Satan’s kingdom on earth

The worldwide phenomena involving the covert targeting of private citizens by their respective governments. This is called Organized Vigilante Stalking, or Gangstalking. Any person can become a victim of this vicious hate crime which results in the destruction of the targeted individual’s relationships, reputation, career, employment and health etc.
Silent Holocaust: The Global Covert Control and Assassination of Private Citizens; The author takes you on a journey back to the Holocaust and NAZI Germany where a nihilist, fascist mindset paved the way for the murder of 6 million Jews. Then she reveals how this same NAZI mentality is at work in the world today and is being supported by governments worldwide.

Where is Satan´s Kingdom?

There are the Kingdom of God and Satan’s kingdom on earth and in same time it is Satan´s Kingdom of Hell. Human´s have been hold in bondage and corruption for thousends of years by Satan.

That mean Satan is the controller of earth
Then will come the new heaven and the new earth and this is not Kingdom of Satan
God´s Kingdom is the ultimated New World Order
This English name is a transliteration of the Hebrew noun Satan, which in turn is derived from the verb saten, “to accuse.” As a derivative of the verb, satan means basically “accuser” or “adversary.
The “devil” is a state of consciousness adverse to the divine good. Other names for this state of consciousness are the Adversary, carnal mind, the accuser, and the old man. There is no personal devil.
The bible states that satan is our adversary, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devor”

The physical flesh and the “flesh” that refers to man’s lower corrupt nature—the animal propensities
Organized Gang Stalking and Street Theater is feeding Satan´s Mind Control Facility in the Brain
Satan is the imitator. He is controlling through imitating psychology and street theater is his weapon or tool. Street theater would have no point if it just was for Satan to use it for mind-manipulation and control of the human mind. Satan has no control over the real reality, so Satan must create a manipulated reality and this he can control. Satan using fear to control and in same way he using manipulations and constructions or psychological street theater. Satan building strongholds to control and he must built them up everyday by using his brainwashed-mind-slaves-people to sensitizing the targeted individuals mind every day.
Because Satan has no control he must play mind games with the human ego or they he is targetting, and he targetting those he totally can´t mind control, and another strategy for Satans is; then he not totally can mind control someone he starts targetting health, moral and sleep, and when this is not enough he starts manipulate reality with wickedness psychology and gaslighting psychology and crazy making psychology.
The automatic brain has blocked our ability to connect wholly with the larger spiritual force that some of us call God.
Satan´s destruction plan of man, earth and humanity
Satan then inherited an earth that is also separate from God, which Satan then set about to further corrupt and destroy. This reveals our underlying collective schizophrenia – the footprint of the ego.
If Satan is schizophrenic, he is divided against himself. His conflict is self-destructive.
“If Satan cast out Satan he is divided against himself”
Satan is enmity against God, and doing everything to destroy spiritual growth.
What does to overcome “Him” means?
To overcome the carnal “flesh” mind of Satan and this is the ruler of Earth today.

From Satan´s footprint to God´s blueprint

It is important that we try to understand the mechanism of the ego. By doing this, we can begin to discriminate between the real and the unreal, the permanent and the impermanent, the delusional and the sane. Once we understand what it is about us that is unreal. we can begin to glimpse our true nature. We will see that the ego is a liar and a thief and that it is the source of all the fear. tension, misery and war that has possessed humankind through the centuries. Hell is the shadow of the ego. Wherever there is ego. hell is sure to follow. The ego is like something that is borrowed. It doesn’t really belong to us. Hell is what comes to collect the debt.
The ego is our sense of separateness as “I and mine” and arises from identification with the body. We have become blinded by the ego. Thinking that we are the ego, and the more we think we are the ego. the more deeply we sink into spiritual darkness. In truth, we are spiritual beings who have been imprisoned in bodies by the belief that we are these bodies.

The Ultra Ego (Satan) does everything possible to continue to persuade us that we are mere mortal fleshly beings.
Satan stalking the Earth. Satan and his demons are still stalking the earth looking for someone to bombard.
Satan is described (I Pet 5:8) as prowling the earth “like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.
Be assured that Satan is very real and has at least six thousand years of experience in stalking and corrupting the souls of mankind.

Satan is the jailer and holds the door (the door-slammer in organized gang stalking) to our cell closed by means of our own desires and attachments.
We could walk out right now-today-but we are unable to do so because we are spiritually blind like a horse with blinders and see only materially through the five senses. Our desires are the whip that drives us into this morbid existence.

