Satan´s manipulation: The Psychogical Warfare of the Enemy

The enemy employs such tactics as intimidation or manipulation which often employ ‘darkness’ to accomplish
their ends.

And Satan’s strategy is to wage war by using terrorism, psychological warfare, and overwhelming force. Many born-again believers are robbed and rendered ineffective because they ane unaware of the devices that the enemy employs for their destruction.  Satan’s strategies of Intimidation, manipulation, and domination.

One of Satan´s most effective weapons in distracting and influencing us is manipulation. To manipulate means to manage people or circumstances to gain an advantage. What is being manipulated is the mind through the offering of lies and half-truths. There is a deliberate attempt to manage what people think. When nations go to war, they frequently employ tactics that seek to manipulate what the opposition thinks. This is called “psychological warfare.” Satan, our enemy, also engages in a kind of manipulation in which he employs his own tactics of psychological warfare.

All of these are center around control

1. Intimidation
2. Manipulation
3. Domination
It is Satan’s way of imposing his will on your will and imposing emotions, behaviors, minds and thoughts. Intimidation says I’ll scare you into doing things my way . This is what freedom is; your are free to do what you want if you doing what he wants.
Intimidation is Satan’s weapon of choice. Like any abuser he likes to isolate us with his lies that even say his abuse is our fault. He loves to keep us blind to the fact that he is abusing us, making us think we are just beating ourselves up, but make no mistake…the abuse is real and serves to cause us great emotional pain and separation from God.
Satan loves to make us feel great fear over the possibility of all of the faults and failures he is bombarding our minds with being exposed to the world around us and to God. His goal is to keep us hiding in shame and therefore trapped in his prison of torment.
The abuser takes over aspects of your life that you would normally have the freedom to control yourself. Satan is building strongholds with his lies.
Satan is a stalker and gangstalkers doing satan´s work by humiliate targeted individuals. Do you find “yourself” ridiculing yourself in your mind? Do you have humiliating thoughts bombarding you? If so realize that Satan is trying to use this abusive tactic to torment you.
In order to be successful in the abuse an abuser must keep us isolated.  Satan loves to insert emotional wedges between us and God as well as us and other believers who are equipped to walk us into freedom.
Notice also that God’s divine philosophy is in direct opposition to Satan’s mindset, which is to make a sustained attempt to control mankind through manipulation, intimidation, fear, false accusations, frustration and low self-esteem.
Satan’s demon spirits masquerade as ghosts (unholy ghosts) in order to torment, oppress, intimidate, manipulate and control humans

Tactics of Psychological Warfare

Psychological warfare includes the manipulation of facts to discredit what is true. The basic idea is to create doubt in the minds of the enemy.

Satan trying to make you look and feel week, powerless, sick. follish or crazy

Remember, Satan’s objective is to divert and distract us from fellowship with God. The battleground of this psychological warfare is the mind. Whereas Satan’s tactics of intimidation seek to divert us from God by fear, his tactic of manipulation seeks to create doubts and distractions to preoccupy our minds, thus preventing us from fellowshipping with God. The tactics of manipulation take place in every area of our lives, from the boardroom to the bedroom, but they are most destructive in the body of Christ. This demonic psychological warfare takes place among brothers and sisters in the body of Christ by several means. The first is what the Bible calls “arguments” (2 Corinthians 10:5).

The Spirit of Intimidation

According to the dictionary ‘Intimidate’ means: to force into or deter from some action by inducing fear – or – to frighten or threaten somebody so that they will do what you want.  This is only part of the picture, however, because a person who intimidates also manipulates … all so as he/she can dominate.

Intimidators are not confident people.  They can be hard, harsh, cynical, aggressive, argumentative, stubborn, defiant and rebellious. They can suffer from anxiety, worry, depression, despair, hopelessness, pessimism, low self-image, inferiorities, insecurity, inadequacy, sadness, grief, sorrow, inability to communicate (except behind a pen or computer keyboard!), fear of failure, fear of other’s opinions. Continuing:  Intimidators can be self-protective, self-centered, self-righteous and selfish. They are often critical, judgmental, envious, jealous, proud, egotistic, haughty, arrogant and emotionally immature. And the root cause of it all? The Bible reveals to us the root cause is rejection. Each one of us is born with a spirit of rejection too … we inherited it.

Men and women controlled by the spirit of intimidation are a threatened people.  In spite of everything they say to the contrary, they don’t know the ins and outs of God, Jesus, the Bible and Christ-ones, but that spirit does. It knows. That spirit knows we are a threat to it, just as its ruler, Satan the devil knows … that’s why it has its dupes busily working overtime in their attempts to shut us down. What to do then? Remember that the person who intimidates is not our real enemy, only the spirit of intimidation controlling them. So, in prayer, we bless the person, take authority over the spirit in Jesus’ name and release the person into God’s hands.

Satan is seeking to intimidate you

First, the devil comes in like a roaring lion. He wants to paralyze you with fear. He wants to see if he can intimidate you and stop you from moving forward in the call of God in your life.

