Root of evil and Satan is King of evil

Evil germited in this world with the sin of our great father and mother – Adam and Eve – when they disobeyed God by eating the forbiddden fruit. But the seed of evil orignated even earlier in the mind of Lucifer – God´s cheif angelic creation. He rebelled in the Kingdom of Heaven and determined to rule on God´s throne. Lucifer usurped God´s rightful ownership of this world after God cast him from heaven. He became the earth´s temporary ruler. We attribute the existence of evil to him. He is the “King of evil”. He introduced evil to mankind through trickery and deception. We know him as Satan – the great deceiver and the ancient serpent. Satan´s actions of evil will be a witness against himself. Do not ne decieved! You muat know the Word of God so that you can recognize Satan´s trickery.

Satan is King of Evil and Satan does not understand the language of the Holy Spirit. Satan has power over humankind and this is the root of evil. In same way God using Faith, is Satan using fear, and i same way the Pineal Gland (Christ) can lighten up the mind, so can Satan´s mind produce darkness. Satan is against God, whose will leads to Life, and God is against Satan whose will leads to death. Satan wants have a mind of darkness, so he produce darkness to them who has light within them or have started to produce light.

The Devil dwells in the darkness. Truth and illumination will begin break his power over our lives. If you walk in Christ you can be the most powerful force on Earth.

I do not understand what I do, for what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate, I do (Romans 7:15)

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is week (Matthew 26:41)

In the midst of the root of evil, in the midst of that tree there is Satan. He is the one who uses the Law of Sin and Death, because of the weakness.

The root of evil in the world is that its all-comprehensive order or system has been organized on the basis of complete independence of God. As such it is Satan´s supreme effort to perpetuate the lie that he is good.

Satan loves to keeps the mind blind to the Gospel. To accomplish this task, he looks to our flesh; our human nature. Regardless of our culture or geography, we all have a human nature. This nature is fallen and it´s in this nature that he flesh rules. Satan rules in this realm and keeps thoose under his influence as captives. Captivity and destruction of humanity is the nature, intent, and work of Satan and his hordes of evil emissaries. The Devils final objective is to ensiave every human being on earth to worship him.

Mind of Satan or Satan’s Mind Set

Satan is “The Spirit of Darkness”, “The Spirit of Fear”, “The the Spirit of Error”, “The Spirit of Confusion”, “Spirit of Evil Counsel , Spirit of False Power , Spirit of Evil and False Knowledge.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenenly realms (Ephesians 6:12).

Satan trying to corrupt your faith and blind your pathway and prevent God etablishing His Kingdom. Satan will do everything he can to try and foil our efforts.

If we follow the sin nature, we are bound for hell but if follow God´s nature, we will go to heaven. God has given us a free will to choose who we are going to allow to run our life – either it´s teh sin nature or God´s nature. If the Spirit of God lives on us, we can´t be controlled by the sin nature anymore, but by the Holy Spirit. Satan will always lead us in the opposite direction, away from God.

We must let go of Satan and his world.

The Devil always wants to get you think it is about you. It is not about you. It is about the sin nature and sin consciousness that was placed on you because of Adam who allowed the sin nature and sin consciousness come on the entire human race.

Remember, the battlefield is in the mind heart soul and strength of humanity, and the Devil wants to keep those areas captive. Satan has imprisoned the human soul in the body, and it could be realead only by death. Jesus came to earth to break this bondage.

Earth is a fast becoming “prison planet”. Earth is the Pit into which the devil is cast, then; a kind of holding cell for all the dross of universe, a”prison planet”. Satan’s plan as fallen one from heaven is to deceive, enslave and degrade the human race.

Satan enters the Garden of Eden in order to enslave Adam and Eve by using the deception of freedom. Freedom has become poisoned by Satan. Freedom is dying, and the the whole world knows it is taking place! Satan has fabricated a form of freedom that will lead to the destruction of man and trying his best to spread it around the world.

When Satan enter the Garden of Eden his psychological methods can be summerize like this when he trying to enter or attack human minds;

“The Devil takes no holiday; he never rests. If beaten, he rises again. If he cannot enter in front, he steals in the rear. If he cannot enter at the rear, he breaks through the roof or enters by tunneling under the threshotd. He tabors until he is in. He uses great cunning and many a plan. When one miscarries, he has another at hand and continues in his attempts until he wins.”

