Colossians 3:2

The scripture above is instructing us to set our mind on things above not on things beneath. Sometimes, we allow worries and distractions to detour our destiny. Thus, causing us to land our planes of promise. To live the lives, we are predestined to live; we must maintain a mile-high mind. We cannot allow earthly or carnal mindsets to ground us. High thoughts allow us to live high lives!

The carnal mind of Earth is the human desire consciousness, and together this is been controlled through mass consciousness.

The Earth we are speaking of is what you perceive as your planet. Your planet is not all what you see or think it is. Those of you in this third dimension see your Earth from a third dimensional point of view. Those of you who are in the third dimension see the third dimension as physical solid substance. Because of the vibration of the electromagnetic energy field, you are seeing it through light refraction. That light refraction, from your point of consciousness, is as real to you as anything is on this physical planet Earth in the third dimension. Change the electromagnetic energy field, you also change the light refraction. And that light refraction changes what you experience and what you see. That is why we teach that what you are truly seeing out there is an illusion, and it is an illusion based upon light refraction.

And thereby there is formed the personality that is popular with the people. The carnal mind is the manipulator of the mass energies of the mass consciousness. The carnal mind is in control of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

The “devil” signifies the mass of thoughts that have been built up in consciousness through many generations of earthly experiences and crystallized into what may be termed human personality, or carnal mind.

The mass of thoughts that has been built up in race consciousness through many generations of earthly experiences and crystallized into what may be termed human personality, or carnal mind, which opposes and rejects God.

Satan has corrupted man’s mind with a false wisdom, so that he may rule the earth through man. This corrupted wisdom has been injected in the world collective consciousness; and is now working against man’s own divine .

Feeding the carnal mind, desire consciousnes and mass consciousness.

Beta is the general field of mass consciousness.

Ego, carnal mind, desire consciousness, mass consciousness is connected to beta brain waves and represents the left brain hemisphere, and this is also the Matrix, or the mind prison of matter (carnal nature). The carnal mind creates two powers through division. Archons also creates two worlds out of one; this other world is the matrix, the mind-prison, and the computer generated “dreamworld”.

A religious spirit is a deception because it was created and designed to subtly protect the desires of our carnal nature. (James 4:1). Therefore; the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be. (Romans 8:5-7)

The rational brain (left brain) holds mental programs based on fear for the unknown. The rational brain controls life. The rational mind is a huge ego. The rational mind does acknowledge the body as its servant but has limited ability to accept concepts that conflict with its basic existing programs, and therefore can´t access to divine ideas and concepts in the right brain hemisphere.

The brain wave frequency of Alpha is the open channel to our subconscious, our imagination and creativity and to our sixth sense.

When you are in the Beta Consciousness State of mind that uses a faster frequency, you are unable to transmit on the necessary brain wave frequency for directing your subconscious to make changes. It is analogous to radio reception. First you must be on the correct radio station channel frequency to get clear reception. Then you can call and reach that channel to offer your comments and someone is there to answer the phone and respond.

When you are in your normal Beta Consciousness State, it is like being unable to tune in to the correct radio station for effective subconscious communications.

When a person becomes more spiritually aware, they are more in tune with the connection of mind, body, and spirit. There is a greater sense of universal awareness. The person understands concepts and ideas beyond the scope of earthly intelligence.

How to Transcend Mass Consciousness and Become One With the Universe and break free from this sheep-mentality of the majority, that will just and always be representing themselves as they are – self destructive section of humanity. Mass consciousness is created through concept of fear. The collective mass consciousness represents oppression.

Mass society reflects industrial mass production in which people consume the same industrialized products and culture.

Mass society, mass media, mass production, mass distribution, mass consumption, mass-produced and mass-consumed, mass entertainment, mass communication, mass education, mass consciousness, mass psychology, mass hysteria, mass illusion and finally all these parts is the Matrix.

Maya through its mass productivity creates fragmentation. In the state of fragmentation, only fragmented knowledge appears before man’s consciousness. This fragmentation of the psyche is the result of the three- pronged conditioning of the soul.

The Matrix – is a artificial dreamworld controlled through the art of mass psychology to create mass consciousness, and then the Matrix is a “mind prison” the mass consciousness prevents humans from awakening up from this dreamworld to be able to see through the veil of fear, ignorance and illusions.

Our usual perception of the world in waking consciousness is, in fact, a state of waking ignorance. The brain must inhibit our true nature and divine connections to survive in the physical world. In everyday life, we see everything back to front, as it were.

Our usual perception of the world in waking consciousness is, in fact, a state of waking ignorance, and this is also the beta brain wave state. What is referred as “waking consciousness is, in fact, a state of waking ignorance” and this represents beta brain waves.

