Psychological torture in Sweden

State of Sweden and swedish police has surrounded my apartment with tormenting technology and they transmit these sounds day as night. It is sirens and grasstrimmer sound, music chorus, some form of frequency weapon and they use drum beats and this going on on/off 24/7.

They creating sleep deprivation by noise tormenting you, so you must sleep with music and headphones. Then they hacking your computer and starts manipulate your music files and then they starts changing the volume when you listen to music. So they dont wont you to sleep. Then the healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression and then there is no new times to other doctors for 9 weeks. So this tormenting and surrounded my apartment with noise tormenting technology feels like nazi-gestapo and stop prescription for sleeping pills feels also like when nazi-doctors collaborated with gestapo. These tormentors (Swedish police) even stalking or tormenting you with sirens and grasstrimmer sound when you visit toilet at night or morning and this feels like a nazi-camp psychology.


After they surrounded your apartment they start ostrasize you or they start isolate you by starting persecution like persecution during the nazi-persecution, or inquisition or a modern form of witch-hunting. These powers are more like the dark forces of the rulers, authorities and principalities of this world. When they start persecution, ostracism and then starts tormenting you day as night- it feels more like Hitler and Satan’s gameplan or it can also be the Beast system.

Then they start using psychology thats rushes you, pushes you, frightens you, confusing you, misleading you, gaslighting you, discourages you, worries you. When they have isolated you in your apartment people starts fear mongering or create different noises. They targetting your mind and brain with sensitizing methods and sounds. They create a enviroment with long term stress and they occupy your mind with constant sounds from differents direction around your apartment.

They hijacking your amygdala by inducing constant stress by sound tormenting.  And they fear mongering to activate your amygdala function. They create false amygdala attacks to confuse your mind. They create small fires to create smell of fire when your are outsiders. And they using firecrackers to fear mongering or to rush your brains stress hormones. They flying with helicopters after midnight. They trying to create paranoia feelings and make you feel unprotected and unsafe by locking up your apartment door during the night. They persecuting to make you paranoid and they pushing the “fight or flee” buttom to create panic feelings. They traumabasing, they terrorizing and they victimzing. They using mk-ultra trauma basing and brainwashing methods to trying break you down, or induce so much pain, sound torture, stress so they can split the mind and create a new alter ego they can control. This is part of a evil plan to destroy your life. There is a hidden and evil purpose with these strategies. They hijacking your life and reality to create a “stronghold” so they can control your spiritual growth and spiritual awakening. Sound is pushing back your spiritual awakening by create walls of tormenting and painful sounds, and the fear mongering purpose is to keep from expanding your inner light or from hindering you from expanding your consciousness, and together they want’s control the subconsciousness mind or energy.  90 % of the human mind is subconsciousness and 10% is consciousness and these rulers, authorities and principalities dont you have this knowledge (Luke 11:52 says the experts of law have taken away the key to knowledge and themselves dont entering and they hindering them who is entering (obstructing and misleading). And there is even more about this hidden evil ancient plan. The lower nature of man – the ultra ego hates the “Higher Self”. The lower self ego trying to destroy the Higher Self. And these forces working for separate humans from their true Higher Self. This means they must keep humans in their lower chakra system and this they doing by creating a fear based consciousness-mind and thats why they fear mongering. And when they create constant fear or constant sound tormenting it makes it more difficult for the amygdala to start healing the brain. Fear and tormenting creates the opposite and keep humans in a state of fear and this keep humans in a mind of duality and away from oneness. When they create fear and tormenting the amygdala cant start healing the brain and this mean the third eye cant open. The third starts slowly opens when humans overcome fear and negativity. Jesus says: Feart not and I have not given you the spirit of fear. Fear is not from God, fear is from the evil forces.

The evil forces want’s keep humans in negative circle of mind control of reality or keep humans in this matrix of reality. When they hijacking your sleep and reality and starts manipulate your reality and trying to make it to surreality they are creating “tunnel realities” to keep you imprisoned and captive in their reality they can control. Sound is occupy the mind space from expanding to the higher consciousness-mind.




