisdom to gain wealth, position and power.

This kind of intelligence and awareness is available to a person when he/she is spiritually tuned, balanced, and aligned with the universal spirit called God. That is why awareness of the spiritual dimension is the pre-requisite quality of a spiritually intelligent person.

Spiritual intelligence has four components;

• The capacity to transcend the physical and material.
• The ability to experience heightened states of consciousness.
• The ability to sanctify everyday experience.
• The ability to utilize spiritual resources to solve problems.

The logic of the carnal mind and human ego; it solves problems by creating other problems, or it creates more questions than answers, and its strategy is to create problems and then provide a solution, and this is howw the ego controls the world, and another strategy is to keep human busy with out-wardly beta brain activities.

Carnal mind trying to solve human needs with carnal solutions, the carnal mind is always hungry after more carnal needs, the carnal mind cannot free itself from its carnality. The carnal mind teaching how to life a carnal mind inspired lifestyle on Earth. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth (Colossians 3:2)

Almost every problem man has tried to fix in his environment has inevitably created bigger ones.

Futility (inner vexation) is the inevitable and unavoidable result of living a carnal mind-ruled life. Remember that when Adam fell, the soul rose up and began leading or better, misleading humankind (the spirit shriveled up, died and became a sort of black hole within our race). Man lived by reason, imagination, wit, and cunning—soul functions. This pattern is unfixable in surface life which is why it is prevalent in every society. Of course, every carnal mind-solved problem creates another carnal mind-made problem! Almost every problem man has tried to fix in his environment has inevitably created bigger ones. Not only is this true in the realm of nature, but society, home life, business, church—virtually every-thing that is run by the carnal human mind – ends up a bigger mess than it was after we “fixed” it. Humankind’s environment is unfixable by the human carnal mind.

Spiritual Intelligence: A New Way of Being

Simply put, spiritual intelligence is about gaining an intuitive awareness into the interconnectedness of life and the feeling of connection to a force and power that is greater than oneself. With the feeling of connection to the greater power comes the feeling of humility, gratitude, awe, wonder, compassion, peace, harmony, shalom, shanthi, satori, authenticity, transparency, and the feeling of fullness. Unlike rational intelligence that seeks to meet “self-maintenance needs,” spiritual intelligence directs its energy toward meeting “self-transcendence needs”—healing, sharing, empowering, saving, reconciling, self-actualizing, self-realization, and self-fulfillment aspirations.

Unlike the kind of religious intelligence that operates within the boundaries of place, religion, culture, tradition, and nationality, spiritual intelligence while operating within these boundaries, transcends the limitations set by religion and culture.

• Spiritual intelligence is concerned with the inner life of mind and spirit and its relationship to being in the world.
• Spiritual intelligence implies a capacity for deep understanding of existential questions and insight into multiple levels of consciousness.
• Spiritual intelligence implies awareness of spirit as the ground of being or as the creative life force of evolution.
• If the evolution of life from stardust to mineral, vegetable, animal, and human existence implies some form of intelligence rather than being a purely random process, it might be called spiritual. Spiritual intelligence emerges as consciousness evolves into an ever-deepening awareness of matter, life, body, mind, soul, and spirit.
• Spiritual intelligence, then, is more than individual mental ability. It appears to connect the personal to the transpersonal and the self to spirit.
• Spiritual intelligence goes beyond conventional psychological development.
• In addition to self-awareness, it implies awareness of our relationship to the transcendent, to each other, to the earth and all beings.


All human beings are born with carnal minds which are limited to materialistic knowledge, and a carnal mind is hostile to God: “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be” (Romans 8:7 NKJV). Jesus Christ is the key to God’s knowledge. His Spirit in human beings opens their minds to comprehend His knowledge, thereby allowing them to understand the complexity of His creation, which is not strictly an academic enquiry as we have made it. When we look at the vast and incomprehensive universe or simply try to comprehend the awesome world in which we live, the complexity of the universe provides us with compelling evidence of creation by a superior intelligence.

Multidimensional levels of intelligence, including spiritual intelligence–a dynamic, holistic cognition that synergies the concrete intelligences (characterised by physical, emotional and logical intelligences) with higher order intelligence (exemplified by imagination, intuition and vision) could be developed. Tools used to awaken qualities of the self/Self such as presence, aliveness and joy of learning, encouraging learners to make inner and outer connections that cultivate spiritual intelligence were imaginable and aesthetic in nature. Their novel, holistic approaches articulate the value of communion and create meaningful opportunities for learners to experience creativity and self-reflective awareness through creative visualization, meditation and aesthetic contemplation. When used with the expressive arts, these modalities encourage learners to animate deeper connections within the self and discover creativity, wholeness, purpose, insight, self-awareness, harmony and love as integral aspects of learning and living.

Spiritual intellifence has four core abilities or capacitities os spirituaal intelligence;

  1. Critical Existential Thinking: The capacity to critically contemplate the nature of existence, reality, the universe, space, time, and other existential/metaphysical issues; also the capacity to contemplate non-existential issues in relation to one’s existence (i.e., from an existential perspective).
  2. Personal Meaning Production: The ability to derive personal meaning and purpose from all physical and mental experiences, including the capacity to create and master a life purpose.
  3. Transcendental Awareness: The capacity to identify transcendent dimensions/patterns of the self (i.e., a transpersonal or transcendent self), of others, and of the physical world (e.g., no materialism) during normal states of consciousness, accompanied by the capacity to identify their relationship to one’s self and to the physical.
  4. Conscious State Expansion: The ability to enter and exit higher states of consciousness (e.g. pure consciousness, cosmic consciousness, unity, oneness) and other states of at one’s own discretion.