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. MATTHEW S:3, KJV

In the above scripture, the Greek word from which “poor” is translated is “ptochos,” which means to be as a beggar or pauper living off alms that are begged for. By poor in spirit, Jesus does not mean to be unenlightened or ignorant but rather the opposite. Jesus means one who is enlightened. Such a one relies ut-terly on God for everything like a beggar with his cup held out. A person who lives life with this attitude will attain the kingdom of heaven. Such a person is totally bankrupt and has no ego left.

If we continue to embrace our own egos then we will lose everything and gain nothing. This is because God is everything and the ego is nothing. As long as we cling to the egoistic delusion, we will be subject to suffering and death. We will be shipwrecked on an island of bad dreams divorced from divine truth. We will not know God. We must abandon the illusory ego in order to be with God. One cannot serve both God and mammon (Matthew 6:24), and oil and water will not mix.

The World System and organized gang stalking

Have you ever had a series of negative events take place in your life that caused you to wonder if you could take one more problem? We all have. It’s called harassment. And that’s what this world’s system does. More specifically, that’s what Satan does. Harassment means to irritate or torment persistently; to wear out or exhaust; to impede and exhaust (an enemy) by repeated attacks or raids.

And when it occurs to Christians, we say we’re under a demonic attack. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Only Christians can have this joy, so Satan knows that if he’s going to keep you ineffective in advancing God’s Kingdom on Earth, he has to harass you with crises in order to wear you down and out. That’s his objective. We first became subject to Satan’s harassment when this world’s system was created —when Adam rebelled. As a result, God told Adam that Adam would work by the sweat of his brow all the days of his life. God also told Adam that the Earth would produce thorns and thistles. While this was literal, it was also symbolic of man’s fight with a new system which would always oppose him in this life.

The world over which we were originally told to dominate had become a hostile environment toward us, and would attempt to dominate us. And ever since then, humanity has stru cd and strived to make a living and survive. Striving can be defined as expending effort, but getting little or no results. Remember that God first told Adam to increase and multiply. Now that striving was introduced to the equation, it made it much more difficult to do so. The world’s system is against you. It will use you, take advantage of you, and then throw you away. It’s deceptive, as it pretends to be there to serve you. It reels you in and then destroys you. It’s always subtle. Try this or that just once. One time isn’t going to hurt anybody. Then you come back for the second and then the third until you’re hooked. Then the trap door slams shut and you suffocate.

The Jezebel Spirit is a demonic spirit of control and manipulation. Although this spirit is named after Jezebel in the Bible, it is often at work in both men and women, regardless of their salvation status. Satan always has a counterfeit for everything in God’s system. Control and manipulation are the counterfeits of true authority and power. And you can tell when this spirit is in operation because it cannot take “No” for an answer. In order for people influenced by this demon to get you to do what they want, they will first be subtle and deceptive as they attempt to coax you into doing what they want. But when you say, “No”, the demon shows his face with attacks of all kinds to force it getting its way. One of the gifts God gave mankind was an independent will, which is the right and ability to make their own choices, even if that includes rebellion. If God himself will not violate your will, why do we think we have the right to violate another’s will?

We have all encountered people who are influenced by this Jezebel Spirit. They like to control others and always get their way, pushing their wills on others. This isn’t Godly. Have you ever had a friend or family member ask you to do something, but phrased it in a way that really left you with no choice? In other words, they didn’t offer you the from killing Job. And in the end, Job turned out better off than he was before. And we know the verse which tells us that all things work together for our good when we are submitted to God’s purposes.

Organized Gang Stalking Harassment

Harassment—an exasperating, disturbing annoyance or irritation that threatens or undermines personal peace and tranquility. Satan’s ultimate plan is to oppress and victimize the person he is harassing.

Here are a few examples of Satan´s harassment methods and these can be find in today´s organized gangs talking;
He won’t let people sleep (sound torture and sleep deprivation)
He cause people to doubt (manipulations and gaslighting)
He make people angry (provoke and irritating)
He make people forget (forget their true Higher Self)
He won’t let people eat (stalking and control when eating)
He will control peoples emotions (using the human ego to manipulate and to control)
He will make people jealous. It’s fun! (triggering emotions)
He will mess up peoples finances (destroy economic life)
He won’t people her have normal social relationships (persecution, ostracism, isloation, no support system, infiltration, paranoia psychology, fear and stalking)
Evil demons is controlling the human will on Earth today
Harassment: The first degree of demonization is harassment. This is the weakest of Satan’s attacks.

Satan´s interference—a satanic act or instance of hindering, impeding, or obstructing God’s work and the fulfillment of destiny and purpose
Interception—to stop, reroute, or interrupt progress or an intended course
Limitations—anything that restricts, constrains, restrains, controls, confines, or curbs
Spirit of Jezebel a take over spirit of domination

Third Church Pergamos Satan
Fourth Church Thyatira Jezebel


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