The Earth we are speaking of is what you perceive as your planet. Your planet is not all what you see or think it is. Those of you in this third dimension see your Earth from a third dimensional point of view. Those of you who are in the third dimension see the third dimension as physical solid substance. Because of the vibration of the electromagnetic energy field, you are seeing it through light refraction. That light refraction, from your point of consciousness, is as real to you as anything is on this physical planet Earth in the third dimension. Change the electromagnetic energy field, you also change the light refraction. And that light refraction changes what you experience and what you see. That is why we teach that what you are truly seeing out there is an illusion, and it is an illusion based upon light refraction.

This life we are living is based primarily on ego and emotions. As earth is a reflection of heaven, so the ego is a reflection of the real self. Therefore, in our efforts to grow beyond the earth we must attempt to overcome the level of reflection that comprises the ego and emotions.

Every living being is under the governance of Maya (Illusion). In emotional attachment to Maya the whole world is asleep. It forgets its true spiritual nature and is asleep to it, but is awake to material consciousness. It is from this Maya, the enticer, has captivated the whole world. In ignorance he fails to realize the purpose of life and remains perpetually in bondage. Where, as ego separates the soul from God, maya prolongs the separation by projecting the real as false and false as real, deluding, thus, it keeps the soul in its grip. It allures and captivates the individual. It allures and captivates the individual. Only the egocentric gets into its web.

The souls are entangled in matter and release is made possible when the difference between the nature of the soul and matter is recognized. The human soul is released through recognizing that the world as caused is an illusion.

The archon system is designed to keep us enthralled in their system and ignorant of how the universe actually works.

They don’t want us to know this information, because if we did, we would walk through the prison bars and free ourselves from the prison.

The Earthly Life Mind is immersed in the maya-hypnotized existence, remains in ignorance, deeming himself to be a physical being. The maya-hypnotized ego creates the distortions of reality or distortions of the powers within. The first distortion-error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, the second distortion-error is made through believing in the dying nature of man, and not the undying nature of the real Self/Soul. The third error-distortion of man´s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. The human body system and chakra system has “three knots”. These knots are found within the energetic interior of our psychic system. They are problematic because they bind us in a state of ignorance, distort everything we experience, and lock up our wisdom. These mind-errors is the mind-illusions that distorts reality. Another term for illusions is “maya” and the “dream state” of the mind is the maya-hypnotized mind.

The oft-quoted passage about spiritual warfare in the Book of Ephesians: “We are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (6:12). What, one might well ask, is the meaning of “the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”? Isn’t the locus of evil spiritual forces in hell, which is traditionally conceptu-alized as being below rather than above the earth? In this passage and others that might be cited, “heavenly wickedness” refers to the archons. Even the word “rulers” here is a translation of the Greek archon, so that the original passage reads,”archons of this present darkness:’

“The (alien) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye and learn yoga science of liberation), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

If we don’t look beyond the veil of maya, we are lost in a dream-world

Consciousness is the awareness of being aware of the program.

The Beta left brain suppresses the intuitive right brain and induces fear-programming to stay in domination, and when one is able to switch down to alpha and then theta one is able to self-reprogram the whole brain.

In the universal order pain is not generally experienced by the creation. It is generally only experienced in reality systems that are controlled by the archons, in order to control, manipulate and render powerless those whose energies they feed off because they have lost their connection to the universal exchange energy system.

Archons uisng pain to control humankind on Earth in one form or another, and none is immune to it. The archons have done this by disconnecting all other soul beings here from Source, and wiping out their eternal divine memory of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is. Instead, they have connected us to cellular memory that limits our remembrance of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is. Most people consider that memory is contained in the brain, or central processing unit. This is not true here on earth. Memory is stored in the cells of our physical bodies. Only short term memory (a few minutes) is stored in the Hippocampus in the brain. It is called the cellular memory. Pain comes from our cellular memories stored in our bodies.

Because pain is located in our cellular memory, we easily feel it, and experience it, because it is stored as memory in our cellular structure, that is why anesthetics work. When the cellular form is deadened no pain is experienced.

Over time, our cellular bodies are ‘loaded’ with pain memories, and so we begin a process of avoiding pain, and the whole societal and social structure here is designed to avoid pain, i.e. a re-occurrence of previous pain. That is understandable and also sensible, unless one understands that it doesn’t have to be that way. It works this way. Once we are thoroughly indoctrinated with the notion of pain we avoid pain, and feel it before it has actually occurred.

Pain resides in our cellular memory and we can feel it before it occurs or our bodies are subject to any kind of damage. Most of us can remember some pain or other from our past, and don’t know where that memory comes from, how it is stored in the cells of our bodies, why we try to avoid a re-occurrence of it, and why it is there.

Fear here is largely the avoidance of previously stored pain and the memory of it. That is how the archons have captured, captivated and controlled us like sheep. We exist, mainly to avoid pain.

Understanding that all species here are similarly afflicted by pain, and that our pain sometimes causes us to inflict pain on other soul beings, as we do, may provide us with the basis for overcoming pain. Pain is essentially a memory that is carried in our cellular bodies, so that we can feel the pain and recall the memory, even if we are not under any duress or affliction. We all remember some pain or other, and we spend most of our lives, and doings, avoiding that emotion and the memory of that pain.

