Pineal Gland and The Seven chakra

First chakra and second chakra

The chakras with their petals hang downwards when kundalini is at the muladhara chakra. When it is awakened, they turn upwards towards the crown of the head.

The adoration which opens the portals of the seven sealed chakras is from the heart of the soul.

The gonads (first chakra) are said to be connected to a gland called the Lyden (second chakra), the closed and keeper of the door, that would loose and let either passion or the miracle to be loosed to enable those seeking to find the Open door, or Way to find expression in the attributes of the imaginative forces of the body. Both the Pineal Gland and Leydig are the seat of the soul, called the open and closed doors respectively.

The goal of meditation, according to teachings, is becoming conscious of the God-force, which is part of the consciousness.

The lyden gland (control center of the soul’s activity) opens its portals to this energy. The lyden gland, which the readings call the control-center of the soul’s activity, are the “door which must be lifted up”.

“The base or seat of the soul is in the lyden (cells of Leydig)

The readings not only suggest that the soul enters the body through the cells of Leydig but also that it continues to function through a network connecting gland tissue in various points of the physical organism.

The second chakra represents the subconscious energies and powers. Its not the permanent seat of the soul, but only the location where it exercised its powers.

There are always two different consciousnesses in the human being, one outward in which he ordinarily lives, the other inward and concealed of which he knows nothing.

When one does sadhana, the inner consciousness begins to open and one is able to go inside and have all kinds of experiences there. As the sadhana progresses, one begins to live more and more in this inner being and the outer becomes more and more superficial. At first the inner consciousness seems to be the dream and the outer the waking reality. Afterwards the inner consciousness becomes the reality and the outer is felt by many as a dream or delusion, or else as something superficial and external. The inner consciousness begins to be a place of deep peace, light, happiness, love, closeness to the Divine or the presence of the Divine. One is then aware of two consciousnesses, the inner one and the outer which has to be changed into its counterpart and instrument.

DMT and outer consciousness and the inner consciousness; At first the inner consciousness seems to be the dream and the outer the waking reality. Afterwards the inner consciousness becomes the reality and the outer is felt by many as a dream or delusion, or else as something superficial and external. The outer consciousness is been experienced through the “syntethic self” (ego) and the inner consciousness is been experienced through the real Self, and there is veil of ignorance in place that hides the inner reality, or other higher dimensions and hides this through illusions. Could it be the DMT that creates the portal, gateway, wormhole beyond the veil of ignorance and to the inner consciousness and inner Self.

THE HEART CHAKRA. The most important chakra is the twelve-petaled heart chakra. From the heart chakra, the energy of life is distributed to the other six major chakras and to the five minor chakras (of the secret rays), thence to all the cells and nerve centers in the four lower bodies. The heart is where the pink fires of love.

“The magnet that you create within the heart chakra is the ascending triangle. And the more you meditate upon this triangle superimposed upon the heart chakra, the more it becomes the reality of the dimensions of the Sacred Trinity, embodied in the threefold flame sealed in the hidden chamber of the heart.

Solar Plexus

The ‘third eye’ and the solar plexus are used because these are centers where body, mind and spirit link up.

The Seed Atom of the Mind is located in the frontal sinus, in the energy field surrounding the pineal gland,

The pineal gland, situated in the posterior part of the brain, is the thought-transmitting center, and the solar plexus, situated in the umbilical region, is the receptive antenna. The pineal gland is the seat of the Soul, the window of Brahma.

Heart Chakra

One must overcome the fears to become free and the great gateway or portal of liberation can be found in the bottom of the heart. When this chakra is open from the bottom it can sustain the whole body with a new energy, and this will then be the new root chakra.

Fear keeps the soul in a suppressed state of darkness, or in a dream state of reality, or in a slumbering sleep stasis.

Fear keeps the heart closed, blocks the divine energy and comminicating channels and keeps the mind in a fear state and duality state.

Fear keeps the third eye closed and blocks the highway of higher spiritual knowledge, wisdom and intuition.

When all your chakras are open, especially your heart and crown chakra (pineal gland), you can more easily attune with God/the Universe/the One.

