Satan is effective at causing natural disasters and blaming them on God as demonstrated in Job.

We battle not against humans, but the spirit working in them. We battle control, spiritual blindness and plots of the enemy who is working 24/7 to destroy you.

Fear is the strongest weapon that Satan uses to stop faith from working. To have fear is to have faith in Satan.

Satan is a master in his own way of destruction. he plans it and execute it, he works with time, and he works both day and night. he works 24/7 just to destroy you.

Satan’s greatest weapon is his use of deception

Satan is very effective at controlling key communications systems to spread his deceptions.

Satan’s army is currently outnumbered by Angelic forces 14:1. Due to these grossly inferior numbers the demonic army will employ “asymmetric warfare” against the army of heaven and against God’s people. This means that the demonic army will use its strengths against our weakness whenever possible. For example Satan will use deception to create the false impression that we can embrace secular laws that are counter to the word of God.

Satan’s game plan is to always keep us sleep and weary to God’s healing Power so we stay trapped by always feeling we are damaged goods.

Satan is very effective at infiltrating key branches of government.

Satan is limited in mobility and offensive warfare given that God and His angelic forces keep him in check relevant to God’s strategic mission.

Satan will try to destroy your mind