The Secret of Creativity

We are made of the spirit of God and the matter of the world. In some ways, we are like machines, which can repeatedly do the same thing over and over again. In another way, we are also like God as we are able to create new things, nurture new thoughts and create new lives and a new world. Creativity is, therefore, the greatest gift of God to man.

The secret keys to unlock creaitivty is; When a human being moves in an integrated and aligned way, they do not just use the creative process, they become that process.

Re-awakening the higher spiritual intelligence that has been asleep for eons and thousends of years.

Creativity is the submersion of the soul of a person within the soul of the world where all knowledge of the past, present and future stays stored. You cannot climb up to the higher world until you are able to forget the material world, and as such, your mind may be absent from the material world only to be present in the higher or the spiritual world. That is why absentmindedness is often the characteristic of creative people.

Our mind can be viewed as an antenna whose frequency is set based upon our mental state.

‘The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.’

One who is afraid of failing can never know the truth. Before you succeed, you may have to fail many times, and you have to pass through anxiety and tension before you discover the truth. ‘Anxiety is part of creativity, the need to get something out, the need to be rid of something or to get in touch with something within.’ The courage to experiment and fail is, therefore, the key to creativity. Failures cannot turn into success unless you are able to learn something from them every time.

One wrong faith, principle or hypothesis is shattered with every failure. Hence, after many failures, you have a much better understanding of the truth, most of the myths having been demolished by your numerous failures. You may look stupid to the world, but you shall succeed, as you then stand closest to discovering the truth. This is the secret of creativity.

Because of their courage, their lack of fear, they—creative people—are willing to make silly mistakes. A truly creative person is one who can think crazy; such a person knows full well that many of his great ideas will prove to be worthless. The creative person is flexible; he is able to change as the situation changes, to break habits, to face indecision undue stress. He is not threatened by the unexpected as rigid, inflexible people are.

The intuitive mind has access to information that lies beyond the reach of rational and logical abilities. Our intuition, or sixth sense, frees us from our thinking mind which is designed to conceptualize, analyse and interpret our experience. Learning to dowse is one way to develop intuition and connect more deeply with the gift of inner knowing.

The brain is the instrument through which reality reveals itself. Perceiving reality only through our body/ego-identification requires the use of a very limited part of our brain. All we utilize are the parts in the brain that help us to form the self that is our identity.

When we move away from our limited self-identification, we open a wider window to our brain, and activate larger parts of it. This process of expanding the use of our brain may lead us to experience phenomena that are perceived as unusual, like knowing about events and actions before they unfold, commonly known as intuition.

The answers to the unknown lie in the 90 percent of the brain that we don’t use. This is the sleeping consciousness and when energies awaken dormant centres in the brain that from a evolutionary perpective has been dormant and unstimulated. It awakens the Consciousness that has been sleeping.

Through the practice of meditation we exploit a larger portion of the unused brain. The end of this development process is when the mind realizes itself. If we utilize the full potential of our brains, we can expand our perception to its maximum. This is when we start to see reality as it is, beyond time and space. This state gives us the power to know, even before we process any empirical information. This is intuition! We tap into a spontaneous flow of events beyond logical reasoning.

Recognizing the persona is the first step to short-circuiting this “mental virus.” With practice and dedication, you can create new neural networks that override the persona and rewire the brain’s pathways. The persona only continues to exist if the neural networks that form it are frequently used. But just like muscles will weaken from lack of use, the persona will wither away if it’s no longer perpetually confirmed.

The astounding thing, according to The Evolutionary Glitch, is that the key to our joy, direction, and purpose in life is written in our cells. Our bodies are the vessels for our goals and desires, but our personas hijack our brains and hide our true nature from ourselves, controlling our conscious minds and blocking our intuition. We each have a unique direction in life for which we’re best suited; following that direction can lead us to a successful life of joy and ease. The trick is to see past the persona blocking our path so we can figure out what our true direction to a joyful life is.

The key to finding our path to joy, however, lies in unlocking the subconscious mind, which is accessible to the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is the realm of intuition: knowledge or solutions that are available through very quick thought processes, or what we often call a “gut feeling.” intuition may seem mystical; it is often explained from a spiritual perspective as tapping into a “universal energy” or “higher power,” perhaps through a collective subconscious to which we are all connected. In reality, intuition is simply the process of accessing information stored in the subconscious mind, which lies beyond conscious reasoning.

Developing an intuition of what lies beyond opposites is the beginning of a deeper understanding. This is the shift from ego-reality to meta-reality, its a shift from the ego-lens to begin to see through a multiversal lens. Yet we do not perceive the world as through a giant magnifying lens, but through the limited ego-lens of the three dimensional world. Human consciousness is limited due to dense material of physical body. Consciousness, however, being non-material, is not limited to matter. Consciousness is independent of matter.

Following the guidance of the non-rational, intuitive wisdom of the instinct is the royal road into the realm of soul. Then the third eye intuition is non-rational and non-local it is not limited to the three dimensional world – space time reality and discover other dimension the physical realm, where the body-ego is limited through the rational brain and is limited in the local three dimensional world. So ego experience reality both rational and local, and third eye experiencing reality non-rational and non-local.