Many times the devil operates behind the scenes and tries to trip you up with subtlety. Other times he comes at you full force and out in the open to see if you will back down out of fear,

The problem with fear is that there seems to be a million different kinds of fear the devil can use against you. It is like a major smorgasbord. He has so many choices before him. Here is a small list of fears that the enemy uses to manipulate us:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of being wrong
  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of leadership
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Fear of being alone
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Fear of sickness
  • Fear of people (men/women)
  • Fear of death

Satan is searching for a weakness in you

Second, the devil is seeking. That means that he going around looking for those who will give into fear. The devil cannot read your mind, but he can see your responses.

So often people believe that the devil is the opposite of God. God knows everything and so His enemy the devil must know our thoughts and be able to read our minds. No way!

The devil is a created being and in no way compares to God. He is an angelic being who has rebelled against God. The bible says he is seeking. He does not know your thoughts, therefore he comes seeking those he can rule by fear.

Satan’s way is force, fear, intimidation, manipulation and above all, deception!

Satan is the one who is afraid and using fear to control others

Fear is the only power Satan has over man. God does not give us the spirit of fear; that is of Satan only.

We are the ones the devil is afraid of. We shouldn’t be afraid of him; he is afraid of us.

The one person that Satan is afraid of is Jesus Christ.

Satan is afraid of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit; satan is afraid of good preaching and right teaching.

The devil is not afraid of Jesus being the Son of God. He is afraid of Jesus being the Son of Man. God has deccided Satan must be defeated by man.

After God became a man and put that man with Satan within him upon Himself, He brought that man to the cross. This is why Satan is afraid of the cross, and this is why the Lord told us to take up the cross.

Satan is not afraid of our binding, but he is afraid of the cross.

He is afraid of our prayers and intercessions that we offered up to God.

He is afraid of the Bible ; he does not want you to know the good things it says of God’s people, and the bad of those who are not 

God has chosen this event to fully bless His people the church, beyond measure and Satan knows it. He sees it, He hears, it, and it is vibrating. … It is designed for the Glory of God and Satan is afraid of it.

Satan is not afraid of us, but he is afraid of the blood of Jesus; he is afraid of the Word of God; he is afraid of the cross 

The wicked man is a coward of cowards, he is afraid of everything. He is afraid of God, because he is His enemy; of Satan, because he is his tormentor. He is afraid of God’s creatures , because they join with their Maker in fighting against him.

Satan is afraid of the unbelievers “salvation potential”.

Satan is afraid of our Faith, he is afraid of us learning about Jesus.

Satan knows the greatness that lies within every born again Christian, so he is afraid of your greatness as a chosen vessel of God.

The holy law of God, and sin-avenging justice, are those that the guilty sinner is afraid of.

Satan is not afraid of you but trembles at the power of the Holy Spirit!

Satan is so afraid of losing his throne inside you that he tries to smother your conscience with carnal lukewarmness and extinguish the Holy Spirit’s convicting work.

When we quote the Word back, we get stronger, and Satan must flee. He is afraid of hearing the word of God.

Satan is not afraid of those who preach Christ’s word; he is afraid of those who submit to Christ’s authority.

God did not created us to be down, and defeated but that’s the will of the accuser of mankind (satan) to reamin content with our situations , in order that we should not rise with a positive testimony, because positive testimonies are spiritual weapons against the kingdom of darkness, and the devil himself is afraid of that.

The blood is what Satan is most afraid of and is what drives him away.

Satan himself is afraid of your passion. The only thing he constantly attempts to do is to shift your passion from God’s purpose for your life.

The devil lives for darkness, afraid of the light.

The devil is scared stiff of anyone who possesses such a life, and so he works tirelessly to keep you from it.

When fear is manifests in satan it can become evil and hateful

After I write this post I was wondering why satan is so pride about everything he does? Many of these behaviors can also be seen in todays gangstalking.

Since Satan’s plan for mankind is destruction. and since Satan hates God, he also hates G0d’s creation. He hates the fact that we have a Saviour and he does not.

The devil hates anything that God is doing. He hates people being blessed and his plan is to hijack anything that is of God and use it for his own purpose.

Satan hates us most of all and persecutes us so intensely.

Satan harbored enmity against man for two distinct reasons. First of all, man carried in himself the image of God. Satan could not attack God, but he could attack the image of God in man. Gangstalkers are also attacking other persons identity and self-esteem.

The reason for Satan’s enmity against man is that man is destined to take the place from which Satan fell. so, in a sense, man is Satan’s rival. In Genesis 3, we learn that Satan instigated man’s downfall through his cunning.

Since Satan hates Jesus and his people, he attacks and persecutes them (Gangstalkers)

The only way we learn about Satan is through the Bible, (God’s Holy Word)v And Satan hates the Bible because it .

Satan hates God and everyone who loves Him.

Satan hates you because God loves you and he is on a mission to steal, kill, and destroy your life. He will use any means to lure you into choosing his ways over God’s ways.

Satan hates free will; he desires to tell you exactly what to do.

Satan hates perfect health.

Satan hates it when anyone leaves a life of slavery. He is a slave master and a slave driver. He will do anything to keep us in chains to sin.

Satan hates the healing power of Jesus because it thwarts his mission to destroy God’s creation, the human body.

