Sound torture with sirens started 23.30 and few minutes later looping Unibet commercials

Now they have used Unibets commercials and looping into your apartment and targeted your mind for 24 hours.

They started same minute you trying to sleep. Then they turn off for a few minutes and the starts again, and then starts and turn off

Now they beaming sound of sirens when I writing this post.

This is physical torture

This is psychological torture to the mind  when they beaming sounds, music chorus and looping commercials to keep you awake and create sleep  deprivation. When they sound torturing the human mind they hijacking your life, hijacking your life, hijacking your energy, hijacking your perception or that is what they trying to do

With sound torture they trying to keep the targeted mind in a tunnel reality of fear and sound that oppressing, and when something is been oppressed the light can´t expanding or the consciousness can´t expand in enlightment

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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