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October 31, 2017

Satan´s imitations

Satan´s imitations

He appears as “the god of this world” in imitation of God the Father; he appears as the “prince of the world” in imitation of God the Son; and “the spirit that now energizeth in the chil-dren of disobedience” is his imitation of God the Spirit who

Satan’s imitation is the three-dimensional deformation of reality

Satan’s program has always been to imitate

Satan’s program as a whole is one of imitation of and opposition to the work of God.

As we grow in our ability to communicate and listen to God, we must know that Satan will disguise himself and attempt to give us a mixed-up message instead. In this case, Satan disguised himself as wind, which is also what the Holy Spirit often resembles. Satan disguised himself as the earth, imitating the powers of the Creator. The third time, Satan took on the form of fire falling from heaven, a form that Elijah had just seen God use when He rained down fire to consume the altar Elijah had built. But Elijah KNEW that even though these three things might look like God, all three of these were not from God, and were therefore evil.

Satan usually tries to imitate God’s work and to produce his skillful imitation just before God’s work appears.

The Devil’s imitation of that blessed One “in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge

The Devil is a consummate imitator and much of his success in deceiving men is due to his marvelous skill in counterfeiting the things of God

Satan uses an imitation of the truth.

The phrase “God’s ape” refers to Satan’s imitation and perversion of Christian and godly practice.

Satan is then described as a perverse imitation of the Godhead

Satan is not an initiator but an imitator.

Satan is not an originator. He is a copycat, and he only counterfeits those things that have value.

Satan is a master at disguising himself and mimicking others.

Satan and gangstalking today are imitating and mimicking other lives with many methods; they imitating, they gesturing, they mirroring, they duplicating, they mimicking, they double-speaking, they double thinking, they double standards, they shadowing, they use look alikes, they cloning and splitting to new alter ego (psychology) and social engineering , they double whammy, they crosstalk and they using communication and noise interference, and they confuse and gaslighting. This is methods use by Satan and this methods use by gangstalkers, so gangstalking is a “Doctrine of Fear”

Satan is to get others to mimic his behavior

Satan Speaks, Trying to Mimic God’s Voice.

Satan likes to mimic God at every chance. This lamb is Satan’s imitation of Jesus as the Lamb of God. We should immediately recognize this lamb as a phony because he speaks like a dragon.

Satan’s deceptions often mimic Biblical truths

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