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So-called stable Western democracies have all conformed to what is, in practice, a One-Party System. The Coming Iluminati World Government: Tragedy and Hope – The PsyWar technique that they use is to keep us all far too busy and fascinated as passive spectators of this whirlwind of events taking place every day in the world. This ensures that almost no one ever thinks of looking elsewhere for suitable explanations to today’s grave crises, because that would then enable us to identify, not so much the effects and shocking results of many of these political decisions and covert actions, but rather their real and concrete originators, organizers and objectives, which would go counter to their advantage.

So-called stable Western democracies have all conformed to what is, in practice, a One-Party System with slightly different internal factions. People think they may “choose” when they vote, but the “options” are just not there: ifs sort of like “choosing” between Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola — no matter what they want you to believe, the truth is that they are both basically the same thing.

Naturally this system works (for them) because it can be easily controlled through political funding mechanism (directly to parties and indirectly through the media, corporations, and others). The end-result is that all countries end up having “the best democracy that money can buy”. All of these think tanks bring together the most intelligent, best prepared, creative and ambitious men and women in a wide range of fields and disciplines.

They are paid and rewarded very handsomely – both economically and socially – as long as they clearly and uncompromisingly align themselves to the basic tenets of the CFR’s political objectives. These are nothing less than the creation of a Privately-leveraged World Government; the systematic erosion of the structures of all sovereign Nation-States (though, naturally, not all of them in the same way, at the same speed, nor at the same time); the (sub)standardization of cultural values and social norms (i.e., the dumbing down of all populations); the spreading of a globalized financial system based on gross speculation and usury; and the management of a Global World System in order to maintain the necessary social cohesion of its own masses by permanent coaxing and alignment against real or imagined enemies of “democracy”, “human rights”, “freedom” and “peace”; i.e., against “terrorism”.


“We know it and you know it: in human affairs there can only be true Justice when the parties to a conflict have similar strength and power; Otherwise, the stronger shall do all in their power to achieve their ends, and the weaker shall have no choice but to succumb” Thucidides

“All animals are equal, But some animals are more equal than others” George Orwell

THE RULES OF WORLD POWER: – What drives the New World Order is neither Justice, nor the pursuit of the Common Good, nor International Law, nor Ethical Values, nor — much less so! — True Democracy. The New World Order is driven by tiny usurping minorities that wield huge Power.

Nowadays, the New World Order confronts us with a veritable System of Thought, as international law professor at Cambridge University Phillip Allott recently explained when he said that “democracy and capitalism are systems that contain their own values, which means that in order to participate in them, man must accept those values; even transcendental values on such matters as Justice, happiness and the like.

Citizens must therefore give up their minds to the system, which is not political or economic, but rather a system of consciousness. Democracy and capitalism are systems of consciousness. People do not realize this but their minds are determined by these systems… This is why democracy and capitalism represent a totalitarian regime. Totalitarianism means total control of Society… and there has never been a totalitarianism as strong as today’s.

The totalitarianism of the democratic and capitalist systems is so sophisticated, that even our desires are determined by the System. We desire that which Society wishes that we should desire.”

The true and greatest “privatization” of all time, is the Privatization of Real Power on a global scale as well as at a national scale.

A good illustration of the Privatization of Power can be found in the way that the basic trappings of Private Power can be seen as structurally implicit in Government Power structures (i.e., in the public sector referring to the Nation-State). As indicated above, we already live in a veritable World Government which we do not, for the most part, recognize as such, simply because the characteristics we normally tend to associate with the concept of “government” are not yet visible. Rather, today’s World Government has more in common with traditional Private Power structures. As Power has become essentially privatized, then it logically follows that the World Government we live under today is also private in nature. This is the basic ideology that forms the very foundations of Globalization, i.e., that Power is Private.

World Government is already in place. However, we do not immediately recognize it as such, because it does not yet have the public institutions we are used to associating with the concept of national governments. This is because Global Power has been increasingly privatized. It thus follows that the New World Order is basically run by a Private Over-World Government that has a corporate-like structure and chain of command.

• Think Tanks – A compact and highly sophisticated worldwide network of geostrategic planning centers or think tanks – the “Worlds Mastermind” as we described it in an extensive book in Spanish – most notably, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission (TC), Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, World Economic Forum, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Group of Thirty, Brookings Institution, The Heritage Foundation, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), Hudson Institution, Cato Institute, Tavistock Institute, Hoover Institute, and the recently founded European Council on Foreign Relations, amongst other think tank organizations.