Then this evil taking action;

Satan sowing error instead of truth.

Satan has a doctrine of methods for creating errors and fear.

Satan striving to lead God’s people into error and failure.

Then Satan starts his hate campaign. Then Satan start his deceiving campaign. Then Satan start his tormneting campaign. Then Satan start his persecution campaign. Then Satan start his fear mongering cantpaigns. Then Satan start his pyscoiogicai noise torture camgpaign. Then Satan start his mind-error creating campaign. Then Satan start his siandering cantpaign. Then Satan start his accusing campaign. Then Satan start his obstructing campaign Then Satan start his interference campaign. Then satan start his sabotage campaign Then Satan start his gaslighting or confusion campaign. Then Satan start his communication and noise interference campaign. Then Satan start his ostracism and excluding campaign. Hen Satan start his infiltration campaign. Then Satan start his demomiization campaign. Then Satan start his demonization campaign. All these methods are a symboie for Satan’s own perfection and others evil he thinks. Satan is demonizing others when he is the one who are a symbole for evil and working with demonic powers. Then Satan startworking 24/7 campaign. This is Satan ‘s work and gangstalking use same methods as Satan does, and with same purpose to destroy.

Satan´s Evil is to lead you away from your true Higher Self and stay in power in his image (Mark of the Beast = the selfish ego image)

So how will Satan´s evil destroy man and God’s creation of mankind?

He will start fear mongering [to control}

He will re-create God’s image

He will re-create and re-program God’s original Blueprint (brainwashing and mind conttroll

He will lead your away from your true Higher Self

He will dis-connect you from the Cosmic Consciousness by misleading and distractions

He will make people think this technology is; A new machine— “religiosity, people start evolving a blind worshiping for the computer and use of the technology and think this computer is the real God and all knowing God when it is machine God which purpose is to dis—connect peoples mind from their real God Source and the God’s Consciousness. It is like think Horus Eye and

Third Eye is lhe same way to God’s Kingdom of Heaven. There is not two ways to the Kingdom Of Heaven and the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland means light. Horus Third Eye is Devils single eye. If people start think Horus Eye is flle the way to heaven and then lhink flle computer is aall—knowing God where will this end for people and nations.

He will try connect peoples mind to a Global Artificial Global World Brain —A computer Brain

If Satan can do this, he can create a new creation — a cyborg and this cyborg don’t need any human consciousness because this brain will be connected to a computer— a artificial global world brain he can control. Today’s message is — “’ Let the computer decide for you”. In the end this will be how Satan takes over the control over the human mind and change it or enslaves it.

This mean; Humans are then no longer connected to God’s original Blueprint and the true Word of God’s programming and humans can no longer be saved people to eternal life. The salvation will be gone. Humans will then also be dis-connected from the true Higher Self and they will dis-connected from their Cosmic Consciousness and they will be dis-connected from self-realization. And people will no longer have any use of fantasy, dreams, creativity, authortiy or free will or willpower and will be programmed what to do.

Satan is already separate the darkness [the lower self} from light the Higher Self by separate the three first chakras from the other three chakras and when Satan’s technology starts been implementing peoples minds will be separated from God’s Conciousness and it means they will be dis-connected from their homes in God. And when this separation starts even whole nation will soon lose their true identity and cannot re-connect to the Source of God.

Marcuse wrote that the technology shows us how disenfranschised we actually are. We can not disconnect it [the internet] and it blinds us from understanding the real causes of hour frustrations and oppression. Peoples minds are brains are connected to this system —the ego-beast-system. The best way to re-connect to the Cosmic Consciousness is to learn the mind and brain is to close down this stand- by and online connection sometimes (for a couple of hours sometimes]

Just to be sure you understand Satan’s game plan. Let us now recap when we have prewiously learned to get an a bigger picture of just how Satan’s frequency of his universal collective consciousness can one day soon totally controll mankind. ELF waves have an abolty when secretly transmotte to lock in to a brain and force it to resonance. Science has proven man-made electromagnetic resonance is the sixty herrtz range of power lines throws its surroundings out of harmony with nature and inflicts damage to DNA

