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October 29, 2017

Satan tries to silence and destroy this generation with wounds, accusations, lies, and deceit.

Satan tries to silence and destroy this generation with wounds, accusations, lies, and deceit.

From the beginning, Satan has tried to undermine God’s people by undermining God’s Word.

Don’t let Satan silence your voice You’re in a battle for your destiny

Since Satan’s plan for mankind is destruction. and since Satan hates God, he also hates God’s creation. He hates the fact that we have a Saviour and he does not.

The reason for Satan’s enmity against man is that man is destined to take the place from which Satan fell. so, in a sense, man is Satan’s rival. In Genesis 3, we learn that Satan instigated man’s downfall through his cunning.

Since Satan hates Jesus and his people, he attacks and persecutes them ( Todays Gangstalkers)

The only way we learn about Satan is through the Bible, (God’s Holy Word) And Satan hates the Bible because it.

Satan hates God and everyone who loves Him.

Satan hates you because God loves you and he is on a mission to steal, kill, and destroy your life. He will use any means to lure you into choosing his ways over God’s ways.

Satan hates free will; he desires to tell you exactly what to do.

Satan hates your destiny because its fulfillment glorifies God.

Satan hates the light because Jesus is the light of the world.


Satan hates your destiny because its fulfillment glorifies God. If you know your destiny and you’re pursuing it with all your energy, the devil will attack you with everything he can, because your destiny fulfillment enforces the will of God on earth as it is done in heaven.

Isaiah 43:7

Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory. l have fonned him; yea. I have made him. Your destiny fulfillment reminds the devil of his defeat in heaven. Anytime he sees somebody fulfilling his destiny. he knows the will of God is being done among men the same way His will is done in heaven. The first battle
of the devil against the will of God failed. In the domain of men, he is continuing the battle to forfeit God’s will in the lives of men. He however cannot succeed if you don’t allow him. Your destiny fulfillment is a celebration of the power and dominion of God. The first celebration took place in heaven above among angels when the devil and his loyal angels were cast out.

You are an agent for celebrating God’s power and dominion on earth. That is the reason satan recognizes that your destiny is something to attack as much as possible.

The devil hates to see you fulfill your destiny because of the blessings attached to it.

God nestled deep inside of you, gifts, purpose, identity, assignments, and your destiny. While we are only living out one day at a time, God knows the end from the beginning. He is all kttowing. He does not dwell in time, time dwells in him. The enemy is not all knowing, but l do believe that he has some insight into the future. So while God is setting up your life for those things to be fulfilled, the enemy is out to destroy you before those things can come to pass.

Satan is after your whole life and purpose, but he attacks one day at a time. If he can sabotage your day. then he goes after your weeks, months, years. and lifetime.

Why does Satan hates women?  Jeremiah 31:22 – A Woman will encompass a man

  • Man is only three (3) dimensions
  • Woman is the fourth (4) dimension

Mathematically, a woman can encompass a man. Man cannot compass a woman, for he is only a three dimension God-Man: The Word Made Flesh line creature, while she is four. Therefore, four is able to compass, or contain within its radius, three. Woman may be represented by the square (four lines).

The amygdala is part of the portal to the feminine entrance to the third eye, found att the back of the brain. When it opens, the third eye starts to open up slowly and softly. The amygdala is the heart of the brain. When it opens, the whole brain starts to become healed, as light and love radiates from the amygdala to the other brain centers.

When Satan is allowed to fear mongering, humans cannot evolving from lower levels to higher, and this is hindering the Third Eye from opening. If the amygdala is unhealed an affected by a fear-based culture or consciouness it cant support the pineal gland (third eye to open). Satan want´s duality based on fear and God want´s Oneness based on love.

What was the point with Jeremiah 31:22 -A woman will encompass a man and Mary Magdalene. It is portal or entrance to the femine qualities in right brain (4 dimensional)

Satan does not want to see you receive your miracle. People will say things to get you … When you use your faith, the Devil hates it because he knows that if you become strong in the Lord that he is in trouble.

When he lies he speaks according to his own nature, he is a liar and the father of lies

The devil also seeks to deceive us with “wordsmithing.

Satan hurls his darts at us and hurls accusations against us trying to lead us into despair 

Satan wants people to believe that he is a righteous spirit being who has nothing but your interest (and the interest of all human beings on earth) as his chief desire and that his ultimate goal is to promote your welfare and prosperity.

Truly, he wants you to succeed and be prosperous if you will only do things his way.

Our enemy tries to control us , he waits for an open door of opportunity.

The Devil takes no holiday; he never rests. If beaten, he rises again. If he cannot enter in front, he steals in the rear. If he cannott enter at the rear, he breaks through the roof or enters by tunneling under the threshotd. He tabors until he is in. He uses great cunning and many a plan. When one miscarries, he has another at hand and continues in his attempts until he wins (Martin Luther)

Satan wants to make you think you are the worst Christian ever.

Satan wants you to believe that God is boring, “ but the opposite is true,”

Satan is The Accusing Spirit – Satan os The Spirit of lies – Satan is the Spirit of Fear (This is his potection, acussing other, lies and fear mongering others to control them and protect himself or his fortress)

Demons are like vicious predators who, smelling blood, keep after woundedAccusation Demons, like Satan, are accusers.

What lies and accusations will Satan tell us to keep us from finding peace with God

The reason Satan tries to deceive us, is to get us to believe something that is simply not true. Believers who are ignorant of God’s Word are more likely to be deceived and if they begin to accept Satan’s lies as truth, the devil will start to build a stronghold in their minds. A stronghold is an incorrect thinking pattern based upon error and lies that a person has received as truth.

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