“Your heart is indeed one of the choicest gifts of God. Within it there is a central chamber surrounded by a forcefield of such light and protection that we call it a ‘cosmic interval.’ It is a chamber separated from Matter and no probing could ever discover it. It occupies simultaneously not only the third and fourth dimensions but also other dimensions unknown to man. “This central chamber, called the altar of the heart, is thus the connecting point of the mighty silver cord of light that descends from your God Presence to sustain the beating of your physical heart, giving you life, purpose, and cosmic integration.

As the threefold flame within the heart centre merges with the higher heart, new octaves are created. When these octaves stabilise, the new diamond heart crystal is formed within the etherics. The new diamond heart crystal is the key to new worlds. The frequency provides access to the highest angelic kingdoms. For this fire exists, as we have said, in seven layers or seven degrees of force, and it often happens that a man who exerts his will in the effort… many times, digging gradually deeper and deeper, until not only the surface is stirred but the very heart of the fire is in full activity. The reaction is so strong that the inner fire explodes into flame.

It is said that bringing kundalini to the anahata chakra at the cardiac plexus is the most difficult task. … He will typically see a lotuslike flower at each center with its petals hanging downward. When the energy becomes more manifest in that center, the petals turn upward.

The heart chakra represents positive Self and Self includes, and is based on, the original soul and the heart is also said hold the Divine Blueprint of Light.

The “original” soul distributes “energy of life” to all other chakras and the soul also opens the portals of the seven sealed chakras.

The heart chakra represents positive Self and Self includes, and is based on, the original soul.

The adoration which opens the portals of the seven sealed chakras is from the heart of the soul.
The eighth ray corresponds to the secret chamber of the heart, an eight- petaled chakra behind the heart chakra, where the threefold flame is sealed.

The heart chakra is represented through twelve-petaled lotus, but the secret chamber of the heart has eight petaled behind the heart chakra, and there is where the threefold flame is sealed.

The eight-petalled lotus flower can be identified with the so- called ‘fire lotus’ or Shakti (Kali) triangle. The combination of the eight-petalled lotus (= Shakti triangle = yoni) and the head (linga = seed) symbolises the principle of creation.

Another meditation is given: Think of a space in your heart, and think that in the midst of that space a flame is burning. Think of that flame as your own soul. Inside the flame is another effulgent light, and that is the Soul of your soul, God. Meditate upon that in the heart.

Inside the heart, which is like a lotus seed, are eight petals and a center, within that center, the channel of the seed, has the essence of a lamp. It is like the flower of a plantain tree,
spreading underneath this entrance. Inside of that is the hero, the size of a sesame seed.

The so-called pulse-point is the sino-auricular node (which is regarded as the seat of the origin of the heart-beat, the heart is referred to as a small lotus of eight petals, and the heart is referred to as a small lotus of eight petals the center of spiritual consciousness in man. The lotus petals on the rim are twenty four, standing for the twenty-four channels branching out from the eight petals of the heart-center of the subtle yogic nerve system.
Once the Anahata Chakra is opened one is able to perceive the unstruck sound, unborn or undying vibration. Through this Chakra one experiences God as eternal vibration. This is what the mystic experienced in the cave of the heart as the inner voice of God.

Deep meditation

You find yourself in a deep cave. It is full of light from crystals, stalactites and stalagmites, glistening in a variety of different colours. There are thousands so splendid you don’t know where to begin to look.

Despite this splendour you are drawn to the back of the cave. It is in darkness. You pick your way through the crystals. Finally you reach the back of the cave and in the far corner there is a certain crystal. It is not like any of the others. It appears quite dull, yet you are compelled to reach forward and touch it. As you do it begins to vibrate.

The vibrations increase in intensity and the crystal begins to glow. It works to remove all negative debris, achieve purification and to raise your consciousness bringing you to the higher dimension. You can feel it focus its energy on your base chakra.

As purification is achieved it gives you an emotional release moving you from a feeling of survival to joy. Now the sacral chakra is engaged. It takes you from a place of pure sexual emotions to an appreciation of both your masculine and feminine sides.

As your solar plexus glows in its light you become aware of your own power.

