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Reasons To Believe We Are Enslaved By The Serpent – `How would we know if someone stole your mind?

Reasons To Believe We Are Enslaved By The Serpent – `How would we know if someone stole your mind?

`How would we know if someone stole your mind?

The same scenario applies to the whole of mankind today. We are each living a sham of a life and have done so over and over again for thousands of years. You have lived numerous lives in a hypnotic trance without realising that you are a spiritual prisoner and a slave. You are existing under the complete control of multidimensional alien beings.

The cult purposely built to subliminally enhance the control over mankind. All humans have always been a prisoner and slave to the Rulers of the cult.

They can easily read human thoughts! Once again, you have trapped yourself with us. Humans are far too dumbed down to even consider the smallest bit of knowledge you write about. Look at the world today, it is all about big business and making the next deal. We control the financial systems, because we created them, but in their little minds they think they are really getting somewhere. The stupid humans never see what is coming for them. They are more interested in their immature adult toys. We, who are at the top of the food chain on the earth and many other worlds, we cannot allow them to know more than they do. We have exemplified this in so many movies that have been secretly produced by us. We show the humans the obvious, and they in turn think it is all science fiction, when in reality we are programing them to accept what we have been doing and are doing to them. It is all so simple and obvious, as you already know this, that the average person is so imbedded in their personal life that they are not interested in seeing past it.”.

It is easy to manipulate her from her unawareness for our purposes. Her little mind on the earth cannot fathom her own intent, just like what you have written about. The membership she owns does not see the intent of themselves, as they have unconsciously given themselves to the idea of worshiping a master and a god that we created in the minds of the masses. Now that you are here, we will make sure that you conform to what we want.

It is not just of planetary importance right now, but also of Universal importance for it is one of the many keys which can unlock the consciousness of mankind from its imprisoned state. This is a critical time in planetary, and indeed universal, evolution. What is taking place on Earth right now is affecting all of Creation. We have become a bottleneck in the evolution of Soul itself. The cancer that has infected us because of our imprisonment threatens to infect the galaxy and this entire corner of the Universe. This cannot and will not be allowed to go on without drastic changes taking place.

“The ignorance in which we have become imprisoned has allowed us to be controlled, not only by earthly forces, but also by extraterrestrial forces as well. My new book nearing completion details the past 50,000 years of this kind of control, and tracks it back to its original source.

“Even the true story of our Creation has been taken from us, and like an adopted child, we still search for the origins of our birth – only this time in the heart of what is truly a ubiquitous God. We cannot understand why we feel so separated and yet so connected as the Native American tradition tells us in its saying “We are all related”.

While our minds and our hearts are manipulated, deadened, controlled, even to the point of being unthinking and unfeeling, one thing that cannot be taken from us is our cellular memory lying buried deep within our bones and the very fiber of our beings. Stripped of our full 12-stranded DNA genetic code that was our connection to the Universe and to Creation itself, we still retain these memories within us and within the myths and legends of our various peoples, myths and legends and memories of who and what we truly are.

Death had imprisoned mankind. Death was a prison in which satan had confined us. But, Jesus took captiv-ity (this state of death), and it became His captive. Death became the prisoner, the captive, dragged behind the triumphing General Jesus Christ in His public show of spoiling principalities, in His display of their defeat, in His triumph over them.


Death had been thestrongest enemy. For, “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death” (1 Corinthians 15:26).

His death was death’s worst nightmare.

The last enemy… The last man standing in the ring is the strongest, is the victor. Death had been that last man for far too long. That meant that death had been the biggest and the strongest enemy. But …

Jesus broke through death. For He truly is the Lord of the breakthrough! Now…

Death is no longer a prison but a passageway!

 Jesus broke through! No longer can we be held in that place called death! Death has been opened up, and Jesus reaches out to “bring forth” those who call upon His Name. Death is not the way to the Father! Jesus is! The One Who broke through declared “I am the Way…” and “…no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me” (John 14:6).

Death has been swallowed up! And because of the death of my Lord, everything swallowed up by death now must be brought forth. Jesus is the firstborn of the dead (Colossians 1:18). He was not just raised from the dead; He was the first one to enter death and master it. Death could not hold Him captive. Now, instead of being the swallower, death has been swallowed! Instead of being the captor, death has become the captive.

Jesus conquered death, truly making Him the strongest, the best, the victor, the champion, and my conquering hero!

For now, one thing that’s immediately clear is that you don’t give knowledge, and especially knowledge of astronomy and of their origins, to “creatures” you intend to use solely as slaves.

A slave master would prefer not to give his slaves any high status in society nor legal rights, and would try to keep them imprisoned in their low status by barring them access to education, imagining that in so doing they won’t develop independent thinking of their own. The people abducted from their homelands and cultures and put in slavery by Western colonialists were not given any education beyond the tasks they had to perform, and they were kept as much as possible cut off from the world.