Pain is the system of imprisonment here. The pain body and system here was specifically designed to control us, and to keep us subjugated and imprisoned in a system and a prison with no bars, and of our own making. This is done by building a memory base stored in the cells in our bodies that ‘punishes’ us when we don’t conform to their system of control, and we feel ‘pain’, when we don’t conform.

It’s a bit like being in a prison with electrified iron barriers, and if we try to get out of the prison we are given a shock. That is the role that pain has in the archon system.

The archon system is designed to keep us enthralled in their system and ignorant of how the universe actually works.

They don’t want us to know this information, because if we did, we would walk through the prison bars and free ourselves from the prison.

Bondage is the kind of understanding that limit, binds, captivates, imprison, while liberation is the understanding that frees. To keep the three dimensional reality in place it must use “science of control” or science that binds and entraps one into the physical world and reality. Science of control, limitation, monotoring, surveillance, entraps, and stalking (awakening and light).

The Matrix using the understanding or science (knowledge) that binds, entangle and imprison into the matrix (three dimensional), and Yoga is the opposite science that teaching how to liberate oneselves from limited thought-pattern and limited concept of time, space, duality and death. The Science of Yoga conception teaches liberation from the concepts of opposites (duality). Yoga is both the experience of wholeness, as well as the practice by which you can attain that experience.

Sometime is the evolutionary history Earth was throught these unseen spiritual powers, authorities, principalities made to their domain and they went about rearranging the D.N.A of native human species through genetic manipulation and through unplug the other 10 spiritual dna strands (the 98% junk dna) so the human race would be manageable and easier to control. Therefore, everything that was unnecessary for survival was disconnected. Man was left just with a subconsciousness script and code that controls the template of the 2 dna strand of the carbon-body of humans.

I f you imagine the D.N.A. molecule to be a library housing genetic information for a particular organism, you can understand how the native human species has been partially shut down. When the unseen rulers or (invaders) came in, they disconnected 10 strands of D.N.A. leaving only 2 (a double helix); it was like they took most the books off the shelves and tore out all the pages and threw them in a messy pile on the floor. The information was still there, but it was unorganized and hence unrecognizable.

As a result, Earth humans became locked into the third dimension (of the Matrix). What is happening now is that the information that was trashed in the library is slowly recombining back into form. When the 12 strands of D.N.A. are realigned they will plug into the 12 chakras, which are vortexes of information (7 are in the body and 5 are outside the body). Humans on Earth must now learn to reintegrate this information into the collective consciousness so that it is available to everyone. Just as Earth is a library, so too is your body. Every cell holds the history of the universe, and when you learn to extract this information and decode it into understanding you will become a conscious co-creator of reality. Light is information, so the paradigm of the new age is light.

When they disconnected 10 strands of DNA leaving only 2 dna strands activated they shut down all spirtual powers and knowledge (the enlighen state of Consciousness), so just 2% is conscious and 98% is subconscious, and the 2% conscious then using fear-psychology to keep the unconsciousness state surrounded with a walls or “veil of fears”. When humans evolutionary history is disconnected from their root of who they are and the subconsciousness is in a form dream-state or asleep stasis, they don´t have access to their own destiny because the real Self can´t spiritually grow and expand in consciousness.

The establishment of the ego decided the separation between the physical realm of energy systems and the energy of Creation. The Matrix world is a virtual reality world created by artificial intelligence to enslave humans and use their bio-energy as fuel to power their existence. Waking up from the Matrix, breaking the ‘bondage [of] false consciousness’, is done when people are shown ‘the true workings of the system. Humanity has been enslaved for centuries.

The archons removed one strand of our physical DNA to ‘make us forget’ who we are, and to keep us imprisoned in their ‘pain system’. We therefore have two strands of DNA in our physical bodies, but with a three strand corresponding encoding in our soul bodies. Their whole system of indoctrination here is designed to make us forget who and what we really are and to make us remember our painful experiences, including our physical, mental and emotional experiences that are then stored in our cellular memory in our bodies, and manifest as pain in the body, mind and emotions.

One can think as this remove of one dna strand is like remove a bridge to the other side, so no one can pass. In other terms to disconnect the right brain hemisphere from infleuncing the the work of left brain hemisphere. There is bridge in the “Corpus Callosum” named the “alpha bridge” and this bridge disappears when the brain is controlled through fear based subconsciousness programs. This alpha bridge can be re-build through meditation and when this is the bridge to the theta state and divine connection, and this is what the Archons have disconnected humankind from by using all forms of both psychological and spiritual warfare strategies in all forms.

Archons want us to live with brain imbalance. They make us operate only through one brain hemisphere. The Corpus Callosum is the bridge between left and right brain hemisphere, but the “alpha bridge” frequency dissapear by fear, in same way the third eye of intuition is closed through fear. The veil of ignorance or veil of fear is in action when fear is the dominated thought pattern in the left brain.