It gives purification and you recognise how to use this for the greater good. It feels good to have this greater wisdom.

The crystal now works with your heart chakra. You suddenly feel very emotional a little hurt and unloved. As this chakra is purified you begin to consume an understanding of unconditional love. Your levels of trust are brought into question as it reaches the throat chakra. But as you are purified you sense and recognise your psychic and spiritual abilities. Focusing now on the third eye the crystal makes you aware of your higher self and of the healing you need.

This is provided as this chakra is purified enabling you to reach higher levels of divine inspiration. Lastly, the crystal focuses on the crown chakra which immediately brings forward all past life and soul connection issues. It brings you purification and you are able to link and connect with your true self. With this realisation you continue with higher inspired communication and this is so enlightening. This is the most powerful purification you have ever experienced as it reaches you on a physical, emotional and etheric level. The crystal continues to glow very brightly. Its energy strengthens your connection with your guide and other divine beings.

When the crystal has finished enlightening you it returns to its quiet state and you find yourself in your comfortable place, truly happy and contented.

Fifth chakra

The throat chakra regulates our energy levels, because it is the highest of the three masculine chakras (1, 3, and 5), which are all related to our ability to take action in the world.

The fifth chakra represents breathing and air, and the Nirvana state represents the “nobreath”

The ultimate goal of meditation, of course, is kensho, satori, nirvana, divine bliss -enlightenment, by whatever name it has been given.

Satori from the word saturo, to know. This is not knowledge gained empirically but intuitive knowledge. A word with a similar meaning to satori is kensho, literally ‘seeing nature’.

It is taught that our sole spiritual task is to directly experience this awakening to our true nature, which is known as enlightenment. This is the essence of self-realization and spiritual illumination, and also the meaning of satori.

Satori is decidedly different from the knowledge available through discursive reasoning. Rather, the true knowledge of satori is intuitive; it dwells on the meaning behind thoughts and words.

Satori experience, a release of the ego through self

In Zen Buddhism this ultimate state is called satori or kensho; Hindus label it Samadhi; Taoists name it absolute Tao; Sufis speak of Jana; modern Western mystics call it a peak experience.

“Nirvana” means literally “no (nir) wind (vana).

Neravana, from nera, ‘without,’ and vana ‘life’

Literally, it means “nobreath.

And nobreath symbolize the “vaccum” state of zero point energy above seventh chakra.

The vacuum is not empty space, but a fluctuating field filled with zero-point energies

The quantum vacuum is the ground and source of everything and everyone that exists, conscious and unconscious, the driving force that causes the universe to evolve as it does, the prime substance that gives rise to all substance.

The opposite meaning to Nirvana and its liberation from matter and the matrix of control is; ‘Man does not have the right to develop his own mind.” Nirvana symbolize liberation and the universal mind and intuition, and the Matrix of matter is the opposite to Nirvana.

Literally, “Nirvana” means “blowing out” or “cooling off” or even “extinguishing, What is cooled is the fire of craving, and what is extinguished is the desire-self (ego), and it means freedom from the basic ego dominated needs and desires that is controlled through the five senses. And the sixth chakra dissolves ego and duality. This must represent the process of blowing out the fire of the lesser self and its desire-fire. The flame is blown out,” as the word Nirvana means, the three-tongued fire of lust, ill-will, and delusion, has vanished.

Nirvana means “extinction” or “extinguishment,” as in the extinguishing or blowing out of a candle flame or the dying out of a fire. In nirvana, what is to be “blown out” is the last trace of the illusion of the separate self.

Blowing out” the flame of desire (the literal meaning of ”nirvana”) can human beings be liberated from the eternal cycle of death and rebirth on the wheel of samsara, the wheel of suffering and inpermanence.

Ego and duality can´t exist in the state of Oneness. Nirvana means liberation.

Attaining nirvana means blowing out the burning flame of self-will, making ourselves poor in selfhood so as to be rich in Divineness and God. When the fire of human desires is blown out, it can experience the effects of bliss.

The Universal Mind, the Kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana—they are all within you. The way to experience it, however, is not by dying and going there but by living—and giving—from there.

