Planet Pluto, Consciousness, Chakra, Revelation, Alchemy, Phoenix Bird

The Pluto Initiation

It can be seen from these myths why one must descend into the Pluto realms to awaken to full consciousness. One must be willing to go deep within self, face one’s fears, even face death itself to assimilate this level of consciousness. This confrontation with the dark night of the soul is necessary if one is to live a life free of fear. The more that you are susceptible to fear, the more you will shy away from the Pluto level, as fear is one of its guardians. You have to be able to confront fear and move past it. It is not that fear goes away; it is that you develop the courage to move through the fear. We want to grow into the light. We picture the spiritual path leading to enlightenment. But just as the darkest part of the night precedes the dawn, confronting the dark side, the shadow of self precedes growing into light. The shadow contains all the parts of you that you have kept hidden from yourself. To become whole, to awaken to your full power, this shadow side of self must be embraced as well.

The more conscious you are of major transits, the better. This is especially true with Pluto, because Pluto will break down any old energy that is blocking a emerging creation. It’s easier to allow the breakdown of old encrusted patterns than to resist change, so you might as well just let go of old stuff. Once you let go of old patterns and energies, new forms emerge.
Old patterns and structures is what´s keep humankind captivated and enslaved in the famous mentioned “The Matrix” of this world, and the soul and light is held captivated in matter. When you start transforming your energies or awakening new energies this world will start hate you and reject you. This spiritual awakening process means to awakening and find your true higher Self (light), then the lower Self (ego/darkness) starts it´s negative or hateful campaigns againts you.
John 15:19 says; “If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you”.

Pluto and A Philosophical View
Pluto links us to issues we’ve been working on for many incarnations. Pluto represents a pan of our character that has never incarnated into physical form, but it carries our purpose for this life within it. A big-picture view of our purpose on this planet is to heal ourselves, our relationships with one another, and to purge the world of fear and darkness so that we may all more fully appreciate the gift of spirit that life truly is. To heal our planet, we first must be able to accept human darkness as a condition to which we are born. This requires a courageous look into the darker recesses of character to identify and root out the darkness that is part of inner consciousness. Since Pluto experiences are beyond the ego’s ability to understand, there exists a natural fear in encounters with this part of our character. The fear is that of losing control, and we do lose ego control while engaging Pluto. The ego, which tends to dominate consciousness, sends forth the message that we are moving into dangerous territory.
Fear and organized collective fear mongering controls this world.

Pluto and Bible Scriptures
It is interesting to find Pluto represents not only the underworld; but, it is the ruler of Scorpio, where the constellation represents a scorpion.
Remember, the star of Omega Scorpii was in the Constellation of Scorpio and Pluto is its ruler. It is amazing to see that this Fifth Trumpet Judgment includes scorpions in the scripture passage. The next verse in Revelation states “as the scorpions of the earth have power”
Revelation 9:3 “Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power.”
2 Chronicles 10:11; “I will discipline you with scorpions.”
Then Luke 10:19 says; I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.
Pluto glyph or symbol, combines the circle (spirit) over the crescent (receptivity) and the cross. This glyph suggests receptivio to the “underworld”
Pluto, god of the underworld, is the ruler of Scorpio. In Greek mythology, the corresponding god was Hades. Pluto represents subconscious forces, ruling all that is “below the surface”.
Mercury is the first planet in the solar system, Pluto the last, while alpha is Greek for first, omega Greek for last (Revelation “I am Alpha and Omega”)
Revelation 21:6 “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end’?

Pluto and Norse myths
Odin travels to the underworld
Greek and Latin authors had identified Odin with Pluto. Like Odin, Pluto was the king of the dead, drove horses, lived in the nether world, possessed an infernal …
Saxo’s reference to Pluto, lord of the infernal regions, appears to be a substitute for Odin, ruler of the realm of death
In trance, in which the initiate sees visions that can open the gateway to the underworld and free his spirit to travel along the paths that spiral upward from there.
Was there a real Tree of Life? Both the Old and New Testaments make many references to it. The New Testament identifies the Messiah with the Tree and uses the Tree symbolism of the Crucifixion — “Christ died on the Tree”.
Throughout known human history—as long as we can remember, for every tribe, culture, and religion—a tall, sky-scraping Magical World Tree symbolized sacred life-giving and maintaining forces. This World Tree was Rooted Deep in the heart of the Earth and towered high in the sky to reach the heavens.
Life, death and rebirth — these are all aspects of the symbolism attached to the tree, and are united in much mythological tradition. ‘The symbolism of trees is complex: their roots and branches evoked an image of a link between sky and Underworld; their longevity represented continuity and wisdom; the seasonal behaviour of deciduous trees gave rise to a cyclical symbolism, an allegory of life, death and rebirth.” Some early European traditions envisaged a World Tree, called in Norse mythology askr Yggdrasill, ‘the ash-tree Yggdrasill’, a steed (drasill) on which the god Winn (also called Yggr) was thought to have hung in voluntary sacrifice in order to acquire hidden knowledge and wisdom: by undergoing ritualistic death he learned the secret of the runes. Christianity substituted a wooden cross for the living tree, but through death Christians believe that Christ suffered for all and gained redemption for all. The World Tree linked the underworld to the heavens and the gods to mankind, the dead to the living — it was, indeed, the backbone of all worlds, an idea met with in a number of ancient religions from across the world. Such ideas must be very ancient.
Scriptures says; “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly: so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth”.
And the meaning of VITROIL is; “Visit the interior of the Earth and by rectifying yourself you shall discover the hidden Philosophers’ Stone. He who overcome shall then recieve the “hidden stone”.
This process of overcome from Book of Revelation symbolize – a metaphor for transformation and change, metamorphosis and rebirth, and also symbolize the alchemical process become a “living stone”.
The Tree of Life growing in the center of the world reminds us of the tree with the same name in the Garden of Eden. And a new world rising from the ashes of the old is similar to the Egyptian myth of the Phoenix. This bird, consumed by flames, rises from its own ashes, and the cycle is repeated throughout eternity.
The Pluto”Phoenix Bird” Process – Transformative breakdown (of structures) and Rebirth
The healing and transformation process that is currently underway is rectifying (“Visit the interior of the Earth and by rectifying yourself you shall discover the hidden Stone) the imbalances present in the living Earth, human civilization and everyone’s energy field. The rectification of imbalances will raise the energetic vibratory frequencies on the personal and planetary levels and further enable the anchoring and alignment of the higher incoming frequencies in preparation for the new paradigm on Earth.