Satan’s plan is to destroy man and mankind by create a World Global Brain and then connect man and humans mind to this computer brain and then are humans mind dis-connected from God’s Cosmic Conciousnes Blueprint and the true Word of God. God’s Word can no longer reach the human mind because they are connected to a computer mind and this will be the end for mankind and humanity and humans will become cyborgs. Human can no longer be in His image because of the Word of God can no longer transform their lives. And this means God’s creation of Man is destroyed by Satan. God and Jesus has won the war, but this is how it can evolving if man not are aware.

Satan wants keep people in the carnal mind

Satan´s first step, obviously, is to keep you off the course; deny you Higher Self (Christ-Light identity)

Why does Satan wants keep people in the carnal flesh? The carnal mind always listen to the desires of the flesh. Satan all kingdom is built up around humans materialistic needs and a selfishness worldview. Satan is king because he is feeding the ego – his own ego with power. Satans couldn´t create his ego-materialistic-selfishness worldview in heaven, so he has created this selfishness on Earth instead.

Satan wants keep control over humans ego and reality by feeding the lower nature (lower ego) of man. Satan is the this lower nature of man (the Beast ego)

Satan wants keep people in the carnal mind

Satan keeps control over humans by his spirit of fear “frequency”

Satan wants keep control over humans ego and reality by feeding the lower nature (lower ego) of man.

Satan wants the human soul

Satan wants the human soul. It´s the whole of human life of the human life of the human person. All that God has set in your destiny and in the soul of man and woman. Your soul is what concerns God The Cosmic warfare between God and Satan is all about your soul. God has it, and Satan wants it. Satan is the author of confusion and wants control everything that belongs to God. The reason Satan wants you to hold onto that bitterness is because it is posion to your soul. Satan has been cast out of heaven and has no chance-so-ever of spending a joyous eternity with our Lord and Savior. So his goal is to drag down with him so many souls as he can trick into. You have a savior, Satan does not have this, and you can go to heaven, Satan can´t. Satan´s goal is to; first to keep your carnal flesh imprisoned on earth and second to gatekeeping so you don´t enter Kingdom of Heaven. If you start loosing the bands of evil influences and get closer to God or your true Higher Self Satan will start persecuting.

Satan´s evil tactics to use his power against us in destroying ourselves. Satan wants you to fail. Satan goal is to get you hate yourself.

Satan is building evil strongholds to Control humans

Break down Satan´s strongholds

What is Satan?

The Dark Ultra Ego

The enemy is looking to establish roots of bitterness in every Christian. Don’t let even tiny seeds of pain or bitterness grow into a stronghold.

This is why they trying to traumabase people with Mk Ultra and gangstalking methods and daily sensitizing. Satan building strongholds of fear, stress,  pain, terror, horror paranoia, and trauma in believers of God.

This is how Satan and his evildoers is working; They start a false accusing to get started to build their strongholds to control peoples minds and brains. They planting this pain and then starts sensitizing you every day. What´s feeding your brain will then controls your life. When they are building these strongholds they starts feeding the mind with pain, terror, fear, stress, trauma, noise torture, isolation, persecution to mind control.  They using their own Spirit of FEAR and this Spirit of FEAR is not coming from God (II Timothy 1:7)

But throughout his ministry on earth Jesus always exposed the devil’s works and secret operations

Jesus reveals to us Satan‟s secret heavenly operations and gives us a weapon to overcome.

The “strongholds” take hold and grow in our lives when we take our eyes off the Lord and let our attitude get in the way.

Strongholds exist in the darkness, where Satan resides. Ignorance and deception are his pathways. It takes the Word of God to shine the light of truth on strongholds.

Satan’s strongholds

A stronghold is an area in which we are held in bondage—any part of our lives in which Satan imprisons us. He does this by causing us to think a certain way—a way that is based on lies we have been told. As long as we believe things that are not true, we will remain imprisoned by those strongholds. To enjoy freedom, we must learn to use God’s mighty weapons.

