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Secrets of Chakras

Being balanced in the Sixth Chakra allows you to sense a larger flow of reality and, as you align with it, your intuition blossoms. You readily adapt to situations that are beyond your personal control. Just knowing how much of life exists beyond your control is evidence of a life force beyond the individual, and you trust that aligning with this universal life force is in your best interest. Your faith is strengthened as you see the fruits of following the path beyond self, for everything that the self previously wanted, now seems to be available. Without effort, your needs are being met, freeing you to attend to the awareness of the greater life force around you. Faith is not based on belief, it is anchored in experience.

By learning to stay balanced at this level of consciousness, you become a visionary. Seeing beyond the mind, beyond words, you see in pictures, images, intuitions. You are guided by a higher voice and inspire others to listen to this voice within themselves. You have no doctrine to promote, nor any particular teaching to offer—your vision is beyond such distinctions. Your ability to live a life of great peace is your teaching.

Rising above polarity translates as an ability to rise above conflict. Conflict results because of a rigid adherence to conflicting views. By being able to see a larger reality that encompasses the polarities, you are able to rise above the conflicts and live a life of peace. Even in the middle of all the chaos and violence of our modern world, the balanced opening of the Third Eye allows you to adhere to another reality, which is not attached to the conflict levels.

When the heart chakra opens, it spreads its energy into every cell of your body. Channels emanate out from the heart chakra 360 degrees, not in the shape of a sphere, but a circle. These channels emanate into the body and awaken the cells and the DNA in the cells.

Heart chakra energy says, “Ah, it is time for you to know more than you imagined about your world and the people who are here.” That is why it is so important to stay in your heart. Your heart activates your cells. It activates your DNA. Heart energy moves into the mitochondria of your cells and brings power to those cells.

Heart energy first emanates in a flat circle of energy through the center of your body. As that energy emanates and the cells and energy channels further awaken, the energy moves in the form of a sphere — 360 degrees everywhere, all around you.

As your heart chakra opens and its energy activates even more of your cells and energy channels, it isn’t long — it could be days, weeks, or months, and rarely it is years — before your throat chakra opens.

Then the third eye opens, because the energy travels outward and downward, outward and upward, and as you accept the energy of the heart, you wonder what you are experiencing. You become more open. Sometimes it is a little frightening, because it is unusual.

The crown chakra is the pinnacle of our evolutionary process within the body. Beyond the crown we begin to stretch into our multidimensional form and access energy gateways that are beyond what we feel with flesh and bones. When we can open the crown and leave the ego on the ground: this is the true test of Mastery.

When Kundalini reaches the Ajna Chakra, the aspirant, who is now a yogi, transcends the phenomenal world. The tantric scriptures state that a yogi who reaches Ajna Chakra achieves siddhis such as: the power to see what is happening anywhere at any time—past, present, and future; the power to be present in any place at any time or many places at the same time; and the power to disappear and reappear.

The elements in their gross form no longer bind the yogi in a particular form. The process of aging stops. Mind and prana are no longer obstacles, but at this point, the Rudra Granthi can become an obstacle if I-consciousness remains.

One can become attached to the siddhis (the powers that create miracles). But if the yogi has no I-consciousness, there is no “I” to get attached. Thus, the (-consciousness has to be destroyed. The aspirant who has reached the Ajna Chakra has gone beyond the elements that continuously change the make-up of the physical body and cause emotional fluctuations and attachments in the individual consciousness.

Thus, in the Ajna Chakra, the yogi is able to establish himself or herself in infinity and then Rudra Granthi unties itself. The passage to the Sushumna clears and Kundalini reaches Soma Chakra. The yogi transcends the three gunas (sattva, rajas, and tamas) to become gunatit (beyond the three gunas) and the consciousness is established in eternal bliss, complete union through non-dual consciousness.

The capacity of the first chakra extends beyond survival. The capacity of the crown chakra extends beyond knowing, and the capacity of the sixth chakra beyond seeing.

A healer catalyzes change by providing you with energy or a new way of looking at the world that reconnects you with your source, but it is ultimately up to you to receive and use the energy and information. By opening your intuition, you can access a world of unseen energy. You can claim your power and create change using intention. Whether you want to change your body or life circumstances, there are many healing modalities to explore. If you are passionate about change, then you are a healer—whether you want to clean the environment, improve the healthcare system, be an energy healer or make people laugh.

Rene Descartes thought that the pineal gland was the “the principal seat of the soul and the place where all our thoughts are formed. The reason I believe this,” he said, “is that I cannot find any part of the brain, except this, which is not double.”‘ He believed that it was the point where the mind connected to the body, or where the spiritual world meets the physical world. As Descartes noted, the pineal gland is not paired—there are not two pineal glands, one in each hemisphere—and it falls at the midline of the brain. For Descartes, these factors imbued the gland with great significance, as they suggest a unity beyond division. In a similar way, in the chakra tradition, Ida and Pingala terminate in the Eye Chakra and move upward as one because at the spiritual level of the Crown Chakra, we move beyond all division. For Descartes, pure thought was the summit of human achievement, but the Crown Chakra can take us to a state of pure awareness and knowing that is beyond thought.

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