Planet Pluto and evolution (Omega Point)
The planet Pluto has a consciousness as all planets have a consciousness, one that is holistic and integrated with a memory of past events and future possibilities. Pluto is a very important planet, if not the most important one, because it is the omega point of the solar system of Earth, and the reflecting point of purification.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S. J. was a French paleontologist who lived from 1881 to 1955. He articulated a new dimension to evolution: a spiritual dimension. He taught that there is an unfolding of the universe as a physical evolution and alongside this is the unfolding of the universe as a spiritual evolution. The Jewish-Christian development over the last 3,700 years has thought in terms of a single linear development of their faiths. Teilhard started to see the universe in an integral way, not just in the fundamental subjective/objective dualism of most Western thought. Along with this is his central idea of a complexification of consciousness.
The evolution of the universe is a deepening of human consciousness or intelligence that includes a deepening of interiority and spirituality. It is a biological-spiritual process growing together. Human evolution continues as is but Teilhard had a sense that a deep change, like a transformation or conversion, at the level of being—a change of heart, a change of mind, a change of body—can take place in a human who learns to experience the universe with divine action.
This becomes a mystical event in the life of the individual; it can be called mysticism or divinization. This also exists for a planet that evolves, has a planetary consciousness, a heart and thoughts. Teilhard is known for his “omega point,” which is the point the universe has become one with God. It is an event that the universe is moving toward in the future and that is exerting a force on the present.
The Western mind usually thinks of the omega point in linear terms, but for Teilhard it is in holistic terms: the omega point is radiating back from the future into the present, thus the future is here and now. Planet Pluto is the “omega point” for the solar system; it is a reflecting point of Earth’s consciousness and events, reflecting these events back to the Earth.
The planet Pluto has thoughts and a consciousness, one that is holistic and integrated with beliefs and thoughts that are part of its history and destiny. Though it is cold and icy, dark and distant, it lives on with its planetary consciousness. One moment in history brings Pluto great joy: it is the presence of the bright luminous globe with a beautiful lady inside that floated by once a month for six consecutive months. Pluto is the planet of purification. It is a mystery how it became a planet of purification; many reasons have been given but all fall short in the ocean of speculation. Perhaps since it’s the farthest planet from the Sun, the main instrument of purification, its hermetical lifestyle throughout the ages sublimed itself as the omega point for absolution, a cleansing of consciousness.
As to the fundamental nature of Pluto, he is a mixture of water and fire. Contrasts prevail here, but the contrasts are such as to combine and supplement. Water extinguishes fire, while fire turns water into vapor. Pluto is the planet of self-rediscovery, or the union of these two elements.
However, the water principle is the stronger. Thus, we recognize once again the dose connection between Pluto and the zodiacal sign Scorpio. Pluto has a kinship with Jupiter in that he is multiform and gives abundance with extreme goals. Yet from these extremes an amalgamation results. On account of its enormous driving force, Pluto tries to seek new connections again and again. If we desire to grasp the characteristics of Pluto correctly, we must first clearly understand that Pluto is a polarity, a “double-boundedness.” Pluto has a double face—a Janus face —and we must distinguish between two evolutions, i.e., a lower and a higher vibration, similar to those of the sign Scorpio…. Pluto destroys and builds out of the elements of the destroyed—out of the old, something new; Pluto rises from the ashes like the phoenix. Pluto is transformations—transformations of one force into another force, of one element into another; it is transmutation and the “alchemistra redivivius.”

Pluto is connection, transition, passage, bridge, boundary; the end and at the same time the beginning (Book of Revelation Alpha/Omgea); it unbinds and binds; it brings revolutionary upheavals; it is the turning point. Pluto leads from torpidity to revival; from one condition—one condition of consciousness—into another, from one being into another being, from this life into the life hereafter. For this reason Pluto has been called in mythology the lord of the realm of the dead, the realm between, the astral world.
Pluto is the overthrow of the old, sensing the new: the end of the old world and the ascent of a new spiritual epoch. It is therefore not a mere chance that Pluto was discovered on the borderline of two ages, the turning point of human evolution. If Uranus is the first stage of the coming Aquarian age, then Pluto is the second stage.
Pluto leads out of death, rigidity, a cramped state, through the stage of fermentation, preparation and development to revival, enlightenment, elevation, and clarification.
Pluto will lead humanity out of the mechanization and mechanical technology of our times into an epoch of revivification, resurrection, of magic and creative power.
The Plutonic force acts in a renewing, enlivening, reviving manner, bringing forth the new; it is stimulating, preparatory, enthusiastic, breaking forth, breaking open, arousing, germinating, up-stirring, up-rooting, eruptive, up-raising, revealing, reorganizing, revolutionary. However, it is not revolutionary in the sense that Uranus is.
Pluto brings only that which has been developed under cover, in secret (underground) into daylight, when the time is ripe. The force of Pluto is like wine in the stage of fermentation, which is working until it has gained access to air, or like a volcano that bubbles and seethes inside until it erupts with elementary force. Seething, boring, hatching, brooding, evaporating, decomposing, fermenting, transforming; disunion, germination, procreation—all these are Pluto characteristics.
All chemical and transforming processes, distillation, chemistry, spagyric, alchemy, metamorphosis—all belong to Pluto…. Pluto is an exalted yet sublimated scorpion-like Mars, and is in the first place the purest, highest, potentialized mental energy, or creative willpower, similar to that possessed by the “magic man” (fakir, yogi, magician, adept, artist, genius).
The following is a preliminary compilation:
(a) On the material plane: Death, destruction, decomposition, struggle, force, fanaticism, adventurous desires, temptation, defiance, envy, intensification, sensuality.
(b) On the spiritual plane: Regeneration, reorganization, transformation, transmutation, creator of new life-giving force, form impulse; gives energy to strive for spiritual power and leadership, conscious clairvoyance, magic, mystic, magnetism, exaltation….
All large earth movements, eruptions, geologic displacements, earthquakes covering a larger range, are under the influence of Pluto. Uranus causes the sudden shocks of a more local nature. Pluto is in many respects an intensification of the Uranian influence, especially in regard to such conditions that are released through impact and energy. So in this respect, Uranus and Pluto supplement, intensify, and vie, so to speak, with each other. However, the effect of Pluto is never so surprising and sudden as in the case of Uranus. Pluto conceals within himself a very important physical law: the ability to overcome the force of gravity and air pressure. In this category belong all the bold and adventurous technical problems involved in stratosphere flight, rocket flight, and the exploration of the great ocean deeps….

Pluto and reincarnation governing planet
Pluto, the planet. In modern astrology Pluto has sometimes been suggested as the main governing body for reincarnation. The validity of this has been challenged by the question, “What was considered the governing planet for reincarnation before the discovery of Pluto in 1930?”
One answer is that it would have been Saturn, since that planet for millennia has been associated with death. A major source of the pro—Pluto reincarnation view is Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul by Jeff Green (1986). On the other hand, in mundane astrology Pluto is the governing planet of organized labor groups or labor unions. The logic of this is said to be that the organized labor movement was only founded a few decades prior to the discovery of the planet.
A more chronologically secure association is with the fact that Pluto, as the god of death, was discovered only 10 years before the discovery of the element named after it, plutonium, which coincidentally or not turned out to be a major ingredient in nuclear bombs. Also, the start of World War II, which ended with the atomic bomb, might be at-tributed to the astrological influence of the discovery of Pluto. Considering this Pluto-nuclear link, it may be less of a surprising that there is even an association of Pluto with Jesus according to Zhendao. Jesus, who is just one of many gods, is said to have helped settle on Pluto the survivors of the nuclear war that created this solar system.
Another factor associated with this planet according to many astrologers is that of the subconscious, the treasure house of the psyche. This is considered to be supported by the fact that it was around the discovery time of Pluto that depth psychology became fashionable.
Since the astrologer Fritz Brunhubner gave his opinion on the matter in 1934 Pluto has also been assign governance over the pineal gland and its third eye psychic properties.
Again the question ought to be asked, “What, if anything, was considered governing this gland before the discovery of Pluto?” As of August 2006 Pluto lost its status as a full planet and was reclassified as a dwarf planet. We will have to wait to see how astrologers deal with this plutonian downgrading and its supposed governance of reincarnation.

The reincarnation principle
The soul is purged after several lifetimes. The good or light in the reincarnated soul is becoming more predominant, until it has reaced such a degree of perfection that it no longer need to reincarnate.
Pluto, the planet of death and new life, portrays the wonderful resurrection message of continuous life. There is no spiritual death; there is only physical death. The soul of life in each and all is continually evolving and growing through the physical processes of birthing, living, and dying; until it is no longer necessary for physical manifestation. Final death to the physical sends the living soul onward—forward to new levels of life experiences beyond the physical.
Living beings is caught up in the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound. The light or soul is trapped in the matter, and the goal with liberation of the soul from is the liberation from the physical (materialistic) cycle of reincarnation life, death and rebirth. The goal then is detachment from material concerns, an enlightened consciousness achieved through spiritual practices to achieve a spiritual rebirth and become a “living stone”. Self-centered material desires binds individuals to the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. When the light is perfected (liberated from matter)and united with The Divine there is no need for any reincarnations or rebirth.
Reincarnation is freedom for this world, and the resurrection of Christ was spiritual. Hell is not a place of eternal punishment, but it is only a state of mind or negative thought.
The human brain has been affected by thousends of years with materialistic pathways/brain structures and the limited (material) ego that is bind to (this world and reality). “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Pluto is sometimes called the Great Renewer. It is the planet of rebirth and deep transformation. Pluto begins by tearing down personal and evolutionary life-long structures in the humans evolutionary old brain and mind/brain structures. In order to transform and renew, it destroys the existing order and brings intense, repressed energies to the surface. The Pluto experience starts with destruction and obliteration, followed by long periods of despair. In time, the destructive side of Pluto passes and is replaced with a search for deeper meaning and the rebuilding on more solid foundations.
Scripture tells us, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2)

