Satan’s manipulation

Satan’s trait of manipulation appears to be amongst Satan greatest skills. He has mastered this art since heaven.

He skilfully manipulated a third of the angelsib heaven. His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth.

One of Satan’s most effective weapons in distracting and influencing us is manipulation.  To manipulate means to manage people or circumstances to gain an advanrage. What is being manipulated is the mind through the offering of lies and half-truths.


Satan tried to deceive Jesus, but Jesus fought back with Scripture and that is what we must do.


Satan’s manipulation causes fear to set in and fear causes human brain to give  off a specific resonance so Satan knows his tactics are working.

Fear is from Satan. Fear is the biggest or strongest negative force of tranformer the reality. Satan forms reality based on fear. That also makes fear to Satan’s weapon for manipulation of the human mind. Satan using fear in same way God using faith.

State of Sweden are huge manipulators of humans reality and they using psychological fear to manipulate their reality. They using anchoring and chaining methods to induce fear, stress, pain, horror, terror and they persecuting and stalking. This fear creating process is fear mongering and a tormenting process, becsuse Sweden both fear mongering and tormenting your mind.

Fear creates errors and Satan takes over humans minds when fear growing. Satan is creating a fear based consciousness and Satan has a own fear-frequency and the flesh responding to this fear frequency.

State of Sweden using fear by creating doubts, they creating fear by persecution, they creating fear by gaslighting, they creating fear by enviroment manipulation, they creating fear by making your view of reality to surreality, they creating fear sleep deprivation and tormenting, they creating fear by ostracism and isolation, they creating fear by closing down your internet and all your tv- channels, they creating fear by wickedness psychology and to drive humans to insanity, they creating fear by demonization, they creating fear by isolation and this creating s feeling your are alone and they strenghten this feeling by make you feel unprotected and unsafe. This can be done by subtle threats. Sweden using all rhese strategies of fear and manipulation to control your mind. And they manipilate emotions and thoughts to create confusion.

Fear is used to control.

Fear is used to create pressure to the humans chakra system and to keep humans in a state of fear.

Fear is used to create this state of fear and this state of fear is a mind of duality. Satan’s world means duality and this make Satan to the controler of this world today.

Everything humans cant understand is scaring and creates fear and if someone is scared for someone it also has the power over you. And Satan – the ultrs ego wants to be in power not over your mind, he wants to be in power of all minds. Fear is Satan’s frequency and controls with fear.

State of Sweden are manipulators of fear and reality. They using fear as psychological propaganda and this is used in healthcare and psychiatry – political abuse of psychiatry.

State of Sweden using firecrackers to fear mongering.  Swedish healthcare and psychiatry is working or collaborating with forces outside the healthcare system. They stalking and persecuting you with helicopters when you visiting healthcare and they hovering over the roofs during therapy, so they surveillance you and knows when you going to healthcare. And it is worse; they also shooting firecrackers outside your window day before you have a new appointment to healthcare for new prescription. Everytime you have a appointment to healthcare they starts shooting firecrackers late evening before. And who has s storage with firecrackers all year. This is how scary and creepy methods they using in State of Sweden.

They have been shooting firecrackers 27-28/12 for 4-5 every day in low income neighborhood and these beings shooting expensive firecrackers for 4-5 hours. And yesterday night 28-29/12 they shooting firecrackers 23.30 and after midnight, so it’s so obvious how they shooting firecrackers to disturb yoyr sleep. And them swedish police starts transmit tormenting sound torture; sirens and grasstrimmer sound. So their is tormenting agenda swedish police tormenting you with every day.

State of Sweden and swedish police are collaborating with healthcare and doctors in same way they did during nazi-war and Hitler whem they collaborated with Gestapo. And this is reality or surreality in Swedem 2017.

In fact it is worse: swedish healthcare is a propaganda facility and swedish psychiatry is political abuse of psychiatry.  They using fear mongering psychology and they using monarch programming to create or activate self destructive forces. This is the Omega or “Code Green” when to much knowledge is awakening and they want silence you or destroy you or make you to destroy yourself

They informs humand have a suicide gene

They implement “kill” word in psychiatry and then they start using kill word in every sport program you watch. They start with saying stress kills – when they creating stress with gaslighting psychology and mirroring.

And swedish healthcare or therapist on psychiatry informs you there is something called dreamwatcher.

Then the therapist has his business cards in a medical package.

Then therapist using props and these are then use in the public domain to stalking you with. After therapist started to mirroring you – he use a orange and them they place out a orange on a gravestone when you visiting the graveyard. What forces stalking when people visiting a graveyard. It is bizarre and this was just one example – in same way having business cards in a medical package is bizarre to experiemce is swedish healthcare.

Swedish healthcare informs you about s brain in the stomach and talks about all diseases in the brain. And then swedish police starts transmit a music chorus to tell you they control the solar plexus – -the ego in the stomach. They play; “We control the sunlight” and they also play this music chorus when you exercise outdoors.

Doctors gaslighting and changing shirt and other doctors has a red workimg t-shirt with a textlogo “Ouch”.

