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Secret power of kundalini, secret societies and their hidden knowledge

Secret power of kundalini, secret societies and their hidden knowledge

The Secret Power of Kundalini Yoga The power of Kundalini Yoga lies in the actual experience. It goes right into your heart and extends your consciousness so you may have a wider horizon of grace and of knowing the truth. Ultimately you come to understand your existence in relationship to the universe and understand that you already are, and this brings you to the practical experience of infinity. You can then radiate creativity and infinity in all aspects of your daily life. Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is not a religion, but rather an ancient, sacred science and technology.

Often referred to as the Yoga of Awareness, it awakens the flow of Kundalini or a latent force that moves through each of our eight chakras or energy centres in the body (sacral, root, navel, heart, throat, third eye, crown, aura) to influence the right balance to optimize our living and being in the mind, body, and spirit.

A perfect technology for our Western society because of its fast and efficient results, Kundalini Yoga holds the secret to living and being at the highest vibrations where we meet up with the power of the divine field of energy in the universe to support our lives. To live in harmony with this higher level of energy, the mind, body, and spirit are challenged as they transform on a cellular level to become one with this intelligent source of power.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan masterfully raises our vibrational level of energy and our level of consciousness, simultaneously. One truly has to practice this yoga to know the magical effects it delivers as it directly balances and influences the glandular system, the nervous system, and the mind, while it shares a direct link to the path that unveils the truth about who you really are. It guides us to overcome the challenges of the mind, body, and spirit. Because we are all unique, everyone’s experience with the energy within them during this practice is also unique.

It is important to remember that not everyone will experience physical sensations as kundalini awakens inside the body, but some will.

Take note of the unique messages your mind, body, and spirit send you. Kundalini Yoga has empowered many to know that we are all much greater beings with more creative power than we have ever been taught or led to believe through mainstream social learning and the mass media.

Let’s not forget that Kundalini Yoga was secretly practiced by elite members of society. Although hidden over the ages, it is now courageously revealed to us by Yogis as Bhajan. We are blessed to experience the powerful gifts this intelligent science shares with us.

There is no other more powerful energy system balancer and optimizer than Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. It is an intense workout

Anyone who can claim exclusiveness in knowledge or position of power has the adoration of those who are impressed. This also applies to a person of a different race, and many of the pseudo-Gurus of the present time are successful simply because of their outer attire which agrees with the imagination of the ignorant. Worship when positive is a very helpful factor, contributing to personal development.

However, discrimination must be applied. In one’s personal worship a spiritual image may be created and visualized by the power of imagination.

This imagery serves a certain purpose only. It is an appearance. The practice of the Divine Light Invocation will make it transitory. Intuitive perception will take proper care of the transition. The image is therefore a provisional concept of three levels of power:

1. self-mastery,

2. concentration-contemplation, and

3. pure consciousness.

Meditation on Light is one 0f the most subtle ways to start. It sets some seekers free from religious aspects which may be undesirable. At the same time, substitution of various gods and goddesses is avoided, once the practice of concentration has been mastered.

Worship is a process of self-awareness and the seat of what is reflected is somewhere else. It cannot be touched or taken away. Like the fragrance of a flower travelling on the air waves it cannot be picked up and placed elsewhere.

It is intangible and yet it has a reality of its own. It has a presence.

Secret Powers of the Mind

The aspirant who looks for clear-cut answers must realize that the achievement of certain mental powers are kept secret. Government’s power is dependent on the support of the masses who have little understanding.

History has shown that when there is fear of someone rebelling against the system in which the majority feels secure, harassment or even imprisonment is the result..

Jesus was such a rebel of His time and paid dearly for it. However, the observations of great Yogis can be pursued by deep thought.

One such tightly-kept secret is mystical Hatha Yoga as symbolized in the upside-down tree. It is up to the individual to practice the asanas to the point where that secret can be unlocked.

However, it is my understanding that without some study of scriptural Texts and mythology, such secrets will yield little gain. Another exercise—filling the spine with Light—is much more than a concentration exercise.

It involves a change of the atomic structure of the brain, eliminates unnecessary fear, and thereby prepares the student for experiences that are beyond the ordinary. Therefore, it is not possible to give instructions for advanced levels.