Christ says: “The kingdom of God is within you,”. Other translations read: “The kingdom of God is among you.” Yet the two translations do not contradict each other (contrary to what theologians think); rather, they enhance each other. The reality of all-encompassing being, the reality of the Universal Mind is within you and simultaneously is the reality beneath your very feet. The Zen masters said: “Look beneath the soles of your feet, there you will find Tao, there you will find nirvana.”

“The clouds that cross the sky do not take root anywhere, they have no abode, much less do the discriminating thoughts that cross the mind. As soon as the Self-Mind is seen, all discrimination ends.” What takes root is the ego in the substance matter and is feed with desires.

The Taoists said, “The Tao that is expressed in words is not the eternal Tao.

Sixth chakra

The pinecone sculpture is believed to symbolise the opening of the brow chakra equivalent to the third eye and the pineal gland, which is located in the centre of the brain. It is believed to link us to the frequency of our soul energy and greater self awareness and knowledge.

Opening the thrid eye chakra and pineal gland offers the potential of moving from a state of duality to oneness

In the Tantrik Manual (Shat-Chakra-Nirupanam), a document most difficult to obtain and written in Sanscrit, it is said that the pericarp of the Muladhara Chakra is a triangle or Kanda, in which terminates the lower part of the Spinal Cord. Just above it, am a level with the lower end of the spinal canal, the Kundalini (Cosmic) Fire is said to be sleeping, closing the mouth of the Branmacwara (Suahunma nadi).

Extending upward from the sleeping Kundalini, otherwise called Kula-Kundalini, a fiber, described by the Yogins, glitters like a chain of brilliant lights in the cavity of the Muladhara. From the edges of the dormant Kula-Kundali there starts another Kundallni, which ascends along the Sushunna aid reaches to a point (Bindu Shiva) that is bathed in the Nectar Life from the Eternal Bliss (Brehmarandhra), and illuminates by its radiance even the lowest cavity of this bodily universe, the microcosm.

It will thus be seen that Kundalini extends from the brain down to the lowest chakra of the spine (Muladhara) and is divided into dual parts by the Kula-Kundali which rests on the lower end of the spinal canal, the Brahmad-ware, or the lower gate of Brahma.

The Kundalini, in the lower gateway of Brahma, is said to be in an inert state, but at the upper gateway of Brahma the “door opened in heaven,” it is in an active state capable of being stimulated.

According to Yoga, the Muladhara chakra and the Fonticulus Frontalis define the limits of Kundalini, or the Parameshwari of lives that breathe–that is, the physical body, for the Solar Body does not breathe and may go unharmed thru fire and water.

When the Kula-Kundali is awakened cr activated, it “burns” a passage up thru the various Chakras, inciting them to action; and, as it rises step by step, the Mind becomes stronger and clearer.

When it reaches the brain, wonderful visions and peculiar powers come to a Yogi, and the Soul finds itself free in all respects.

The Yogi is liberated from his body but still attached to it by the Silver Cord. Kundalini, called the Mother of the Universe. then joins her Lord Para-Shiva, who has the form of a dot, or 0-Bindu-Rupa, the Cosmic Unit composed of the Four Seed Atoms and situated in the medulla oblongata.

Kundalini thus connects herself with Brahma-randhra, or the cavity in the brain where the Brahma (Solar Man) is located and conscious knowledge of which the Yogi seeks to attain. This cavity (cave) is guarded by five doors, and Kundalini is said to be the only known power that can open them.

The kundalini may have other names for describe Divine powers in different cultures, in same way Brahma has is recognized with other names in different spiritual teachings of this world.

The pituitary and pineal glands—called “evolutionary sleepers” by one author—are our keys to the higher worlds. Their higher functions remain dormant until activated by the inflow of energy from the soul. The flow of soul energy to the brain awakens new brain cells and stimulates our optic nerve, which makes it possible to register the etheric realm.