Spiritual empowerment is the personal awakening to its power. We have all the opportunity to awaken to the reality that we are spiritual beings in a biological body. Humans is a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. The body likes to be in control (through five senses) and the spirit has to be awakened to its power. That is the process of becoming aware that we are more than humans with bodies. Once we become aware, we start a process of transformation that requires us to set up our sights on the intention of heightened awareness.

Transformation is not for the weak, fearful, or cowards of real change. Transformation requires us to drop the opinions and mindsets that no longer serve the evolution of our souls. We have all been conditioned by our environmental ‘race’ factors such as family, friends, ethnicity, creed, education, politics, economics, philosophy, and religion. All of which can be powerful strongholds of belief that can keep us unaware and shackled to earthly ties. You do not have to be a spectator of life. The majority of people react to life and allow people and circumstances to shape them in every way. You do not have to be controlled by the tyranny of environmental influences. The good news is that you have the power to break these soul ties and choose to evolve and expand!

As spiritual beings we are unlimited in our journey to expand. There is no ceiling, no hindrance, and no obstacle that can hold you back but your own choices. This is true freedom! Real freedom is the ability to change.

We live in a united, multi-dimensional field of awareness. Challenge yourself! Be open and observant, but don’t be gullible. Expand your horizons. Embrace the universal spiritual domain of your existence. Expand your reality by expanding your perceptions.

There are three levels of perception. The first is the field of energy we call physical existence. This is called Material Reality. This is where we see, hear, smell, touch and experience life from the biological standpoint.

Material Reality appears to be bound by time and space, cause and effect, and change. It is where most people seem to live and experience life on a biological level controlled by bodily functions and human relationships.

The second field is called the Virtual Domain. This is the energy field of the mind that allows us to think, reason, imagine, dream, and process information. The energy of the mind and nervous system is invisible to the naked eye, but it is still real and powerful.

The third field is the Quantum Domain. This is the energy field of the spirit where there is no time or limitation. Wholeness exists at every point. It is without boundaries, and is beyond birth and death. It is infinity.

On the Quantum Level of Material Reality, the atomic level of life is 99.99% space or what some call the Ether of the universe. In essence, the whole universe is a vibrational energy field that creates a quantum mirage that our biological systems can experience. T his field of energy is intelligent and interconnected within and without. We are a field of energy more than we are biological! We are 99.99% spiritual energy! The essence of our spirit comes from the vibratory energy of Life Source Energy.

Life is an expression of organized. Infinite Intelligence. It is the result of dreams and visions that reflect the imagination and creativity of Infinite Intelligence. Source creates through intellect, reason, design, imagination, dreams, desire and creativity that brings love and joy into existence. We are created by Source Energy to experience life in a magnificent biological body that is truly an amazing machine of atoms, molecules, cells, and systems.

We are a technological wonder! The body is interconnected in the spiritual, physical, and mental fields of life. Source is a field of energy and a reflection of material reality that operates in the Virtual domain, and so are we. We are a threefold work of life! We are a spiritual being designed by Source to live in a physical body which makes us a living soul on earth.

Once we begin to understand these principles, we open ourselves up to expansion, growth. and change! It is here we can escape the prison of conditioning that we learned from well.meaning parents, friends, educators, religious leaders, politicians, philosophical systems. and others that have shaped our minds. We can now replace these old ways with new life affirming ways.

Whenever we choose to make a change in any way, we ultimately effect more change to come. Embrace your spiritual domain and you will expand your horizons. Embracing your spiritual essence allows you to come into union with your true self. Knowing your true self is the pathway to experience the reality of life. This pursuit allows you to integrate your body to cooperate with your spirit so that you can create spontaneous harmony within and without! Your desires begin to unite and you start to blossom with godly intuition, insight, imagination, creativity, wisdom, knowledge. intimacy and harmony. This harmony energizes you and brings meaning and purpose to life!

This is the first step to being empowered. You make a choice to change. This is where you begin to wake up and reset your reference points from the experiences that have formed you up to this point. Until now you have been an observer. a spectator. and an eyewitness to life based on your environmental experiences. Reality is always the result of perception which involves the act of attention and interpretation. That is why your reference points have to be reset and reprogrammed.

The process of awakening and being resurrected from the rudiments of the world requires the transformation of your material reality through spiritual awakening. In spiritual language this is referred to as regeneration. It is changing and resetting the way you think and act. it is the process of knowing who you are!

Tuning in to your true self destroys the competition of duality.

Where duality ends there oneness starts

“Close both eyes to see with the other eye” —Rumi

Many cultures conceptualize the third eye as a mystical inner eye that can access intuition, clarity and insight. It is said to expand our awareness and inspire high ideals; connecting us to a higher consciousness, leading to a transformation of the soul.

When dormant energy rises through the central nerve Sushumna it awakens areas that were previously dormant. The awakening causes transformation and transedence in life. These energies awaken dormant centres in the brain that from a evolutionary perpective has been dormant and unstimulated. It awakens the Consciousness that has been sleeping.

The mind perceives reality through dualism alone. Symbolically, this happens when we see reality through our physical eyes. The eyes convert reality in each moment to polarities, and feed the mind with the by-product. That is the way the mind consumes the total reality, concept by concept. One eye sees the day and the other eye sees the night; one eye sees man and the other sees woman. Each eye can only capture one side of the whole spectrum.

As we move through life we juggle between the opposing information that the mind receives through our dual eyes. In each moment we try to identify which of the two polarities will serve our survivor existence the best.