Another secret power is withdrawing the life force.

The Truth Inside Your

The Ancient Mystery of the Skull Cup For some reason, many of us just seem to know that the answer to all our searching questions about time, the universe, and life after death could be answered by our own minds, and this almost paradoxical situation has been with mankind for thousands of years.

One of the most profound of symbols utilized by secret societies—the skull. But before I move forward into the skull I must concentrate on the energy that is supposedly raised towards it and which was and is believed to infuse it with power—the kundalini. The kundalini, in one form or another, is found in almost all secret societies—whether they know it or not. It is the core basis of the energy and centered self that they speak of. Without this “energy” they would have no wise masters seeing visions or entering trance states. There would be no “mystical” enlightenment. This kundalini is the serpent energy within, the hidden power inside each of us—or so we are told. She, the subtlest of the subtle, holds within herself the Mystery of creation, and by her radiance, it is said, the universe is illumined, eternal knowledge awakened and liberation attained. She maintains all beings of the world by means of inspiration and expiration. (Serpent Power, Arthur Avalon, 1919)

The kundalini must be roused by one with a powerful, willful, and controlled mind. He or she must be a skilled craftsman—this, like Masonry, is the ability to unify the physical with the mental.

A true adept can master this art and raise the feminine coiled serpent into the mind—the cerebral center. And this is how the skull becomes important and why certain skull cups became the Grail of all Grails. We too must now follow the path of the ancients and search within the skull. We shall begin with one of the most recondite of images—the Tantric Skull Cup.

Skull Cups In Sanskrit, skull cups are known as kapala (hence “cap” and “cup”), and they are generally formed from the oval section of the upper cranium. They served as libation vessels for large numbers of deities, which were mostly wrathful.

However, these skull cups are not always associated with wrathful deities; they are also seen with gods such as Padmasambhava, who holds the “skull cup,” which is described as holding an ocean of nectar (Elixir) that floats in the longevity vase. So, almost immediately we have a due to the contents of this receptacle and its real purpose—the Elixir.

This Elixir was at the heart of many secret orders and was one of the carrots used to entice people to join. But it was more than the contents that were of importance. The selection of the right skull was paramount, and the users were looking for Tantric powers or energy.

Therefore a violent death would always be better, such as decapitation. The symbolism of the Tantric Skull Cups is very similar to that of the Holy Grail in that they are symbolic of immortality.

Even some western alchemical writings advise the use of skull cups in the process of the “great work,” which is of course the search for the Elixir of Life. We find again and again that the “energy” spoken of in relation to these skull cups is exactly the same as the “serpent energy” or “fire” that secret societies across the world search for and claim to be able to manipulate.

Be very sure on one thing; the top ruler´s of the hierarchical pyramid don´t want anyone outside their control to found or discover this knowledge by the help of a inner Guru och Master teacher. Everyone in these secret societies in been wrongly teached and manipulated how to work with this energy in a egoistic way that fist the rulers.

We must not forget the Christian Messiah was also crucified at the “place of the skull,” Golgotha. That is, his sacrificial blood was spilled into the skull! But there is more to this than meets the eye. This place, Golgotha, is also connected to the sign Capricorn—the half-goat, half-fish, or serpent. Capri is from Latin, meaning “goat” or “head,” and corn is “horn.” This then, is the “horn of the head” or “goat”—the Golgotha.

So Jesus spilled his blood into the secret Grail on that fateful day—the secret Grail being the horn or cup of the skull. Just as the serpent blood is found in the skull cups, so too is the blood of Jesus. Now we can see why the Templars’ infamous Baphomet heads was seen as a skull and a goat; it was a hidden mystery—a mystery which has been misunderstood ever since.

The Brazen Serpent, the healing snake of Moses now seen as Christ in the New Testament, was lifted up at the place of the skull and his offering of blood’ was collected—the ultimate sacrifice on the tree of life for the ultimate prize of immortality. But truly, if Christ is all and in all, as we are told by the Bible, then we can all obtain this immortality of the one, the shaman deity or Jesus, who visited the Otherworld.

Jesus went down into hell for us, we are told; the shaman would enter a trance, drink from the skull cup, and visit the Otherworld for us;.