Remember, a stronghold is a fortress of lies Satan builds in your heart and mind.

Scripture also tells us that Satan’s strongholds are delusions, unreal, lies, just as everything he says is a lie

Feeling useless is one of Satan’s greatest tools in deceiving people and causing them to succumb under the weight of oppression.

The Stronghold of Rejection

Satan works to build a castle or stronghold called Rejection in our minds and hearts which includes four surrounding walls. These are not physical walls but rather emotional walls. To access and evict Rejection, we must tear down the surrounding walls. Realize, Satan works through deception. He counts on our buying into his deception, rejecting God’s truth, and embracing a lie.
The First Wall
The outer wall is the “Rejection of God.” Without this wall, no other walls can be built. If it goes up, the others will surely follow.

The Second Wall

The second wall is the “Fear of Rejection.” Cut off from the love of God fear enters to fill the void. We begin to distrust God and others.

One of the most important components in the relationshop to God is the ability to trust. What Satan´s is doing is attacking humans ability to build up feelings of trust by revealing things about your life, revealing facts and information in real time what you are doing, invading your mind, your privacy  and your intergrity, he is interfering with noise and communication interference in the background, disturbing your silence or peace of mind, perecute, and imitating, gesturing, mirroring, gaslighting, sensitizing, fear-mongering to make you unsafe, unsecure and feel unprotected and there is no one you can trust because almost everyone seems to be gangstalking. This is want Satan want´s. In Satan´s world these behavior are normal and not wickedness.

Remember, Satan’s objective is to divert and distract us from fellowship with God. The battleground of this psychological warfare is the mind. Whereas Satan’s tactics of intimidation seek to divert us from God by fear, his tactic of manipulation seeks to create doubts and distractions to preoccupy our minds, thus preventing us from fellowshipping with God. The tactics of manipulation take place in every area of our lives, from the boardroom to the bedroom, but they are most destructive in the body of Christ. This demonic psychological warfare takes place among brothers and sisters in the body of Christ by several means. The first is what the Bible calls “arguments” (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Dropping words, contsant noise haraassment, crosstalk, communication interference or noise interference has the same sadistic purpose to distract and replace your peace of mind and power. Daily sensitizing, anchoring and chaining techniques is control mechanisms from darkness. MK Ultra and gangstalking trying to traumabase the mind and brain and induce fear, stress, negativity, anxiety, paranoia and garbaging or poisoning your mind with spams.  Your head drops down from the clouds and begins to throb with stress. Where only moments ago all was “perfect” and you were ready to ascend to heaven with praise, now you are a defeated lump of flesh. What happened to you? An argument or word from another person—inspired and produced by iniquity—just reached out and touched you. Suddenly, all the warm worshipful thoughts you had about the Lord are drowned out by the sound of your own heart pounding out a rising blood pressure level. You have been derailed, diverted, and distracted from fellowship with God. You have been the victim of an argument of Satan‘s psychological warfare. This is what gangstalkers do every day and this is their game plan. Noise torture is Satan´s weapon and warfare against tagrgeted inidviduals and people are doing Satan´s work.

Jesus is the Bondage Breaker!

NKJ Luke 4:18,19 “The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; 19 To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.”

Sometimes the lies seem to just pop into our minds for no apparent reason; sometimes Satan even speaks to us through other people. He puts something critical or hurtful into their minds about us, and they speak it out for us to hear. lf we listen and accept what we hear, our enemy rejoices. If we listen long enough to the deceptive information we have taken in, we will find ourselves facing serious problems. Instead of listening and absorbing the untruths and
satanic deceptions, you can look at what Jesus did and follow His example

We can break the strongholds the devil has built in our minds. The Bible tells us that when we know the truth, that truth will free us from Satan’s strongholds (see John 8:32).

You cannot be free unless you know that the weapons of warfare are available to you and that you can learn to use them. As you learn to resist Satan and call him a liar, your life will change dramatically for the better.

