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August 11, 2017

Psychological Torture, Virus of The Mind (Gangstalking), Amygdala Chakra Integrity Hijacking

Here is my 3 images illustration about Gangstalking in Sweden and how they working and acting here.

Because of gangstalking is more psychological I have forst made a compairing witj psychical torture and psychological torture and their goal is the same, and if the the goal is the same it is torture if the purpise is to harm. Gangstalking and MK ultra is all about traumabase, harm and destroy peoples mind and life.

After this I made a compairing with The Virus of the Body and The Virus of The Mind to detect similarities between how body virus acting and how Mind Virus acting (Gangstalking)

After comparing Body Virus and The Mind Virus I begin thinking how the Swedish Wicked Ones to gangstalkers doing.

First; where does these knowledge come from?

Two; who has or had the time to develope all these hundreds of psychological methods and how come regular people with less qualify works and unemployed people knows this without any higher education?

Third; Who has interest by learning or develope these methods; elite and controlers=mind control

Psychological Torture, Virus of The Mind (Gangstalking), Amygdala Chakra Integrity Hijacking

Virus of The Mind (Gangstalking)

Amygdala Chakra Integrity Hijacking

What is gangstalking about?

Surveillance 24/7 and mirroring, Gaslighting, Duplicating, Imitating, Mimicking, Gesturing, Double speaking, Double thinking, Cloning, Splitting, Social engineering, Double standard, Double binding, Douible minded, Double nature, Look alikes…

What is this a Freaky Horror Show or what? How old are these humans?

This image illustrate how they hijacking feelings, emotions, life, mind 24/7 by invading and crowding privacy, and integrity on every human, psychological and social level by inducing fear, stress, noise, bangs, booms, hitting floor, hammering, honking horns, horror, trauma base, sensitizing,

This image is Amygdala Tower (WatchTower) to keep you feel safe and proteced and grounding

Gangstalking making the opposite; by induce fear, stress, booms, bangs, doorslamming or something that make noise it is senstizing the amygdala to go red with all false alarms (and release tons of stress hormones and free radicals that will destroy cells)

They spreading their virus by revealing personal things about your life or what you have done during the day or last days.


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