This then is a universal experience expressed in symbolic form via the skull. The reason is clear, because the mind resides within the skull; the Tantric power and the perceived wisdom of the united ser-pent energies all act within the skull. No wonder it was cut off, turned upside down, and gilded. But is there any more evidence showing this remarkable symbolism?

Padma then came, as a wise man and (very much as John the Baptist did to Jesus) taught Garab Tantras. Padma then went on to seek the secret of longevity and was directed to Kungamo, who dwelt in the palace of skulls. Kungamo turned Padma into a syllable, like Jesus as the word, and swallowed him. Inside the stomach he found the secrets he was searching for. Padma is often seen holding a cup filled with the divine liquor, which he offers to his disciples—saying “drink of this to attain liberation.”

When Kundalini awakes, individual consciousness unites with universal consciousness and man dis-covers his cosmic nature. The world of diversity is withdrawn and a new world of unlimited blissful experience is emitted. is thus the vital link that unites the microcosm with the macrocosm.

Permeating both levels of being, the power of consciousness makes the transition from individual to universal consciousness possible and, conversely, the creation of the finite from the infinite. The awakening of the letters makes speech possible in man and also brings the universe into being. Thus the Svacchandatantra explains how Kundalini creates all the gods, worlds, Mantras and categories of existence and concludes by saying that it is found in the Muliidhura within man.

The rise of Kundalini from Muladhara where it rests as the supreme form of speech (paravac) is the movement from the supra-mental (unmans) level of pure consciousness to that of articulate speech (vailcharn. Although this is a process that is constantly repeated whenever we speak, only the yogi is consciously aware of it. Moreover, this movement in all its phases is, for the average man, the spontaneous and universal deployment of emanation while for the yogi it occurs through the agency of his will.

The unconscious rise of Kundalini marks the emanation of the energy of the letters as the forces which bind individual consciousness.

The conscious rise of Kundalini, on the contrary, marks the dissolving away of these binding forces and the creation, through the realization of their true nature, of these same energies as aspects of the freedom of the reflective awareness of pure conscious-ness. Thus the passage below, is at once an account of the creation of the body of letters which mark the phases of the development, as the manifestation of the supreme form of speech, is divine power identified by as the “Being of the Body of Knowledge,” as well as the phases of the awakening and rise of the Kundalini.

The immortal Kundalini (now) straightened (and further) agitated by (Siva’s) seed is called Rekhini Who absorbs both points (bindu, of subjectivity and objectivity and reconverts them into their true nature as Siva and Sakti). (In the next phase, Kundalini) is said to flow in three channels and is called Raudri or Rodhini because She blocks the path to liberation.”

 (To overcome this obstruction, Kundalini assumes) the form of a crescent moon as Ambika (otherwise known) as the “Half-moon.”‘ In this way that one supreme power assumes three forms.’ By the union and separation of these (powers) the nine classes of letters are born and (Kundalini) is then said to be nine-fold as the nine classes.

By the force of withdrawal from the objects of sense into the essence of consciousness and bliss, the mind, intensely content, abides as pure consciousness. This is the supreme (state of consciousness). (This is) the cosmic nature inspired with bliss by the flood of the nectar of divine power which, flowing (from the moon of consciousness), fills it to the full.

Through this (expanson of consciousness), the slumber of ignorance which extends itself in the form of the network of principles starting from Earth onwards is, by being assimilated into consciousness, brought to an end. When this takes place, (the yogi) grasps knowledge (vidya) itself as it truly is (in its most essential being). This (knowledge), therefore is the means to realization and the essential nature of every Mantra and Mudra.

In a non-technical sense, the word mudra in Sanskrit means a number of things, of which three are relevant here. First, a mudra is any instrument used for sealing or stamping as well as the stamp or impression made by the seal. Second, mudra is the gesturing of the hands and posturing of the body in dance which is assigned a meaning and forms a part of the mime enacted in the dance. Third, mudra is a ritual gesture usually made with the hands in the course of worship (espescially Tantric), conveying a symbolic meaning and thought to be charged with spiritual energy.

