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Some historians and writers charge that the Rothschilds fabricated their history and their achievements to ascend to power. This shadow government called the Council for foreign relations CFR. It’s funded by the owner of the UN, IMF World Bank, NATO, and Pentagon European Central bank. ECB, the name is Rothschild, when the east rejects the dollars, the Rothschild will have nothing to use as money to lord the world anymore as if it’s their property. As such the destiny of the world isn’t in the hands of the shadow government, though they might want us to believe so.

All your beliefs and ideas of this old world system are truly corrupt by nature. The plan is to always have your mind occupied by constant worry; doing this gives you not so much free time to actually see what is happening in our world.

There is a deceit among us that needs to be brought into the minds of man; the order behind our governments that has to be clearly rectified to the public. One of the orders is the Bohemian Society. This secret society founded originally by the Knight’s Templar, whom fled to Scotland and changed their name from Knight’s Templar to a new order; they called themselves Freemasons to confuse the people.

The reason for the name change was to hide from the people that knew the Knight’s Templar were corrupt. With that, they spread their seed of corruption into the commonwealth we know today. In the mid to late seventeenth century this clan was well established in Germany, where a man by the name of Amschel Moses Rothschild, along with his five sons, began the largest banking conglomerate in the world and was the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty of today.

Thus, the monetary system began its most radical change in history. As I said, it takes a group of people to establish an order to manifest into a reality. Unfortunately, it can work to the better of mankind or it can work against mankind. The latter is the obvious conclusion.

The Freemasons have meetings all over the world as we see it broadcast on many stations. However, there are smaller groups that make up the larger one. Some I read take place once a year in Northern California during the last two weeks of July to venerate the owl (the wise one), amongst other things.

These people are bankers, politicians, industrialists, entertainers, and luminaries. They are all descendents of some very big names from Europe. I will not mention as some problems may arise in doing so. If you do some research yourself you will find this to be true.

All these Illuminati (the enlightened ones) have a common thread that is the Freemasonic order. There are representations of the common symbolic symbols throughout many societies. Some of the most common is the eye on the top of the pyramid, or the all-seeing eye on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill.

If you look carefully you will see the pyramid with the all seeing eye and the circle around it with the Latin words written on top: “Annuit Coeptus,” which translated reads “Crowned With Success,” and on the bottom, “Novus Ordo Seclonum” or “New World Order.”

In addition, at the bottom of the pyramid are the Roman numerals 1776; the year the Freemason order signed the Declaration of Independence is 1776, which separated the Queen of England from the United States. This was to free the people from slavery of the old system and here as follows is the brief description:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that their creator endows them with certain unalienable rights; among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights, men institute governments, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government. Laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness.

Has the government overstepped their boundaries with the people—you be the judge. I will discuss some of the symbols and other creative ways they have spun a giant web of deceit among their fellow man.

You must keep an open mind, for it is something that will be hard to digest. They use a symbolic secret language, which goes undetected by many. Did you know that Hitler was another pawn in the game plan?

When he spoke to the crowds, he often spoke the hidden language of a New World Order. In addition, under his ruling he killed thousands of people, there was an agenda at thousands of people’s expense. That agenda was and is to fuel the economy, and to fund the greed of this newly-founded order.

In all wars, the only ones who win are the banks that fund them. Moreover, do not be fooled by many banks, they are the franchise of the largest Freemasonic order The World Bank, a central point where all funds are distributed worldwide. They finance all wars and they do not care which countries who raging wars. They loan money to both sides.

You are their slaves working, toward their worthy purpose. All they care about is the money the war generates on all sides. I believe the time has come to break free of their conformity and their purpose.

They have gone too far with the destruction of our sanity and ecosystem, people are beginning to become more frustrated good jobs are few, the mounting debt is beyond it’s capacity, families are continually being split apart.

The monetary system has failed the many, only a few really prosper and flourish and mostly due to unscrupulous activities, and or joint corruptive ventures. Some, by using the natural scientific laws, have persisted, which only amounts to one to three percent of the population. However, they still have an ulterior motive and that motive is still money.