Noise kills and sound torture is a part of a evil political ancient agenda. Sleep deprivation and noise tormenting is like some is directed a sound weapon against your mind and brain and targetting you 24/7 and it is like someome screaming or producing sound to your ears. Here they screaming hysterical for hours and it feels more like evil demons screaming to sensitizing and affect your mind and amygdala. Noise is weapoon and todays society using sounds to tormenting.  Today its not just a government thing, because everyone seems to persecuting and create noise harassment.

When they creating this kind of evil and harming enviroment it become like a psychological serpent poison. When you get information from the departements – social services they gaslighting you and try make believe you here things, and information about health is psychological warfare propaganda to affect or infect your mind with sensitizing words or content. And Swedish healthcare is like health(s)care and psychiatry is political abuse of psychiatry.  They monarch programmering you with self destruction information.  They informs human has a suicide gene. They informs you there is a dreamwatcher. They informs you about a brain in the stomach and talks about all diseases in the brain. They informs you stress kills when they creating this stress and swedish media starts using the “kill” word in swedish sports progeam after this. Doctors gaslighting and changing t-shirts. Healthcare mirroring you. They using paranoia psychology. And they are part of the swedish warfare and propaganda machine in same way nazi doctors collaborated


They attacking your self-image and your identity and laughing and humiliate you. They trying make you look foolish and trying to make you look crazy. They gaslighting to create these emotions and even swedish police transmit sounds of a cuckoo clock and people screaming crazy.



This image is a illustration how State of Sweden creating a psychological torture enviroment around your apartment. Sleep deprivation + noise tormenting = psychological torture. They continue with same tormenting sounds outdoors.

This is a psychological propaganda and psychological warfare or a spiritual warfare from the State of Sweden. It is like a Orwell’s novel ” 1984″. When they surround your apartment with noise tormenting technology they have created a room 101 as in Orwell’s novel – a torture chamber they can control your life.

These images or illustrations showing how it is when State of Sweden hijacking your life. They dont just hijacking your life- they trying to control you and if they cant mind control you they start manipulate your reality and then they start destroying your life.

They destroy your brakes on your car

They start ostrasize and isolate you

They start fear mongering by hijacking your amygdala

They start induce pain, stress, horror and terror

They create a constant noise tormenting and hijacking your silence and peace

They hijacking your sleep by noise tormenting

They stop prescription for sleeping pills

They hijacking your integrity by playing grasstrimmer sound or sirens when you visit toilet

They hijacking your privacy by mirroring your life

They hijacking your communication

They hijacking your social freedom by persecution

They hijacking your internet by close it

They hijacking your tv channels by close them

They hijacking your reality by constant enviroment manipulation and gaslighting

They hijacking your feeling by transmit music chorus to say how to feel

They hijacking your thoughts or mind by constant noise or communication interference

They hijacking your freedom of speech by close your internet and all your tv channels

They hijacking your human rights by close down internet, close down your tv channels, and when they stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression and then they dont have any new times to doctors for 9 weeks (medication ostrasize)

When they have ostrasized you and created a isolation enviroment with sleep deprivation and sound torture, and fear mongering and create long stress and gaslighting you and brainwashing your mind with sounds, sensitizing, anchoring and chaining, then they starts spying and they revealing they spying or surveveillance you and then they starts mirroring your life and then imitating and gesturing and then starts shadowing you. There is no end how much these people wants to control you.

They harassment and stalking you when you visiting toilet (swedish police playing sirens and grasstrimmer sound in the middle of the night)

The Swedish Masquerade is s psychological freak show there people playing, speaking and theater acting with hidden double-speaking or double-thinking purposes to confuse, gaslighting, mirroring, manipulate and to create psychological harm and damage or failures or create mind errors. And this is the psychological evil.

When you meet thesw people in departements you never know how this person will affect you with psychological serpent poison – you know they playing some form of mind games. They can imitating you or trying to gaslighting you and make you believe you hear things, or they spread psychological propaganda to sensitizing you. It’s like wolves in mental sheeps clothing.