At the end of the day all the polarities we perceive fall between two main extremes; good and bad, and always from the point of view of the self. On the contrary, the third eye is the symbol for the state in which we see the whole spectrum of reality outside of the physical eyes’ dissolution. As we do so, we shift from seeing through ‘two eyes’, to seeing from ‘one eye’.

The third eye unites all polarities into oneness. We transform the one seeing into the absolute observer. This is when the constant juggle between good and bad comes to an end, and is replaced by inner stillness. In the state of oneness the night is not separate from the day. The night withholds the day, until it delivers it in completion, at which time the day turns to be the armor of the night.

On the pathless path of realization the “aim” is to become “nobody”, so you can be anything in each moment. In the western culture it is the opposite. The goal is to be somebody.

The brain is the instrument through which reality reveals itself. Perceiving reality only through our body/ego-identification requires the use of a very limited part of our brain. All we utilize are the parts in the brain that help us to form the self that is our identity.

When we move away from our limited self-identification, we open a wider window to our brain, and activate larger parts of it. This process of expanding the use of our brain may lead us to experience phenomena that are perceived as unusual, like knowing about events and actions before they unfold, commonly known as intuition.

The answers to the unknown lie in the 90 percent of the brain that we don’t use. This is the sleeping consciousness and when energies awaken dormant centres in the brain that from a evolutionary perpective has been dormant and unstimulated. It awakens the Consciousness that has been sleeping.

Through the practice of meditation we exploit a larger portion of the unused brain. The end of this development process is when the mind realizes itself. If we utilize the full potential of our brains, we can expand our perception to its maximum. This is when we start to see reality as it is, beyond time and space. This state gives us the power to know, even before we process any empirical information. This is intuition! We tap into a spontaneous flow of events beyond logical reasoning.

The soul can be seen as a unique individualized intelligence, aware of its intelligence, and having creative abilities. In the beginning the soul is part of the unified field of Spirit that begins to leave the harmony of unification and oneness. For a very long time souls still chose to create in harmony. Souls began to create from the energy, or the vibration from the energy that was most comfortable, and would give them the greatest ability to express in the way their thought processes desired to express. This was done in many universes, many dimensions, and many awarenesses. Where did you come from in this spirit process? How did you get from a soul that had thoughts, intelligence, awareness, and creative ability, to where you are today? There was a very special gift given to one unified field, and to only one. To that unified field, divine spirit gave unlimited freewill with unlimited creative ability. It was an intelligent awareness that had a thought process that spun off all of these billions of fields, but to only one was the thought process fully extended without any limitations whatsoever. That was to be God’s supreme expression that would fellowship, unite, reunite with total recognition with its understanding, awareness, and intelligence to walk equally with creative source. Other creations, other unified fields all had great beauty and great potential. Just as you might have a blue sea, a red sea, a mineral or a tree, so they had beauty within their limitation of expression. Billions of fields of thought, many universes, and many expressions exist but with limitation. One universe is without limitation. One with total freewill and total creative ability, and that’s where you came from. That is what this universe is.

How We Created a Separation From Our Soul

In order to have physical existence, Spirit needed the female and male principle. As our Spirit began to move in the direction of physical there was still harmony, even though we had all of these individualized soul expressions. We as Spirit were very harmonious in our expression, but we were individualized. Then we began to move into a physical form and over the eons and eons of time we began to believe we were the physical form. We forgot the harmony, the spirit, and our souls. We believed we were the components of physical. You believed that if you had a heart and it stopped beating, your physical could no longer exist. You come to believe in the limitation of your own creation and because of that you no longer remember how to be unlimited. We are no less today then when we began. You began as spirit. None of that has been taken from you. You are every bit of the intelligence awareness with the capability of thought created process as you were eons and eons ago. What is so unique about humanity and the human soul is the fact that you could forget. It’s so unique that your creative ability is so beautiful and encompasses so much that it’s even possible for you to bury deep within you who you are. That is the part of humanity that interests so many. There is intelligence in so many forms, and there is the awareness of intelligence. There are still those unified fields that are not aware of their intelligence. They have still not responded to the vibration of sound. Some are responding very slowly. The creative process goes on and on. If you discover new universes, they are still being created. As another field awakens, so it begins the creative process. There is a continuation of what first began. It has certainly not become complete. It shall never finish.

You as spirit, expressing in your individualized manner of a soul, creating what is both tangible and non-tangible, believing primarily in your tangible, have come to create a limited understanding of your possibilities. What is this body mind connection? How did you create physical? How does your mind affect it today? What sustains it? What holds you together anyway? How does this spirit, this unlimited spirit that you are, how is it contained in that physical body? That takes a tremendous amount of your energy within itself. What is this body/mind you have created? How does it exist, how does it express, and how can you bring in back into harmony with a total of all that you are. Physical is beautiful. You created a beautiful playground. It is a resort but you have forgotten how to play. We have forgotten that we are the creator. We have forgotten that we have unlimited ability. We have forgotten that struggle is our worst enemy. We keep creating the struggle.

There is a benefit to moving from struggle to recognizing as you flow, you move with the smoothness of your creative process because struggle ties knots into your own vibrational energy. These knots make it extremely difficult for the energy of creation to flow through. You began as spirit; you are spirit; you shall always be spirit. As that recognition comes again to you, you will begin again to function as spirit. You will not function in this limitation that you believe is you, but you will function in the vastness of your spirit. You have all of the software. You have the latest computer. You’ll always know how to access all that is. It’s when you focus back to the purity of your spirit that you make your greatest creative strides. That’s when you begin to awaken again to the inherent intelligence that is within you. Your awareness grows and new discoveries happen. You begin to realize we’re all one. You’ll be motivated to try to lead a few souls back to the awareness of oneness, peace and harmony. Your soul begins to have choices again.

