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October 31, 2017

Satan is the negative spirit that moves and operates around us.

Satan is the negative spirit that moves and operates around us

Satan throws arrows of negativity into your mind through thoughts constantly.

Satan is a image of darkness, destruction and negative energy

Satan´s stalking and gangstalking working to make people feel poweless, destryoing their life, attacking them psychological, sensitizing them, fear mongering, create long term stress, persecute them, attacking their self-image, self-esteem, identity, create noise torture, create pain and terror, gaslighting them,  mirroring, drive them to insanity or suicide, so depression is the tool he/they uses to make people feel powerless.

Satans´s workers (gangstalking) psychological torture people, traumabasing people and sensitizing them and then using trigger words to induce more pain, horror and terror in their lives.

Satan using spiritual sadness to keep humans down and in disbelief

Negative thoughts keep us from accomplishing our dreams and desires. The fear and negativity prevents you from achieving all the amazing things

Satan is the negative spirit that moves and operates around us.

Satan seeks to fill our minds with negative thoughts and emotions that cause us to feel down. He is a discourager, and he pulls us down emotionally, spiritually, financially, and in every way he can. But Jesus is our Encourager, and He came to lift us up. He came to give us righteousness, peace and joy, and all these things cause us to feel up!

Satan will charge in and create doubts, despair and depression.

Satan is trying to replace a peace of mind with chaos, fear, stress, doubts, pain

Satan can hindering the amygdala from healing by induce fear, stress, pain, create false amygdala attacks, and by attacking humans identity and self-esteem, demoralization he can make people be oppressed and down.


Satan will use the intimidation factor against us to try to fool us into thinking we are wasting time by having faith in God. Anytime that we feel or hear his negativity, only means God is working miracles for us right now as we speak.

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