Then people starts playing differents form of indoors and outdoors street theater and they also starts playing psychological communication theater. They talking in manipulated way to create some form of sensitizing. And they starts using enviroment manipulation or gaslighting.

Whem they have surrounded your apartment with tormenting technology and ostrasize you and walking around your apartment and create noise and sound harassment, they also startd using props in healthcare, or products, or like fireworkers place out firehouses there you exercise when nothing has burned. Doctors gaslighting.  They start moving things to manipulate your reality.


After all these methods they starts using wickedness psychology to break you down.





This image illustrate how the pushing you downwards to make your life more difficult. This can be done by blocking your way, hindering your access to knowledge, create waiting time is the key in torture, they can delaying something or slow down your internet, create mind conflicts, provoke failures.

With all other strategies they start obstructing your life and hindering your spiritual growth, they take away the key to knowledge and information by closing down internet and tv channels, and they overwhelming your mind with sounds to create a breakdown, they flooding your mind with stress and fear, they overwhelming your mind with negativity or sorrow to create mind errors or failures, they provoke and humiliate and then laughing, they attacking your self-image, they demoralization to break your willpower, and they demonization you to make you feel like the scapegoated.

Here is some more examples what obstructing psychology can be;

Obstructing psychology including control of your time

Obstructing psychology including control of your reality

Obstructing psychology including control of your computer by create computer problems or slow down your internet

Obstructing psychology including control of your mind and thoughts (mind invasion)

Obstructing psychology including control of your feelings/emotions

Obstructing psychology including control of your privacy and integrity

Obstructing psychology including control of your inner silence of peace ( invading your lufe with sounds)

Obstructing psychology including control of your future ( can create problems for you – sabotage your future)

Obstructing psychology including control of your spiritual growth

Obstructing psychology including control of your health ( sleep deprivation- noise torture)

Obstructing psychology including control of your free will

Obstructing psychology including control of your morale ( demoralization or gaslighting you to overwrite your reality)

Obstructing psychology including control of your faith and knowledge ( can close your internet so you dont have access to knowledge or information)

Obstructing psychology including control of your authority as a divine being

Obstructing psychology including control of your life with noise or constant sound or noise mind control

Obstructing psychology including control of your freedom of speech ( close internet)

Obstructing psychology including control of your social freedom (persecution-ostracism-isolation)

This is how they create psychological torture in State of Sweden and this is how psychological warfare is when they targetting your mind with sound and noise tormenting weapon technology.

After all these methods they start using a form of spying-infiltration-no walls psychology and this starts with doing things at same time as you do – to create a form mind control mirroring psychology.

These actions take can be done in many ways, here is a few examples

They can start leave or arrive to your apartment at same time

They can start make sounds in walls or floors (hitting sounds)

They can start shadowing you from room to room

They can start fake coughing every time you start making food to eat or starts fake coughing when you start eat

They can start door-slamming

They can start playing drum beats

They can use barking dogs

After a while they starts with different reveal your life psychology to tell they spying and surveillance your life (Big Brother can see you, but you cant see Big Brother)

They can lock up your apartment door during the night

They can make break-ins and make a hole in your shower handle

They can transmit sounds of grasstrimmer sound or sirens in the middle or night when you visit toilet

They can start hammering in walls when you take a bath

They can transmit credit card number to apartment and this to create a feeling they control you and they control everything

They can give you a transparent bag when you bying products from pharmacy. These bags is for when you want return medication you no longer use.

They can use same control psychology in Swedish healthcare or psychiatry and inform you there is something called a “dreamwatcher”

Swedish healthcare or psychiatry or people can use a form of paranoia psychology, and together with all other strategies with sleep deprivation and noise torture and fear mongering and gaslighting and confusion and wickedness psychology they can mind trixing with your reality and make you doubt on your own thoughts and emotions. They use sick psychology to to make you sick, in same way they use wickedness psychology to drive some to insanity.