They misleading and confusing and creating harm with a evil purpose to harm and destroy

They persecuting and they using more of a paranoia psychology and they using political abuse of psychiatry


They using ostracism to exclude you and they persecuting you. They also using healthcare ostracism by telling you to call and them the number has expired. And healthcare calls you and then hang on the phone so you have to book a new time they can call you

Doctors writes a prescription for 230 pills against sleeping problems.

Then swedish healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills and this they doing during treatment for depression. And then there is no new times to others doctors for prescriptipn renewal for 9 weeks (medication ostracism) and this they doing while swedish police creating sleep deprivation and noise torture you day and night. So they collaborating to creating harm and destruction


Then they close down your internet and all your tv-channels (communication ostrscism)


Swedish police playing sound of a cuckoo clock to strenghtenba feeling of craziness and people screaming crazy,crazy, crazy outside your window. They starts gaslighting and they starts with enviroment manipulation and social services trying to gaslighting you and make you believe you hear things


Energy companies starts using street lights to gaslighting or to confuse the mind when they turn on lights when its sunshine and turn lights off when its dark.

This is just a part of State of Sweden psychological fear and manipulation warfare- when they targetting your life and mind with sound weapon and psychological warfare strategies

When you meet these methods every day and 24/7 and you experience how these methods are taking place it feels more like “Alien Twin Peaks Sweden” because they seems have some form of mindstalking ability.


They can manifest some form of  noise or sound when you reading, doing, thinking or writing something and starts make hitting sounds, screaming, coughing or honking hornes.


So if you read something they make hitting sound in the floor. If you drop something they make some form of stalking mind control sound.


They can shadowing you from room to room.


They know when you make food or they know when you start eating and starts coughing.


State of Sweden and swedish police knows when you visiting toilet in the middle of the night and starts playing sirens or grasstrimmer sound when you sitting on the toilet.


State of Sweden or swedish police starts playing if you read news (when you have internet)

Swedish police knows when you visiting toilet at night and your internet can be closed and 15 minutes later the internet is working (when I have internet). Scary and worse than nazi-gestapo. Not emotional fear, but scary how fear mongering and aggressive the government has become. I wonder if they even control these forces by themselves.

These swedes know when you take a bath and starts hammering in walls.

They know when you writing something even if you not are online and starts making different sounds.


They know when you leaving your apartment and leaving at same time.


They running around corners when you passing, and they walking cris cross on walkways when you passing to create a form hindering or obstructing feeling.


This feels really creepy about Swedes. What is this? Serpent ability, Satan (demon ability), Archons or something else. These methods feels very primitive when they manifests their mind control with make hitting sounds in floor or walls, they high pitch screaming, they using firecrackers to rush your mind and they persecuting you and they tormenting you – is this another force (non-human)…..? This persecution and constant tormenting feels more like hell and they going on 24/7. It is surreality!


It feels surreality because swedish healthcare and psychiatry informs you about a brain in the stomach and talks about all diseases in the brain. This feels not like scientific healthcare and when swedish police starts playing a music chorus as “We control the sunlight” – they mean probarly same brain in the stomach healthcare informed you about. The abdominal brain or solar plexus brain – is the ego. Solar plexus means ego. Satan dwelling in the solar plexus. Satan is the “Ultra Ego” or lower self/ego. Is this Solar Plexus Satan’s Kingdom of energy – the solar plexus is the storehouse of energy


State of Sweden, swedish police and swedish citizens using many different fear-manipulation-mind control-brainwashing-gaslighting to create control by fear or manipulation.

Mind control – brainwashing including fear by media propaganda (psychological fear)

Mk-Ultra also creating fear and control

Gaslighting and mirroring (someone else controls your reality)

Body control can be created by constant surveillance or constant persecution.  This control can also be created by play music chorus “We control the sunlight” – control of solar plexus and control or your ego. Shadowing from room to room can be another.

Gesturing is used to imitating how you move and imitating your movements, your hand positipns or how you sit

Body control can be created by start breathing heavy in tv programs

Body control can be created by play drum beats to imitating heart beats


They start using same words as you, they can use imitating, gesturing, duplicating, mimicking, gaslighting, shadowing, double-speaking, double-thinking and they upp all these methods in Sweden. This is more like a mind invasion strategy


They have been shooting firecrackers 27-29/12 for 12-13 hours.

Firecrackers is used for stress and to targetting people and even to create fear.


Firecrackers is a form of terror to create error.


Yesterday they shooting firecrackers in the middle of night and then swedish police starts playing sirens and grasstrimmer sound.

Today they have shooting firecrackers for hours and now the stalking helicopter appearing.


And now they appearing again after they have been shooting firecrackers


Now State of Sweden Police has started noise tormenting after they have shooting firecrackers for 5-6 hours, so now they started with sirens and grasstrimmer sound. Same brain and same hive mind and same energy from the swedish solar plexus.


22.30-23.00 more firecrackers

Helicopter appearing 23.00-23.05 and flying around


More firecrackers

Swedish police playing grasstrimmer sound and helicopter flying around when I writing this.

