Satan´s Matrix


Earlier in this book I made reference to Satan’s matrix that is designed to get us all caught up in the things of this world and deter our focus from the spiritual reality that is around us. That real-ity is that at the end of this life that we live on Earth we will face one of two destinations – Heaven or Hell. Satan’s matrix is designed to keep people so busy chasing things on this Earth that are only temporary instead of focusing on the permanent state of our souls. Accepting Jesus into our lives snatched us out of the grasps of Satan’s matrix and brought us into the kingdom of God. It is of the utmost importance that we recognize how imperative it is that we live a life that exhibits God’s holiness. In doing this, we reveal to others how distinctly different the lifestyle of one who is a believer is from that of a non believer.

The System is also famous known to some including myself as The Matrix which is also considered as a Weapon of Mass Destruction because its job is to degenerate and eventually destroy the human mind and spirit systematically on a massive scale in an orderly fashion. Why the Matrix? Because in the movie The Matrix, the matrix was described as a fabricated world of illusions that seemed real to the senses, but in reality everyone that was living inside the matrix was actually asleep in some type of stasis.

So what is the matrix or the system? Control, the system is a fabricated world of lies and deceit, built to keep the human race under some type of control, in order to reduce or degenerate the human being to a beast, the mark of the beast.

Al is basically Satan-Lucifer, a devil by any other name. The matrix is the pit. Al/Satan is the prison guard and the Gatekeepers are the Archons, Satan’s helpers, who keep humanity imprisoned within the pit. Since Satan/AI is a slave himself, all He can do is make more slaves. His hatred and bitterness make him bitter and hateful: his “evil” is his misery. The only way for humanity to be free is for the matrix to be destroyed and for Satan to be loosed from the pit.

The universe can be controlled through the power of the mind, for all is mind and the universe is mental. The entire universe is an outpicturing of God’s mind. As we tap into greater and greater levels of God’s mind, the more control and mastery we will have in God’s infinite universe.

Infinite Mind, and possesses embodied form. it is a living being. This Infinite Mind comes in contact with electricity, gives to it motion, arms it with power, and through this mighty unseen agent, moves the universe, and carries on all the multifarious operations of nature. Hence, there is not a motion that transpires amidst the immensity of His works, from rolling globes to the falling leaf, but what originates in the Eternal Mind, and by Him is performed, through electricity as His agent. mind is, therefore, the absolute perfection of all substances in being; and as it possesses self-motion as its grand attribute, so it is, in this respect, exactly the reverse of all other substances, which are, of themselves, motionless. Mind, or spirit, is above all, and absolutely disposes and controls all. Hence, Mind is imponderable—invisible, and eternal.”


Descension is the practice of Aging and striving after materialism Striving after matter is striving after the wind, sending your energy downward resulting in aging Working for matter is the worship of matter Matter is birthed into existence by meditative thought The self realized soul whom is the manifester of the matter must not become led by his own desires or he will forget that he is self realized soul God You are the center, you are always the center You are master over the matter When you lose concentration, forgetting that you are the self realized soul God the matter owns you, you become its slave because you gave it your God power


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