It may be only because we live in a system that values money and we therefore need it to live comfortably. But for how long? The ecosystem is being bombarded with litter and garbage, because we are a throw-away society; to keep the economy going we design things to break down faster than you can pay off your debt.

You must ask yourself honestly is that the way you want to live, where eventually we have not only poisoned the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land, and our bodies are being bombarded with toxic overkill. All for the sake of what? Greed over money? Money is just paper with ink on it.

There is absolutely nothing to back this money up. Gold is mainly being recycled there are few new sources, as with paper currency it is recycled with new banknotes when worn out.

Nevertheless, what value does it really hold? When the world goes awry in disaster, and you have no food or water to eat or drink, will the dollar bill be able to give you a source of nourishment? It will probably have no value. Unless the next person can somehow use it for his benefit, it has no authority or real value to the bearer without it being able to circulate for one person to the next.

If you so happen to be the one with all the money and nowhere to spend it, then it is worthless. Some people believe they have mastered the concept of money, most of them continually need more and more simply because our needs keep growing our homes get bigger or vehicles become more expensive, and so on. Do you really think these people are content and/or happy?

The idea sounds great or romantic, but the craving for money ruins the soul, destroys families, it makes humanity inhumane, people have committed many crimes, from petty theft to homicides, for the lack of it. Having trusting and loving relationships can be difficult, because some feel they should have a part of what you have managed to accomplish.

Regardless, having too much can cause one to think he or she is superior over others. Henceforth, you are now a part of a higher society and this is where the game begins. Money and the illusion that is brought about by it only manifests itself in the mind that has been corrupted and influenced by the political white collar criminals and the Illuminati force of society.

What the accumulation of money conjures within us as with many external sources is a feeling of belonging or being a part of something.

Most people in general seek material gain in hopes of reuniting with something humanity has lost. Unfortunately, this does not fulfil the needs or spiritual gain in any way shape or form.

It inevitably separates people further from the truth, creating in some despair, unable to cope, suicidal tendencies, and depression. Life is meant to live and enjoy the vast universe in all its splendor, to be with one another, to help others succeed to eventually find their way home, to where all unity began in the first place. What this simply means is that sometimes we have blockages, from our mindsets, which prevent us from achieving our soul purpose and goals. Once you have discovered what these blockages are, will eventually set you free from our own prison.

This shadow government called the Council for foreign relations CFR. It’s funded by the owner of the UN, IMF World Bank, NATO, and Pentagon European Central bank. ECB, the name is Rothschild, when the east rejects the dollars, the Rothschild will have nothing to use as money to lord the world anymore as if it’s their property. As such the destiny of the world isn’t in the hands of the shadow government, though they might want us to believe so.

The destiny of the world is in the hands of the living God and only truth moves him. Lies never move God, it can lay dormant for two hundred years, and then all of a sudden, and everything breaks open and falls apart.

The whole Jewish Rothschild plan to own and control the world, since after he took over control of the bank of England ini8o6 and manipulation to corruption in the united states to get the US congressional act of 1013 signed giving it the monopoly to print the united states dollars as money and supply to the US government.

With interest, there’s some evilness imbibed in lie telling and corruption when I read the history of the Rothschild banking business.

A LIAR AND A DEVIL. All these RORTHSCHILDS achievement are built on the back of a lie, and a lie won’t survive forever, it’s only a matter of time before it falls all apart, as the truth is known worldwide then people act on the truth, now two thirds of mankind thinks the dollar is a fiat money and it’s not good for commerce, that’s a good thing for the world, because had America had a gold backed currency, It could have traded responsibly and nobly with the nations of the world, and not busy making wars left, building military bases all over the world like a world sheriff trying to imprison everyone in their own home. When it’s all said and done the actors of this fiat money, the materialist who are born of darkness will not stop for nothing.

By Lying to the Queen of England that England was losing the war, when it was the opposite, the Queen believed her country was going to be bankrupt after the war, so she allowed RORTHSCHILD to be in charge of the bank of England in 1804, he wouldn’t have been in charge if he had told her the truth, because of his lies, he is a devil.