Pluto and The Pineal Gland
Pluto is excluded as a planet in same way the Pineal Gland is enclosed. The human pineal gland is small in same way the dwarf planet Pluto is. The pineal gland is powerful because of its third eye psychic properties
Pluto is associated with the Sixth or Third Eye chakra, the energy point located at the center of the forehead, which is where we consciously direct our will.
The planet Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio. Pluto is associated with the Sixth or Third Eye chakra, the energy point located at the center of the forehead, which is where we consciously direct our will. The sense of appreciation gets expressed through the Sixth or Third Eye chakra where our sense of truth sees through illusion and perceives the need for transformation.
The purple color relates to the purple planet Pluto and it is also a stone corresponding to the element of water. The crown chakra is represented by the color purple.

Pluto and Astrology
Power and personal transformation are associated with Pluto’s astrological influence. The symbol of Pluto expresses power in its purest form. When Pluto is used properly, his energy can instill direction.
The closer you get to an experience of your Higher Self, the more you tap into superconscious energies. The circle of the super-conscious is above the crescent, or subconscious Moon, and both are placed above the cross of matter. Of all the astrological symbols, none signifies perfection and power of creation more than the symbol of Pluto. This sign indicates spirit over mind and body combined in their rightful order. We see a change of consciousness in this symbol. Humanity has elevated their spiritual potential through shear will, learning and sacrifice.
We should study the Pluto vibration closely, for this power planet can be our liberator and Spiritual Protector. We must use his energies carefully and cooperate with his forceful rays. When Pluto is used properly, his energy can instill direction and the willpower to accomplish great things. Pluto has the power to transform humanity into something new and wonderful.
Pluto represents the salvation of mankind, the spiritual and evolutionary advancement of humanity. He accomplishes this by cleansing out the accumulated debris, not only in the individual life but in that of the nations of the world. He carries the power of salvage, of rejuvenation, regeneration and the payment of past debts by retribution. Pluto rules karma, past lives, and the payment, what have earned, is either paid or received that the balance may be kept. His discovery in 1930 meant that men would learn the facts about life after death, about reincarnation and karma, that each is responsible for his on acts.
The fire of Pluto can mingle with the daring originality of Uranus and the spiritual feeling of Neptune into a pattern of cohesive endeavor, coordinating all aspiration into one single aim for a higher degree of civilization which will bring great changes into the consciousness of the world. Likewise under Pluto, new inventions, discoveries and needs in the scientific world can turn to the very elements of the earth and find new chemical wealth.
The utopian dreams of scientists and mystics are even ncw being realized. Jet flights have reduced the problem of time to naught as satellite flights into space have given many of the answers, and created a wider vista, than the hitherto wildest dreams of questioning, aspiring scientists.
Pluto is Fate.
Prominent in the chart it represents an individual that has a destiny or karmic influence over many. When adverse, Pluto strips you of your possessions, even your loved ones, that the way may be cleared for advance.
Pluto is forceful, subtle, coercive, dramatic and final. tell aspected, Pluto builds up and preserves life, promotes health and encourages freer expression of the subconscious. Under Saturn you serve because you mist for self-preservation; under Pluto you are placed in positions of trust without volition, things happen to the native who has no choice in the matter.
From this high eminence, the native serves mankind. He gives out the vision seen under Neptune’s rays to lead the less advanced to spiritual wakening and aids in establishing on earth the Kingdom of God, and he brings in that which history has forgotten.
Pluto represents the highest type of spiritual effort. Under a prominent Pluto, the cosmic Work is revealed. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all higher octave or spiritual planets and are conducive to occult pursuits through flashes of intuition, inspiration and visions. Under these planets there is an increased sensitiveness of the nervous system which tends toward mystic experiences or the brain is sensitized for messages, as thought transmission.

Pluto (underworld) and consciousness
Pluto opens the gates to the transformative powers of a new order of life.
Working at levels deep below our conscious awareness much of the time, Pluto symbolises ‘dying’ to familiar or known situations and established circumstances, going through a transformative process, and re-emerging from the experience with a changed perspective. Death and rebirth, reincarnation and karma, power and compulsiveness, all belong to Pluto.
In the process of change at a profound level, either personally or during a time of social upheaval when attitudes or beliefs are undergoing a shift, there is usually a breakdown process that occurs first. This may take a long period of time, for Pluto generally does not operate at speed, but rather rumbles around underground before it becomes visible to our awareness, often through a major shift in the circumstances of our lives. Pluto frequently operates in a hidden or secretive manner.
Pluto’s realm is darkness. It is the pit of the bowl of the crucible where the deep underground fire of transformation takes place. Pluto’s territory is anathema to the sunny warmth of the ego. But it is power. Ultimate power. The kind of power that easily slips into malignant thinking if the ego gets hold of it and begins to identify with it as my power.
One of Pluto’s lessons in power is that it belongs to no one, that the power we hold is shared among all beings, all the creative forces of the known and unknown universes. The history of humanity can be seen as our trials in misunderstanding this universal truth. Yet the secret of Pluto’s power is the knowledge of how shadow and light, when combined, produce the unification of the opposites (the alchemical process-the eternal stone, Heaven and Earth, the male and female principles), the balance point of yin and yang, the alchemical transcendence of the limitations of our physical form and reality. In short, Magic. Real Magic, not the flummery of Harry Potter, but the kind of magic that allows us to glimpse our reality from the perspective of the gods.
The truth of our world is that it is an extension of our psyche: every outer exploration brings us more into contact with the components of our deepest Self, the Soul. As above, so below; this is the truth of the psyche as well as the backbone of the art and science of astrology. As we send a mechanical extension of our eyes and ears to the farthest reaches of the known solar system, we also send our psyche there, to witness physical objects that will inevitably have their corresponding effect on the inner reaches of our consciousness.
Like our tinkering with the atoms of uranium, we have little knowledge of where this exploration will lead us, or how it will cause us to evolve. Pluto’s realm, the underworld, is often characterized by and confused with the realm of hell, a fiery tortuous territory of eternal punishment, or a place of eternal sorrow. It is indeed the land of the dead. But archetypally, this land is a numinous land: it is the land of Soul. It is only dark to our mortal eyes, which cannot directly see into the immortal inner planes of the territory of the Soul.
Thus Pluto is the bringer of light—the enlightening energy of Soul we must draw upon when the mundane worlds of ego and personality fail us, as eventually they must. Perhaps the New Horizons probe will find a scientific anomaly of such magnitude that Pluto will forever point us into deeper, more infinite directions of inexplicable wonder.

Pluto and psychology
Pluto represents subconscious forces. According to Jung, our psychological makeup is divided into three: consciousness, personal unconsciousness, and the collective unconscious. The tree of life as the ”embodiment” of the divinity, housing the potential power of Life giving energy. The Tree of Life resides in three worlds – heaven (consciousness), earth (personal unconsciousness) and the underworld (the collective unconscious), and (also) head (pineal gland), chest (heart) and belly (solar plexus).
Scriptures says; “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly: so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth”.
The Tree was Rooted Deep in the heart of the Earth and towered high in the sky to reach the heavens. The World Tree linked the underworld to the heavens and the gods to mankind, the dead to the living. The Tree of Life resides in three worlds, linking and uniting heaven, earth and the underworld.
Pluto is a symbol of the urge for self-transformation and self-realization. In other words, there exists within the psyche an impulse towards (spiritual) growth, which necessitates the constant changing of the forms through which growth is accomplished. The individual must grow, whether he wishes to or not, and the cycle of growth requires a period of death, decay, new germination, gestation, and new birth. The whole of nature upholds this principle. That man should reject it, and attempt to deny it, is characteristic of the loss of contact with the roots of life which is so typical of the time in which we live.
Pluto is the domain for death, being the end of one cycle, marks the beginning of a new one. This cycle of life and nature is represented by Life, death and rebirth. This process could also be symbolized with be transformed from a 3 dimensional worldview to a 5th dimensional being.
It´s represents death and destruction for one cycle (or dimension) to create new dimesion (5 dimension), it is death representative of regeneration; it is death for the purpose of renewal and re-creation. To regenerate means to beget or generate again; therefore, to be born again,, or to be redeemed.