Even though you’re an individualized expression you are from one unified field, and that unified field is what holds your mass consciousness. If it were not that you came from there, you would not have mass consciousness. It would be spread all over every universe yet there is a oneness. There is a sameness that shall always be which means your spirit, one person containing everything that is has the capability of changing mass changing consciousness. As you truly awaken totally to the awareness of the infinite intelligence and allow yourself to begin to live through your spirit, expressing through your soul, you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is be that and in being that you shatter so many illusions in the mass consciousness, and then another soul begins to get a glimpse and then another. You begin to change your world.

The Complex Physical Creative Process Leads to Separation

Creation began not only in your solar system or your known universe but creation began on many dimensions, many levels of consciousness, and to you in many spaces. There were Unified Fields of Consciousness with all the potential of the Creator that formed.

As these fields of consciousness awoke they were totally self-aware and therefore were totally spiritual, because they came from a totally self-aware consciousness you call God, containing all possibilities. As the creation process went forth, it became individualized states of consciousness and in those states there were still all possibilities and total self-awareness. A consciousness, if you can think of it as a circle, began to have a thought that set in motion an energy vibration that began to create light, or it began to create music or it began to create color or it created what was without form, or it created translucent form.

That individualized state of consciousness began through its own self-awareness to expand and think. As it thought it created. It is no different for you today as you think you create. Because you think, you shall always create. As creation expanded. somewhere along the line there was a loss of connection back to original creative process. The thought that the creation was the master and the creator was what was subservient to the creation developed. When our creations began to take three-dimensional form you had reached a very complex creative process. We chose to come to this planet to experience:

  1. Limitation in a physical form.
  2. To see what sensory perception in a limited form is like
  3. For all the amazing possibilities.

There was an unlimited amount of freewill in how our souls would experience this physical world, and we were given unlimited creativity with which to experience it. Now that is a tremendous gift, but it is also something that perhaps when our souls entered into this limited environment, they really didn’t know how to use these gifts to the fullest.

It is now during our journey to enlightenment that we are finding how to maximize the potential of these gifts to the fullest. Our soul’s creation of a physical body believed it was self-contained within itself. Physical existence felt it was the center of the universe because of the complexity, because, how could anything else compare to this marvelous creative process of third dimensional physical form?

And if indeed there were anything else it must be far less than the intelligence and the beauty of physical creation. When the physical became this self-contained belief system and that is what it was, a belief system within itself, so it began to lose the idea that it was connected to all other creations. It began to forget that there was no separation in the creative process. Creation as a whole is total and encompasses all that is. Everything that exists is one and you are a part of that one.

The physical that you know is a part of the whole. You are one tiny little element of your state of consciousness. As you now begin to expand your awareness, you begin to expand into higher and more diverse states of consciousness. You become aware of more.

Sometimes you will experience that awareness is foreign to the physical existence that you know. For instance, you see something in what is perceived to be the empty space or you hear a voice when another physical being is not speaking. Or you perhaps see a vision of something and then you ask was it real. You have stepped into other creative processes that have not necessarily been known to the physical existence.

How Humanity Began to Create Illusion

As physical became more and more aware of physical, but less aware of other dimensions, you began to feel that you were separate. In that separation you began to create your illusion. It is not that physical is the illusion. Physical is a creation. Your illusion is that it is a separate existence.

Fear and illusion are synonymous. Fear has no reality whatsoever. Fear is that component of the illusion that says you can be destroyed somehow, or you can be harmed, or you can experience pain which is perceived to be all very real to the ego. The large part of the illusion lies in who you believe you are. In the perceptions of many lifetimes you believe you have a physical body that can be destroyed or can be hurt. You believe that you can be controlled. You believe that you can control others. There are a lot of beliefs that you have. Now, these beliefs say that you are in danger, and so the beliefs that say you are in danger translates to fear. Fear started expressing through emotions.

Fear is very real in your limited belief system of the illusion of who you are. It has no basis of reality into the total consciousness of who you are.

Fear envelopes the “real” world through the veil of maya or the veil of ignorance. The veil of fear is the envelope of fear. This fear comes from a outer belief system; The error that man has made is believing that power is outside him

The mass consciousness of your planet could not be sustained, if what you created did not become a creator. If you had a thought, and that thought was a mere creation, it would be powerless. But because the moment a creation is created, it becomes creator, it continuous to create and it continues to draw to it like creation. This is how you form mass consciousness. This is what sustains a belief system. This is the thing that envelops all of humanity and the thing that says that death is inevitable. The reality is that death is not inevitable. You did not used to die, so why would it be inevitable? Because death has repeated itself for so long, it has become an almost insurmountable belief system for you to overcome. You do not have to die. That is only your belief. And of course, why did you choose it? You created it because once you became limited believing you were the physical creation you had created, then you did not know how to escape it so you created death.

The Ego identifies Life as the Body as the Source of life -and Matter is what surrounding this thought pattern as a body with a soul. The Self identifies life as Consciousness as the Source of life – and Light is the unified field thought pattern as a soul with a body. The primordial source of life energy is independent of localization as units. The energy of life is a radiance from the field of consciousness, which is the mode of the Presence of Divinity that manifests in physicality as Creation. These two perspectives creates a view where The Body is identified with Death and The Self is identified with Life. What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters, compared to what lives within us. The Kingdom is within. The Pathways holds the keys to all the portals of the universe. When we reach inside our hearts and minds, we move toward the awe-inspiring beauty and truth of the Universal life. Directed by the forces of life, we have nothing to fear when consciousness flows from within.