A slave master would want his servants not to ask questions or put anything in question, he would demand blind obedience and slavish praise and devotion to himself—their master. Thinking and pondering on things stir the (very natural) human drive for freedom, independence, and knowledge, and eventually it will push the individual toward a personal quest.

Long time ago, other beings came to Earth and trapped Earth beings and enslaved them, implemented mind program systems, soul capture, reincarnation, and systems to keep Mankind work as slaves, not knowing their true Origins or Selves.

They want everyone to stay in line and accept everything they feeding the mind of the masses (mass consciousness), and they don´t want anyone to understand how the universe works.

What went wrong for the creators of the Trap System was that we discovered that we were in a prison system as slaves, a world created by a greedy and ruthless god. This symbolism of Eden, Adam and Eve, the Snake and the Tree symbolises Human Kind waking up from the Illusion, by experiencing their divine self through kundalinin raising.

Reincarnation and physical existence has nothing to do with learning, and Earth is not a “School” but a “Prison”, it was forced upon us, if we werehere to learn it would only be logical that we remembered our past lives so we would not do the same mistakes over and over, nor progress spiritually. Many people are still on the same level mentally and spiritually as thousands of years ago because of this. It also causes other unwanted effects such as lost souls after death, confusion, suffering, problems, all things a true god of love would not even consider putting our true spiritual infinite selves through.

We are eternal beings, with infinite life, and when we free ourselves from physical imprisonment we can continue our path towards our true spiritual development as our true spiritual beings with All knowledge about ourselves and our past and full intact memories so we can properly progress and advance on the spiritual planes of existence.

lOne of the problems with reincarnation is the memory-blockage, and erasure and resulting amnesia. Thus, it is rare for even advanced beings to remember who they are and it takes time for some memories to surface enough for that being to start realizing whom he is, or at least enough to start pursuing a spiritual path that can lead to more of his memories coming back until he eventually finds and remembers his true spiritual essence and the way in which to remember all.

So, that means there are spiritual systems of Earth that are useful for such purposes, but one should be aware of the mentioned traps and deceit built into the whole System, even advanced beings have fallen back to low states of being and are now trapped here without knowledge of why they are here or from where they came. You could be one of them.

Meanings of the word ‘cult’.

The English word cult comes from the French word culte, which came from the Latin word cultus (care and adoration), which came from the Latin word colere (to cultivate). There is no generally accepted, single current definition for the word cult, or for many other religious terms. This leads to confusion over the meanings of certain religious terms. A reader must often look at the context in which the word is used in order to guess at the intent of the writer.

The Serpent Cult harnesses our spiritual power and they somehow feed off it and use it against us. They do this by creating our physical reality through collective mind control. To control our reality they need to control our thoughts. If they control our thoughts then they also control our actions.

This is true, they not only control your physical life here on this planet, the planet you call Earth, they also control your thoughts, therefore your soul, when you leave the physical body.

Our reality is being controlled both in and out of your physical body. Death at this present moment in time on this planet is no escape from the control the Serpent holds over you. They click their fingers and we are immediately placed in a hypnotic trance and we are rendered instantly heartless or immediately become fearful. ‘Puppets’.

The rulers of our world, our chicken shack, are the Serpent Cult. When the Serpent Cult controls our thoughts they can easily rule our world. If they stop controlling our thoughts then our natural intuition, our spiritual awareness, would simply return. We would become natural again, spiritually free, instead of the spiritual prisoners we are now.

Humans fail to comprehend the possibility that they may be being farmed.

Orwell wrote a book with a title; Ainmal Farm;

“At the end of Animal Farm, Pilkington and other human farmers come to eat dinner with the pigs at the farmhouse. As the other animals watch through the window, they find they are unable to tell pigs and humans apart. The pigs have started to dress and behave exactly like humans. The book’s final image expresses the animals’ realization that the pigs have become as cruel and oppressive as human farmers. The ending also makes the argument that political power is always the same, whoever has it and whatever ideology is used to justify it. Powerful people are cruel and selfish whether they’re pigs or humans, Communists or capitalists. Above all, the ending suggests that all powerful people are liars and manipulators. In our last glimpse of the dinner party, Mr. Pilkington and Napoleon are arguing because they have both tried to cheat at a card game in the same way at the same time. The ending doesn’t offer much hope for a workable political system with true equality for all. Rather, the ending posits that the corrupting nature of power dooms all political systems to failure”

It is obvious to me and there is no doubt that the lotus flower (Sesen) is very symbolic in Egypt. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the lotus flower symbolises not only the birth of sun gods (Genesis let there be light) but it also symbolises the Freemasonic motto ‘order out of chaos’ (Ordo ab Chao). There is also no doubt in my mind that high ranking Freemasons are strongly linked to Serpent worship and indeed the brotherhood contains alien agents amongst its own ranks. Serpent Cult agents operate and have always operated through secret societies like the Freemasons, and of course other old boy esoteric clubs, on Earth.

Peter Horttanainen

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