Pluto and Soul and Ego
The Soul Because Pluto correlates with the Soul, we will briefly discuss the Soul and the ego that each Soul creates, before we describe and illustrate the meaning of Pluto in the birth chart. What is a Soul? How can we know that we do indeed have a Soul, or become aware of our Soul? We can experience and validate our Soul outside the testament of enlightened beings, and specific beliefs of any kind.
The definition of the Soul given to us by all the great avatars and gurus of our time, and applied in the Pluto material, is this: The Soul is an immutable consciousness, or energy, which has its own identity that remains intact from lifetime to lifetime. It is naturally a part of the Universal Consciousness that created it in the first place. Immutable means that this consciousness cannot be destroyed, because energy cannot be destroyed, and can only change form.
Clearly, when we discuss the Soul, we are describing the nature of energy that is no different than the energy of consciousness itself.
Astrologically, consciousness correlates with Neptune. The most important question to ask and answer in our discussion of the Soul is how an we all objectively validate and experience our Soul independent from belief systems of any kind. In other words, how can we inwardly prove to ourselves that we have a Soul. and in this way experience our own Soul?
Again, the Soul is the energy of consciousness. We cannot open up the brain and find the Soul. However, we cannot open up the body and find emotions either, but we all know that we have them. We cannot open up the brain and find the Soul because it is consciousness.
Consciousness, again, is energy. Consciousness, itself, exists everywhere on earth in all forms of life. The existence of consciousness has been. and still is. one of the greatest mysteries posed to scientists because science has not been able to explain the origin of consciousness or even how it came to be. Yet, an origin or universal source of consciousness must exist because of the sheer fact that consciousness exists in the first place.
This is exactly the starting point for the creation of religions and philosophies: the human need to contemplate and consider, within the desire to know where we come from, and why. Such contemplation and reflection of this nature becomes the causative factor of beliefs. These beliefs are the result of human pondering upon the origin of life itself. I think we can all agree that there is a fundamental difference between actual knowing and the need to believe in an answer. The point here is to emphasize that there is a way to know the answers to the big cosmic questions, versus the need to believe in any given answer.
The sheer fact that there is a manifested Creation implies that there must also be truths that inherently exist because of the fact that manifested Creation exists in the first place. In other words, there must be an origin of Creation by the sheer fact of its existence. In generic semis. this origin is called the Creator. the Source, or the Origin of All Things.
In religious terminology this is called God, or the Goddess. It is an observable fact that consciousness exists in all forms of life. That which is the Source of consciousness, of itself, must also be consciousness. Thus, the totality of consciousness emanates from this Source. All life forms have the appearance of being separate from other life forms, yet are simultaneously connected to one another.
Take the example of two plants that are next to one another. These two planes appear separate. yet are simultaneously connected to one another by the sheer facts of being plants. The point of this illustration is to demonstrate that there is an individualized aspect to consciousness, yet there is also a universal aspect to consciousness that binds all the individualized aspects of consciousness together. Another way to illustrate this point is the wave upon the ocean.
The ocean is certainly the origin of the wave. However, from the point of view of the wave. if the individualizing aspect of consciousness is centered there, the wave appears and seems separate. In other words, if the center of gravity of consciousness is centered in the wave, then the wave appears and is experienced as something separate from its own source: the ocean. On the other hand. if the center of gravity within consciousness is in the ocean, then the ocean simultaneously experiences its totality, while at the same time experiencing the individualizing aspect of itself as manifested in the waves that emanate from it.
In the very same way, then, the universal consciousness, which is the origin of all consciousness, has created and manifested the totality of the manifested Creation. This. of course, includes the human being and the consciousness within the human being. Within human consciousness, there exists a natural, individualizing aspect.
This occurs as a natural result of the human life form as a seed that produces many other branches that is no different than the ocean and the wave. Thus, each human being has its own individualizing consciousness that is called the Soul. Remember that the Soul is an immutable consciousness that remains intact from lifetime to lifetime, and is naturally a part of the Universal Consciousness that created It in the first place. How can we know independent from belief systems that a Univer-sal Creator, or Source, exists?
Long ago, before the development of religion, philosophies, and complicated cosmologies, the human being learned through inner looking, or contemplation, that a light appeared on the interior of consciousness as breath became very shallow, and even stopped. This light appeared as a natural result of breath shallow-ing or stopping. Much later in human history. this became known as the third eye. It is this very light that symbolized and connected the individual consciousness reflected in the Soul to the Universal Consciousness that is the Universal Source. or the Origin of All Things.
The human being also learned long ago that by merging its own individualized con-sciousness. or Soul, with that light, its consciousness would expand in such a way that the individual consciousness itself then becomes Universal and was then able to consciously experience the Ultimate Source of All Things: The wave returned to the ocean. These fundamental principles are all based on natural laws. Natural laws are truths that are self-evident in nature, and will be true for all times. whether the human being inhabits the planet or not.
The Evolution of the Soul
The Soul undergoes a continual metamorphic process that allows all Its limitations, points of stagnation, and blocks to be transmuted and purged. The analogy of the caterpillar who makes a cocoon and then changes into a butterfly applies to describe the metamorphosis of the Soul as well as the general phenomena of evolution. How does the Soul evolve? How can we consciously understand, or experience, the Soul’s evolution? In the Soul there are two co-existing, antithetical desires. One desire is to return to the Source that created it, and the other is to separate from the Source. It is exactly the interaction of these two antithetical desires that create and determine not only our past in all its totality, but the nature of our current reality. This is true on an individual as well as collective level. The past has a reason for being, just as the present has a reason for being. It should be dear, then, that the Soul evolves by exhausting all its separating desires. Desire is the determinate of evolution. As we evolve, the desire to know and merge with God, or the Source, becomes ever stronger.
Every great master and spiritual teacher that spoke with truth and wisdom validated that he or she too had to evolve, and that every Soul must undergo the same evolution as the Masters to reach the same high state of God-realization. It is important to understand that the Soul and its metamorphic process is typically unconscious in the vast majority of people.
The influence of the two antithetical desires within the Soul are commonly not consciously understood. The desire to return to the Source, or Creator is the stronger of the two desires, even if an individual is not conscious of this desire in his or her life. Of course, as we evolve we become more conscious and aware of our Soul. We begin to perceive our lives and understand our own desire nature in the context of the two opposing, antithetical desires within our Soul. It is exactly this process of eliminating separating desires and simultaneously acting upon the desire to return to the Creator that stimulates, or ignites, such an evolution.
A very simple way to experience, and objectively validate, these two desires within the Soul is the universal experience of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. We can have separating desires of any nature—for example, we may desire a new possession, a new lover, or a new career, and so on.
There is a sense of temporary satisfaction soon after we actual-ize our separating desires, but what soon replaces that temporary sense of satisfaction? Is there not a very intense feeling within our being that there must be more than the actualization of that separating desire, and a very strong sense of dissatisfaction?
The feeling of dissatisfaction is an echo of the desire to return to God, or the Creator, even though many people do not consciously recognize it as such. It is critical to understand, or perceive. these emotions and experiences in this light, because the intense sensation of dissatisfaction commonly fuels yet another separating desire. At some point in our evolutionary journey we will realize that only the desire to return and merge with the Creator will provide true and lasting satisfaction.
This is exactly the process and realization that all great masters and gurus experienced. and emphasize within their teachings. In spiritual terminology, this is what has been termed “nate.” This describes the process of purging separating desires that triggers the realization within of the Soul of not this. “not that” in the context of seeking ultimate satisfaction.
There are many people that could not are less about cosmologies. the Soul, or understanding life in holistic context, yet they still want to know what they should be doing in their life. Individuals may desire to make the inherently right choices in their life. and ask questions regarding the correct life choices. Some people may want to know what their specific life lessons are, and in that context the purpose of the life itself. We an help guide and objectively answer such holistic questions through understanding of evolutionary astrology, and specifically, Pluto’s correlation to the Soul.

