August 15, 2017

My social secretary ( a student) in Swedish social services system tried to Gaslighting me today

My social secretary Camilla Thunell ( a student) in Swedish social services system tried to Gaslighting me today

Here is my social secretary in The Swedish Social Service Systems (she is still student). Why I writing about here? Gangstalking and gaslihgting.

They learning students to gaslighting humans, and then it will be the new standard of moral and ideology and etichs to work after in their social working with people.

My social secretary Camilla Thunell ( a student) in Swedish social services system tried to Gaslighting me today

Last time she have ear rings props almost like like Mickey Mouse Ears.

Today it was time for a new apooinment to make up some plan for how they can help me get back to work. These people and The State of Sweden want´s to help me. First they create sleep deprivation, gangstalking you, create noise harassment 24/7, mind stalking you, brainwashing you throu the nights and one million other things.

She ask me about my sleep and I tell here about the on going sleep deprivation and how my circumstances are when you are gangstalked as a targeted individuals 24/7. It is difficult to make up big plans when you dont know how much sleep you gonna get from one night to the next.

The most tragic is that you sitting and telling about you life situation to a social secretary who still is a student in the Swedish Social service system because she ask qustions and I tell here, and she starts gangstalking you during the meeting. Yesterday I made a post about wicked methods and how they using them and mind mapping the brain was one of them.

Today she has painted a handwritten mind map with different ‘opportunities’ and possible activities. If they want to copy or imitaing my life to mirroring my life I don´t spend to much time to write about it. But when a student in the social services start using gaslighting methods against me after the meeting when it is over to and to say good bye it is something else.

I have two names in one Peter Micahael byt are using Peter

Here is the the gaslighting methods when saying bye bye…

Oh….. I am sorry I used your other name………

She is saying she use my other name Micahael

….I will send you a letter with new appointment time by post…….”MICAHAEL” (she didn´t say this) and directly comments with this phrase……….Oh….. ( starts laughing) and excusing herself for using my other name………

Dangerous gaslighting methods to psychological harm and confuse me to make me doubt if she did say or use my other name, and I know she didn´t use my other name. She wanted me to believe she use my other name without using it

This was a gaslighting construction to make me believe she use a word she didn´t use, or make me doubt if she used it.

I told here she didn´t use or say Micahael and if she was using psychological methods and she laughing and heating up with red color in ger face.

They using these tactics by transmitting other voices into my apartment duringth evenings and nights.

Tragic to see how The State of Sweden using students in the social services to gangstalking you and even worse gaslighting you to belive your heard something that not was real (just a try to make a illusional manipulation methods to something that wasn´t real).

These people just want to help you……..these appointments is not to help you. They are used for gangstalking, harass and even worse to gaslighting you to believe you see something that wasn´t real or hear things that wasn´t real…..that´s the point and dangeorus with gaslighting to make the brain go nuts…..

Tragic and sadly and so harmful and deceiving meeting……The State of Sweden must be realy desperate

You cant even go the social services without heu gaslighting you and they do the same thing is Swedisg healthcare systems. Doctors changing shirt from one hour to the next and has toiletpaper on his desk during visit . Therapist has a medical package on his desk in front of you eyes and in this package he has his business cards with new appointment times. Therapist has orange on his desk then there is orange on the gravestone when I going there (same gaslighting), changing shirts, business cards in a medical package, toilepaper on doctors desk, moving orange from therapy room to graveyard when going there, using misleading; confusing and gaslighting communication to make you believe you heard something that wasn´t real.

They are same harmful and manipulated people on every instance or there you need to go in the Swedish society.

Wolves in sheep´s clothing


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