Satan’s mind game

Satan’s mind game is; ‘suggestions’; the Devil and his demon forces whisper suggestions to the human mind

“The mind is the devil’s battleground.Satan has been using mind games to twist the truth since the beginning of time, and nothing has changed.

The Word of God is a powerful offensive weapon against our enemies. just as jesus used the Sword when He was tempted by Satan, we can wield it with the same results. jesus did not fall for Satan’s mind games. He simply spoke the Word

Mind games are meant to cause you to fail God and doubt Him.

Satan’s schemes are really mind games—they have to do with attacks against the mind.

Satan uses strategies to come against you. They are mind games.

Satan’s mind games of life will cease there will be peace instead of pain The Son of God

As the author of confusion, his “mind games” can delude, depress, misguide, and set the most harmonious ideas and people at cross

This is how we defeat the enemy’s “mind games.” By knowing God and His Word we can successfully pull down, demolish, and destroy every stronghold of the enemy.

At our level of God’s war with Satan, spiritual warfare is a mind game. Satan attempts to play temptation mind games with our thoughts and thinking processes.

It actually depicts the ‘insidious plots’ and ‘wicked schemes’ of satan to attack and victimize the human mind. One expositor has even stated that the word ‘devices’ bears the notion of ‘mind games.

If we want to shut down the destructive mind games the enemy plays in our heads, there is one tactic guaranteed to win, the Bible.

There are so many tricks in his bag that they can actually appear as an angel of light, but is one of the tricks that Satan plays on the people of God. He loves to play mind games with the people of God. He appears to your mind with information and make many people believe that theyactually hearing from God, but in actually they are giving thoughts that comes directly from Satan himself.

He also bring some very devastating things to your mind, to make you worry, wonder and doubt that God can really do what He says he will do. Satan will weigh you down with some of the wildest thoughts that he can conjure up, in order to shake your foundation that you have with God.

Satan brings confusion to the mind, so that you will be disoriented and not in touch with reality, but becomes
delusional. Satan also causes people to think that they have lost their minds. He uses life’s problems to get you off balance, and have you thinking things that are not even true and brain wash you.

Satan has employed the mind game of mixing truth and error to deceive the world.

God’s Word is your defensive armor against the devil’s mind games.