When the right and left brain is balanced one is able to connect up more easilyto obtain information. When your´re centered and balanced, your energy will start expanding; it´ll start going up your spine again, then it expands out of the body , but including the body, into the experience that we tend to call bliss.

To reach the stars, the angelic realms and the seventh dimension you either go through your Stellar Gateway chakra into the cosmos – or you go through your Earth Star chakra into Hollow Earth. Preferably you are able to do both. The deeper you take your consciousness into Hollow Earth the higher you can expand into the stars. There are twelve entry and exit portals between Hollow Earth and the surface of the planet, which lead into the cosmos. Each of these is a Key to the universe.

Light is the alchemical key. The alchemical key, is the key to the key. The keys is alchemical resonate keys, or a certain frequency key of vibrations, and these keys is been created through yoga and meditation. One need to learn how to lowering, quitening, stilling and emptying the beta brain waves of the mind.

The gateway from the lower to the higher levels of awareness lies in the heart. … Those who have been fortunate enough, finally, to behold the ultimate radiance have travelled through this portal

One cannot understand Oneself through the five sensory perception, One´s five sensory perception will not allow one to move from lower levels to higher of consciousness. Once one cross the barrier of the five sensory perceptions, one become a multi-sensory personality that takes one to higher levels of consciousness.

The key that unlocks this entire system is the middle chakra—heart chakra. It is the gateway to higher consciousness.

The Crown Chakra is thought to vibrate with a thousand petals. The petals are the rotating cones anchored in the Pineal gland that form into a funnel, opening to the connecting channel to Soul-Source. The Spirit of Divine dwelling in the heart and the spirit is the gateway to the door of the soul. When cleared of all debris, all the cones or petals of the funnel radiate with a pulsing pearlescent white beam emitting the high notes of harmony. This higher beam loops into the heart to be connected, intertwined and braided with the other six beams, creating a powerful column of light that will rise to the heavens. For those with the gift of clairvoyant sight, it will appear as if a constellation of stars, a shining galaxy is swirling in and around the Crown.

From the top of the head we return our gaze to the chest, where the heart is located. Within the old structure, the Heart Chakra spins with twelve cone-shaped petals in a sea of emerald green, resonating to F. Each cone contains 12 crystal particles and at the base of each cone lies the large water crystal, which is the Love crystal of the Heart. The large diamond-shaped crystal pulsates with the pink divine love energy and is frequently depicted as containing a blooming pink rose. The water crystals are the anchoring points of the Love-body and form an interface structure between the Love-body and the Light-body.

The sacred God-gene or the God DNA

As we begin to move faster into the Great Shift of Consciousness, the recalibration and rebuilding continue to occur simultaneously everywhere. Every strand within the grid of the matrix is on the move. The triggering points begin within the etheric filaments, because they are the finest, gossamer-like fibers that vibrate at a higher speed than the heavier strands of biology. This is one reason why the chakra panels needed to be recalibrated first.

As the rotation of the chakra wheels begin to accelerate into a faster spin it activates the resonating points in the Merkaba and they begin to pulse and broadcast energetic waves at a higher rate. This acceleration sequence in tun). oozes down into the slower moving matter of biology. To achieve this extraordinary move a tremendous amount of energy is needed. Prior to this point, the human construct was running on electrical energies that were operated and influenced by the dominant male strands of energy. To reach the higher frequencies. we must recalibrate to a magnetic vibration that contain more feminine components. creating a balanced conduit.

When the human prototype was created, it was powered with the appropriate electrical currents through conductors of water and carbon molecules. In order to increase the light quotient, the conductors had to be changed.

The carbon molecules were not be able to withstand the higher electrical charges needed and therefore, had to be transfigured to a silicon based molecule that has the capability to work with stronger magnetic frequencies. The stronger and bigger the magnet. the more electrical power we can harvest for our homes. In the same manner increasing the magnetic qualities from within our core center causes more production of energetic power that accelerates the engines of the human space-capsule.

Unlock pathways in the brain, bringing mystical experience and transcendent perceptions.

Unlock your own Divine power.

Your own innate blueprint is your individual code that is stored in your DNA. Even your DNA is connected with your divine essence, while it is not a part of it. When you tune into your divinity, your connection positively impacts the body, stemming from your thoughts and way of being. Your thought patterns can also act as keys that can unlock the sacred codes of your DNA. As the frequency of your thoughts and emotions rises in vibration, so does your way of being on a physical level. Your vibration, when raised, can activate your DNA even further in ways you have not experienced up to now.

As your DNA activates, it can mutate into higher levels of being. Now it is known that your DNA is influenced by electromagnetic fields, and this includes thoughts. Expressing your divine essence is the key to your DNA activation. You resonate at a higher frequency in vibration when you are attuned with your divine self. At this higher vibration, your experience changes as you can see more of all that is. Now you understand at a deeper level how the universe operates and how you can manifest all the abundance, joy, and happiness you desire.