The on-going global financial collapse can only be described as the controlled breakdown of the US Dollar and the Euro, the former through hyperinflation and the latter through internal stresses in the weaker European countries that is leading to a fracture in the European Monetary System, something that the CFR have been carefully planning for a long time through various projects, which include the so-called Financial Vulnerabilities Project and New International Financial Architecture programs.

As we become increasingly aware of this, the road which we need to tread should become increasingly clear too and then things do not appear as complex as we once thought. It is all basically a question of thinking with our own minds and not with the minds of our adversaries; of starting to assess and defend our National Interest, which implies having our own view of world events, interests and forces, and then taking intelligent measures that respond to our vital needs, real possibilities and idiosyncrasies.

In this sense, we have an advantage because we need not “reinvent the wheel”, as the basic CFR-model gives us a well-tested and highly successful blueprint for political, economic, financial and social planning and management of national power. Why not learn from them? Why not form our on think-tank network, bringing together a wide range of local, regional, national and international like-minded people, players and thinkers from all over the world and different fields, to work towards Common Objectives and against a Common Enemy?

Why not put them all to work promoting the National Interest of our respective countries, so that We, The People may recover our lost Sovereignty and Right of Self-Determination, in a consistent and coherent manner, irrespective of what the world power players try to impose upon us?

To do this, we first need to understand what “globalization” and “new world order” are really all about: i.e., a veritable swarm of short, medium and long-range threats that must to avoid or at least mitigate, and opportunities which we should take advantage of.

On each and every topic having a potential impact on us, we need to understand which are our relative strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to successfully confront them; if not today, then most certainly in the future. That requires proper medium and long-term planning.

That requires trying to be always one step ahead of the Adversary, achieving and keeping an edge and an advantage over coming events.

Any person visiting CFR headquarters on fashionable Park Avenue at 68th Street in New York City, as the author has done repeatedly in recent years, can easily gather all sorts of information which until recently included a free copy of their latest Annual Report describing the Institution’s main activities and the full alphabetical list of its 4.500 members.

All the information on these organizations is readily available for those who want it. It is then, however, up to each of us to cross-check the data on CFR members with what each really does in their professional, corporate, academic and government activities and capacities.

One need also look back on modern history and assess the exceptional leverage which CFR members have exerted throughout the twentieth century, both on their own, as well as in synchronization with other members of CFR sister organizations as the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Project for a New American Century, Americas Society, inter-American Dialogue and the like.

They have triggered and influenced ideologies, public events, wars, military alliances, committed political crimes, covert actions, carried out mass psychological warfare, economic and financial crises, sequentially promoted and destroyed political and business personalities, and other high-impact far-reaching events — many of them clearly difficult — impossible.

All have, however, marked the course of humanity in these stormy modern times and when looked at from this viewpoint, they all seem to have the same fingerprint, so to speak.

The PsyWar technique that they use is to keep us all far too busy and fascinated as passive spectators of this whirlwind of events taking place every day in the world. This ensures that almost no one ever thinks of looking elsewhere for suitable explanations to today’s grave crises, because that would then enable us to identify, not so much the effects and shocking results of many of these political decisions and covert actions, but rather their real and concrete originators, organizers and objectives, which would go counter to their advantage.

The Global Power Elite’s continued stronghold over the world primarily rests on the incapacity of the majority people to understand the mechanisms through which they wield such power. In order for this gigantic mass psychological warfare — for that is what it really is – to succeed, the mass media play a vital role which cannot be sufficiently stressed.

For they are the instruments whose goal it is to undermine and neutralize the capacity of independent thought among the world’s population. That is the key role of global mass media organizations like CNN, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro:), FoxNews, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Corrieri della Sera, Le Monde, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, US News & World Report, Business Week, Reuters, Jerusalem Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, Chicago Tribune, and their respective local outlets in all countries, all of which are directed by key people belonging to the CFR and/or its sister organizations in the US and elsewhere.

The worst part of it all is that, in spite of the enormous friction, wars, violence and destruction it generates, the power-elites World Government project just does not work.

You cannot build a world empire only based on trillions upon trillions of dollars, B1 bombers, F 16 fighters, Tomahawk missiles, CNN-CIA-Mossad-Hollywood PsyWar, and gross lying and hypocrisy at the very top. Historically, Rome, France, Spain and even Britain knew that only deeper cultural values can consolidate a true empire that will endure even after the colonizing power is long gone, as happened even to this very day throughout South America where Spanish, Portuguese (and British) influence are ubiquitous.

These key cultural factors seem to be very much lacking in the United States, which was described with great understanding and foresight in the early 20th Century by former French premier George Clemenceau, as

“that complex political and social process running from barbarism to civilization without going through the necessary stage of culture…”

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