Satan’s diabolical plan against the human race is to cause death, to you, to your family, to friends, to everyone, to bring physical death, spiritual death, and eternal death. He wants to make you miserable, to steal your joy, steal your happiness; he wants to steal your purity, he wants to wreck your family, destroy your finances, he wants to ruin your life. As he makes life miserable for some, and keeping us in deceit and delusion until spiritual paralyses sets in. It is like a hypnotic state that we cannot detect as it captures our thinking by deception from darkness. It is bent on destroying the human race physically, spiritually, emotionally by breaking down relationships and friendships not only within our grasp but also with international leaders of countries and their people with intense dislike of our democracy. As we see today with spiritual discernment in our time, what is taking place in countries around the world there is an association with the spirit of darkness. Evil everywhere is showing its face with the destruction of human lives, a hatred for humanity as if we are nothing. The god of this age, Satan, blinds the minds of the unbeliever; there is a spiritual veil over the minds of those living in the sin nature. The truth is veiled; the gospel is veiled, oblique from those that reject the truth. Those in darkness do not know who they are (John 12:35c-1S’ John 2:11), where they came from or where they are going after death.
The book of Revelation 12:9 shows that Satan deceives the whole world, the whole world, do you get it, not some, but, the whole world. No one is exempt, meaning; all the societies, all cultures of the world are deceived into rejecting godly values. Satan is a spirit that can influence us; Satan’s influence is so pervasive that it affects every area of life in every society, remember he deceives the whole world.

When Satan usurped the kingdom of the world, that set in motion the spiritual warfare that is going on today. There are only two possibilities in the spirit world. Anything on the outside of the kingdom of God is inside the kingdom of Satan. We belong either to God or to Satan. Jesus said, “those who are not with me are against me.” The unrighteous, the unsaved, the unbeliever belong to the kingdom of Satan. Satan has human subjects in the world that are against the truth, against the population of the world learning the truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Satan’s characteristics are like that of man. In the book of Job 1:7 God asks Satan a question, so, he hears, in verse six he moves, in verse nine he talks, in verse ten he can ratio-nalize, he knows us, see us, he knows how much we possess. In verse twelve, he has hands, and power. In verse sixteen he has enough power that he can use natural resources to cause natural disasters, he has power over people, in verse seven-teen he uses humans to do harm to other humans,. He will use humans to steal, do harm to others in any evil way, he will use humans to kill humans. He will use nature and he himself will destroy man. In the fully revealed doctrine of Satan, which is seen in the New Testament he is the demon of this world who has access to the hearts of men, deceives them, and receives their witting or unwitting obedience (Acts 5:3). He can bring disease on man (Job 2:7); he can impoverish a soul, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. He uses the world and sin to draw the believers away from God and to keep the unsaved away from the truth.
We live in the sin nature and Satan exploits that nature in the souls of man taking every advantage and every situation and every circumstance for his own gain into the soul of the individual.

The Bible says in 2nd Thessalonians 2:10 NLT that “He will use every kind of evil decep-tion to fool those on their way to destruction, because they refuse to love and accept the truth that would save them.” It cannot be any clearer than this passage. The unbeliever will be destroyed for his rejection of the truth. Because of this, they are very easily deceived by the devil.
The devil will also go after the believers, in ‘ Timothy 4:1, 2 NIX “Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons. These people are hypocrites and liars, and their consciences are dead.” The human race has been mislead by the devil’s lies. Satan is our adversary, his agenda is hostile to all goodness and the chief opponent to God and man, his aim is to undo the work of God, seeking to persuade men to sin, eager of leading them to renounce God, and endeavoring to prevent their acceptance and salvation by God. He is sometimes influential in bringing about financial loss, physical sickness, he can help to push someone over the edge, he can create stress, through job loss, traumatic events, and anger festers into hatred that is more powerful. In the sin nature, hate is a built in factor and is always there and he will take advantage of using it at any time, in any and every situation.

Demons are a lower ranking of a higher anarchy under the authority of Satan and they truly do harass humans. Their life is a life of terror centered on destroying humans with no remorse. They are here to inject harm into our lives. They are unclean spirits, they are also wicked spirits, and they are those fallen angels with a diabolical leader. They truly are spiritual terrorist.

Satan likes controlling humanity without their knowledge and causing them to lose their souls. It is all about Satan gaining permanent residence in your head by opening up your pineal gland and residing in your holy of holies. Why? Because you were designed in God’s image to have communion with him through your brains unique antenna and Satan hates this fact. He wants to destroy your inheritance, and to do this, he must get inside your head so you will only listen to him. And to get inside the head they using unseen and secretely methods and target the pineal gland directely. They can beaming looping sounds, words, voices, music, commercials and invading your silence with constant sounds and noise.

This would generate ultimate brainwashing, hypnotic control, and mind-altering power by forcing them into a controlled collective consciousness where all they could hear would be Satan. Sounds generated would not be heard through the ears but telepathically through the pineal gland like a phantom voice. Such telepathic transmission allows one to clearly hear real voices in their head (Voice to skull technology and syntethic telepathy, EMF)

A man-made product called white noise can actually be inundated with words only your subconscious hears that has ability to alter your psychological and biological information processing. Such subliminal technology, promoted by proponents as illuminating, actually takes you out of harmonic balance with God and is spiritual warfare on a grand scale.

