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October 2, 2017

Satan The Accuser

Satan The Accuser

Gangstalkers and The Accuser is a demon who slander your reputation (by attacking, accusing, obstructing, slandering, demoralization). He may be attempting to ruin your reputation by speaking lies to others concerning you. Gangstalkers and the accuser may be speaking lies into your ears on a daily basis.

Gangstalking is a symbol for one form of wickedness and a dysfunctional democracy. How can all these methods suddenly be legal activties in a democratic society if it still is a democratic society….when does it become legal to make a person insane or drive them to suicide in democratic society (and that´s why I say it has become a form of dysfunctional democracy). You cannot direct a laser against people, but in gangstalking it is (legal) to turn a microwave weapon against them.

Satan: comes from a base word meaning to attack or accuse, and that is what gangstalking is about (first they attacking, then they accusing and then demoralize people to make them feel bad as hell and the worst people on earth and break them down). Gangstalking is just about these things and how they attacking, accusing, demoralization, slandering. lies, rumors, attacking self-image and self-esteem, “Devil” is the Greek word diabollos which means “slanderer, defamer.

Gangstalkers are clothe up with pride eyes 

Micah 7:9 says that though I may have walked through darkness, perhaps even embraced a season of darkness, God will plead my case. ln Fact, when the enemy attempts to shame me with loss and discomfort, the Lord will reverse it and clothe the Accuser with shame (see verse 10) . How awesome is our God!

The serpent lie; Satan  implies that God was holding something back from them. The serpent accused God of being unfair, and caused her to long for intimacy with good and evil. This accusation that God was holding something back from them was the serpent’s lie.

God was trying to make a covenant of trust with man by relationship, but man has chosen to make covenant with an accuser. This action polluted man’s whole being with shadows of death.

It is important to understand the method and the effect of satans rebellion against God. This is probably the reason he waited till man was created, because his sphere of control would be greater.

Satan the accuser attacking everyone; I have noticed in the good verses evil type action films that the bad guys are always threatening to harm the good guys wife or girlfriend, children and close family to control him. Even when evil cannot find access to hurt the hero character himself, it attaches itself to the closest ones to him, his family: in order to cause him pain and turmoil.

Gangstalkers and The Accuser is a demon who slander your reputation (by attacking, accusing, obstructing, slandering, demoralization). He may he attempting to ruin your reputation by speaking lies to others concerning you. gangstalkers and the accuser may he speaking lies into your ears on a daily basis.

The accuser has targteted your soul. The accuser don´t like the power, knowledge and wisdom the soul has, and are hindering them who seeking god and his enlightment. The Accuser, the demonic force attempts to steal your freedom and your future by mind control and keep you in the darkness, in the cave of Plato´s allergory with the cave.

Luke 11:52 “Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.

Gangstalking and gangstalkers – While the Accuser may be falsely accusing them, he also may be using us to persecute others. We must be on guard and ready to expose the plans of our Accuser.

Despite what the enemy would have us believe. God will never leave or forsake us. At the same timt. He also promises to perfect (mature) us. He purposefully allows the fire to perfect us and our relationship with Him. We will therefore, never be removed from His holy fire. Acts 2:3-4 documents the tongues of fire that lit afFresh passion up|1 Gods people. God wants us passionate, therefore  – the fire. Let´s be content living in a furnace of fire. If we can do this the Accuser will never have entrance into our lives.

We can receive a supernatural grace ro persevere in faithfulness – as Job did- and be more like Jesus. Scripture testifies, ” Fire goes before him” (Psalm 97:3). This means that if we feel the fire, then we are to get excited because Jesus is coming to us in a unique way to reveal Himslef. The fire is the prelude for His presence.

Bying purified gold

We can receive our purification from The Lord in two different ways First. some things are simply given to us as gifts from God. Eternal life is one of those gifts that comes freely. There are, on the other hand. things in God’s Kingdom that have a price tag attached. We must buy them. Jesus refers to this in Revelation 3: I8 when He states “l counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire-, that you can become rich (emphasis mine). l have studied this passage for years, asking for insight. The answers are in 1 Peter 1:7 and Job 23:10.  Let’s look at these two revelatory passages.

1 Peter 1:7 says. Then the genuineness of your Faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes. thougt it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor and glory at the revealtion of Christ.

The treasure, the gold, is our Faith, which is purified in the fire. In other words, the fire is meant to purify our faith in God as well as our faith in ourslves as we endure the fire. Remember that God allowed the Accuser to test Job to prove Job was faithful – but also to prove to Job what was in him.