They can start changing your reality and make it to surreality and then they can start induce stress, fear and threats and together with a witch-hunting psychology and paranoia psychology they create a false reality they want you to feel threaten about.

They can create feelings that you losing your view of reality.

They can create feelings they are in control of everything and you have no control at all. They can overwrite your reality, they can overrule your thoughts with brainwashing sounds like constant sounds of sirens, they can overthink your mind of reality. This is done because the only reality that can exist is the truth thats comes from the view of Big Brother. The only problem is there is another reality that comes from the Higher Self.  And this is the key why they manipulate humans minds with constant mind control or constant brainwashing psychology today.

Whem you experience all these methods and all these psychology and persecution and manipulation and mind games you wonder which creatures is using these methods….

Is God persecuting people, does God using firecrackers to harass people, is God tormenting people, is God manipulate people, is God confusing people, does God create sleep deprivation, does God fear mongering people with noise harassment, does God using mind control or brainwashing people, or does God create pain and harm, horror or terrorizing people?


This is not God who is creating this.


These methods are used in State of Sweden


It feels like Hitler surveillance you from apartments around your apartment and people has a police patrolling gestapo mind and stalking and persecuting you everywhere

It feels like Satan have surrounded your apartment with tormenting weapon technology and sitting and pushing these sound tormenting buttoms day and night

It feels like your are been brainwashed by a cult-leader mind control and brainwashing psychology 24/7 and collaborated with these other evil forces

It feels like there is a invisible dictator and this invisible dictator is todays scientific dictatorship and there is a hidden ancient agenda that is going on. Some call this for psychological warfare and some call this for a spiritual warfare. There is not two forces, it is same forces and same warfare against people

This tormenting and persecution is going on 24/7 and they continue with same tormenting outdoors.

Together these forces has created a room 101 – a torture room or a torture chamber around my apartment.  And when this tormenting continue even outdoors with sound mind stalking and sound mind control it is obvious how they want to keep you in a constant pressure. State of Sweden even play music chorus like: “We control the sunlight” – and this means the solar plexus – the ego. Even swedish healthcare informs you about a brain in the stomach, so they are aware of powers in the stomach. It is more surprising a serious scientific healthcare informs people about a brain in the stomach.   State of Sweden also playing this music chorus ” We control the sunlight” when you exercise outdoors, so they stalking you with sounds and music chorus even outdoors.

This is what swedish psychiatry and healthcare informs you about – the abdominal brain in the stomach. In same time doctors talk about all diseases in the brain. Then swedish police starts transmit music chorus into your apartment to strengthen this brain in the stomach thought. They playing: “We control the sunlight” and they also playing this muic chorus outdoors. And they slowing down your internet when you uploading this image (46 minutes to upload it). So dont just saying they control the sunlight (solar plexus – means the ego), they also control your internet uploading speed. This is reality or surreality and this is how the swedish mind is working. They wants to be in control of everything and this is science of Sweden.

And while you uploading this image Swedish police playing sirens and transmit grasstrimmer sound. And after I publish this text they starts shooting firecrackers 28/12 and time is now 10.15 in the morning. This is what swedes using firecrackers to in the swedish society (to create noise harassment). Firecrackers is used by swedish government to fear mongering and to stress and to rush up your brain. Earlier when you have a appointment to healthcare for preacription renewal they start shooting firecrackers lat evening before and this everytime during the year.

So they surveillance you healthcare appointment s and the starts harassment with firecrackers.  And who has a storage of firecrackers whole year when they dont sell any firecrackers in Sweden – it is the swedish police who has this storage of firecrackers and they is the ones who can surveillance when you visiting healthcare.  And this is same collaboration nazi-doctors had with Gestapo.  It is even worse when they using firecrackers in a democracy and there is no scientific with inform about a brain in the stomach or play music chorus like ” We control the sunlight”- (the solar plexus and the ego). In fact these things – firecrackers affecting and registers fear in the solar plexus brain). This is how they collaborate and stalking and persecution you. They even stalking you with helicopters when you going to healthcare and they even hovering with helicopters over the roofs when you visiting healthcare and this is what Orwell writes about in his novel “1984”.