Satan hates God and everyone serving Him.

Satan hates to be exposed. If you even use his name some people think you are a Satan worshiper—or why else would you even bring up his name?

Satan hates the children of men and women of God.

Satan hates Mankind and therefore, blinds Mankind so we cannot solve our most important and simplest problems; such as, trusting GOD; such as, getting born again/saved; such as, not killing each other.

Satan hates public testimonies about healing and restoration.

Satan hates the light because Jesus is the light of the world.

Anything God loves is something satan hates. Anything God blesses is something satan curses.

Satan hates exposure and was going to extreme measures to remain hidden.

Satan hates believers and even unbelievers is because we look like God, and that just angers him.

Satan hates people to know about Jesus because a lot of enemies are created for him through that.

Satan hates and spurns the scriptures.

Satan hates God and he wants our souls.

Satan hates the most are prayer.

Satan hates God and wants to hurt Him.

Satan hates the very Name of Jesus!

Satan does not want to see you receive your miracle. People will say things to get you … When you use your faith, the Devil hates it because he knows that if you become strong in the Lord that he is in trouble.

Satan, who hates to see us smiling and happy and will do just about anything to bring us down; “if” we let him.

Hate is Satan´s protections walls and lies is his structures. If you walking in here hate will meet you and deceiving and manipulated behaviors, and they start persecute people and invading their minds and their lives. Satan´s kingdom is a prison. Targeted individuals are living with walls of Satans all techniques and methods.

The Greek word for fortress, ouhutoma i also the same Greek world prison. Think about what a fortress is,
how it is shaped and how it protects what is inside. It is an almost impregnable wall that keeps enemies out but also guards the things within. It is the same with the fortresses of our minds.

Satan tries to silence and destroy this generation with wounds, accusations, lies, and deceit.

From the beginning, Satan has tried to undermine God’s people by undermining God’s Word.

Don’t let Satan silence your voice You’re in a battle for your destiny

Since Satan’s plan for mankind is destruction. and since Satan hates God, he also hates God’s creation. He hates the fact that we have a Saviour and he does not.

The reason for Satan’s enmity against man is that man is destined to take the place from which Satan fell. so, in a sense, man is Satan’s rival. In Genesis 3, we learn that Satan instigated man’s downfall through his cunning.

Since Satan hates Jesus and his people, he attacks and persecutes them ( Todays Gangstalkers)

The only way we learn about Satan is through the Bible, (God’s Holy Word) And Satan hates the Bible because it.

Satan hates God and everyone who loves Him.

Satan hates you because God loves you and he is on a mission to steal, kill, and destroy your life. He will use any means to lure you into choosing his ways over God’s ways.

Satan hates free will; he desires to tell you exactly what to do.

Satan hates your destiny because its fulfillment glorifies God.

Satan hates the light because Jesus is the light of the world.


Satan hates your destiny because its fulfillment glorifies God. If you know your destiny and you’re pursuing it with all your energy, the devil will attack you with everything he can, because your destiny fulfillment enforces the will of God on earth as it is done in heaven.

Isaiah 43:7

Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory. l have fonned him; yea. I have made him. Your destiny fulfillment reminds the devil of his defeat in heaven. Anytime he sees somebody fulfilling his destiny. he knows the will of God is being done among men the same way His will is done in heaven. The first battle
of the devil against the will of God failed. In the domain of men, he is continuing the battle to forfeit God’s will in the lives of men. He however cannot succeed if you don’t allow him. Your destiny fulfillment is a celebration of the power and dominion of God. The first celebration took place in heaven above among angels when the devil and his loyal angels were cast out.

You are an agent for celebrating God’s power and dominion on earth. That is the reason satan recognizes that your destiny is something to attack as much as possible.

The devil hates to see you fulfill your destiny because of the blessings attached to it.

God nestled deep inside of you, gifts, purpose, identity, assignments, and your destiny. While we are only living out one day at a time, God knows the end from the beginning. He is all kttowing. He does not dwell in time, time dwells in him. The enemy is not all knowing, but l do believe that he has some insight into the future. So while God is setting up your life for those things to be fulfilled, the enemy is out to destroy you before those things can come to pass.

Satan is after your whole life and purpose, but he attacks one day at a time. If he can sabotage your day. then he goes after your weeks, months, years. and lifetime.

Why does Satan hates women?  Jeremiah 31:22 – A Woman will encompass a man

  • Man is only three (3) dimensions
  • Woman is the fourth (4) dimension

Mathematically, a woman can encompass a man. Man cannot compass a woman, for he is only a three dimension God-Man: The Word Made Flesh line creature, while she is four. Therefore, four is able to compass, or contain within its radius, three. Woman may be represented by the square (four lines).

The amygdala is part of the portal to the feminine entrance to the third eye, found att the back of the brain. When it opens, the third eye starts to open up slowly and softly. The amygdala is the heart of the brain. When it opens, the whole brain starts to become healed, as light and love radiates from the amygdala to the other brain centers.

When Satan is allowed to fear mongering, humans cannot evolving from lower levels to higher, and this is hindering the Third Eye from opening. If the amygdala is unhealed an affected by a fear-based culture or consciouness it cant support the pineal gland (third eye to open). Satan want´s duality based on fear and God want´s Oneness based on love.