True Immortality, however, isn’t something that we should be searching outside of ourselves but within. One can put his name in history through a huge variety of deeds, good or bad, but a name is just an illusion, just like our identity and personality are as well. The true and only immortal element in a human is his spirit, which by impersonating different entities and expressing himself through different souls, travels through time, from one reality to another, in a never ending cycle of life and death. It is the spirit that becomes the master and the disciple, the king and the slave, the man and the woman, the strong and the weak, the loved and the hated, in order to truly develop a clear perspective of self and learn to discard the ego, while expressing a contradiction inside the drama that is life. In this drama, some times he represents what he fears, and other times who imposes that fear, as well as the one that receives the most and the one that offers plenty. The conscience of self is immortal and never ceases expanding.

Spiritual teachers learn that Man can overcome death

“When a man can identify himself with his undying nature, which is one with God, then he overcomes death”. What Man on Earth has learned is to identify himself with his dying nature of the body and ego, not the undying and Immortal Self/Soul. Since Man has known himself and become conscious of death, the greatest wish of all has been to become immortal. This represents the spiritual progress from the three dimensional world to the fifth dimensional world.

The power of spiritual life to in some way overcome death. Then energy never can be destoryed just be transformed to another State, if one study frequencies from low to high, there is seven basic frequencies, and every frequency represents a level of Consciousness and dimension. When something transforms from one state to another it symbolize the transformation processs and change between the old and new state. Everything moves in cycles in this world and universe, and when one era ends a new starts growing.

In the beginning of course, it was not how it is now. In the beginning, your physical was very pliable. Your consciousness was able to take a physical form at will. When you tired of that form, you could leave it. Your consciousness simply left, not as death is, but simply left. In so doing, you also transformed all of the physical energy that had been equated to that particular state of consciousness.

It was a creation and existence based in reality not illusion. It was a very beautiful, physical existence. As you began to feel, however, that you were separate, you felt threatened by other physical existences. You felt if that physical existence could harm your physical existence, you no longer would exist. It took eons for you to reach that belief. Once you believed you could be destroyed you began to create your ego system that said we must have defense measures that say when we are safe.

The first one of those humanity created was our emotions. Your emotions are your first defense system that says I am safe. Emotions are the most powerful ego control that you have over your third-dimension existence. If you are in emotions, it will control your physical, your mental and it will control your spiritual awareness.

The ego felt it must find a safe space to exist. You therefore devised all kinds of belief systems. Your belief in heaven, your belief in hell, your belief in death, your belief in what you had to do to maintain your own physical existence became the prime directive of the ego system.

Humanity long ago ‘fell from grace’, or the self-aware state of your beingness, into physical survival. You have become frightened for your physical survival, the physical survival of your planet, as well as the physical survival of other species and life forms on your planet. You fear the survival of cultures and indeed, of your very own self. Because of those fears you have created social structures in the attempt to retain a degree of safety. More and more you have separated yourself from your own spiritual power and your own spiritual awareness. You have become dependent upon the illusion to provide you with what you already are, and it cannot. You believe that somehow your social structures, your defense mechanisms, all the things you believe will keep you safe will protect you and they cannot. They have no power. All they can do is keep you imprisoned within the illusion.

The human dna strand and the spiritual dna strand

Activation of spiritual intelligence – activation of spiritual dna strands – activation of a higher advanced software program

Freedom is sthe ability to change, or freedom is the ability to be able to transform, or freedom is the ability that can trascend, freedom is the ablity to be able to spiritual progress and evolving. Spiritual intelligence meaning liberation and freedom from the Matrix and from the low vibrational frequencies of matter.

DNA Recoding is a process that enables a human being who has two strands of DNA to acquire twelve strands of DNA energy. The reconnection of this complete circuitry enables us to have access to twelve levels of spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental awareness and information instead of the two levels afforded by two strands of DNA.

When you regain twelve strands of DNA, those twelve strands are initially attained energetically through the astral body since the physical body is too dense to accept the higher energy vibration created by more strands. You would not care to reside in your body if it housed twelve strands of DNA because it would be uncomfortable. It would give you more voltage than you could handle. Integrating the twelve strands into the astral body is the first step toward increasing consciousness because it establishes a higher vibration in your energy. The second step involves plugging the twelve strands of DNA into the endocrine system. The third step is comprised of attaining balance and acceptance amidst the mass consciousness of polarity (e.g., good/bad, right/wrong, left/right) by renegotiating your current polarity contracts for unification contracts. The fourth step prioritizes your heart over your mind so you lead with your feelings rather than tricking your instincts through mental gymnastics. The fifth step ensures you are working with the optimal spiritual committee to support your expanded consciousness, and it opens your awareness to the One level, that of the Divine Creator. The sixth step starts to utilize your “junk” DNA.

The human body-computer and dna strands can be upgraded, and tuned into higher dimensions and higher consciousness. In addition to the physical DNA, there are ten etheric – spiritual strands of DNA that have been dormant since the beginning of recorded history, approximately one hundred thousand years ago. Throughout history, many changes in the human DNA have occurred through genetic engineering, emotional imbalances, and changes in the environment. Human DNA is like a computer chip; different sections can be either in the on or off position. A torsion wave pattern from the soul actually programs the DNA, much like the operating system and software tells the chip in your computer to run.