So you never now what these people planning for psychological actions or sound tormenting. They are constant creating some form of distraction for your mind every day and it seems these forces is working in everyone. They inducing fear, stress, pain, horror, terrorizing the brain and tormenting the mind and the swedish police sitting and pushing on these tormenting buttoms to induce sound torture. Now for a example they playing sirens and grasstrimmer sound when I writing this. They constant create sound tormenting sounds.

This is reality or surreality in Sweden 2017


For example the swedish police is playing constant sirens when I writing this

Other people are shooting firecrackers outside or near window and the landlord dont tell them to shoot their firecrackers outside the apartments.  So even the landlord allowing this harassment and they are part of this noise tormenting when neighbors apartments is used for tormenting technology, and the landlord also closing down your internet and all your tv channels.

This image illustrate physical tormenting, but symbolize same psychological tormenting when they surround your apartment with sounds.

Now for example they shooting constant firecrackers 27/12 and they shooting firecrackers from both sides of the apartment and a helicopter also arrivning. And a another neighbor has started usw power tools and another neighbor open water cranes  and other walking arouns with barking dogs.

When they shooting more firecrackers 27/12 than 31/12 you know it is harassment firecrackers.

And swedish police playing sirens

So same force make everyone harass at same time. So this force or spirit can synchronizing this ongoing harassment, so it not a government force.


When you read about spiritual warfare you thinking about the Devil as the tormentor and destroyer.

Satan is the Spirit of Fear who brings torment to the mind. Fear will torment you to the core. Satan wants to think for all people on earth through the spirit of mind control. And if he cannot think for you, he will torment you so much that you will begin think in his line.

A other reason for Satan’s (the ultra ego) enmity against man is that man is destined to take the place from which Satan fell, so in a sense, man is Satan’s rival.

State of Sweden dont just surveillance you they hunting you. Swedish police is stalking you with helicopters and they play constant sirens indoors and outdoors. They play grasstrimmer sound and sirens even when you visiting toilet at nights.

They constant stress you with noise tormenting. They using firecrackers to rush up your stress levels. Then they walking outside your apartment with barking dogs, they play loud music, they play drum beats, they using some form of sound frequency weapon from apartments around my apartment, they flying with helicopters (Orwell surveillance society), they create sleep deprivation), people are persecuting or stalking you to stress or rush up your amygdala “fight or flee” functions. And this has they doing for over 6 years now and it seems this force has taken over their minds and seems to be a obsessive force. It is a psychological and psychological manipulated force that has a psychological hidden warfare agenda.

The Swedish is bizarre when they stalking, persecution, noise harassmenting you or tormenting you with sounds.

They have started shooting firecrackers when you eating food and the starts shooting firecrackers outside your window.

They shoot firecrackers on one side of the apartment and when you going to the other side they start shooting firecrackers even there. It same strategy the swedish police is using when they have surrounded your apartment with noise tormenting  technology.  So they want you to feel the apartment is surrounded with walls of sounds. It feels so bizarre and it seems they have same “Spirit of harassment” within them. They just waiting to create evil distractions sound.

27-28/12 they have shooting firecrackers for 4-5 hours. Firecrackers are expensive, so how come low income people can shooting expensive firecrackers for 4-5 hours for two days?


And there is reccomendations and restrictions where and when you should shooting firecrackers.  The landlord

https://gardstensbostader.  se


let people shooting these firecrackers near or outside your window and they shooting these 4-5 hours 27-28/12.

This is how a landlord like this is part of psychological warfare

And this landlord close down your internet and all your tv-channels, so they are part of this psychological warfare and they are also allowing neighbors and swedish police use noise tormenting technology around your apartment.

28-29/12 they shooting firecrackers around 23.30 and after midnight to create harassment. Then swedish police starts noise tormenting 00.34 and starts sirens and grasstrimmer sound and starts transmit same music you listen to when you listen to music at night. The firecrackers shooting people and they who noise tormenting are same sadistic hive mind Sweden.

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