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October 30, 2017

Satan is the terrorist of mind

Satan is the terrorist of mind

Satan is the first mind terrorist.

Satan’s target is your mind, and his weapon is lies. What is his purpose?


Satan attacks God’s Word because God’s Word reveals God’s will.

However, Satan never advertises, ‘This is a lie’ He is the serpent, the deceiver, and he always mas-querades his lies as God’s truth.

Satan´s weapon is his lies

The warfare is a mental thing, satan constantly attacks your mind.

Satan attacks Christians’ identity, authority, and action in an effort to prevent them from glorifying God.

Whenever Satan attacks your mind, always trust. He may fill your mind with doubt, but just trust even if you don’t have the answers. wait on God; he will answer those who stay away from sin

When Satan attacks our mind, we must locate the enemy and determine where it’s coming from. Satan always attacks us whenever God is about to bless his people.

Mind-control Satan wants to think for all people on earth through the spirit of mind-control.

That’s the exact same tactic that Satan has planned for us. His main mission and biggest quest is to destroy us! His battlefield, or playground if you will, is our mind. He wants to gain possession of your mind. He wants to overload your mind, keep your mind trapped, chained, bound and entirely confused so that you won’t be able to think straight for yourself. He does this by placing what I call terrorists into your mind. He moves slowly and gradually.

This allows him time to come in and take possession of your mind. I call it his sneak attack. Just like those terrorists who want to harm us, Satan has the same intentions. He wants to destroy you and take over your mind. Satan knows that the mind controls the whole body. The mind is the very essence of who you are, and if he can get in there, start playing around and tampering with your sanity, basically take possession of your mind, then he knows that he’s got you.

People don’t seem to realize that we are in warfare with Satan. This isn’t some game or joke. We are constantly in a serious battle zone with Satan. Since the beginning of time, Satan has been recruiting people to become permanent residents of his place. If he can move into your mind, then he can get you to move in to his place of residence. Don’t let him have your mind. Refuse to give in one inch.

We can’t fight this battle alone. We need the assistance of God, who is very willing to come to our aide.

T. Robertson wrote, “The Devil´s” purpose is the ruin of mankind. Satan wants all of us.” It´s wise for us to  remember that when we travel. It’s wise for us m remember that when we don´t gather for worship on a Sunday and we’re really out on our own. It´s wise to remember that when we find ourselves alone for extended periods of time, especially during our more vulnerable moments. He prowls about, stalking our every step, waiting for a strategic moment to catch us off guard. His goal? To devour us . . . to consume us . ….to eat us alive. 2 Timothy 2:26 speaks of men in ”the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.” Satan imprisons and enslaves his own subjects, but wars against the liberated saints.

Satan and his evil angels can high jack your mind without you knowing it, until it is too late. They can drive you out of your mind, and take over. Many people do wake up from their deep sleep when Satan and his evil angels are done.

If Satan can control our minds, he’s got a shoe in the door and can take over the whole house!

If you give Satan a finger he takes the whole hand or arm!

The Devil takes no holiday; he never rests. If beaten, he rises again. If he cannot enter in front, he steals in the rear. If he cannot enter at the rear, he breaks through the roof or enters by tunneling under the threshold. He labors until he is in. He uses great cunning and many a plan. When one miscarries, he has another at hand and continues in his attempts until he wins (Martin Luther)

Satan only has power over the minds of the “unbelieving”.

