Satan´s Underworld is the Archons heavens and these is The Matrix that enslaves mankind and imprison their minds and consciousness


Non human activities

Sky theater (chemtrails)
Street theater (organized gang stalking)
Communication theater (organized gang stalking)
Voice theater (voice to skull and syntethic telepathy) (organized gang stalking)
Psychological witchcraft (organized gang stalking)
Gaslighting (organized gang stalking)
This symbolize the fascist state of the mind and consciousnss of a tyrant and dictatorship and control or enslaved mankind
This is what controls this world and humankind
Satan´s Underworld
The Second Heaven is Satan´s domain
The Matrix of The Underworld (the archon heavens)
Yaldabaoth Archons has no power. Yaldabaoth kept all power and light for himself (the rulers of this world)
The Annuaki 2 dna strand
The Annuaki is the Archons
Saturn Consciousness
Moon matrix
Reptilian fear frequency
Political witchcraft
Reptilian Hive Mind Control
Organized Gang Stalking
Horus Eye

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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