This is your birthright. You are a magnificent being, much more so than you realize. You really have the power to manifest your true desire in physical form, for this is your mission in realizing the vision of your desire.

The higher your vibration, the easier it is for you to manifest what you desire into your life. Your divinity is at one with your authentic self, and only by going inward can you bring out what you truly want in life to fulfil you soul purpose. The key is to go through your authentic self, where you can become at one with your divine essence. Your authentic self is the doorway to your divine essence.

Geneticists claim that one day we will have twelve strands and we are undoubtedly mutating and evolving. Very recent research has also shown that extending the length of the protective ends of the chromosomes called telomeres reverses the aging process of the cell, turning back the internal clock programming. What was one thought to be junk DNA (around 97 percent of the known existent DNA) is now realized to be a quantum microprocessor of information fields. In order to access our full human potential, the information stored in the dormant energetic DNA is just awaiting the correct multidimensional codes to be activated in order to materialize into form by the higher self mind.

Each cell is part of the body’s hard drive, the official memory source. When conditions in the environment change, the D.N.A. mutates so the body-computer can compensate for survival. When we drug our bodies with pollutants, the information processing unit (the brain) and the hard drive (the cells) become corrupted, much like a computer that has been affected with a virus program. The virus slows down the flow of information and energy, and when this happens, disease occurs.

The veil ignorance holds a rigid structure in place that does not allow the DNA software programming and the coding structure of the DNA to actively integrate into the higher-dimensional chakra system necessary to activate aspects of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland. These aspects are limited by this veil or partition. This partition is also what holds you in third-dimensional linear time (time as a past-present-future loop) and creates major restrictions to knowing yourself.

When we are consciously connected to the Field everything appears much brighter, the colors more intense and everything is more deliciously real. To achieve this we have to dampen all those left-brain thoughts that take-up so much of our inner space. Their attachment to survival distracts us from the most intimate aspects of living. The moment the left-brain slides into the middle of a process, the connection between the frontal lobes and the heart, running through the right-brain into the limbic, becomes disturbed. Activity in the left-brain distorts the transmission [of the Field].

There are always two different consciousnesses in the human being, one outward in which he ordinarily lives, the other inward and concealed of which he knows nothing. One can think about these two two different consciousness as two different radio channels, one is the beta brain wave station and has its attention outwardly, and the other radio channel is the theta brain wave station and has its attention inwardly. In yoga and meditation they teaching how to shut off the beta activity by lowering, quitening, stilling and emptying its activity and influence on the mind, and then the alpha bridge between left and right brain hemisphere can be re-builded, and this is the bridge to the divine essence and theta state of bliss. Its a leaning process to turn of the beta waves and tune into the divine theta radio station. As mention earlier there will be activity from the left brain that distorts the inner divine radio transmission, to hindering divine information transform and heal the human body system and the old evolutionary old brain. Fear consciousness is what has controlled the whole brain, dna strands and evolution for eons and thousends of years.

We could compare brain wave frequency tuning to manually tuning in different stations on a radio dial. When we want to listen to programs on a specific station (frequency location on the radio), we turn the dial to that number or frequency. Likewise, when we want to tune our brains from beta to theta, through the practice of meditation, we “turn the dial” to the “theta program,” or lower brainwave frequency.

The degree of coherence is related to the degree that brain wave frequencies in both the left and right hemispheres are equally sustained in one of the frequency domains: beta, alpha, theta, delta, or gamma. The longer the predominant signaling occurs in one of these domains, in both left and right hemispheres simultaneously, the greater the brain wave coherence. Coherent brain waves indicate balance between the two hemispheres, which balance occurs in conjunction with balanced body chemistries. When one practicing yoga or meditation and the longer the predominant signaling occurs and at same time building new pathways and threads in the brain. These threads re-connects parts into wholeness.

The whole brain is greater than the sum of its parts, and the brain is a constantly interacting system within itself. The whole brain is greater than the sum of its parts, where the whole is the internal and infinite world and the parts is the finite and external world.

The frontal lobes at the top of the brain is connected to deeper brain regions.

Current research has revealed a guide spot, a miracle mind, situated primarily in the frontal lobes of the human brain. When we consciously connect to this spot, also known as the God spot, we have access to the infinite potential, or power on hold of the universe. With the necessary understanding, skills, and tools we can tap into and utilise our universal intelligence, guidance, and wisdom.

Through the connection to deeper brain regions, through new connections to unused brain parts and through connection to new dimensions of life and universe and through connections to new levels of consciousness we have access to intuition, insight, inspiration, revelation and the innate wisdom of the ages. This changes the way how the brain operates.

This work of new connections building new parthways, it´s healing the evolutionary brain, unite opposite energies to oneness, breaking up the design or concept of duality (parts) and rearrange its parts into wholeness, and through synthesis it expand the limit consciousness to unlimited cosmic consciousness, and through this process more and more new dna strands is been activated from the slumbering state of consciousness.