  1. You are analytical and a giver of wealth (philanthropist).
  2. You have the ability to see through spiritual walls.
  3. You have great power of insight and carry high master energies.
  4. You are being reborn, go to the core of things and undergo transformation and transmutation.
  5. It is deeply healing because of the transformation.
  6. Pluto represents the ending of a cycle for you and the birth of a new one. It is an evolutionary planet.
  7. Pluto has the capacity to rebuild.
  8. Pluto´s most powerful symbol is the phoenix, the magical bird that was reborn again and again from its own ashes
    The closer you get to an experience of your Higher Self, the more you tap into superconscious energies. Here is a list of some of the qualities we could assign to the superconscious or transpersonal realm: beauty, compassion, courage, creativity, freedom, liberation, an awareness of truth, good-will, harmony, light, and love. These are the kinds of qualities you make contact with when you have a peak experience—an experience which puts you in touch with something higher.

The Ego
In each life, the Soul creates an ego. The ego, astrologically, correlates with the Moon. The ego is pure energy, just like the Soul. We cannot open up the brain and find it. Simply stated, the ego serves as an integrating function within subjective consciousness. The ego reflects our own self image. Without the ego we could not speak our own name. A common and destructive myth that many of us have been subjected to in spiritual life is that, somehow, we must rid ourselves of the ego.
Evolution is effected, again, by the Soul purging its separating desires. As this process occurs, the center of gravity within consciousness shifts from the ego to the Soul. Thus, the ultimate goal within spiritual life is to shift the center of gravity from the ego to the Soul, not ridding ourselves of our ego. A metamorphosis of the egocentric structure occurs as this shift in consciousness is made. The individual progressively learns to view himself or herself (the self-image), as well as every other life form in manifested Creation, as an aspect or reflection of the Creator.
In other words, when the center of gravity within an individual is centered in the Soul, then the egocentric structure of that person will naturally reflect a unity and iden-tification with the Creator. The person’s self-image will be founded upon such unity and connection with the Source. The perception of separation, or of being a separate entity (from an egocentric point of view) from the Source and other life forms in the manifested creation. will dissolve as such an evolution is made. The water triad of the Zodiac of Cancer (Moon).
Scorpio (Pluto), and Pisces (Neptune) correlates with the metamorphosis (Scorpio) of the individualized ego (Cancer) as the person develops a direct connection and identifies with God, or the Source (Pisces). Unlike the energy of the Soul. which is sustained from lifetime to lifetime until the final merging with the Creator occurs. the energy of wave upon the sea again serves to illustrate this point.
The Soul, or ocean. manifests different egos—or waves—life after life. Even though the waves rise and fall in any given life that the Soul creates, the ocean is sustained. In other words. the egos that the Soul manifests in each life rise from birth, but dissolve back into the ocean (Soul) upon completion of each life. Their energy is not destroyed. but simply absorbed back into the energy that created it in the first place.
The ego created by the Soul allows for the individualizing aspect of the Soul in each life. and serves as the vehicle through which the evolutionary intentions of the Soul in any given life occur. Each ego that the Soul creates is oriented to reality so that the very nature of the orientation serves as a vehicle through which the life lessons occur and are understood by the Soul. Again, in each life the ego allows for a self-image of the Soul to occur relative to the individualizing aspect of the Soul.
The analogy of a movie projector and the lens on the projector clearly illustrates this point. If I have a movie projector with no lens on it, then all the screen will show is diffused images of light. Without the lens on the projec-tor there is no distinct or clear images generated from the light of the movie projector. Thus. the lens serves as a vehicle through which the inherent images on the film can be focused and given distinct shape. form, and images. In the very same way the ego that the Soul generates in each life operates as a vehicle, or lens, through which the inherent images that exist within our Soul take form.
This natural law of consciousness is the cause of that allows for individual self-perception and the word “I” itself. The Soul, or Pluto, astrologically speaking. correlates to the genetic code, RNA. DNA. chromosomes, and enzymes.
In each life the Soul is the determinant for the entire genetic code of the life. or human form, that it is being born into. Each life that the Soul creates is a continuation of what had come before. where each new life correlates to the ongoing evolutionary lessons or intentions of any given Soul. Thus. the body type—which includes the race to be born into, the appearance of it. the culture being born into, the parents of origin, the specific and individual nature of emotions, feelings, psychology. desires and so on— correlates to the Soul’s intentions reflected in the genetic code in each life. This is all given individual form in each life via the egocentric structure, or Moon. that the Soul creates in each life.
Thus, any person can make such statements as “this is who I am,- “this is what I need,” “this is what I am feeling.” “this is what I am learning.” and so on. The ego that the Soul creates in any life correlates with the individualizing aspect of human consciousness in this way. When death occurs in any given life. as mentioned before, the ego that the Soul had created for that life dissolves back into its origin: the Soul.
Since both are energy. and energy cannot be destroyed. where does the Soul go upon physical death of the body: where is it on an energetic level? Most of us have heard of the words “astral plane,” or “heaven and hell.” Obviously, what these words refer to are other realities. or planes of existence. Simply speaking, the astral plane is an energetic plane of existence that all Souls go to after completion of physical lives on places like Earth.
Energetically. this plane of existence is much less materially dense than places like Earth. After physical death, the Soul goes to the astral plane in order to review the life that has just been lived, and to prepare for yet another birth on places like Earth. Upon the completion of a life on Earth, the ego dissolves back into the Soul in such a way that the center of gravity within consciousness, when in the astral plane. is the Soul itself. For the vast majority of people living lives in the material plane, we call Earth the center of gravity of consciousness—the ego itself. This is why these individuals feel within themselves that they are separate from everything else: the center of gravity being the egocentric “I.”
In the astral plane, the center of gravity shifts from the ego to the Soul, so that when death occurs in any life the memory of the ego of that life is sustained. This is necessary for the Soul, for it is the memory of the ego that allows the Soul to not only review the life that has just been lived, but also serves as the basis for the next life to be lived relative to the continuation of the evolution of the Soul itself. In each life we pick up where we left off before.
Thus, the memory of the ego in each life is the causative factor in determining the typo of egocentric structure the Soul needs to create in the next life. In essence. it is the memory of the ego that the Soul draws upon. the images contained therein. that serve as the basis of the next egocentric structure that the Soul needs to generate in each successive life that promotes its ongoing evolution.
Pluto is the god of death and resurrection. True power comes through faith, trust, and love; not control, manipulation, or fear. Death is part of life, and is to be honored and appreciated. As we approach winter, we enter Pluto’s realm: the underworld. Although it is barren above, the seed is below, readying itself for new life.
The mythic phoenix rises from the ashes. We all know any journey into the depths can be painful, and yet if we are willing to look into the darkness and bring a lantern of light (truthful vision), we are better for the journey—there are valuable riches hidden in these depths.
Magically, the phoenix rises, and in its flight, life begins anew. We have allowed the realm of magic to touch us. We are born again. The eagle helps us see from a higher and more spiritual perspec-tive, bringing about revelations and realizations. An eagle’s ability to fly and soar high above allows for a breathtaking perspective, one we can use for insight. Elementally speaking, air energy can bring spaciousness into our emotions, as intellect can create balance and objectivity. The eagle brings a message of divinity to our daily lives to offer hope and inspiration.