MK Ultra Ultra, Brainwashing, Gaslighting, Gangstalking is to traumabasing, sensitizing and victimzing

The enemy wants our hearts to be seeded with thorns. Thorns are areas of pain and sorrow. When seeds of God´s truth are sown into thorny herts, the thorns will choke out the life of the seed.  Thorns will suffocate any life-giving qualities a seed has to give. We all have past pain, but we cannot allow the Accuser to continue to falsely accuse us of our past. Trauma will attempt to remain in the soil of our hearts. The enemy uses trauma to stifle us and keep us from cycling out into a healed place. The Accuser will rehearse your pain over and over and over until all truth is
suffocated from your heart.

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

The way to defeat the Accuscr in these thorny situations is to begin to speak Scriptures that declare that you are healed from past pain and trauma. The enemy has attempted to confine you with False belief systems, and the Lord wants you Free.

Here is the opposite evolved brain when the amygdala has healed, two has become ONE-NESS – the third eye (single eye. This single eye and the Horus single are not the same). The Horus single eye is based on fear, control (mind control, daily brainwashing by media, gangstalking, enslavement of humans and their minds), the third eye in the Horus reality is closed as a prison. The amygdala says be the uniter of dualites (Vesica Picis) and third eye (single eye), but when they sadistic, systematic and ritualistic  inducing fear, stress, noise harassment, sleep deprivation, persecution, psychological torture the amygdala can´t heal or recovery as fast it could without all these gangstalking ativitivities and make your brain and mind evolving as good it could. They slow down the process by obstructing the mind and amygdala.

When temptations arise from our memories because of our many past lifetimes, we end up creating building blocks within our physical body that lead to our energy becoming stuck in the areas of the endocrine system of the body.

The only way we can release this stuck energy is by journeying through many lifetimes, sowing and reaping, and then a lifetime will come when we will eventually let go of the belief in duality [sin].

Those who believe in sin, rational thinking, and everything needing to be explained in a logical format – left and right brain activity are not masters of their physical nature; instead they are like beasts in the field of their own consciousness, trying to feast on everything that is physical-driven. These people become slaves to their physical body and their mind, causing the dualistic forces of positive and negative (vibrational frequency) to move in a direction that brings in the fulfillment of their karmic conditions.

As long as these outward beliefs in duality rule out thoughts, we will always remain a slave to them. When we allow our Christ—spirit (or energy) to flow freely through our mind, ego, and physical body, a new belief generates within us that becomes multidimensional and expansional, which then opens up and (come alive) the pathways of those blocked areas in the endocrine system of the physical body. Thus we become healthier and live longer.

The best thing to find the true identity is to learn  let go of the old, dogmatic beliefs and the belief  that intelligence comes from the intelligence come from the mind. The mind is the thing we consider to be our most powerful asset. but when it comes to deep and peaceful spiritual understanding, it is our greatest limitation. lf you can let go of your rational thinking  the and analyzing of everything, along with the belief that your mind and ego personality is the center of your intelligence, you will finally discover your true identity! Remember, your mind doesn’t have the capability to be intuitive, because it so too busy being logical, rational, and critical.

Gangstalkers attacking and The Accuser attacking in same ways – how come they are using same methods and who has learned the gangstalker all gangstalking knowledge without any education – maybe demons…

Gangstalkers are never involved in any personal psychological attacks; because they deceiving themselves and it is the group not them who are gangstalking, and they are not part of evil psychological unmorale crimes as gangstalking is.

Gangstalking or “Scapegoating is “deceptive, since the persecutors are convinced that their violence is justified”

Rationalizations are exuses that allow people to deceive themselves into believing that their actions are justified.

The group members project hostility into the entity of “the group” while disowning it in themlselves. The group then acts outan attack on the scapegoat. However, the individual group members do not experience themselves as engaged in an attack; “the group” seems to be the responsible agent.

Gangstalking is a psychological violent abuse and psychological torture crime aganist humans rights, it is sadistic, evil and madness.

According to an article that I read, “The Gang Stalking World,” gang stalking is a form of control that the stalkers carry out in order to seek control and destroy a person’s individuality, identity, integrity, and personality, and to undermine an individual psychologically and them demoralizing them. Why are they started a personal, political, psychological or spiritual warfare against targteted individuals?

Targeted individuals are accused by a hidden political agenda and their abuse of power and has the same psychological function when they blaming others as in Scapegoating – A form of projective identification

The accuser has targteted your soul

Once we are aware of an attack from Satan and expose him and his disguise, it will be easy to withstand him. The Lord Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” {John 8:32). The truth is the fact. We will be set free once we know the fact. The power of Satan is in his lies; once his lies fail, his power is gone.

Satan´s goals

Satan The Deciever

Satan The obstructor


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