Superconsciousness is a phenomenon that happens in the frontal lobe when the number of integrating energy fractals moves beyond a certain limit.

When one does sadhana, the inner consciousness begins to open and one is able to go inside and have all kinds of experiences there. As the sadhana progresses, one begins to live more and more in this inner being and the outer becomes more and more superficial. At first the inner consciousness seems to be the dream and the outer the waking reality. Afterwards the inner consciousness becomes the reality and the outer is felt by many as a dream or delusion, or else as something superficial and external. The inner consciousness begins to be a place of deep peace, light, happiness, love, closeness to the Divine or the presence of the Divine. One is then aware of two consciousnesses, the inner one and the outer which has to be changed into its counterpart and instrument.

Several Indian masters have claimed that the frontal cortex in most humans is in a sleeping state and needs more energy to awaken.

Through the evolutionary history we were isolated in one dimension of our total world, the rest of us cut adrift in the void. Our self-conscious being could only use the five physical senses and ten percent of our brain.

The remainder of our consciousness split into our subconscious and super-consciousness. Our brain function also split into two parts, losing its connection through the tunnel found within the corpus callosum to the Pineal Gland, our third eye, which enables us to see our ‘soul’ members and the unseen worlds. The vortex within our Tree of Life stopped moving.

To re-boot our computer and activate our systems, we need to re-connect our bodies and our brains, to re-open the vortices throughout our Tree of Life, our brain and our body, to unite our head and our heart. Then once again we can resonate with all energetic beings floating in our electro-magnetic field, around our ‘self’, the Sun of our ‘soul’, without fear.

We have to learn how to manage the positive and negative qualities of these energies, which all manifest through us at a physical level and we have to learn how to manage them in a non-fearful and compassionate way enabling them to express the light essence of their being through us.

Becoming aware one enables us to re-activate new dna strands and understand our physical two-strand DNA personality and the ten strand ‘junk DNA’ where we find the non-physical, archetypal, sub-personalities of our psyche.

Interpreting our birth chart, we have the tool to not only knowing who we are and why we’re here, but also the means to understand the energies within our psyche that frighten us. This knowledge enables us to heal, reconcile and re-unite our ‘self’ and ‘soul’ and slowly learn how to use much larger part of our brain.

Unlock new genes linked to more evolved hyperfunction of the brain or the display of unusual gifts or abilities. With 12 dna strands “wiser” new genes will be evolved

Now if our entire DNA and genetic code were active, we would be far wiser and evolved as a human species as we would be absorbing more light into the DNA. We would be fully plugged into the universe and have access to the knowledge of the cosmos, as we would be assimilating the full power and creative potential of all the rays of light. We would probably even remember from where we have come and our experiences in other existences and even other planets, because we would be expressing all elements in all the rays of light. We would probably be conscious of the fact that we are multi-dimensional beings and ‘We are Gods’ -John 10:34. With fully functional DNA, we would be beings of knowledge with “no-ledge” to our wisdom and understanding, being able to access all knowledge. With this increase in knowledge, we would almost certainly be a more humanitarian and compassionate life form. We would be the beings of light and spirit that our creator intended. The DNA also seems to be the link between the physical and the metaphysical and spiritual planes or non-physical dimensions.

Throughout our Duality-based life-times, we have accumulated numerous heavy thought-patterns in the brain. This has influenced our decision-making and polluted our mental and emotional bodies. This heavy debris has knotted the links, causing a type of sluggishness within the Chakra board which prevents a clear flow of energy throughout the system of the human construct. All connecting lines must be cleared before the final switch can be activated.

The platform of non-duality brain waves exists outside of the dualistic matrix of the nervous system. and communication with the higher vibrational realities can now proceed. Reaching this station stimulates the high platform of the Merkaba, which is the Merkaba configuration that initiates the ability to navigate the multi-dimensional highways. This is the realm of the ascended Masters who are entering the higher dimensional vibrations, after releasing all ties to the human personality and immersed themselves into the energies of non-duality. This is a high place of functioning and it enables the Master to ascend into the realms of Light Consciousness where the Over-Soul resides.

If you wish to transmute something that already has a solid form, for example your body-mind and soul, then that object has to undergo a process of disintegration and transformation to move toward the zero point. From the zero point it can begin moving toward materializing its new, transformed being. The “nearer” one is to the zero point, the higher the vibration. So, in order to prepare your physical body to receive all the other bodies of light, you must raise the frequency, clarity, and spaciousness of your physical body, bringing the physical closer to the vibrational levels of the more formless bodies of light.