What was the point with Jeremiah 31:22 -A woman will encompass a man and Mary Magdalene. It is portal or entrance to the femine qualities in right brain (4 dimensional)

Satan does not want to see you receive your miracle. People will say things to get you … When you use your faith, the Devil hates it because he knows that if you become strong in the Lord that he is in trouble.

When he lies he speaks according to his own nature, he is a liar and the father of lies

The devil also seeks to deceive us with “wordsmithing.

Satan hurls his darts at us and hurls accusations against us trying to lead us into despair 

Satan wants people to believe that he is a righteous spirit being who has nothing but your interest (and the interest of all human beings on earth) as his chief desire and that his ultimate goal is to promote your welfare and prosperity.

Truly, he wants you to succeed and be prosperous if you will only do things his way.

Our enemy tries to control us , he waits for an open door of opportunity.

The Devil takes no holiday; he never rests. If beaten, he rises again. If he cannot enter in front, he steals in the rear. If he cannott enter at the rear, he breaks through the roof or enters by tunneling under the threshotd. He tabors until he is in. He uses great cunning and many a plan. When one miscarries, he has another at hand and continues in his attempts until he wins (Martin Luther)

Satan wants to make you think you are the worst Christian ever.

Satan wants you to believe that God is boring, “ but the opposite is true,”

Satan is The Accusing Spirit – Satan os The Spirit of lies – Satan is the Spirit of Fear (This is his potection, acussing other, lies and fear mongering others to control them and protect himself or his fortress)

Demons are like vicious predators who, smelling blood, keep after woundedAccusation Demons, like Satan, are accusers.

What lies and accusations will Satan tell us to keep us from finding peace with God

The reason Satan tries to deceive us, is to get us to believe something that is simply not true. Believers who are ignorant of God’s Word are more likely to be deceived and if they begin to accept Satan’s lies as truth, the devil will start to build a stronghold in their minds. A stronghold is an incorrect thinking pattern based upon error and lies that a person has received as truth.

The Boundaries of Satan’s Kingdom and Satan´s limitations

When Lucifer was cast out of heaven, he did not stop his rebellion but went ahead to set up his own kingdom in
opposition to God’s kingdom. Every kingdom has a seat of government and has boundaries. Where is the seat of Satan’s kingdom and where are its boundaries? It was asserted earlier that Satan’s throne is in the second heaven from where he directs all activities in his kingdom. Satan´s area of influence certainly includes the second heaven, where his throne is established; and the first heaven including the Earth. Obviously, wherever there are human beings, Satan’s kingdom extends to that place because humans are his main targets for destruction.

Satan´s system means limitations, but Satan Wants You to Think He Has no Limitations

Satan cannot go beyond time and death. Satan’s power is therefore temporary

Satan is limited in authority

Satan has limited access to the presence of God and the light

Satan is limited in power and knowledge about the power of Holy Spirit

Satans power is great, but he also has limitatioans. Some are inherent In his own nature because he is a created being and therefore finite.

Satan can´t create nothing just imitate God (and make it opposite). Satan’s plan and Satan’s program has always been to imitate God

Satan’s kingdom is not eternal. As to time, it is limited in time; as to space, it is limited to the air and the earth. Furthermore, Satan’s kingdom is in darkness, the exact opposite of the kingdom of God.

Satan cannot take human life or form (he is a spirit)

Satan, limited and restrained by God, is neither all-powerful nor all-knowing, nor present everywhere. He can do nothing apart from God’s sovereign authority.

Satan is a created being, so he is limited by his nature and abilities.

 Satan’s kingdom is the sphere of Satan’s reign. Satan is limited in his power—he is temporary and localized.

Satan is limited to lower frequencies (in darkness) and cannot co-exist with higher energy (in light) frequencies like God and therfore cannot have full access to higher spiritual knowledge

Satan is limited to temptation.

Satan is limited in what he can do to believers.

Satan is not all powerful, and he does not have complete freedom.

Satan is limited in his freedom because he can´t change his nature (freedom is a ability to change and transform – evolving) and he is limited to work with lower energy frequencies in darkness

Satan is limited by his Ego. Satan is limited by his desperately selfish Ego

Satan’s limited knowledge and abilities are based on his limited experience. Satan´s world is based on his Ego

Satan is limited in knowledge because he cannot use the Word of God

Satan is limited to the earth—he can never enter heaven 

Satan still think he can defeat God with his limitations and that is a limitation

Satan’s power is limited, and God’s grace is limitless. Satan is limited by time and space—his very nature ensures that he can never be like God.

Satan is limited in knowledge because he does not control the soul which is a part of God

Satan’s power is limited; he is not a Creator

Satan´s power is limited and his tactics must fail when God’s people trust the power of the blood and of the Word.

Satan cannot use God’s word to deceive anyone because there is no deceit in God’s word. Satan must twist the word

The true word of God is your freedom of life when satan tries to occupy everything in your life by persecution and gangstalking. Satan hates the true word of God. Satan can never hijack the true word of God and he cannot hijacking the light from God.

