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August 12, 2017

Pineal Gland – Brain sand

Pineal Gland – Brain sand

The Water Of Life

Jacobus says Mary Magdalene was called ”illuminatrix” because she ”drank avidly” of the (love) light which afterward she poured out (glowed, rayed) in abundance, and through ”inward contemplation” (or manipulation of the hidden power of the human brain) she received the light with which she later brought gnosis or enlightened others. As we study this story through the lens of mystic anatomy and in the light of neuroscience we will see that what Jacobus is describing is the rising of a wondous oil ´(called Chrestos by the Essenes) in sacral (”sacred”) or lower part of the spinal cord and its passage into the pineal gland (the ”lamp” or ”candle”) referred to as the ”third eye” in the center of the human brain. When this lamp is lit illumination results.

This oil becomes more thana fuel. it oils the body´s machinery. It purifies th body, and may give it a beutiful opalescent color characteristic of the Shining Ones, the illumined ones.

Scanning elctron micoscopy has revealed that the human pineal is covered by unusual facered, geometric crystalline structures called calcite microclusters and ”Brain sand” that effectively make it an antenna sensitive to electromagnetic stimulation which, I propuse, the ancient referred to as ”waters of life”. The cell phone industry is studying these crystalline structures on the pineal gland and is describing teh gland as a ”wireless” transsmitter” capable of receiving even faint messages through resonance. They think the pineal gland is a natural wireless transmitter.

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