“Wherever energy is tied in knots of self-deception, of dissonance, of selfishness, fears, doubts through the ego – thus, when the momentum of dissonance becomes too great, the top of the threefold flame cannot spin. When its three plumes are of different height, out of balance, it cannot spin, and therefore the resurrection fires do not glow. Light is the alchemical key. The alchemical key, is the key to the key. The key is the Apocalypse or cruxifixion of the state of duality and the outcome is Oneness, Harmony and Balance. In this balance the energies starts spinning and the threefold eternal starts to glow. Without the cruxifixation of duality, there can be no transforming (resurrection), no ascension, and without the bridge (cross) between the physical matter and spiritual dimension , there can be no Oneness (crown).

Then the central being of real Divine Self is unchanging it stands outside evolution – silent, detached, impartial, and unaffected. The soul or psychic center, howeever participates in the evolution and itself undergoes a dynamic developement. It is both immortal and growing in the evolution, and as a results it is developing new powers and capacities in each lifetime, actualizing new potentials in its journey toward maturity. The ancient, effulgent being, indwelling spirit, subtle, deep-hidden in the lotus of the Heart, is hard to know. But the wise person following the path of meditation and knows him. The immanent Divine Self corresponds to the psychic center located in or behind the secret cave in the heart chakra. Then this is the unchanging Inner Self this is the one who survives death.

The experience of the psychic center is of a self-existent bliss, an intense inner happiness. A very palpable sense of joy is usually the first thing that greets us as the psychic center awakens. This strong joy is in no way dependent upon outer circumstances. It is intrinsic to the psychic being. Its essential nature is ever possessed of an exquisite, indescribable contentment and utter fulfillment. This is a fulfillment that is unlike any other, for it is a fulfillment that does not simply bask in itself or remain static.

This is a dynamic fulfillment that is energizing, inspiring, and seeks creative expression and further divine fulfillment. The experience of this inherent joy far surpasses the fleeting, surface satisfactions of regular life. Although people seek satisfaction through people and things, religious traditions suggest that it is this inner, spiritual wholeness that is being sought through these outer pursuits.

A single taste of this psychic happiness and bliss of nature enables so that we can choose more freely and clearly, less enslaved by the insistence of our impulses and emotional nature. As the psychic center awakens, it brings a guidance, a light, a new and deep perspective that changes the orientation of the person and leads him her inward.

It must be remembered that the psychic center is not located in the physical heart or in the heart chakra, it is often confused with the heart center. It is located behind the heart chakra, deep within on an inner plane. For the opening of the heart chakra is precondition for the full emergence of the psychic center.

Spiritual empowerment is the personal awakening to its power. We have all the opportunity to awaken to the reality that we are spiritual beings in a biological body. Humans is a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. The body likes to be in control (through five senses) and the spirit has to be awakened to its power. That is the process of becoming aware that we are more than humans with bodies. Once we become aware, we start a process of transformation that requires us to set up our sights on the intention of heightened awareness.

When dormant energy awakens, it rises along the Sushumna through the chakras to unite above the Crown chakra. This union is described as bliss and is the transcendence of the body and the fusion of Earth with Heaven. The state of duality is transformed into Oneness. The duality (space and time) of the Earthplane (three dimensional world) is dissolved into bliss of union of Oneness. In other words, one reaches, the consciousness of non-duality, the oneness of the self with the supreme Self. When duality is dissolved the “Third Eye,” a power of perception and insight then enables them to grasp the meaning under the surface of things and phenomena.

Our consciousness, however, being non-material, is not limited to matter. Just as light exists independently of shadows and darkness, consciousness is independent of matter. The consciousness of each human being has the potential of going beyond the limitations of material sense perception, even beyond the limitations of the body. The awakening process is a shift of consciousness and perceptions; from to be a body with a soul to soul with a body, and it is a shift from a body/ego perception to Universal Spiritual Perception of the real Divine.

By unplugging the other 10 spiritual dna strands (the 98% junk dna) so the human race would be manageable and easier to control. Therefore, everything that was unnecessary for survival was disconnected. Man was left just with a subconsciousness script and code that controls the template of the 2 dna strand of the carbon-body of humans.

With more DNA strands activated Man would have knowledge how to free themselves from the matrix or the mind-prison.

Maya prolongs the separation by projecting the real as false and false as real, in this world the 2 dna strand consciousness represents as the real, and the 10 unplugged etheric dna strand as the junk.

The more DNA that is activated, the greater our potential, and the greater the expansion of consciousness that can be realized. Most humans have two physical strands of DNA, however our DNA has an energy field consisting of at least another ten energetic strands and in some cases many more, holding the dormant codes awaiting activation. The master cell held in the pineal gland, upon receiving the higher frequency information, activates all other cellular behaviors.

As we move through our transformational work and are able to receive and metabolize the higher frequencies, this also changes our physical DNA. It is possible for us to do this work ourselves and activate the dormant information; the original blueprint before conditioning, energetic imprinting, and genetic meddling during our evolutionary process can be restored. It is not necessary to wait for mainstream science to catch up, and neither do we need any special equipment.

We have the means within our own energetic system to activate these dormant codes, providing us with radiant health and abundance, halting and reversing the aging process, and accelerating the return to our original harmonized blueprint, synchronous with higher will. We are in the process of changing from a carbon-based human to a more refined physical matter: a silica liquid crystalline being.

