Satan’s plan is the hijacking of our consciousness and the creation of a “robotized” hive mind


The battle of the human mind is Satan´s plan to hijacking the human consciousness with constant interfering.
Satan´s constant interfering with the human free will of God

Satan want´s robotize and automize the human mind and downgrading the power of free will.

Satan’s plan is the hijacking of our consciousness and the creation of a hive mind.

Everything and every part of gang stalking program is related to total surveillance and this is a expression for robotic program for automation, and this mean lost of free will. When something has been automatized they no longer has a free will and then has no freedom. If human are automized they have no free will, and when they lose their free will they lose the ability to choose, and when they no longer choose but this automation thinking for them, they no longer has real freedom. If people no longer can choose they can´t change as humans and freedom is a ability to change. This kind of freedom is; You are free as long you do as we want you to do. The Gang Stalker and the bully has now started to express what the system actually want´s; to bully, stalking, harassing and surveillance.

Free will importance; free will is related to the ability to change and change is then related to freedom, because freedom is the ability to change, and to change also means to be transformed. Automatization is the opposite to free will and when somethings becomes automized or robotized they no longer can choose they can just do what they are programmed to do.

Transhumanism working for automation of the human mind and consciousness or mechanisation of the soul.

The Rulers of this world has always mind control the masses of population with mind control and brainwashing.

The Masses of Population has been Mind Controlled by the Rulers and Controllers for eons of time and has been an ongoing process today.

What new about this Mind Control over the Masses of Population? With technology and programs they now make people of the masses to surveillance each other. First Rulers control the masses and then make masses to control themsleves for the rulers. The Rulers has make the masses of population to a mind slave and then make the mind slaves to surveillance others who not are mind slaves.

Gang Stalkers has taken over the Rulers of Oppressions Mind and Role and now doing their work for them. The Rulers goals of oppression and control of this world making the masses to control masses. The Gang Stalker has today become part of the Automatic Oppressing system that´s then oppressing and surveillance others.

Organized Gang Stalking Program is a “Juggernaut Program” – is a literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable. This “Juggernaut Program” can symbolize today´s Organized Gang Stalking and is the frontrunner of destruction of human qualities and then replace it with Transhumanism Program. Organized Gang Stalking Program is a “Juggernaut Program” that´s enable The Transhumanism Program. The Ruler has always mind controlled the masses and today they have the technology to let the masses of population surveillance each other (organized gang stalking) and at same time destroy every people with human qualities. Organized Gang Stalking attacking every human quality that exist.

Organized Gang Stalking is designed to destroy life on evey level, create sickness, madness and death. Organized Gang Stalking making the work for the Transhumanism Program. Destroying every human quality and robotizing the human mind so it can be totally mind controlled. Organized Gang Stalking is a robotized automatic ongoing machine like program designed by transhumanism program. They who designed Organized Gang Stalking Program also designed the transhumanism program, and to be able to developed the transhumanism program everyone must be mind controlled and they who not are mind controlled are been targeted by thoose who already are mind controlled.

Humans can become like machines, but machines cannot become humans because machines have no soul.

Mechanisation of the soul is inhuman mechanisation of all mankind.


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