Satan’s pride and his envy of God as the cause of his fall

Pride in the sense of Satan´s characteristic leeds to unbelief

Satan was cast out of heaven for the following reasons: pride, ego, selfishness, and greed. He wanted to be like God and above God 

Selfishness is Satan’s answer to service. Selfishness feeds its own ego, its own pride, and its own need.

Satan is jealous of God’s people, because he was not created in the image of God

Pride in spiritual warfare is dangerous because pride interferes with our seeking God (see Psalm 10:4). Wisdom hates pride (see Proverbs 8:12–13).

Pride goeth before the fall”, and so it is. Pride is actually the same as narcissism

Satan’s downfall was pride. Now he seeks to bring others down with him.

Satan´s pride is self-centeredness, a preoccupation with self.