The human brain is a multi-leveled organ, operating in many com-plex capacities, the secrets of its inner workings continue to mystify medical science. Still, the power of the human brain is, in the fact, that the number of neurons is approximately 2,000 times greater than the Pentium Ills number of transistors, and four hundred times greater than the num-ber of transistors in a Pentium IV. The brain uses as many as sixty dif-ferent chemicals in order to transmit signals between neurons. The desktop computer uses only one medium, the presence or absent of an electric charge in a transistor, and the flow of electrons to transmit data. The desktop microprocessor, in some cases, uses the same bus to bring information into the CPU and to move information our of the chip. The brain has dedicated pathways for information arriving into the brain and for sending command information out of the brain to musde and organ tissues. The brain can be transmitting and executing commands while it is in the process of accepting new data. There are many features of the human brain’s processing power that offer us dues as to how to improve desktop computer technology in exciting new ways.

The blueprint information stored in the chromosomal DNA may lead to a specific way the neurons are created in the brain, not only in a gross sense as what has already been explored in the boundaries of this book, but also in how decision trees are physically created amongst the neuro-nerwork.

A computer chip is created by a team of designers. The computer chip is manufactured in an automated manner. The parameters of the chip’s design are fed into manufacturing computers that construct the chip on an assembly line. A specific design leads to a computer chip with thousands or millions of transistors arranged in specific spatial relations inside the final chip, which correspond to decision trees or data storage.

In the human brain, a similar concept may apply. The chromosomal DNA may lead to the specific spatial design of decision trees and data storage in the human brain. Generation after generation pass along similar capacities to think, create, and problem solve due to a similar decision tree structure that occupies the human brain. How the com-ponents of the brain are hardwired may also confer different means of processing. In addition, generation after generation of humans might carry pre-existing data files in their brains, filled with facts regarding a whole variety of subject matters, that come to general knowledge as either a need arises, or timing and environmental factors trigger the opening of a data file stored in an untapped section of the brain.

When talking about deoxyribonucleic acid — DNA, the molecule that carries the genetic information of life — scientists often make comparisons to computer systems, with DNA being an enormous “program” to be run by the brain’s hardware. But significant differences exist between the genetic code of DNA and the binary code used by computers, and each system has its advantages and limitations.

I f you imagine the D.N.A. molecule to be a library housing genetic information for a particular organism, you can understand how the native human species has been partially shut down. When the unseen rulers or (invaders) came in, they disconnected 10 strands of D.N.A. leaving only 2 (a double helix); it was like they took most the books off the shelves and tore out all the pages and threw them in a messy pile on the floor. The information was still there, but it was unorganized and hence unrecognizable.

As a result, Earth humans became locked into the third dimension (of the Matrix). What is happening now is that the information that was trashed in the library is slowly recombining back into form. When the 12 strands of D.N.A. are realigned they will plug into the 12 chakras, which are vortexes of information (7 are in the body and 5 are outside the body). Humans on Earth must now learn to reintegrate this information into the collective consciousness so that it is available to everyone. Just as Earth is a library, so too is your body. Every cell holds the history of the universe, and when you learn to extract this information and decode it into understanding you will become a conscious co-creator of reality. Light is information, so the paradigm of the new age is light.

When they disconnected 10 strands of DNA leaving only 2 dna strands activated they shut down all spirtual powers and knowledge (the enlighen state of Consciousness), so just 2% is conscious and 98% is subconscious, and the 2% conscious then using fear-psychology to keep the unconsciousness state surrounded with a walls or “veil of fears”. When humans evolutionary history is disconnected from their root of who they are and the subconsciousness is in a form dream-state or asleep stasis, they don´t have access to their own destiny because the real Self can´t spiritually grow and expand in consciousness.

Sometime is the evolutionary history Earth was throught these unseen spiritual powers, authorities, principalities made to their domain and they went about rearranging the D.N.A of native human species through genetic manipulation and through unplug the other 10 spiritual dna strands (the 98% junk dna) so the human race would be manageable and easier to control. Therefore, everything that was unnecessary for survival was disconnected. Man was left just with a subconsciousness script and code that controls the template of the 2 dna strand of the carbon-body of humans.

Each cell is part of the body’s hard drive, the official memory source. When conditions in the environment change, the D.N.A. mutates so the body-computer can compensate for survival. When we drug our bodies with pollutants, the information processing unit (the brain) and the hard drive (the cells) become corrupted, much like a computer that has been affected with a virus program. The virus slows down the flow of information and energy, and when this happens, disease occurs.

Although mankind’s evolutionary history and a man’s past experiences have shaped his subconscious mind’ in one way or another. Throughout our lives and through the evolutionary history we have been subjected to many things that have subconsciously programmed who we are, and from a gravitional force persepctive how this then creates all forms of subconsciously limitations of thought-pattern of duality. If one think of the human double Helix strand represents the relationship betweeen levels of Consciousness and Awareness. Around 2-3% of the human dna strand is in use and the other 97-98% is called the junk DNA. If one think in terms of a computer, would anyone be satisfied if they just have a basic computer program using just 2-3% of its fully potentials, and then knowing there is another 97-98% unused capability to be activated…? This also represents the relationship between the physical three dimensional reality (2%) of the brain and the spiritual fifth dimensional reality (98%) unused energy.