Satan hates to be exposed

The truth! What a unique weapon. Oh, how Satan hates the truth. He knows what the truth will do to a person—”And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). “…now that you have been set free from sin…the result is eternal life…” (Romans 6:22, NW). Satan does not want us to fight him with truth. There is no defense for truth. It will lead people to God and to eternal life. Satan wants to lie and to deceive. In John 8:44 he is called “the father of lies.” He does not want us to know the truth and to be set free from his deceptions. He wants to deceive us all, the good and the bad.

The Apostle uses a graphic picture to try to convey to us Satan’s ceaseless and destructive activity, the figure of a lion. The lion, who stalks. The lion lurks quietly in tall grass.

T. Robertson wrote, “The Devil´s” purpose is the ruin of mankind. Satan wants all of us.” It´s wise for us to  remember that when we travel. It’s wise for us m remember that when we don´t gather for worship on a Sunday and we’re really out on our own. It´s wise to remember that when we find ourselves alone for extended periods of time, especially during our more vulnerable moments. He prowls about, stalking our every step, waiting for a strategic moment to catch us off guard. His goal? To devour us . . . to consume us . ….to eat us alive. 2 Timothy 2:26 speaks of men in ”the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.” Satan imprisons and enslaves his own subjects, but wars against the liberated saints.

Satan hates exposure. He hates being talked about. He certainly hates it when truth replaces fantasy and people are correctly informed. He especially hates having all of his ugly and filthy plans and destructive ways identified. The Holy Spirit’s message in the Word unmask Satan’s person and methods. He also hates being exposed as the fraud he is. He needs to be exposed by the light of God’s Word. Satan hates exposure and was going to extreme measures to remain hidden. For he fears the conflict and exposure that may result when he is exposed to the word of light. He hates to be challenged, because he fears those who might wake up and stand against him. Satan knows that the Bible offers us the knowledge we need to overcome his plans to ruin us by keeping us from being changed and developing a servant heart for God. He knows that he has no power over those who seek the Kingdom  as a priority. Satan hates the entire flock of Christ, for they have all been rescued from his grasp. Jesus exposed the hypocrisy of their heart

Without adequate explanation of what is really happening in this world, Satan’s manipulation causes fear to set in and fear causes human brains to give off a specific resonance so Satan knows his tactics are working. This explains why Scripture says not to fear anyone except God. Focusing on Jesus sets one’s resonance to him. Satan and his angels are beginning to increasingly manifest as they did during the days of Noah, which is predicted to happen during Earth’s last generation.


What combination is Satan´s weakness; His pride and to be worshiped and admired by others and something to be idolized, and this make him vulnerable and makes his big selfish ego addicted to what others think of him. That´s why Satan´s attacks other humans identity, self-image, self-esteem by slandering them and drag them down to Satan´s own dirty accusing world.

Satan´s goal with his accuses is: Satan’s goal is to get humans to destroy themselves with vices or conflicts. Satan has messed up our world today. You are in a battle for your mind, and Satan wants to imprison your mind within his fortress. Satan knows that if he can persuade you to set your mind on his accusations, then he can imprison you. He will seduce you, capture you, steal your belief system concerning the truth, and take you in the fortress he has built around your mind. This behavior is common in Gangstalking. Satan´s gangstalkers are buildning walls around you mind with noise campaigns, noise torture, pyschological warfare, sensitizing you, traumabasing, brainwashing, persecution in soical life and social enviroments, shadowing in your apartment, minstalking you and so on, and when this happen it is satan´s who is working through these people. One of many of Satan´s strategy is to occupy every space he can, persecution, by foot, by car, in the air by helicopters and small airplanes, shadowstalking, public domain stalking, crosstalk and noise and commnunication interference, using props, colors, numbers or symbols.

Satan wants to fill hearts with things of himself, such as lust, habitual lying, fear, doubt, unbelief, and mistrust

Satan will persistently attack and try to obsess our hearts and minds with the stronghold of impatience. Anytime you find yourself questioning God’s timing, faithfulness, and ability— impatience.

That´s why Satan trying to plant doubts and confusion in believers heart. The attacks of satan, he will continue to plant more seeds of confusion and doubt within the persons mind and heart. He want´s to remove the Word of God from peoples hearts.