The devil has no answer for the true Word of God spoken in faith.

Jesus declared in Mark 11:23 that we shall have what we say. Satan is after our tongue and the words we speak. He wants us to speak words of doubt, unbelief and negativity so that he can get us off the plan of God for our lives. Satan knows that our authority is exercised through the words we speak. Therefore. he will work day and night to get us to speak words of defeat, failure, poverty. lack, destruction, sickness and disease. As long as Satan can keep us speaking words of defeat, he has control of the situation and will hold us in bondage.

He believes that he will win the war against God, even though he lost the decisive battle with Jesus long ago.
For you and me, this might sound crazy! How can Satan still believe that he can win? But it’s possible that sin has twisted satan’s mind for so long that he may really believe that he is stronger than God. Remember that he had quite an ego problem right from the start, and evil´s influence for all these years has corrupted his ability to think sensibly.

A second reason that Satan fights on, even though the war is lost, is that he wants to take as many victims with him as he can before he is banished to hell. Satan’s hatred for God runs so deep that he will use everything he’s got to doom all the people he can before the end.

Satan has deceived mankind and has twisted God’s Word for us to accept him as God for centuries.

Satan likes to twist things around so we can believe what he is lying to us about.

Satan is often called the Wicked One, therefore his world system is full of wickedness. The word in Greek for wickedness is “poneros” and means evil or bad. Satan wickedness can be recognized as a most cruel tyrant (gangstalking)

Satan’s desperate wickedness and violent hatred of God and Christ will not be altered by his thousand years of imprisonment. Satan has been deceived by his own wickedness when he has been deceiving humankind for so long time of history.

Satan does not care whether we are enslaved by wickedness or are a victim of wickedness, as long as we are prevented from achieving holiness.

Gangstalking is Wickedness in high places. For a example my neighbor have been sitting in the bathroom and open the watercranes so you can hear how she is changing the water pressure constantly, so she is sitting in here bathroom a saturday evening for hours to gaslighting your life. This is wickedness. She seems to walk between the bathroom and playing with the watercranes and then she starts making hitting sounds in the floor, and then back to the bathroom and changing the water pressure, and then back and make some hitting sound on living floor above. This is The Swedish wickedness in high places. Earlier they even walking outside my window with two barking dogs. This is how the wicked gangstalking Swedes are.

It is like having a sick psychopath above your apartment who does not have any other life than gangstalking.

And just when I post this The swedish helicopter flying around the apartment 23.00 saturday evening, so they are acting in a same way. They flew around the apartment even yesterday, they want create sleeping problems for you. Now they flying here again. And now they are here again and flying around the apartment 23.30 a saturday evening with their airstalking and harassing helicopter around the apartment 23.30 a saturday evening. And they are here again. This is the swedish stalking mentality and are going on 24/7.

And when you try to sleep the neighbor starts dropping things in the floor 00.30

Break down Satan´s strongholds

What is Satan?

The Dark Ultra Ego

The enemy is looking to establish roots of bitterness in every Christian. Don’t let even tiny seeds of pain or bitterness grow into a stronghold.

This is why they trying to traumabase people with Mk Ultra and gangstalking methods and daily sensitizing. Satan building strongholds of fear, stress,  pain, terror, horror paranoia, and trauma in believers of God.

This is how Satan and his evildoers is working; They start a false accusing to get started to build their strongholds to control peoples minds and brains. They planting this pain and then starts sensitizing you every day. What´s feeding your brain will then controls your life. When they are building these strongholds they starts feeding the mind with pain, terror, fear, stress, trauma, noise torture, isolation, persecution to mind control.  They using their own Spirit of FEAR and this Spirit of FEAR is not coming from God (II Timothy 1:7)

But throughout his ministry on earth Jesus always exposed the devil’s works and secret operations

Jesus reveals to us Satan‟s secret heavenly operations and gives us a weapon to overcome.

The “strongholds” take hold and grow in our lives when we take our eyes off the Lord and let our attitude get in the way.

Strongholds exist in the darkness, where Satan resides. Ignorance and deception are his pathways. It takes the Word of God to shine the light of truth on strongholds.

Satan’s strongholds

A stronghold is an area in which we are held in bondage—any part of our lives in which Satan imprisons us. He does this by causing us to think a certain way—a way that is based on lies we have been told. As long as we believe things that are not true, we will remain imprisoned by those strongholds. To enjoy freedom, we must learn to use God’s mighty weapons.

Remember, a stronghold is a fortress of lies Satan builds in your heart and mind.

Scripture also tells us that Satan’s strongholds are delusions, unreal, lies, just as everything he says is a lie

Feeling useless is one of Satan’s greatest tools in deceiving people and causing them to succumb under the weight of oppression.

The Stronghold of Rejection

Satan works to build a castle or stronghold called Rejection in our minds and hearts which includes four surrounding walls. These are not physical walls but rather emotional walls. To access and evict Rejection, we must tear down the surrounding walls. Realize, Satan works through deception. He counts on our buying into his deception, rejecting God’s truth, and embracing a lie.
The First Wall
The outer wall is the “Rejection of God.” Without this wall, no other walls can be built. If it goes up, the others will surely follow.