And the bible says the devil is a liar, consequently a liar is a devil. His lies enabled him to not only control UK but Europe as a whole, and by controlling Europe money supply with his counterfeit papers, he succeeded to be controlling the money supply of the USA today, by controlling the money supply of the USA, Via the 1913 US congressional Act, signed by President Woodrow Wilson.

The Jewish bad banker, have succeeded in controlling half of the world’s money supply. And all the profits only flow directly to him and his companies causing havoc behind him in poverty, misery and bankruptcy, there’s no country in the world ever developed by international monetary bank and World Bank funding. But there are a lot of countries that have failed all because of it, its own record speaks for itself, any macro economist, who knows how to make sense of financial and economic reports and who knows how this world really works, will confirm my statements.

Some historians and writers charge that the Rothschilds fabricated their history and their achievements to ascend to power. Their compelling presence has made a vast difference to history and it can be rightly proclaimed that no major event in the political and economic life of the nations of Europe did not somehow or somewhere involve the Rothschilds, even though deeply hidden and however indirect it may have been. In the minds of many, the Rothschilds will always be associated with immense wealth, but it is the power, brought by that wealth, which is not as well recognized as it ought to be. For the Rothschilds did not seek a vast fortune just to be able to live a life of ease. They sought wealth for what it would bring in the way of control of the leading power brokers of all nations, through whom they exercised control of nations, which extends even to this day.

The Rothschilds did not live in a vacuum; rather they affected millions of lives. Lionel Rothschild liked to think of himself as unique, and perhaps this is true. It is true that like his brothers, he was uniquely rich, but how rich was never made public. One thing is not true; the Rothschilds did not make a fortune out of inflation of the currency of the nations among whom they lived. There are no real benchmarks to guide us into the true character of the members of the Rothschild family and what drove them to an obsession with money and insatiable appetites for power. For the most part we are left to guess at what went on in the minds of this powerful family who were determined to become the hidden rulers of Europe and Great Britain, and indeed, the world.

The question is: “Did we reject it, or did some hidden force prevent us from seizing the initiative?” Nietzsche, the German philosopher in his work The Dawn of Day wrote:

One of the spectacles which the next century will invite us to witness is the decision regarding the fate of the Jews. It is quite obvious now that they have cast their die and crossed the Rubicon; the only thing that remains for them is to either become the masters of Europe or to lose Europe, as they once lost Egypt, where they were confronted by similar alternatives. . . Europe may some day fall into their hands like ripe fruit, if they do not clutch it too eagerly.

Those who have researched Nietzsche say he was referring to the Rothschilds, but I could find no evidence to back up this claim, although it would seem to fit the pattern of that famous family. Many of their secrets remained totally hidden and may never be revealed. The frustration with such secrecy is revealed in the words of the French statesman, Lamartine:

We wish to break every kind of yoke, yet there is one that is unseen, yet weighs on us. Whence comes it? Where is it? No one knows, or at least, no one tells. The association is secret even for us, the veterans of secret societies.

The French Minister for Foreign Affairs, G. Hanotoux wrote in 1878 of this hidden hand as a “mysterious force ruling politics and muddling the cards of diplomacy.” Many of these mysteries were fully cleared up by Disraeli in his novel Coningsby, which was but a thinly veiled account of the doings of the Rothschilds.

Disraeli had to disguise many of the facts as fiction, lest the wrath of men should explode upon the revelations it contained. “Sidonia” was undoubtedly Lionel Rothschild and Coningsby, but a fictionalized account of his deeds:

When he was nineteen, Sidonia who had then resided with his uncle at Naples, made a long visit to another of his father’s relatives at Frankfurt. Between Paris and Naples, Sidonia passed two years. It was impossible to penetrate him. His frankness was strictly limited to the surface. He observed everything, though over-cautious, but avoided serious discussion. He was a man without affection.

Karl Rothschild lived in Naples, and Mayer Amschel lived in Frankfurt, so it does not take much to conclude, that “Sidonia” was Lionel Rothschild, and thus concluding, we obtain from Coningsby, one of the best and most accurate detailed accounts of the Rothschilds and their rise to power possibly ever written.

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