Without adequate explanation of what is really happening in this world, Satan’s manipulation causes fear to set in and fear causes human brains to give off a specific resonance so Satan knows his tactics are working. This explains why Scripture says not to fear anyone except God. Focusing on Jesus sets one’s resonance to him. Satan and his angels are beginning to increasingly manifest as they did during the days of Noah, which is predicted to happen during Earth’s last generation.

ln the future, a New World Order will demand people connect to universal collective just like computers, Smartphones, and Tablets connect to the worldwide web and anyone refusing will be targeted. Satan as messiah will control masses of people using the right frequency aimed at their pineal gland that will stimulate a series
of his preprogrammed DNA reactions

Gangstalking and noise harassment, psychological torture or noise torture

Isaiah l4:11 actually says Satan made noise as he was brought down. Noise is what you get when you are out of tune with everything. It is defined as “a loud and unpleasant sound that has an irritating effect.” This means Satan must entice humans to manipulate their pineal gland receivers in order to receive his broadcast. Constant noise harassment, or constant noise interference or communication interference (non-stop babbling/crosstalk) is a creation of these powers to create an ongoing background noise that´s disturbing your spirotual broadcast and disturbing your silence or peace of mind.

This is what gangstalking is about today (White noise harassment)

Subliminal messages hidden within music can induce subconscious hearing and brainwashing without the mind’s conscious awareness. A man~made product called ”white noise” can actually be inundated with words only your subconscious hears that has ability to alter your psychological and biological information processing. Such subliminal technology, promoted by proponents as illuminating, actually takes you out of harmonic balance with God and is spiritual warfare on a grand scale.

Humans biologically cannot light against an enemy they cannot see, and Satan knows if he can cut your phone line to God that he has got you forever in his grip. Psychological warfare today involves production of weapons using acoustic waves at a controlled hertz to totally control a human being’s body from a distance like remote control without a shot ever having to be tired. Triggering various electromagnetic fluctuations can affect brainwavcs that then alter human emotion and physical well-being. Because all humans have a traceable electromagnetic fingerprint, Satan wants you to dial into his broadcast so he can pinpoint you even more with demonic activity. Once you start listening to him, he completely takes over.

Satan´s goal with his accuses is: Satan’s goal is to get humans to destroy themselves with vices or conflicts. Satan has messed up our world today. You are in a battle for your mind, and Satan wants to imprison your mind within his fortress. Satan knows that if he can persuade you to set your mind on his accusations, then he can imprison you. He will seduce you, capture you, steal your belief system concerning the truth, and take you in the fortress he has built around your mind. This behavior is common in Gangstalking.

Satan´s gangstalkers are buildning walls around you mind with noise campaigns, noise torture, pyschological warfare, sensitizing you, traumabasing, brainwashing, persecution in social life and social enviroments, shadowing in your apartment, minstalking you and so on, and when this happen it is satan who is working through these people. One of many of Satan´s strategy is to occupy every space he can, persecution, by foot, by car, in the air by helicopters and small airplanes, shadowstalking, public domain stalking, crosstalk and noise and commnunication interference, using props, colors, numbers or symbols.

Satan wants to fill hearts with things of himself, such as lust, habitual lying, fear, doubt, unbelief, and mistrust

Satan will persistently attack and try to obsess our hearts and minds with the stronghold of impatience. Anytime you find yourself questioning God’s timing, faithfulness, and ability— impatience.

That´s why Satan trying to plant doubts and confusion in believers heart. The attacks of satan, he will continue to plant more seeds of confusion and doubt within the persons mind and heart. He want´s to remove the Word of God from peoples hearts.

If he (Satan) can capture your ego, he can manipulate you for his own selfish satisfaction

He (Satan) is a master in manipulating the ego—the root cause of all evil. Ego is self, from which springs up selfishness, pride, vanity, the ‘I’ or ‘me’ in man. I am this. I am that. You don’t know who I am. Go and ask about me. I am the boss of this company; I am the owner of that house. I am the king of this town. It’s all about ‘I’ and ‘me.’ If he (Satan) can capture your ego, he can manipulate you for his own selfish satisfaction. The mind and the emotion is Satan’s area of specialty. If he succeeds in capturing your mind, he will programme it and influence your emotion and then you can act it out physically the way he wants you to act. Satan is a specialist in mind programming, but his skills are limited to God. Wherever Satan stops, that is where God begins.

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