The sixth chakra is also commonly known as the brow chakra or the third eye. This chakra is associated with intuition and the ability to access the ageless wisdom or bank of knowledge in the depths

When the nectar fills the head chakra, you experience the wisdom of bliss. … Or, when the nectar comes from the head chakra to the throat chakra you feel bliss, from the throat to heart chakra supreme

Seventh chakra

When the seventh center is quickened, the man is able by passing through it to leave his body in full consciousness, and also to return to it without the usual break, so that his consciousness will be continuous through night and day.

The seventh chakra is linked to the pituitary gland, often referred to as the master gland, because it controls the other six major endocrines.

The brain called the Cave of Brahma, at the base of which is found the pineal gland

The sixth chakra’s association with nondual consciousness, the pineal gland is the only unpaired organ in the brain.

The Wisdom teachings tell us that there are three aspects to the mind—the lower, rational mind; the soul, our individual fragment of the divine mind; and the higher, or intuitive, mind. The lower mind, linked to our five physical senses, is the reasoning principle. We use this aspect of the mind to function in the physical world. The higher mind is the custodian of abstract ideas and universal concepts. When we tap this level of mind, we have access to the universal, or divine, mind—the great storehouse of all wisdom and knowledge. It is the soul that connects the two minds. The rational brain mind cannot make direct contact with the subtle planes. It is only through the soul that we can access to divine ideas and concepts.

When the three minds unite, we have access to all information—past, present, and future. Time and space disappear as the past, present, and future are experienced in each moment. According to the Wisdom teachings, this bridge building is the “new and true” science of the mind.

Our desire is based on our purpose. Every thought from our mind is a communication to the universal mind through our super-conscious mind. The universal mind is in tune with our every thought. Being in harmony is the key. Our intention has created the life we live. When our thoughts, desires, and focus are in harmony with our purpose, our depth of intention will have the power to accomplish all we desire. Its note, G, gives strength to our intentions. Raja Yoga, the “royal path” helps we to connect with The Brow Chakra as it involves all the dimensions of human interaction, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to help us to achieve balance and harmony of all levels to attain full realization of the Self and the awakening of the energy of the universal consciousness.

The pineal gland possesses the power of the Brow Chakra. The brow, or third eye chakra, located in the center of the forehead between the eyes just above the eyebrows, is linked to the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.

This chakra strengthens imagination and increases dream activity. It serves to connect the unconscious with the conscious mind, translating our feelings into thoughts. In addition to extrasensory perception, this chakra is also the center for the spirit, intellect, clairvoyance, and telepathy. Because the pineal gland is a light sensitive gland that produces the hormone melatonin which regulates sleep and awakening, it represents time, awareness and light. It governs the eyes, ears, nasal passage, teeth and facial muscles.

When an individual’s third eye has been opened, the usual meaning is that the individual has had a spiritual awakening. This chakra stimulates and enhances meditation, intuition, dreams, spirituality and wisdom, integrity, abstract perceptions and concepts, and deep spiritual understanding. The Brow Chakra is associated with Indigo, the color of intuition, imagination and understanding. The Brow Chakra helps us to still our mind and improve concentration to achieve greater vision for our life.

Thus the pineal gland and melatonin act as important parts of a person’s biological clock—the timekeeping mechanism of the body.

The pineal gland our aging clock because it is the body’s timekeeper. We age because our pineal function declines over time, and as it does it produces less melatonin. This reduction in melatonin signals to the rest of the body that it is time for it to age. But if we reset our aging clock by taking melatonin, we can reverse those signals and stave off the downward spiral. Is there merely some vague and non-specific promise of renewal?

On the contrary, as you will see in the chapters that follow, the research indicates that melatonin supplementation can forestall the very real and very de-structive effects of aging, including weakened immune function, cancer, sleep disorders and heart disease. The promise of melatonin may at first strike you as miraculous but there is nothing magical or mysterious about it.

Melatonin works by restoring the function of the pineal gland, and thus is restores the balance to our body that we need to maintain the health we naturally enjoy in youth. The pineal gland is the “regulator” of the glands in our body that produce the hormones that run all our essential bodily systems.

The Pineal Gland is also known as the thousend lotus petals. If the Pineal Gland is programmed to act as a time keeper of the mortal life, it also is the way out of the this time-keeping negative effect it has for aging.

