Satan has imprisoned the human soul in the body

Satan has imprisoned the human soul in the body, and it could be realead only by death. Jesus came to earth to break this bondage. This death means to be born again in the Spirit of God.

The human spirit is thus imprisoned in the human body by the evil Satan

All humans beings were satan´s subjects and kept them all imprisoned.

2 Timothy 2:26 speaks of men in ”the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.” Satan imprisons and enslaves his own subjects, but wars against the liberated saints.

Jesus come to earth to deliver us from Satan´s snares and darkness

The Devils final objective is to enslave every human being on earth to worship him.

Earth is the Pit into which the devil is cast, then; a kind of holding cell for all the dross of universe, a ”prison planet”.

Earth is a fast becoming ”prison planet”

Satan´s plan as fallen one from heaven is to deceive, enslave and degrade the human race.

Freedom is dying, and the the whole world knows it is taking place! Satan has fabricated a form of freedom that will lead to the destruction of man and trying his best to spread it around the world. Freedom has become poisoned by Satan.

Satan hates God. Satan hates God, but the can´harm God in the sense of making God less than  He is. So, Satan hurts God by hurting God´s people.

Satan roams like a devouring lion  to destroy faith. He makes people sick and diseased by poisoning their minds

Satan is ”The Spirit of Satan”, ”The Spirit of Fear”,  ”The the Spirit of Error”, ”The Spirit of Confusion”, ”Spirit of Evil Counsel”, ”Spirit of False Power”, ”Spirit of Evil and False Knowledge. These powers can been seen in todays gangstalking when they targeted peoples souls.

Jesus never allowed Himself to come under control of others, because he was a free man, death could not keep Him bound.

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