Pluto and Daath (Tree of Life)
Daath is the sphere where pure force takes on form. The Tree of Life is composed of Ten Sephiroth or Spiritual centers. There is an Eleventh Spiritual center called Daath, which refers to the hidden wisdom that is opened when one attains higher initiate status.
Daath unites 2 nd and 3 rd sefirot
Daath is the one sephirah that is not situated on the Tree, it is the mysterious hidden sephirah that lies in the middle of the Abyss, above Tiphareth and … However, translated into psychological terms, it could be said that the Abyss holds all the unresolved and irrational elements of the psyche and that no-one can cross the Abyss into true spirituality without resolving these aspects.
Daath is the name of the Qabalistic sephirot where one plunges into a non-dualistic (oneness) state of consciousness and begins the final steps for this process of illumination. The abyss, Daath, is a state of primordial entanglement. Daath is the chaos upon which all concept formation is brewed; it is the infinite process of differentiation where our mental and psychophysical realities are differentiated. This profound idea is the myth of Tiamat, or Tammuz, the deep, the kthulu of H. P. Lovecraft’s stories, the id of Freud, the collective unconscious of Jung, the primal substance of the alchemists, the akasha of the Vedas, the Dual of the Egyptians, (Daath to the Qabalists), and the underworld of the Greeks.
Pluto and Tree of Life and the Sepiroth Tree
The Kether (The Crown)is Pluto (The Underworld)in the Tree of Life

Pluto -(Kether) God of the Akasha
The first Sephira of the tree of life represents the Crown, the union of every manifestation into one. There are no opposites. It represents one, with no division and is the highest creative force that makes the preceding Sephira possible. Kether represents supreme unity and hidden intelligence, for it is the light giving the power of comprehension of that first principle of creation which often described as the Primal Glory. Kether means Crown and it is within this Sephira that contains all that was, is, and will be. It is the place of first emanation and ultimate return. The Crown is the Sephira of pure spiritual being; the point of absolute unity without division, the place where the purest potentials of both male and female originate. Above the Sephira of Kether are three symbolic veils known as Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur, which can be translated as No-thing, Without limit and Limitless light. It is through these veils that God’s power is initially manifested into the first Sephira of Kether and from which the divine power flows down the tree in a zig-zag pattern known as ‘The Lightning flash’. In Greek Mythology this Sephira is related to Hades, who was not numbered amongst the Olympians because he never emerged into the light of day. His only contact was with Hermes (Mercury) through the middle Pillar.

Pluto and the Phoenix bird of rebirth
Pluto is more than a destroyer. The God Shiva is also know as a destroyer, and both Pluto and Shiva is renewing or re-creators of energies
Whatever Pluto decimates, Pluto has the capacity to rebuild. Inherent within Plutonian energy is the ability to craft from the remnants of destruction a new and improved creation. Pluto is symbolized by the Egyptian phoenix bird, and the phoenix bird also represents alchemy, transformation and Hermes. Therefore, in the end of this process it must also represent the “The Stone of The Wise”, The Eternal Stone or The Philosopher´s Stone.
Death also, in its most literal form, is the domain of Pluto, for death, while being the end of one cycle, marks the beginning of a new one. The drastic measures that Pluto urges us to take when intent on action is driven by evolutionary necessity (keeping that fundamental spark of life going strong). Ironically, this planet, typically associated with “death,” is really on a mission to ensure eternal life.
The symbolism of Pluto also hints at the myth of the Phoenix, the mythical bird that burns and then is reborn from its own ashes. The bird is a symbol of destruction and purification by fire and subsequent rebirth from the ashes. It’s a metaphor for transformation and change, metamorphosis and rebirth. It doesn’t represent the loss of energy; instead, it symbolizes a conversion.
His most powerful symbol is the phoenix, the magical bird that was reborn again and again from its own ashes. No matter what life throws at the phoenix, it can’t be destroyed. Then the magical Phoenix can´t be destroyed because it rebirths again and again, and this magical bird Phoenix/Hermes is same as the Philosopher´s Stone (The alchemical eternal stone and this stone can´t either be destroyed)
The phoenix bird, rising from the ashes of its dead self
Pluto also represents the power of transformation, transfiguration, growth. The phoenix has been used to symbolize Pluto, or the Scorpionic energies — it’s the bird that rises out of its own ashes, the symbol for rebirth. In order to be reborn, we must first become conscious of our motivations.
If Pluto can be called the symbol of the collective unconscious in the chart — Jung’s definition of the intuitive history of the species since time began; that part of ourselves which transmits knowledge over generations.
The popular emblem of the phoenix, the mythological Egyptian bird that was reborn every thousand years out of its own ashes, was also a symbol of Christ.
Shiva represents death and destruction, it is death representative of regeneration; it is death for the purpose of renewal and re-creation. To regenerate means to beget or generate again; therefore, to be born again,, or to be redeemed. To be born again does not mean just taking up a new physical body; it has to be understood in a spiritual sense
Pluto, Odin, Shiva, Christ, The Phoenix bird all symbolize the underworld, death and then re-birth, as a alchemical and spiritual process of growth, destruction or to regenerate means to grow spiritually to a higher state of consciousness, it´s the process from mortality to immortilaty and longvity and eternal life of the true self of the Divine, to become you real Self.
When energies starts awakening in ths spine and rise upwards in the chakras, it is transformed into a eagle. The eagle of course represents the air, the spirit, and in alchemy it had a very particular meaning.
The eagle would remind any alchemist of the phoenix, the self-renewing god, an Egyptian inheritance.
All who draw nearer to God will be renewed and cleansed, will become virtuous and holy, as written in Psalms 103: 5: ‘so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s’. By living a life of grace a man is perpetually renewed, and the renewal is life.
He will renew your strength so you can mount up with wings of an eagle (Isaiah 40:31)

Pluto and Alchemy
Death also, in its most literal form, is the domain of Pluto, for death, while being the end of one cycle, marks the beginning of a new one.
The drastic measures that Pluto urges us to take when intent on action is driven by evolutionary necessity (keeping that fundamental spark of life going strong). Ironically, this planet, typically associated with “death,” is really on a mission to ensure eternal life. Pluto is a symbol of the urge for self-transformation and Pluto’s astrological symbol is the symbol for alchemy.
It is the cauldron of transformation, where alchemy— the transmutation of lead into gold — takes place. Pluto was the Greek god of wealth, the guardian of the treasures of the underworld. The journey to the underworld (Pluto) is essential to achieve spiritual enlightenment (Neptune).
Pluto rules transmutation, transformation and regeneration. It is the process of renewal, of new pathways, and the planet which rules the process of Alchemy. In Pluto’s realm is the awareness that all materia can be transformed literally into any other type of materia — and that non- material things can be made material and vice versa.
Pluto gives knowledge of the different dimensions of time and space, and of the transmutation of energy from one dimension into another. All hidden forces ( those not readily discernible) are the province of Pluto. Quantum physics, and the processes of materialization and dematerialization are plutonian in nature.
Although it may seem science fiction, quantum teleportation is already a scientifically proven fact. Experiments and studies at the University of Innsbruck in the 1990s indicate that it is possible to transfer the properties of one photon, electron or atom to another space- time location even if the two are galaxies apart, without them actually traveling through space.
When energies starts awakening in ths spine
Pluto Light of transcendence

  1. The principle of transmutation of energy.
  2. The eliminator, the annihilator, the redeemer.
  3. The regenerative aspects of death.
  4. The renewal of the life-force.
  5. The end and the beginning

The feminine knows that what appears to be a constriction and limitation is actually a place of transformation: the earth is the womb of our rebirth. This is reflected in the ancient teaching that the soul can only realize divine truth while in the body. Specifically, one needs the kundalini energy, which is an earth energy, in order to reach Reality. The world of matter may appear to deny us our spiritual nature, to cover it in darkness and desire. But matter has a divine energy that is necessary for the soul to fully realize its divine nature.° What is true for the individual is also true for the whole world. There is a power in the earth that is central to our collective evolution, to the awakening of the soul of the world. This is the secret substance of creation that was known by some of the Gnostics, who worked to liberate its energy. One of the Gnostic teachings is that through his crucifixion, Christ, the awakener, liberated the light within matter for the whole world. The church repressed the Gnostic teachings, but the knowledge remained in the alchemical tradition, which—rather than seeking the light in the heavens—looked for it in the darkness of the prima materia, the undifferentiated primal matter of creation. In our inner journey we realize that we are our own alchemist, transforming the darkness of our psyche into gold, discovering the light hidden in the prima materia of our shadow and instinctual nature. In our darkness lie a knowing and also an energy that are necessary for our journey:

