Planet Mars and scriptures thoughts

Every human being, no matter what his station in life may be, has some of the red ray of Mars circulating through his physical, emotional and mental nature. In the untrained and undeveloped man the red ray is very little removed from that which colours the whole of the animal kingdom, indeed some animals are finer specimens of the red ray of Mars than some men. In the animal kingdom Mars is especially represented in the dog family.
Dogs have descended from wolves, jackals, and other wild animals ; in fact, the animal world finds its best representative in the dog. In all parts of the world he has been used in the service of man, and in some countries sacrificed to the gods, especially by the Greeks and Romans.
In the material elements Mars governs fire.
Here we are reminded of the story of Mars or ” Satan ” in the Book of Job. The second chapter is remarkably characteristic of the afflictions The Story coming under the planet Mars, when a of Job soul is struggling to be free from the animal or physically selfish nature. In the 7th verse of chapter 2 we read, ” So Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord, and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown,” and the sequel we may learn from the 9th verse, “Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity ? curse God and die.” Every student of Astrology knows that boils and inflammations of the blood, such as blood poisoning, etc., come under the influence of the planet Mars. The story of Job is a most remarkable astrological story, and it has been borne out in the lives of all those who have fought the fight in themselves between the Sun, or Spirit, and Mars, the counterfeit of the spirit. The Lord gives ” Satan,” or Mars, full liberty to test the fidelity of Job, the human soul ; and he is stripped of all his wealth and family, and is smitten with a loathsome disease. His friends even accuse him. But Job sitting in the dead ashes of his personal self, finally realises in himself the greatness of God and the triumph of spirit over matter.
Chiefly fall into two categories respectively representative of MARS (the devil) and SATURN (Satan). In more recent times theology seems to have used these terms interchangeably, apparently seeing no distinction.
Students of Egyptology will remember the fight between Horus and Typhon. In the ” Book of the Dead ” (Marsham Adams entitles it the Weighing ” Book of the Master “) we read that the Soul Typhon or Mars is the Accuser of souls; when they appear for judgment Souls are weighed in the Balance and if Mars sets and Venus rises, then they pass on into the higher world or higher states of consciousness. The Bible is an astrological book, beginning with the story of the red Adam, the Mars or animal man, and ending with the Sun man, Jesus-Christ. The Bible an In the old Adam we see the rising man, Astrological Book the consciousness rising in all its splendour to the culminating point of Self-consciousness. In Jesus we see the MAN in the glory and splendour of full self-consciousness, from the culminating point, where trials and temptations are met and conquered to that stage where the Christ is born in Man. It is then that Mars finally sets, its material power has ended, and the Christ has risen. We might go over the history of all the various Gods, or the stories of the changing myths, and find in allegory and symbol no picture more vivid Might or realistic than the story of MARS, THE Right WAR LORD. It is one long war from birth to death, one long struggle between Might and Right, and always the story ends with triumph of the Spirit over Matter, the victory of the Spirit of the
during the youthful stage in assertiveness, combativeness, and the struggle for individuality. In this Youthful stage the man is too much occupied with stage of the demonstration of himself as a personal Mars ego to think of God, or of brotherhood, or to concern himself with questions regarding the divine process of evolution. Here the senses are paramount, and the mind is made the slave of the senses; but slowly the man learns through the follies of the senses and the suffering entailed by surrendering control to them, to bring them under control and to rationalise his emotions. Secondly we learn that this red ray of Mars travels through the nervous organisation of the body and stimulates the generative system, producing many and varied concrete activities, finally ending in man realising his own power as a separate personality. The red star culminates, and all the bright tintings of the red ray stream forth in brilliant hues, bringing man many possessions, until he finds that he may conquer the earth if he will only have courage enough. He tempers his steel and becomes great. He is tempted, and shown the whole world, which he may secure by crushing all who dare to stay his progress. His ambitions become abnormal; he may combat others skilfully, use his self-assertion to accumulate wealth and power, and reach a pinnacle of fame that makes him feared if not respected.
