Satan cannot use God’s word to deceive anyone because there is no deceit in God’s word. Satan must twist the word.

The true word of God is your freedom of life when satan tries to occupy everything in your life by persecution and gangstalking. Satan hates the true word of God. Satan can never hijack the true word of God and he cannot hijacking the light from God.

The devil has no answer for the true Word of God spoken in faith.

Jesus declared in Mark 11:23 that we shall have what we say. Satan is after our tongue and the words we speak. He wants us to speak words of doubt, unbelief and negativity so that he can get us off the plan of God for our lives. Satan knows that our authority is exercised through the words we speak. Therefore. he will work day and night to get us to speak words of defeat, failure, poverty. lack, destruction, sickness and disease. As long as Satan can keep us speaking words of defeat, he has control of the situation and will hold us in bondage.

He believes that he will win the war against God, even though he lost the decisive battle with Jesus long ago.
For you and me, this might sound crazy! How can Satan still believe that he can win? But it’s possible that sin has twisted satan’s mind for so long that he may really believe that he is stronger than God. Remember that he had quite an ego problem right from the start, and evil´s influence for all these years has corrupted his ability to think sensibly.

A second reason that Satan fights on, even though the war is lost, is that he wants to take as many victims with him as he can before he is banished to hell. Satan’s hatred for God runs so deep that he will use everything he’s got to doom all the people he can before the end.

Satan has deceived mankind and has twisted God’s Word for us to accept him as God for centuries.

Satan likes to twist things around so we can believe what he is lying to us about.

Satan is often called the Wicked One, therefore his world system is full of wickedness. The word in Greek for wickedness is “poneros” and means evil or bad. Satan wickedness can be recognized as a most cruel tyrant (gangstalking)

Satan’s desperate wickedness and violent hatred of God and Christ will not be altered by his thousand years of imprisonment. Satan has been deceived by his own wickedness when he has been deceiving humankind for so long time of history.

Satan does not care whether we are enslaved by wickedness or are a victim of wickedness, as long as we are prevented from achieving holiness.

Gangstalking is Wickedness in high places. For a example my neighbor have been sitting in the bathroom and open the watercranes so you can hear how she is changing the water pressure constantly, so she is sitting in here bathroom a saturday evening for hours to gaslighting your life. This is wickedness. She seems to walk between the bathroom and playing with the watercranes and then she starts making hitting sounds in the floor, and then back to the bathroom and changing the water pressure, and then back and make some hitting sound on living floor above. This is The Swedish wickedness in high places. Earlier they even walking outside my window with two barking dogs. This is how the wicked gangstalking Swedes are.

It is like having a sick psychopath above your apartment who does not have any other life than gangstalking.

And just when I post this The swedish helicopter flying around the apartment 23.00 saturday evening, so they are acting in a same way. They flew around the apartment even yesterday, they want create sleeping problems for you. Now they flying here again. And now they are here again and flying around the apartment 23.30 a saturday evening with their airstalking and harassing helicopter around the apartment 23.30 a saturday evening. And they are here again. This is the swedish stalking mentality and are going on 24/7.

And when you try to sleep the neighbor starts dropping things in the floor 00.30