The Second Wall

The second wall is the “Fear of Rejection.” Cut off from the love of God fear enters to fill the void. We begin to distrust God and others.

One of the most important components in the relationshop to God is the ability to trust. What Satan´s is doing is attacking humans ability to build up feelings of trust by revealing things about your life, revealing facts and information in real time what you are doing, invading your mind, your privacy  and your intergrity, he is interfering with noise and communication interference in the background, disturbing your silence or peace of mind, perecute, and imitating, gesturing, mirroring, gaslighting, sensitizing, fear-mongering to make you unsafe, unsecure and feel unprotected and there is no one you can trust because almost everyone seems to be gangstalking. This is want Satan want´s. In Satan´s world these behavior are normal and not wickedness.

Remember, Satan’s objective is to divert and distract us from fellowship with God. The battleground of this psychological warfare is the mind. Whereas Satan’s tactics of intimidation seek to divert us from God by fear, his tactic of manipulation seeks to create doubts and distractions to preoccupy our minds, thus preventing us from fellowshipping with God. The tactics of manipulation take place in every area of our lives, from the boardroom to the bedroom, but they are most destructive in the body of Christ. This demonic psychological warfare takes place among brothers and sisters in the body of Christ by several means. The first is what the Bible calls “arguments” (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Dropping words, contsant noise haraassment, crosstalk, communication interference or noise interference has the same sadistic purpose to distract and replace your peace of mind and power. Daily sensitizing, anchoring and chaining techniques is control mechanisms from darkness. MK Ultra and gangstalking trying to traumabase the mind and brain and induce fear, stress, negativity, anxiety, paranoia and garbaging or poisoning your mind with spams.  Your head drops down from the clouds and begins to throb with stress. Where only moments ago all was “perfect” and you were ready to ascend to heaven with praise, now you are a defeated lump of flesh. What happened to you? An argument or word from another person—inspired and produced by iniquity—just reached out and touched you. Suddenly, all the warm worshipful thoughts you had about the Lord are drowned out by the sound of your own heart pounding out a rising blood pressure level. You have been derailed, diverted, and distracted from fellowship with God. You have been the victim of an argument of Satan‘s psychological warfare. This is what gangstalkers do every day and this is their game plan. Noise torture is Satan´s weapon and warfare against tagrgeted inidviduals and people are doing Satan´s work.

These behaviors can be seen in gangstalking (name dropping, word dropping, personal info dropping, real time interactions, and then they using these strongholds alive with fear, stress, daily sensitizing, anchoring and chaining and then working with these as trigger words. They feeding the brain and mind with these negative trigger words and daily senstizing to build their strongholds. Satan and his people are hijacking other humans lives.


Jesus is the Bondage Breaker!

NKJ Luke 4:18,19 “The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; 19 To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.”

Sometimes the lies seem to just pop into our minds for no apparent reason; sometimes Satan even speaks to us through other people. He puts something critical or hurtful into their minds about us, and they speak it out for us to hear. lf we listen and accept what we hear, our enemy rejoices. If we listen long enough to the deceptive information we have taken in, we will find ourselves facing serious problems. Instead of listening and absorbing the untruths and
satanic deceptions, you can look at what Jesus did and follow His example

We can break the strongholds the devil has built in our minds. The Bible tells us that when we know the truth, that truth will free us from Satan’s strongholds (see John 8:32).

You cannot be free unless you know that the weapons of warfare are available to you and that you can learn to use them. As you learn to resist Satan and call him a liar, your life will change dramatically for the better.

Satan hates to be exposed

The truth! What a unique weapon. Oh, how Satan hates the truth. He knows what the truth will do to a person—”And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). “…now that you have been set free from sin…the result is eternal life…” (Romans 6:22, NW). Satan does not want us to fight him with truth. There is no defense for truth. It will lead people to God and to eternal life. Satan wants to lie and to deceive. In John 8:44 he is called “the father of lies.” He does not want us to know the truth and to be set free from his deceptions. He wants to deceive us all, the good and the bad.

The Apostle uses a graphic picture to try to convey to us Satan’s ceaseless and destructive activity, the figure of a lion. The lion, who stalks. The lion lurks quietly in tall grass.

T. Robertson wrote, “The Devil´s” purpose is the ruin of mankind. Satan wants all of us.” It´s wise for us to  remember that when we travel. It’s wise for us m remember that when we don´t gather for worship on a Sunday and we’re really out on our own. It´s wise to remember that when we find ourselves alone for extended periods of time, especially during our more vulnerable moments. He prowls about, stalking our every step, waiting for a strategic moment to catch us off guard. His goal? To devour us . . . to consume us . ….to eat us alive. 2 Timothy 2:26 speaks of men in ”the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.” Satan imprisons and enslaves his own subjects, but wars against the liberated saints.

