Satan hates the Word of God. He has no weapon that can stand against it.

Satan cannot use God’s word to deceive anyone because there is no deceit in God’s word. Satan must twist the word

There can be only one truth, but Satan has to make many lies and label them as “truth.” … However, Satan hates the idea that God’s Word is perfect because it means he has no chance of winning the war

Satan does not want God’s people to study the Word of God, because they will then know the truth and the truth will make them free.

Satan hates the Word of God which is the truth of God and the light of God.

Satan hates the Word of God when it is preached because it is a life giving, and soul saving nourishment for those who are spiritually DEAD!

Satan, hates God’s Word, and he will do anything he can to stop people from hearing its life-changing message