His star of the Emotional Soul has culminated ; he cannot gain more than the earth, where physical and material possessions are concerned„ He has matured. Then comes the struggle between the spiritual soul and the animal for possession of his human soul, his humanity. It is the critical stage in every matured life, and requires many experiences and lives to accomplish. It is the struggle between Might and Right, and more than that, the struggle of the individual self against God and his Angels. Thirdly, and lastly, we learn that after all the emotional soul is as it were but a film of matter, which through many purifications becomes a pale rose pink colour of sweet affection, The BowedHead eunadulterated by any tinge of the personal self. When the star of the personal ego has set there is no more personal self left, and the soul is ready to be filled with the love of God; and then may it truly say ” I and my Father are One.” Everything is yielded, there are no longer any possessions; nothing is really ours, for all belongs to God—the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destroyer. Blessed is the soul who has seen that mystic vision of light and love, for in the yielding of everything physical and personal all is found in the grace of God. The story is told to every Christian in whom the Christ has been born. It is the story of Adam, of Jesus,
and of Christ. Adam purified becomes Adam Jesus, and Jesus, the perfect man, yields —Jesus —Christ all to the spirit ; and Christ, the highest spiritual teacher of gods and men, uses the body of Jesus for this Divine mission. A miracle truly, but it is one constantly portrayed in the heavens. The Virgin Mary is the perfectly pure matter of the soul, and she brings forth the infant Christ. The influence of the red ray of Mars can never become anything more than the emotional soul, and not until the soul is purified from all the dross of self can it become the receptacle for the spirit. The story is told in a hundred ways, but it has ever the same meaning. MARS is the wrath of God, VENUS the grace of God ; and Mars must set before Venus can rise. The struggle now disturbing the whole world is the working of the spirits of the air, the fire, the water, and the earth, and over all preside the mighty The Battle lords of the universe, who rule and of the Elements govern the destinies of human beings as individuals and as nations. Nations are struggling now for possessions, for power and for the satisfying of ambition, as well as for rights and principles. Religion is on trial throughout the world and it has been said with authority that God’s Spirit will not always strive with man. We are now witnessing the striving, and we may learn much from it if we will.
Astrology teaches us how to observe every step of the way, What from the animal to the divine ; and that is Astrology is why it is a study for the occultist alone. Those who fail to see in its teachings the evolution of the human soul are simply using planetary positions as counters, and horoscopes as cribbage-boards. Astrology has a glorious future before it, since it is destined to help in man’s search for God ; for instead of simply believing on authority that which he cannot either understand or investigate, he will, through the stars, find faith confirmed by knowledge and intuition supported by reason. For beyond question Astrology is Practical Occultism,—and by its teaching we may define the spiral stairway leading to the Throne of God.
It is the SALVATION OF THE INDIVIDUAL that is sought after, and personal survival is made dependent upon “conversion” or a change of heart. The Christian religion more than any other is constantly talking about the salvation of the sinner, and rejoices more in the recovery of the one lost sheep than in all the others safely in the fold. It is the Emotional Soul that has to be saved from the weary round of successive rebirths ; therefore the question of reincarnation, of few or many physical births, does not count with the Christian, since it is the rebirth of the emotional soul itself which concerns him. A man in order to be saved is not to be constantly born from his mother’s womb ; he must be born again of the spirit, and though his sins be as scarlet he must be washed until his soul is whiter than snow. Mars is essentially the prevailing influence in the Christian religion. In the Old Testament we read of the old adam, the unregenerate Mars The Old man, and in the New Testament we read Adam and the New of the regenerate or reborn adam, Mars purified of all passions and the lower self, and made whole by salvation from the animal part of his nature. None are too vile or degraded for salvation.
Christ is the Universal Principle and is The Great Teacher of Gods and men
We are all crucified upon the cross of matter, and until we can lift the cross from the dense plane of material existence, we are nailed to it and The Spirit bound hard and fast by our desires and of Christ animal passions.
Text from the book “Mars: The War Lord”


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