The inner journey takes us into the depths of our own being where the primal power of the Self exists as undifferentiated energy. We need this energy tor the work; we need the power or our natural being in order to be ourself and live true to this unconditioned self.”
Without the power of our “natural being” there can be no transformation. We also need the wisdom and self-knowledge that come from sincere self-inquiry, from exploring our darkness. The statement of Christ, “Be ye therefore wise as serpents,” points to this quality of wisdom.
So because the Source has two purposes, you have two purposes. Your outer purpose is to gain knowledge, skills, talents, and wisdom through experience, thus becoming a co-creator with the Source. Your inner purpose is to discover your true essence, your divinity, your zero-point Self. As our species evolves into the Next Human, the frequency of the Earth will elevate from a three-dimensional frequency to a higher fourth-dimensional frequency. This is achieved by becoming heart-centered. This “higher frequency” Earth is indeed the “new Earth” spoken of in Revelation 21:1-4. And in this paragraph, the phrase “his name is God-with-them” is nearly identical to when Jesus said, “the Kingdom of God is within you” in Luke 17:21. This is the “new heaven.” It refers to the return movement of the One. This is the discovery of your inner Self, your true Self that you have only forgotten. This has been mistranslated by biblical scholars to imply that God is an egoic personality and therefore must be worshipped as a governor or “Lord” that is separate from you. And this is why so many people continue to suffer—because they are constantly searching for the divine outside of the Self.

Essential to this inner work is accepting the darkness as leis. Only when it is accepted without judgment does our darkness transform and reveal its hidden nature, become the gold it always was. The alchemists understood that the real transformation is the transformation of consciousness, which enables us to recognize and then work with the light that is always present in the darkness. Working within ourselves, we are also working with the whole. The individual is the microcosm of the whole. Through our instinctual self we connect with all of life. This is one reason why the mils is so important: it gives us access to the world of creation and enables us to reveal the light hidden in the earth. Through our higher centers we connect with inner dimensions of light; through our lower centers we are part of the created world and can access its secrets. The light hidden in creation has a different quality from the light of the world of God’s command. This light, called by the alchemists the lumen naturae, reveals many of the secrets of creation, including its magical nature.” We need to be able to work with the light hidden in matter, just as we have learned to work with the light of our higher spiritual centers. Finally, we need to bring the two lights together so that a third light can be born. In this new light we will be able to see and tully participate in a new revelation: a new understanding of what it means to be a human being.
How can we help awaken the light in the darkness, the hidden magic of matter? How can we play our part in this coming together of the higher and lower? From the perspective of oneness, we can recognize that the world of light needs this world of creation in order to reveal itself. Without this dimension of shadows there can be no revelation. The different worlds are inter-penetrating, interdependent dimensions which together reveal the One. Even to see it in terms of opposites coming together just continues the paradigm of duality.
Just as the lower needs the higher, the higher also needs the lower. What matters is how we relate to this unfolding, interdependent oneness. Do we stay within the attitudes of the past, seeking only to ascend, or do we recognize the potency of darkness and density and become receptive to its magic? Do we dare to appreciate the true wonder of the world of creation? All is He, but we are needed to become aware of the meaning of this oneness: how the worlds of creation and of God’s command together reveal His secret. We each contribute something different, unique to our own specific destiny. “Take thyself for a light,” said the Buddha to his disciple, Ananda. The path is created with each step we take; it is our own willingness to let go of the old and welcome the light of the new that will reveal what is needed from us.
The world is a living spiritual being. This was understood by the ancient philosophers and the alchemists who referred to the spiritual essence of the world as the anima mundi, the “Soul of the World.” They regarded the World Soul as a pure ethereal spirit diffused throughout all nature, the divine essence that embraces and energizes all life in the universe. Throughout history our understanding of the world as a living being with a spiritual essence has dramatically changed. Plato understood that “the cosmos is a single Living Creature which contains all living creatures within it.” While this tradition was carried on by the Gnostics and later the alchemists, the church fathers imaged a world that was neither divine nor sacred. A transcendent divinity was the source ofall creation, and humanity lived in exile from heaven in a state of sin. This doctrine created a split between matter and spirit, causing the world to be seen as separate from its creator.
The alchemists continued to explore the anima mundi. While the church looked for light in the heavens, the alchemists sought the light hidden in matter. They understood that there was a sacred essence in the fabric of creation, which through their experiments and imag-ination they worked to release. For the alchemists the anima munch is the divine spark in matter, the “philosophical Mercury,” which is the “universal and scintillating fire in the light of nature, which carries the heavenly spirit with it.” Alchemy is concerned with turning lead into gold, liberating the light hidden in the darkness—”the fiery sparks of the world soul, i.e. the light of nature… dispersed or sprinkled throughout the structure of the great world into all fruits of the elements everywhere.” The alchemists also understood that there is a connection between the anima mundi and the soul or innermost secret of man. The source of the wisdom and knowledge of the all-pervading essence of the anima mundi was “the innermost and most secret numinosum of man.”
In the last century Carl Jung rediscovered the wis-dom of the alchemical opus and showed how alchemical symbols image the process of inner transformation that can release this hidden light. Jung differentiated between two forms of spiritual light: lumen dei, the light proceed-ing from the spiritual realm of a transcendent God, and lumen naturae, the light hidden in matter and the forces of nature.
The Divine Light may be experienced through revelation and spiritual practices that give us access to our transcendent Self. The Light of Nature needs to be released through inner alchemy so that it can work creatively in the world. The tradition of alchemy reinterpreted into the language of inner transformation is a key to help us to liberate our natural light and to transform the world. The alchemical light hidden in darkness is our own light, which is also the divine spark within matter. Our natural light is part of the light of the World Soul.
This alchemical unlocking of matter can be associated with freeing, or awakening, the World Soul, the anima mundi. As a microcosm of the whole, the individual can participate directly in the alchemical process that liberates this light, a light that is needed to understand the mysteries of creation and the ways of working with its magical nature. With the lumen naturae we can once again learn how to unlock the secrets of nature, so that we no longer have to attack and destroy the natural world in order to survive.
As a result of Jung’s writings on alchemy, we have begun to understand the nature of the inner alchemical work. The work on the alchemical lead—the prima materia, that which is “glorious and vile, precious and of small account and is found everywhere”—is the work on the shadow, the rejected and unacknowledged parts of our psyche. The philosopher’s stone, the gold made from the lead, is our own true nature, the Self. Rather than a transcendent, disembodied divinity, alchemy reveals a divine light that exists in the very depths of our psyche. This light hidden in darkness, the lumen naturae, is also our instinctual self and natural way of being, which until it is revealed is covered over by patterns of conditioning and the layers of the false self. What is the difference between the light discovered in the depths of the psyche and the light of our tran-scendent divine Self glimpsed in meditation or other experiences? It is the same light experienced in different ways. The Sufis know that the Beloved, the source of all light, has both an immanent and a transcendent quality. He whom we love is both “nearer to him than his jugular vein” and “beyond even his idea of the beyond.”