Corresponding to these three common meanings of the word we can distinguish at least three distinct levels of meaning accorded to this term by Kashmiri Saivites. Firstly, Mudra is both the seal of pure conscious-ness which stamps its cosmic form on the background of its own nature and the image or reflection of consciousness thus created.

The original form and its reflection, the seal and its impression, pure consciousness and cosmic consciousness, both are Mudra.” The first meaning leads naturally to the second. As an attitude or posturing of awareness, Mudd’ is the state of awareness which makes its impression on all the contents of consciousness. Mudra, in other words, is the stance the subject assumes in relation to himself and the world which he thus experiences accordingly. Our experience is a reflection of our inner attitude. This third use of the term indicates that Mudra is not only the way we see or know things but the actions we make in accord with our understanding. Mudra is not only the world of our making, it is also the means through which it arises. Mudra is action.

than Mantra, which is primarily a channel for the power of knowledge. The outer movement of the hands and body, the inner movement of the vitality of Kundalin1, speech and mind are the basic forms of Mudra, ranging from gross to subtle.’ Through Mudra, microcosm and macrocosm are united in the harmony of a single universal act. Abhinava explains:

The word Mudra, as its etymology indicates, means that which bestows (ra) bliss (mud), that is, the realization of one’s own nature and, through the body, that of the (uni-versal) Self.’

The bliss of Mudra is the act of sell-awareness (pardmartakriyd), the aesthetic rapture of resting in one’s own nature. According to another popular etymology, Mudra means that which bestows bliss and dissolves away (drdvayah) bondage’ by fusing together all the categories of existence to form a single compact mass of consciousness.’ The vitality of Mann is the emergence (srg0 of this universal consciousness, while the vitality of Muds is the power which seals it with the stamp of the Fourth State and maintains the yogi in it. Hence, it corresponds to the persistence of this conscious-ness. Thus, he in whom both have arisen achieves the peaceful state of liberation and no longer falls from it?

Here the Master is the power (of consciousness) said to be the supreme means to realisation because Siva’s power is always graceous. Protected by its arising, it frees man from his longing for the world of fettered exis-tence (bhuva). It leads the man whose corporeal nature (delta) it sustains to a true Master who, taking his support from the plane of being (the disciple) seeks to realise,, speaks of matters concerning ultimate reality and so directs (him) on the path which leads to repose in the abode beyond the mind.

The Master is here the power of grace, the Supreme Goddess Who leads (the yogi) to the plane (of Being) he seeks to realise once he has attained the power of Mantra, etc. Through Her, devout souls enjoy rest in the absolute, the plane beyond mind (we).

Just as a bee, desirous of nectar, goes from flower to flow-er, so a disciple, desirous of knowledge, goes from teacher to teacher. If he has a Master devoid of power how can he ever attain knowledge and liberation? 0 Goddess, how can a tree without roots bear flowers or fruit?”

The true Master (sadguru) can only be one who has attained perfect freedom and this through identification with Siva.’ Such a man is Siva Himself in human form,° so it is in him that the disciple sees the goal of his endeavor.” His sandals (paduka) are said to be the light of consciousness and awareness.* The master of the five cosmic functions,” his feet are said to move everywhere (symbolizing the cosmic creative activity of consciousness) and absorb every-thing into his nature, (representing the Master’s knowledge which annuls multiplicity by merging it into the unity of consciousness).° Two verses from the Harrsabhedatantra describe the true Master.

Many are those Masters who are honored and served, resplendent with consciousness and discrimination. But, 0 Goddess, it is hard to find that Master who (himself free of ego) can destroy the egos of others. It is through him that revelation is communicated, through him that all things are accomplished, through him that, freed of ego one recognizes oneself in one’s essential purity.

The essence of the Master’s nature is grace. As the Master, Siva graces mankind with the power that flows through him and leads his devotees to find rest in the supramental abode of the absolute. It was the Master’s grace, as antidurvIdaktit which led the disciple to him in the first place and then frees him of craving for the world of transmigration. In the end, the disciple discovers that the Master is none other than himself and that he, as the disciple, is the reflective awareness of the enquiring consciousness (pralsr samit) of the Light which constantly responds with ever-deepening revelations of its own nature.

Peter Horttanainen

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