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

STRONGHOLD NUMBER 1 FEAR One of Satan’s primary weapons against the believer is the spirit of fear. It is important to understand that fear is satanic in nature and does not originate in God.

II Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us The Spirit of FEAR; but of power and love and of a sound mind

Notice that in this passage of scripture. fear is identified as at spirit. also notice the phrase. “God has not given us”.
denotes that God is not the author of fear. All fear can be either directly or indirectly linked to Satan. From verse 7, we see that where there is fear. there is no power or no love or no soundness of mind. When you allow fear to dominate your mind. then fear will negate the power 0f God in your life and you will have no love or soundness of mind. Fear does not travel alone. Fear has a couple of running buddies named, doubt and unbelief. You cannot walk in faith and walk in fear at the same time. one will have to go. lf you allow your mind to be dominated by fear then. fear will cancel out your faith. A definition for fear that I like to use to is as follows: “fear is the absence of faith”. When fear comes in. faith must go. When faith comes in fear must go. (This text illustrate how gangstalking in Sweden is working. People walking around and fear mongering every day), so gangstalkers must have a the spirit of fear in them somehow).


As long as thoughts of fear are racing through your mind, you are not walking in the liberty wherewith Christ
has set you free. As long as there is fear in the atmosphere of your mind, you are not able to freely praise God. You are not able to freely minister to others while you yourself are bound by the spirit of fear.  F0r ye have not received THE SPIRIT OF BONDAGE again, TO FEAR…” (Romans 8: 15). lf you are being bound by the spirit of fear, you must forcibly and aggressively break the stronghold of fear. through the prayer of binding and loosing. Speak to the spirit of fear, call it out by name and say, ” I bind the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus. and l command you to leave my mind. for the Word of God says. that he has not given me the spirit of fear. but of love and of power and ofa sound mind”.

First John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But
he who fears has not been made perfect in love.

Fear becomes a stronghold in our lives because it is rooted in our desire to protect ourselves from some potential judgment, punishment, pain, or suffering. Fear will cause us to hide. It will cause us to deny the truth. It will cause us to flee the very presence of God. Fear will rob us of our destiny, and it must not be tolerated in any way. It must be destroyed. Fear attaches itself so easily to the person who is operating under the influence of insecurity and inferiority. These two demon spirits give fear access to our lives and empower fear to torment us. Fear then works to protect these two demon spirits from being exposed and ultimately cast out.

Second Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” God has not given us a spirit of fear, nor does He want us to operate under any influence of fear. Fear blinds us from the truth. It drives us in a direction completely opposite from where God is. We must get a revelation of the seriousness, the danger, and the sinfulness of allowing fear to operate in an area of our life. There is no way you will truly get free from Satan’s dirty little secret—the spirits of insecurity and inferiority—until you break the barricade of fear insulating those two strongholds. In order to break through this barricade of fear, we have to attack it from two fronts. First, we must recognize fear for what it is—a sin that God has clearly commanded us to resist. And second, we must get to know the weapons God has given us to break the power of fear over our lives.

Fear lies to us. It tells us that if we submit to it, we will be safe. But fear’s intention is actually to enslave us and keep us contained inside its walls.

The Greek word for fortress, ochuroma i also the same Greek world prison. Think about what a fortress is,
how it is shaped and how it protects what is inside. It is an almost impregnable wall that keeps enemies out but also guards the things within. It is the same with the fortresses of our minds.

Satan’s accusatory but persuasive words are usually what he uses ta gain entrance into our minds. These words later become strongholds, or fortresses.

Strongholds in 2 Corinthians 10:4. They are the lies that the devil, the accuser has ingrained into our minds  and belief systems. They result in negative thoughts and a sense of powerlessness that the enemy uses to exert power over us.

He knows that if he can speak his lies and we keep reeiving them, then he has the solid foundation for his fortress. These fortress built of lies keep negative thoughts protected within that citadel but also guard that citadel from any intrusion of God´s word.

The heart is a fortress and Satan, an enemy wanting to enter that fortress. take possession of it and dominate it. Protecting the fortress from the enemy can only be possible through securing its doors and covering its gaps. The doors that Satan uses are such doors as lust, anger. greed, envy, impetuousecss. gluttony, love of adomment,
ambition. appetence, wealth and wordly possessions. stinginess. fear of poverty. enmity, arrogance, doubt in matters of faith and suspicion. It is imperative that these doors be closed in order to avert Satans intervention and assault.