The Consciousness ego controls only 2% of the thoughts, only 40 bites per second, while the subconscious controls 98% of all thoughts and memories of the brain, 11 billions bits per second, and the the Superconscious is the true Self and is connected to the Divine. So the subconsciousness is like a subconsciously working and consuming gravitational force that´s through the evolutionary history has been affected and controlled through the powers. The unseen spiritual powers, authorities, principalities controls the Matrix thought pattern.

Fear has numerous faces and has been engrained into our systems in countless ways. Fear is reflected in our beliefs, emotions, and the collective consciousness grids. It is locked in our energy bodies, organs, and cells, and it is an inherent part of our minds. This means that stepping out of fear is a process that requires time, diligence, perseverance, willingness, and a clear intent to never give up, even though the process might at times be incredibly frustrating. We will never step into a new consciousness if we are not willing to undertake this path. And we will never make a real connection with the Sidhe. The process of stepping out of fear has three major steps: connecting with your heart (divine essence), connecting with the frontal lobes of your brain, and the stimulation of the frontal part of your amygdala.

The veil of ignorance holds a rigid structure in place that does not allow the DNA software programming and the coding structure of the DNA to actively integrate into the higher-dimensional chakra system necessary to activate aspects of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland. These aspects are limited by this veil or partition. This partition is also what holds you in third-dimensional linear time (time as a past-present-future loop) and creates major restrictions to knowing yourself.

Several Indian masters have claimed that the frontal cortex in most humans is in a sleeping state and needs more energy to awaken.

Through the evolutionary history we were isolated in one dimension of our total world, the rest of us cut adrift in the void. Our self-conscious being could only use the five physical senses and ten percent of our brain.

The remainder of our consciousness split into our subconscious and super-consciousness. Our brain function also split into two parts, losing its connection through the tunnel found within the corpus callosum to the Pineal Gland, our third eye, which enables us to see our ‘soul’ members and the unseen worlds. The vortex within our Tree of Life stopped moving.

To re-boot our computer and activate our systems, we need to re-connect our bodies and our brains, to re-open the vortices throughout our Tree of Life, our brain and our body, to unite our head and our heart. Then once again we can resonate with all energetic beings floating in our electro-magnetic field, around our ‘self’, the Sun of our ‘soul’, without fear.

We have to learn how to manage the positive and negative qualities of these energies, which all manifest through us at a physical level and we have to learn how to manage them in a non-fearful and compassionate way enabling them to express the light essence of their being through us.

Becoming aware one enables us to re-activate new dna strands and understand our physical two-strand DNA personality and the ten strand ‘junk DNA’ where we find the non-physical, archetypal, sub-personalities of our psyche.

Interpreting our birth chart, we have the tool to not only knowing who we are and why we’re here, but also the means to understand the energies within our psyche that frighten us. This knowledge enables us to heal, reconcile and re-unite our ‘self’ and ‘soul’ and slowly learn how to use much larger part of our brain.

The power and science of meditation is not just yoga, it is through meditation one can build a whole new brain and may even create a new world in the future. The whole brain is greater than the sum of its parts, and the brain is a constantly interacting system within itself. The whole brain is greater than the sum of its parts, where the whole is the internal and infinite world and the parts is the finite and external world.

Through the connection to deeper brain regions, through new connections to unused brain parts and through connection to new dimensions of life and universe and through connections to new levels of consciousness we have access to intuition, insight, inspiration, revelation and the innate wisdom of the ages. This changes the way how the brain operates.

It is through meditation that we create the threads and cables that connect the three aspects of the mind. In the same way that our homes are wired for phone and internet reception, these threads function as communication lines that allow us to receive information from the higher planes. Over time, as we project our attention upward, these threads and cables fuse and widen as a symbolic bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds is built. This bridge is built in two pieces. The lower span links the lower mind and the soul. When we build this bridge, we create a direct channel for the downpouring of information from the soul to the brain, where it is interpreted and used. This experience has produced many of our greatest achievements in religion, the arts, and business. At a later stage in our spiritual development, the higher span—the one between the soul and the higher mind—is built. It is where neural connections are activated to the extent of creating new neural pathways or dendritic synapses, between them, breaking the barrier of lack of corpus callosum energy.

If a cylinder in a engine symbolize the powers, the dna strand can be symbolize through how many dna strands that is activated. If you convert this to the computer world the cylinders and dna would be symbolized through the computers capability and its “processor” to how much information it could work with, and the capabilty and memory of the computer will then depend how fast the computer will be, and multiple processors would improve the capabilty of the computer. The human 2 dna strands is programmed to work in a default state, when it has the capabilty 100 billion intricately and intelligently connected neurons, each one of which is vastly more sophisticated than our best supercomputers. When the Self starts activate more dna strands the “processor” will increase in strength and capability, and when its starts download Consciousness from Above, the quanta package of light and information (the (photons) will start extract this information and configurate them into the system, and when the Third Eye opens they will have unlimited access to Light and Wisdom, but also have access to unlimited memory space and in combination with a 12 dna strands processor engine it will work instantly fast in nanoseconds through “the intuition”. It will have the capability to receive and transduce infromation intuitioncally and telepatically without any device. This is the process Consciousness (Intelligence, high frequency, information) over Matter. The higher the energy/information content of the photon, the greater the impact on the receiver (The Pineal Gland). By raising the frequencies to a higher state its get finer and finer and more dna strands will slowly be activated when wisdom of light is made accesible through Consciousness.

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