The Self, “larger than large and smaller than small,” has the same dual quality. The yogi deep in meditation and the alchemist in his laboratory are seeking the same light, the same divine nature. Everything that we experience has a dual nature, a masculine and a feminine aspect, and the same is true of the light of the Self. It can be experienced in its masculine form as a pure transcendent light, consciousness without the constrictions of the psyche or the physical world. In meditation we can first glimpse and then rest in our eternal and infinite nature, and come to know a reality not defined or constricted by our body or the manifest world. This is a reality of light upon light, our colorless and formless essence. We can also come to know our divine nature in its feminine, embodied nature, as the light of being, our natural wisdom, the gold of our true nature. In this light we experience and know the divine within creation, the way our Beloved reveals Himself in a multitude of forms, each form a different expression of His infinite being. We see how each color, each smell, every taste, even every thought and feeling, is a unique expression of the divine. In this way we come to know Him in His creation in a way that is hidden in the transcendent. In this revela-tion we see that each thing is unique and that all things are one, and we discover the relationship of the parts to the whole—the interconnected wonder of creation. We see the rich tapestry of life and know that it is one Being revealing Itself in so many ways. If we are not to remain in the paradigm of duality, living our inherited split between masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, we need to acknowledge both of these aspects. We cannot afford to follow the footsteps of the patriarchal church fathers and seek only a transcendent light, look only towards heaven. We also need to know the light hidden in matter and understand the magic of creation that it reveals. We need to know the mysteries of creation as celebrated in the most sacred text of the alchemists, the Emerald Tablet, attributed to Hermes Trismegistos:
What is below is like that which is above, and what is above is like that which is below, to ac-complish the miracles of the one thing.w
The light hidden in matter is the one light experienced within the mysteryofcreation, the hidden treasure revealed through the dance of multiplicity. The creation of the manifest world is a revelation of the hidden nature of the divine, as expressed in the haclith, “I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known, so I created the world.” But we can only experience the wonder and know the true nature of this revelation through the light hidden within it. Just as He has hidden His secret within us—”Man is My secret and l am his secret”—so has He hidden Himself within His creation. Sometimes, in moments amidst the beauty or glory of nature, in the vastness of the stars or the perfection of the early morning dew on a flower, we glimpse this wonder. The light hidden in matter breaks through and we stand in awe before our Creator, as reflected in the words of the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins:
The world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out, like shining from shook foil)’
Through this light we can awaken to thedivine nature of life and experience the real beauty of His revelation. There is only one light—”as above so below”—and yet the lumen naturae has a different quality to the lumen dei, allowing a different quality of revelation. In His creation He reveals Himself in a way that is not revealed by His transcendent light, the lumen dei. What is true for the Creator is also true for us who are “made in His image.”
The light that is discovered in the depths of the psyche, through the work on the shadow and the inner alchem ical opus, reveals part of our divine nature that is hidden from a purely transcendent consciousness. We come to know ourself and our Beloved in a new way. For each of us this revelation is unique. Part of the wonder of creation is how she offers a different experience to each of us; even the same apple tasted by two people will be a different experience. Through His light we can see life as it really is, in the uniqueness of our own experience of it and not just through the veils of our projections, and so taste the divine uniqueness of each moment. At the same time we experience this uniqueness as part of a greater oneness. We see the threads that connect together all of life; we see how each part reflects the whole.
Whoever can’t see the whole in every part plays at blind man’s bluff; A wise man tastes the Tigris in every sip.
In our deeper knowing we understand this deep con-nectedness of all of life. And yet the church, the rise of Western science, and a growing culture of materialism have effectively banished the anima mundi from our collective imagination, until, in the words of Jung, “man himself has ceased to be the microcosm and his anima is no longer the consubstantial scintilla or spark of the anima mundi, the World Soul.”” How can we redeem this relationship, recreate this connection in our imagi-nation and inner work? How can we return our light to the World Soul?
Once we make the simple acknowledgment that we are a part of the whole, then a connection is made between our light and the world. We make this connec-tion with our consciousness and with our imagination; then through this connection our light begins to flow. In this way we begin to redeem the work of the whole. These connections create pathways of light that find their way through the darkness of the collective psyche. Just as in our personal psyche, there are blocks and places of resistance to this flow of light; and there are also places of power, creativity, and unexpected qualities.
The World Soul is not a fixed or defined substance, but a living substance made out of the hopes, dreams, and deepest imaginings of humanity and of all creation. This is the home of creation’s collective memories and the myths of humanity. Here are the archetypes and powers that define our life. Here are hidden places of magical meaning, places where dreams can come into being. We have lived for so long in the stark barrenness of a rational landscape that we have forgotten the potency that lies beneath the surface.
Flowing through the pathways created by our conscious connection to the anima munch, our light will find its way to places of power that are within the world, places where deeper layers of meaning are waiting to come alive. We presently see the material world as something apart from ourselves, a solid and enduring object without life or magic.
Like the seventeenth-century scientists who decided animals had no feelings and thus could be dissected without suffering, we feel free to inflict our will upon our world, pillaging it for our own gain without any thought to the suffering and damage we are subjecting it to. Caught up in our materialistic drives, we may not recognize that this image of the world is an illusion, an insubstantial dream that can easily alter or dissolve as new forces come into play.
As our light makes its connections within the World Soul, it will activate some of these forces, energies that are waiting to liberate the world from this destructive illusion. We know how this works in our own alchemical journey, how what we find beneath the surface changes our values in unexpected ways, how connections are then made and synchronicities occur that before would have been unbelievable. As we make these connections, we will begin to see that the world and our own selves both are more magical than we know.
This work of connecting our light to the world does not need to be done through a mass movement, or by millions of people. For centuries a few alchemists held these secrets of inner transformation against the powerful forces of the church and the establishment. The real work is always done by a small number of individuals. What matters is the level of participation: whether we dare to make a real commitment to the work of the soul. Unlike the alchemists living in their laboratories, we do not need to give up our ordinary outer life—everyday life can also be a necessary balance and protection against the strange delusions so easily created by the inner world. But we do need to recognize that there is a certain work that needs to be done, and that we can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch our collective dreams spin out of control.
Our culture may have isolated us within our individual self, separated us from the magic of life—but once again this is just a surface mirage. We are all connected and part of the living substance of creation. Within every cell of our being, every spark of consciousness, we have a knowing of oneness. Our own inner journey cannot be separate from the journey of the whole. An inner journey separate from the whole is no real journey; it is just another illusion created by an ego that wants to protect itself.
The substance of our soul is part of the fabric of life, the tapestry of creation in which are woven the unicorns and monsters of our dreams as well as the skyscrapers of our cities. The inner and outer worlds are not sepa-rate—despite all the efforts of our rational culture to have us believe they are. The recent dramas of terrorism have once again brought demons into our living rooms, and we sense there is nowhere really safe from these shadows. But we do not need to simply be victims of these archetypal nightmares. By evoking the real magic that comes from within, we can work to balance the light and the dark, and creatively participate in changing the dreams that define our collective life.
The light of the World Soul is waiting to be used to connect us with the inner powers that belong to matter and to life itself. The real world is an enchanted place, full of magical powers waiting to be used. And, as the alchemists understood, the anima mundi is a creative force: “it is the artist, the craftsperson, the ‘inner Vision’ which shapes and differentiates the prime matter, giving it form.”‘
At the present time our collective culture sees life primarily from a material perspective—we worship the god of consumerism, making acquisition our life’s goal. We are imprisoned within matter. We have forgotten the symbolic and sacred meaning of the outer world.
Alienated from our soul, we have alienated creation from its deeper meaning. And because we have denied the world its divinity, it is slowly dying. The real alchemical work is to liberate creation from this imprisonment—to awaken life to its meaning.
We have to free the light that is within us and within the world. A transcendent image of the divine will only give us access to a transcendent light. We need the light hidden in matter, the gold that is within lead. When this light comes alive within life, it can change the patterns of creation and create the forms of the future that will bring life back into harmony. It can manifest its unifying nature. The alchemists understood the nature of this light:
It is the father of every miraculous work in the whole world…. Its power is perfect if it is converted to earth.”
Working within the world, this power is the light and power of the divine made manifest. The light that is within our own psyche is the light within the anima mundi. In the depth of ourself we discover this essential oneness. This is the same awareness as the yogi’s realization that one’s true nature and unchanging self (atman) is the Universal Self (Atman). What is within us is within everything. Once we understand this truth, we step outside of the parameters of our individual self and come to realize the power that is within us. This shift in awareness is a very simple step that has profound consequences.


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