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October 30, 2017

Satan is a master deceiver and the greatest among all liars

In fact, Satan is a master deceiver and the greatest among all liars.

Satan’s rebellion against God, he is also the deceiver of the whole world

The purpose of Satan’s being bound is stated explicitly: “that he should deceive the nations no more

Strategies of the Deceiver

Remembering two important truths from the Scriptures can help us in overcoming Satan’s influence in our lives. First, Satan’s methods often use bondage to trip us up in our devotion to Christ. Second, Satan’s methods feature deceit and lies.

Revelation 12:9. We see from this verse that Satan is the deceiver. His purpose in deceiving people is this: to prevent unbelievers from knowing God and also to draw believers away from relationship with God, from His Word and His church.

Satan has framed in unholy opposition to the truth as it is in Jesus—a subtle contrivance to delude and to destroy.

Satan is the Great Deceiver, and his sole purpose is to thwart God’s plan for salvation, and to convince the world that his ways are normal (his demons are normal in his world )

Satan is the Great Deceiver, and his sole purpose is to thwart God’s plan for salvation, i.e., to convince the world that his ways are normal and proper, to show the ways of God to be strange and unacceptable.

Satan  is the god of this age who ”has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God”

When Satan confronted Jesus, the truth was at last revealed: his all-consuming desire for worship. The Old Testament exposed Satan as the tempter, tormenter, and deceiver of mankind

Satan deceived himself into thinking he could overthrow the sovereign rule of God. Since then, Satan has opposed God and has become known as the adversary or great deceiver.

Satan’s lies are always designed to accomplish two things. They are to deceive or mislead. And to contradtct God’s word and instructions.

Everything the devil and his demons touch and transform is real, but it is also a lie. God describes Satan as a deceiver, a murder, and the father of lies. Satan is nothing but a liar. He is the essence of falsehood, not truth. The only truth about Satan is the truth revealed about him in the Word of God

We cannot understand Satan, who seeks unlimited honour, in terms of honour competition alone. He becomes an orator, a deceiver, a consummate actor, and seducer — and he manipulates the emotions of others by merging with their desires, taking on the shape of a lion, toad, and serpent in order to do so. He permeates the psyches of others, breaking down the boundaries between self and other as well as between god, human, and beast. Like error in A Treatise of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes (1659), which becomes ‘slie’ and ‘shifting’.

Satan established himself as a liar and deceiver.

None other than Satan himself. The Deceiver misleads, deludes, beguiles and hoodwinks us in any way he can.

Christians who are not grounded in the Word are not aware of their dominion in this strategic area. They do not know they have authority to resist the devil and works of Lucifer. I find that the devil is an expert in fifth-column tactics. He sneaks in, and we are unaware. He comes in with his camouflage. He is a deceiver. The devil convinces man of his (Satan’s) power, and by this means creates fears, phobias, confusion, and a feeling of helplessness (this is todays gangstalking)

Satan’s mask is removed. His power is overcome—and the Deceiver isn’t happy.

Satan is a liar. He is also a deceiver, he twists the truths to make us doubt. He has only one goal in mind and that is to try and steal everyone who was ever created from the family of God and he will use any means, even coming as an angel of light

Satan, who has deceived the whole world, for his desire is to keep as much of mankind from having a relationship with God. Satan is also deceived, still believing that he can defeat the plan of God.

“The ancient deceiver, Satan himself, counterfeits every high and pure law of God, and that includes prayer.

He is the master destroyer, the master deceiver, the master liar.

Satan is called the Great deceiver because he twists the word of God, deceiving God’s children into thinking that tradition and religion are more powerful than the truth of God’s word.

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