Satan hates exposure. He hates being talked about. He certainly hates it when truth replaces fantasy and people are correctly informed. He especially hates having all of his ugly and filthy plans and destructive ways identified. The Holy Spirit’s message in the Word unmask Satan’s person and methods. He also hates being exposed as the fraud he is. He needs to be exposed by the light of God’s Word. Satan hates exposure and was going to extreme measures to remain hidden. For he fears the conflict and exposure that may result when he is exposed to the word of light. He hates to be challenged, because he fears those who might wake up and stand against him. Satan knows that the Bible offers us the knowledge we need to overcome his plans to ruin us by keeping us from being changed and developing a servant heart for God. He knows that he has no power over those who seek the Kingdom  as a priority. Satan hates the entire flock of Christ, for they have all been rescued from his grasp. Jesus exposed the hypocrisy of their heart

Without adequate explanation of what is really happening in this world, Satan’s manipulation causes fear to set in and fear causes human brains to give off a specific resonance so Satan knows his tactics are working. This explains why Scripture says not to fear anyone except God. Focusing on Jesus sets one’s resonance to him. Satan and his angels are beginning to increasingly manifest as they did during the days of Noah, which is predicted to happen during Earth’s last generation.

Gangstalking and noise harassment, psychological torture or noise torture

Isaiah l4:11 actually says Satan made noise as he was brought down. Noise is what you get when you are out of tune with everything. It is defined as “a loud and unpleasant sound that has an irritating effect.” This means Satan must entice humans to manipulate their pineal gland receivers in order to receive his broadcast. Constant noise harassment, or constant noise interference or communication interference (non-stop babbling/crosstalk) is a creation of these powers to create an ongoing background noise that´s disturbing your spiritual broadcast and disturbing your silence or peace of mind.

This is what gangstalking is about today (White noise harassment)

Subliminal messages hidden within music can induce subconscious hearing and brainwashing without the mind’s conscious awareness. A man~made product called ”white noise” can actually be inundated with words only your subconscious hears that has ability to alter your psychological and biological information processing. Such subliminal technology, promoted by proponents as illuminating, actually takes you out of harmonic balance with God and is spiritual warfare on a grand scale.

Humans biologically cannot fight against an enemy they cannot see, and Satan knows if he can cut your phone line to God that he has got you forever in his grip. Psychological warfare today involves production of weapons using acoustic waves at a controlled hertz to totally control a human being’s body from a distance like remote control without a shot ever having to be tired. Triggering various electromagnetic fluctuations can affect brainwaves that then alter human emotion and physical well-being. Because all humans have a traceable electromagnetic fingerprint, Satan wants you to dial into his broadcast so he can pinpoint you even more with demonic activity. Once you start listening to him, he completely takes over.

This happening today with todays gangstalking people

Just to be sure you understand Satan‘s game plan, let us now recap what we have previously learned to get an even bigger picture of just how Satan‘s frequency of his universal collective consciouneess can one day soon totally control mankind. ELF waves have an ability when secretly transmitted to lock on to a brain and force it to be controlled. Satan´s low frequencies is fear, anger and hate. And this is what gangstalkers are doing. They feeding the brain and mind with with disturbing noise harassment or psychological noise torture activities and fear to make you angry, frustrated so you are tuned into these low frequencies they control and can manifests themselves.

What combination is Satan´s weakness; His pride and to be worshiped and admired by others and something to be idolized, and this make him vulnerable and makes his big selfish ego addicted to what others think of him. That´s why Satan´s attacks other humans identity, self-image, self-esteem by slandering them and drag them down to Satan´s own dirty accusing world.

Satan´s goal with his accuses is: Satan’s goal is to get humans to destroy themselves with vices or conflicts. Satan has messed up our world today. You are in a battle for your mind, and Satan wants to imprison your mind within his fortress. Satan knows that if he can persuade you to set your mind on his accusations, then he can imprison you. He will seduce you, capture you, steal your belief system concerning the truth, and take you in the fortress he has built around your mind. This behavior is common in Gangstalking. Satan´s gangstalkers are buildning walls around you mind with noise campaigns, noise torture, pyschological warfare, sensitizing you, traumabasing, brainwashing, persecution in soical life and social enviroments, shadowing in your apartment, minstalking you and so on, and when this happen it is satan´s who is working through these people. One of many of Satan´s strategy is to occupy every space he can, persecution, by foot, by car, in the air by helicopters and small airplanes, shadowstalking, public domain stalking, crosstalk and noise and commnunication interference, using props, colors, numbers or symbols.

Satan wants to fill hearts with things of himself, such as lust, habitual lying, fear, doubt, unbelief, and mistrust

Satan will persistently attack and try to obsess our hearts and minds with the stronghold of impatience. Anytime you find yourself questioning God’s timing, faithfulness, and ability— impatience.

That´s why Satan trying to plant doubts and confusion in believers heart. The attacks of satan, he will continue to plant more seeds of confusion and doubt within the persons mind and heart. He want´s to remove the Word of God from peoples hearts.

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

STRONGHOLD NUMBER 1 FEAR One of Satan’s primary weapons against the believer is the spirit of fear. It is important to understand that fear is satanic in nature and does not originate in God.

II Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us The Spirit of FEAR; but of power and love and of a sound mind

Notice that in this passage of scripture. fear is identified as at spirit. also notice the phrase. “God has not given us”.
denotes that God is not the author of fear. All fear can be either directly or indirectly linked to Satan. From verse 7, we see that where there is fear. there is no power or no love or no soundness of mind. When you allow fear to dominate your mind. then fear will negate the power 0f God in your life and you will have no love or soundness of mind. Fear does not travel alone. Fear has a couple of running buddies named, doubt and unbelief. You cannot walk in faith and walk in fear at the same time. one will have to go. lf you allow your mind to be dominated by fear then. fear will cancel out your faith. A definition for fear that I like to use to is as follows: “fear is the absence of faith”. When fear comes in. faith must go. When faith comes in fear must go. (This text illustrate how gangstalking in Sweden is working. People walking around and fear mongering every day), so gangstalkers must have a the spirit of fear in them somehow).


As long as thoughts of fear are racing through your mind, you are not walking in the liberty wherewith Christ
has set you free. As long as there is fear in the atmosphere of your mind, you are not able to freely praise God. You are not able to freely minister to others while you yourself are bound by the spirit of fear.  F0r ye have not received THE SPIRIT OF BONDAGE again, TO FEAR…” (Romans 8: 15). lf you are being bound by the spirit of fear, you must forcibly and aggressively break the stronghold of fear. through the prayer of binding and loosing. Speak to the spirit of fear, call it out by name and say, ” I bind the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus. and l command you to leave my mind. for the Word of God says. that he has not given me the spirit of fear. but of love and of power and ofa sound mind”.

First John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But
he who fears has not been made perfect in love.

Fear becomes a stronghold in our lives because it is rooted in our desire to protect ourselves from some potential judgment, punishment, pain, or suffering. Fear will cause us to hide. It will cause us to deny the truth. It will cause us to flee the very presence of God. Fear will rob us of our destiny, and it must not be tolerated in any way. It must be destroyed. Fear attaches itself so easily to the person who is operating under the influence of insecurity and inferiority. These two demon spirits give fear access to our lives and empower fear to torment us. Fear then works to protect these two demon spirits from being exposed and ultimately cast out.

Second Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” God has not given us a spirit of fear, nor does He want us to operate under any influence of fear. Fear blinds us from the truth. It drives us in a direction completely opposite from where God is. We must get a revelation of the seriousness, the danger, and the sinfulness of allowing fear to operate in an area of our life. There is no way you will truly get free from Satan’s dirty little secret—the spirits of insecurity and inferiority—until you break the barricade of fear insulating those two strongholds. In order to break through this barricade of fear, we have to attack it from two fronts. First, we must recognize fear for what it is—a sin that God has clearly commanded us to resist. And second, we must get to know the weapons God has given us to break the power of fear over our lives.

Fear lies to us. It tells us that if we submit to it, we will be safe. But fear’s intention is actually to enslave us and keep us contained inside its walls.

The Greek word for fortress, ochuroma i also the same Greek world prison. Think about what a fortress is,
how it is shaped and how it protects what is inside. It is an almost impregnable wall that keeps enemies out but also guards the things within. It is the same with the fortresses of our minds.

Satan’s accusatory but persuasive words are usually what he uses ta gain entrance into our minds. These words later become strongholds, or fortresses.

Strongholds in 2 Corinthians 10:4. They are the lies that the devil, the accuser has ingrained into our minds  and belief systems. They result in negative thoughts and a sense of powerlessness that the enemy uses to exert power over us.

He knows that if he can speak his lies and we keep reeiving them, then he has the solid foundation for his fortress. These fortress built of lies keep negative thoughts protected within that citadel but also guard that citadel from any intrusion of God´s word.

The heart is a fortress and Satan, an enemy wanting to enter that fortress. take possession of it and dominate it. Protecting the fortress from the enemy can only be possible through securing its doors and covering its gaps. The doors that Satan uses are such doors as lust, anger. greed, envy, impetuousecss. gluttony, love of adomment,
ambition. appetence, wealth and wordly possessions. stinginess. fear of poverty. enmity, arrogance, doubt in matters of faith and suspicion. It is imperative that these doors be closed in order to avert Satans intervention and assault.

Satan wants to fill hearts with things of himself, such as lust, habitual lying, fear, doubt, unbelief, and mistrust

We need supernatural eyesight to see and understand the mysteries and secrets of God, but the wonderful news is that God wants us to know His secrets. The Bible says, “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you
search for Me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13]. Why does God want us to know His secrets? The answer can be found in Deuteronomy 29:29: “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever” (emphasis added}. The secrets of the Lord belong to Him until they are revealed; then they belong to us.

One of the jobs of the Holy Spirit is to show us the secrets of God John 16:13-14 says, “When He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. He will glorify Me, For He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you”.
God wants to open your spiritual eyes to see—the eyes of your heart, your undlerstandling—“by having the eyes of your heart flooded with light, so that you can know an understand the hope to which He has called you” (Eph. 1:18)

Since God has not given us the spirit of fear then fear must be an instrument used by Satan to hinder us in our walk with Christ. Therefore if God has not given us fear, it must come from the enemy, and if we must have faith to please God we must chose to believe.

Fear is no small subject. It is mentioned in the Bible over 600 times. Over 366 times, the phrase, “fear not,” is mentioned.

We cannot become the people God wants us to be without the gifts and the charisms of the Holy Spirit.



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