Satan is the “Spirit of error”and he is also the “Spirit of fear”


The spirit of fear, which is from Satan to try to keep you in bondage and from doing anything.


Since fear is a tormenting spirit, we know that it does not come from God. And if it does not come from God, there is only one other source fear can come from, and that is from Satan!

Fear is also the devil s tool to keep us in bondage to the opinions of man. We are afraid of what people will think or say about us. We become afraid that we might not be accepted in our denomination if we go all the way for God.

One of Satan’s primary weapons against the believer is the spirit of fear. It is important to understand that fear is satanic in nature and does not originate in God.

II Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us The Spirit of FEAR; but of power and love and of a sound mind

All fear can be either directly or indirectly linked to Satan. From verse 7, we see that where there is fear. there is no power or no love or no soundness of mind. When you allow fear to dominate your mind. then fear will negate the power 0f God in your life and you will have no love or soundness of mind. Fear does not travel alone. Fear has a couple of running buddies named, doubt and unbelief. You cannot walk in faith and walk in fear at the same time. one will have to go.

lf you allow your mind to be dominated by fear then. fear will cancel out your faith. A definition for fear that I like to use to is as follows: “fear is the absence of faith”. When fear comes in. faith must go. When faith comes in fear must go.

Satan’s design is to tempt you to replace faith with fear.

Fear entered their hearts for the first time. No longer did they operate in faith, but in fearSatan’s mode of operation.

1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. Love drives out fear.

Fear stops a person from enjoying his or her legal blessings. If Satan can induce fear in a person he can hindering God´s blessing to reach that person.

It is the devil’s goal to keep you oppressed by fear, to prevent you from doing the will of God, and to keep you from being used by God in the gifts of the Spirit. Fear is one way that Satan keeps us in bondage to self.

God has disarmed fear! What does that mean? It means that Jesus stripped the devil of his ammunition, including the spirit of fear. Fear WAS the greatest weapon that Satan had in his arsenal, but Jesus disarmed him.

The spirit of fear is Satan’s and of darkness.

Fear is one of Satan’s most effective weapons. It is the tool Satan uses to prevent our progress and spiritual growth.

Since fear is a negative emotion that provokes distrust in God, logically, the spirit of fear comes from the evil one.

Fear is sent by satan, and he wants to control and manipulate people’s lives. The spirit of fear brings torment to the mind.

Satan sows fear and unbelief to deteriorate minds. Fear will torment you to the core.

Remember, fear is the fire of the dragon’s mouth – it is his primary tool of intimidation. Don’t worry – it’s only hot air!

Satan´s kingdom is ruled by fear, God´s kingdom by mercy and grace.

Since God has not given us the spirit of fear then fear must be an instrument used by Satan to hinder us in our walk with Christ.

Satan’s fear drives the soul from Christ, the Holy Spirit’s fear draws it to Christ.

Satans fear methods is; “Alarm,” “fright,” “dread,” “panic”—all these words describe the samefeeling: fear (gangstalking today – car alarms, beeping sound, firecrackers, loud noise)

Satan uses fear to paralyze our faith. Once you are paralyzed, you cannot defeat the Enemy. The Enemy has been wearing a facade.

Satan holds people prisoner to fear to hinder God’s plan for their life.

There is the fear that comes from Satan’s efforts to cause you not to trust God.

Do not let fear and Satan bring you discouragement.

Satan loves when we are fearful because we become frozen and unable to move on the battlefield.

The only power that Satan has is the power we give him through fear and unbelief.

Fear can be a great hindrance to the usefulness of our gifts in the Kingdom of God

The fear of man brings a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.

You see, we are bound by fear and this is one of the enemy’s (devil/Satan) greatest weapons.

Satan is the “Spirit of fear” and he is also the “Spirit of error”

But Satan, by his malicious working as “the Spirit of error” in men!

Satan is the “Spirit of error” in men and “The Spirit of Fear in men

Satan is unquestionably a propagator of error

Satan’s error is not disobedience, but arrogance, assuming a place not rightly his, responding to challenge with self-righteousness.

Subtilty of Satan in tempting is, to draw men off from the love of the truth to embrace error.

Satan’s grand design is to corrupt the minds of men with error

Satan has temptations for each of them. The weak he tempts to errors, despondency, blind zeal, &c. The strong he tempts to pride, hypocrisy, presumption, and boasting.

Satan’s sowing error instead of truth

Satan create errors by sins and then control and enslave them, because God forgives all who repent of their errors or sins.

Satan has a doctrine of methods for creating errors.

Satan tempts to Error, because Error devours Godliness.

Satan’s errors tends to distract attention from the main point, his spiritual deterioration.

Satan want´s keep human´s away from knowledge. The knowledge of the truth is going to keep us from errors.

Erroneous Teachers are the Ministers of Satan, however they transform themselves into Ministers of Righteousness

Satan and gangstalking: Errors, deceit, slander, and hatred appear peculiarly to be the result of his operation in the heart.

Satan striving to lead God’s people into error and failure.


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