Clearing more and more discordant energy from our DNA and our energy field enables the higher frequencies to alchemize the substance of the physical and energy bodies, increasing the spin and the frequency vibration of the atoms so that each level of our energy field becomes finer and finer. This includes the physical body. We literally transfigure. We achieve this through our intention, action, thought mastery, and energy work. It is a very exciting and possible prospect.

If we want to raise our vibration, we need to prevent fear from controlling our state of being. When we find ourselves in a state of fear, we need to have a way to release fear. Learning to release fear is important because most people regularly experience fear in different forms, inducing seemingly challenging, difficult, and emotional situations that are not real but imagined. These fears keep us locked in the matrix, the morphogenetic grids of our awareness, of our active consciousness. It is also our collective consciousness that induces fears. This is how we create the vicious circle of fear in our lives.

Fear has numerous faces and has been engrained into our systems in countless ways. Fear is reflected in our beliefs, emotions, and the collective consciousness grids. It is locked in our energy bodies, organs, and cells, and it is an inherent part of our minds. This means that stepping out of fear is a process that requires time, diligence, perseverance, willingness, and a clear intent to never give up, even though the process might at times be incredibly frustrating. We will never step into a new consciousness if we are not willing to undertake this path. And we will never make a real connection with the Sidhe. The process of stepping out of fear has three major steps: connecting with your heart (divine essence), connecting with the frontal lobes of your brain, and the stimulation of the frontal part of your amygdala.

Although mankind’s evolutionary history and a man’s past experiences have shaped his subconscious mind’ in one way or another. Throughout our lives and through the evolutionary history we have been subjected to many things that have subconsciously programmed who we are, and from a gravitional force persepctive how this then creates all forms of subconsciously limitations of thought-pattern of duality. If one think of the human double Helix strand represents the relationship betweeen levels of Consciousness and Awareness. Around 2-3% of the human dna strand is in use and the other 97-98% is called the junk DNA. If one think in terms of a computer, would anyone be satisfied if they just have a basic computer program using just 2-3% of its fully potentials, and then knowing there is another 97-98% unused capability to be activated…? This also represents the relationship between the physical three dimensional reality (2%) of the brain and the spiritual fifth dimensional reality (98%) unused energy.

The Consciousness ego controls only 2% of the thoughts, only 40 bites per second, while the subconscious controls 98% of all thoughts and memories of the brain, 11 billions bits per second, and the the Superconscious is the true Self and is connected to the Divine. So the subconsciousness is like a subconsciously working and consuming gravitational force that´s through the evolutionary history has been affected and controlled through the powers. The unseen spiritual powers, authorities, principalities controls the Matrix thought pattern.

The Matrix movie describes a bleak holographic artificial system that exploits people for their electrical energy. Computer programmer Neo is drawn into a rebellion against the machines, to free humanity from the Matrix. The movie’s premise is not too far from the truth, a truth that is initially frightening in its scope and implications. We are in the Matrix, an artificial world that enslaves and exploits us for our energy.

The Matrix, while disempowering the humans that supply the Matrix its power. The Matrix uses your innate creative power to sustain a world that doesn’t benefit you. The Matrix is set up to control and dominate us; we are its subjects as long as we remain ignorant of our own power. A new, amazing future is arriving. We are all facing a decision: we can choose to stay in the Matrix or leave it for a life of freedom.

When one are willing to perceive outside of ones immediate scope, the possibilities of accessing other dimensions become endless. In this limitless universe, there is a vastness of energy that organizes itself in bands of frequencies: the farther apart the bands (vibrations), the more different the energy frequency. Inside each band of frequency are distinct “world” dimensions, each one being very different from the next. Each band vibrates at a different energy frequency from the next and provides vastly different spectrums of experiences. Ones level of awareness is also energy. If one are willing to do the work to increase spiritual vibrations, thus increasing ones awareness, one will have access to higher energy frequencies that match your level of awareness, possibly in the same dimension or in higher dimensions. One experiences, therefore, will be aligned with ones level of awareness. As one further elevate ones energy through the practice of consistently heightening ones spiritual vibration, many more worlds/dimensions will be opened up to and the possibilities and realities inside those worlds are endless. The sixth sense or third eye is the intuition ability to sense and discover the world outside the physical world and three dimensional reality. In same way they can go beyond space and time dimensions, they can also go beyond the five senses through the sixth sense and third eye. The sixth sense is the synthesis of the five senses.

Once we master the different states, we are able to access information other than through the active logical mind—the beta state, which is connected with our five senses.

Connecting begins with the realization that there is more to this world than we can perceive through our five senses. In order to access insight from our Higher Power, we need to switch our mind’s attention from the rational to the intuitive. The rational mind uses our five senses to gather information. It is through the elusive sixth sense that we gain entry into the intuitive mind, bringing us the inner guidance we desire.


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