Satan´s spiritual warfare plan is to mark every persons pineal gland with only his broadcast at the end of days is biologically a reality. This is the meaning with ” The Robot Technology in Garden of Eden”. This mean they can control and secretely target the human mind subconsiously and then using sound/vibration technology which lie beneath the human hearing so they can´t hear this mind control generated sound or voice, but can be heard through the pineal gland.

ELF waves have an ability when secretly transmitted to lock on to a brain and force it to synchronize with the transmission like a tuning fork
Sounds generated would not be heard through the ears but telepathically through the pineal gland like a phantom voice. Such telepathic transmission allows one to clearly hear real voices in their head (Voice to skull technology and syntethic telepathy, EMF)

This system operates similiar to the way a radio station functions. Satan is the program director who select the agenda for the station. The demons and fallen humanity produce the progamming, which propagates and reinforces the agenda (false doctrine). The station then transmit the message over the the air.

Matrix and enslavement of the mind

What a Seeker, or Starseed, understands intuitively is that freedom from the lower dimensions is a spiritual experience. The prison of third and fourth dimensional consciousness must be broken with a release from the lower matrix programming that keeps humanity enslaved.

The Matrix is a system, a system that is designed to enslave and control our minds and whole humankind. We become seduced by stories that promise freedom and then enslave us.
We think of slavery in the physical sense readily, but the worst form of slavery is not the slavery of the physical body. The worst form of enslavement is the enslavement of the soul. When you don’t have your soul free for yourself, your mind and heart can be enslaved by Satan, the enemy of all human beings. He is the enemy of the human family. God says of him, “Fight the schemes of Satan.” His plots, deceitful tricks, are plans to defeat you in your purpose, in your best life, and in your best hopes for life, for freedom, stopping you from paradise.
The counterpart of liberty is slavery, bondage, captivity which is the satanic principle.
The devil is on the move and he does not want you to bejoyful in the Lord, and he does not want you to have peace of mind.
It is through the following: (a) things we hear, (b) things we see, and (c) implanted thoughts whispered to us by Satan (distractions) that keep us stressed and preoccupied whereby our attention is only on worldly ambition and prestige and/or selfish desires and pleasures of indulgence. The aforementioned three areas (a, b, c, above) can be easily manipulated with worldly influences and desires that are masterminded by Satan. Due to our vulnerability in these three areas, Satan has made the ear gate, eye gate, and whispered thoughts his primary weapons in his psychological warfare. Whether we know it or not, Satan has waged a psychological warfare against us because he blames us for him being thrown out of heaven (onto this earth) and sentenced to eternal hell fire (Rev 12:17; 13:4-8; Eph 6:12; Gn 3:15). Therefore, battle of the mind is waged, so his evil personalities can take over our soul and destroy our entire existence from inside out.
The ear gate, eye gate, and whispered thoughts are the main areas used in fragmenting our mind and heart so that Satan and his demons can control our soul and destroy our spiritual life (Jas 1:8). In other words, these three entries into our soul allow Satan an opportunity to finish what he started, which is to destroy our relationship with God (Is 63:10). Knowledge of Satan’s scheme is why Christ warns us that Satan will come to steal, kill, and destroy us (Joh 10:10). If you allow him, Satan will subtly take control of your body (steal it) by shrewdly replacing your thoughts with his (brainwashing, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology). Such replacements are what kills your spiritual being (the real you). Once he accomplishes this feat, Satan will proceed to set up a fortress within your thought life (mind), through (brainwashing, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology).
All ownership enslaves the body, and is physical slavery or bondage ; and all errors, all false doctrines, enslave the mind : in truth is liberty.

LIBERTY is a divine principle, and belongs to God only. He that is free, does according to his own will, without being hindered by anything. It is evident, therefore, that no creature can he free but only in and by God ; as no creature can have life but only in and by God , and liberty is life and life is liberty. Life is also love, and love is life ; therefore liberty is love. Therefore all creatures pant after liberty, as they pant after life and after love ; for without liberty can be ‘neither happiness, nor life, nor love. The counterpart of liberty is slavery, bondage, captivity which is the satanic principle. As in God is liberty, so in Satan is bondage. As God seeks. to lead us into liberty, so Satan seeks to lead us into bondage. Satan is a slave, and a slave-holder, a tyrant, the father of slavery ; and all that enslave, are slaves themselves ; and just according to the measure as they enslave, they are enslaved.
Satan wants to be God and will do whatever he can to enslave us in fear. When the spirit of fear enslaves us, we are controlled by fear and not by faith. Fear lies to us. It tells us that if we submit to it, we will be safe. But fear’s intention is actually to enslave us and keep us contained inside its walls (keep humankind in darkness of knowledge). Fear creates walls of fear in the mind and this hindering light from expanding in enlightment (humankind is controlled through the 90% subconsciousness mind)
Satan may plot to enslave us, but if the Lord be on our side, whom shall we fear?
Satan uses many chains to keep us defeated and ineffective. Jesus is the Chain Breaker
Satan creates chains of fear and Jesus is the Chain breaker from this fear. Jesus is the only one that can break every chain
Satan’ s mission is to steal — steal the blessings of God.
God never uses fear. God always gives us the right to choose. The Holy Spirit always gently leads whereas the devil always ruthlessly drives a person. Whenever a person threatens to leave the control of Satan, he is always threatened with death. Satan use fear of death as a psychological weapon to keep people in his control.


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