Satan wants to fill hearts with things of himself, such as lust, habitual lying, fear, doubt, unbelief, and mistrust

We need supernatural eyesight to see and understand the mysteries and secrets of God, but the wonderful news is that God wants us to know His secrets. The Bible says, “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you
search for Me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13]. Why does God want us to know His secrets? The answer can be found in Deuteronomy 29:29: “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever” (emphasis added}. The secrets of the Lord belong to Him until they are revealed; then they belong to us.

One of the jobs of the Holy Spirit is to show us the secrets of God John 16:13-14 says, “When He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. He will glorify Me, For He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you”.
God wants to open your spiritual eyes to see—the eyes of your heart, your undlerstandling—“by having the eyes of your heart flooded with light, so that you can know an understand the hope to which He has called you” (Eph. 1:18)

Since God has not given us the spirit of fear then fear must be an instrument used by Satan to hinder us in our walk with Christ. Therefore if God has not given us fear, it must come from the enemy, and if we must have faith to please God we must chose to believe.

Fear is no small subject. It is mentioned in the Bible over 600 times. Over 366 times, the phrase, “fear not,” is mentioned.

We cannot become the people God wants us to be without the gifts and the charisms of the Holy Spirit.

Why Satan is afraid

Fear is the only power Satan has over man. God does not give us the spirit of fear; that is of Satan only.

We are the ones the devil is afraid of. We shouldn’t be afraid of him; he is afraid of us.

The one person that Satan is afraid of is Jesus Christ.

Satan is afraid of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit; satan is afraid of good preaching and right teaching.

The devil is not afraid of Jesus being the Son of God. He is afraid of Jesus being the Son of Man. God has deccided Satan must be defeated by man.

After God became a man and put that man with Satan within him upon Himself, He brought that man to the cross. This is why Satan is afraid of the cross, and this is why the Lord told us to take up the cross.

Satan is not afraid of our binding, but he is afraid of the cross.

He is afraid of our prayers and intercessions that we offered up to God.

He is afraid of the Bible ; he does not want you to know the good things it says of God’s people, and the bad of those who are not 

God has chosen this event to fully bless His people the church, beyond measure and Satan knows it. He sees it, He hears, it, and it is vibrating. … It is designed for the Glory of God and Satan is afraid of it.

Satan is not afraid of us, but he is afraid of the blood of Jesus; he is afraid of the Word of God; he is afraid of the cross 

The wicked man is a coward of cowards, he is afraid of everything. He is afraid of God, because he is His enemy; of Satan, because he is his tormentor. He is afraid of God’s creatures , because they join with their Maker in fighting against him.

Satan is afraid of the unbelievers “salvation potential”.

Satan is afraid of our Faith, he is afraid of us learning about Jesus.

Satan knows the greatness that lies within every born again Christian, so he is afraid of your greatness as a chosen vessel of God.

The holy law of God, and sin-avenging justice, are those that the guilty sinner is afraid of.

Satan is not afraid of you but trembles at the power of the Holy Spirit!

Satan is so afraid of losing his throne inside you that he tries to smother your conscience with carnal lukewarmness and extinguish the Holy Spirit’s convicting work.

When we quote the Word back, we get stronger, and Satan must flee. He is afraid of hearing the word of God.

Satan is not afraid of those who preach Christ’s word; he is afraid of those who submit to Christ’s authority.

God did not created us to be down, and defeated but that’s the will of the accuser of mankind (satan) to reamin content with our situations , in order that we should not rise with a positive testimony, because positive testimonies are spiritual weapons against the kingdom of darkness, and the devil himself is afraid of that.

The blood is what Satan is most afraid of and is what drives him away.

Satan himself is afraid of your passion. The only thing he constantly attempts to do is to shift your passion from God’s purpose for your life.

The devil lives for darkness, afraid of the light.

The devil is scared stiff of anyone who possesses such a life, and so he works tirelessly to keep you from it.








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