The meaning of the opening of the thousends lotus petals is; when it burst out of it time-keeping shells it goes beyond time and space and to eternal/immortality.

When one passing through the pineal gland and experience the thousends lotus petals this is the state of Nirvana

Nirvana, is the final release from the cycle of reincarnation (birth and death cycle), which is the process of aging. Then the pineal gland is the “aging clock” and the body´s timekeeper of the three dimensional world, immortality is achieved when the thousends lotus petals burst out in enlightment, the pineal gland then no longer function as a time-keeper of the cycle birth and death.

According to Tantric belief, there is a thousand-petal Lotus at the pineal gland.

Within this “dwells the force called Nirvana, whose effulgence transcends tens of millions of suns.

The Pineal Gland function is mention in Revelation 21:23 says; “The city has no need of sun or moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light.

The Sun and Moon symbolize the cycle of day and night, and the time-keeper and “aging clock”, and the cycle of birth and death.

This is the salvation from the cycle of birth and death, and one wins liberation and eternal Life, and has then overcome the “death and birth” cycle in the three dimensional world.

When this state of Consciousness is been achieved the Pineal Gland then no longer control time, aging, cycles of birth and death,

Nirvana means liberation from the birth and death cycle

He will find peace (Dhyana) in this life, and Nirvana, blessed fusion with the Absolute.

The wheel evolved from the full bloom of an eight-petal lotus into a wheel with eight spokes; this later became a wheel with 1000 spokes

Lotuses is described in the Hindu teaching that the number of thousends petals of the lotus in the head is not thousend, but 960.

960 is the number of 96 “tattvas” or original cells of the Blueprint and the Nirvana state has 100 petals, and this is the 96X100=960 lotus petals.

The Buddha seated on the lotus flower of a thousand petals, each representing a universe, and each universe a myriad of worlds

Science is now beginning to recognize the Pineal Gland as a super-normal link between the physical and inner worlds.

When the mind goes beyond this line of self-consciousness, it is called Samadhi, or super-consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo, a twentieth-century Hindu master. Aurobindo also teaches that the next evolution in nature is our transition from human intelligence to superconscious awareness. In The Life Divine and other books, he presents his teaching on the mind. Aurobindo’s model includes four, rather than three, levels of mind. Aurobindo writes that the first step beyond the rational mind is the higher, or abstract, mind. The second is the illumined mind, which he calls “the mind of light” or “vision.” The third is the intuitive mind, and the fourth is the divine or “supermind”—the level of cosmic consciousness where “the ego-sense is subordinated, lost in the largeness of being…a wide cosmic perception and the feeling of a boundless universal self replaces it.

Paras’iva is That which is beyond the grasp of consciousness, transcends time, form and space and defies description. To merge with the Absolute in mystic union is the ultimate goal of all incarnated souls, the reason for their living on this planet, and the deepest meaning of their experiences. Attainment of this is called Self Realization.

The higher life is seeking to become incarnated in us the opening to the light, where spiritual forces can make a movement of redemption of mankind. Therefore, let us yield ourselves to life and experience that greater life stirring within us. That greater life has transformed our carnal nature and made us blossom like a rose that we may have perfect liberty of life by having true awareness of the indwelling of a higher life. The inner voice, the ever presence of a new life. Being the upper strata of divine consciousness.

The upper strata of our mind is our higher mind. When man enters the universal mind, he sees all things in the universe in harmony with the light of the eternity. All of mankind has a divine spark, which is the true light of eternity within them that is lying dormant, unexpressed, and imprisoned. The imprisoned divine nucleus awaits birth that the divine mind may open up from within mankind. Mankind will then enter the age of enlightenment, which will arise from within them. The hidden splendor imprisoned within will unfold, bringing liberty to mankind, creatures, and creation. The breakthrough will come, that ever-expanding divine consciousness.

is to envision a calm waveless ocean of milk in which there is a thousand-petalled golden lotus of the diameter of a hundred thousand yojans. … The sixteen vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet are written on each petal, while in the center the bija mantra, hrim, is inscribed.

The eight petals of the lotus are the eight powers of the yogi. Inside, the stamens and pistils are renunciation. If the yogi refuses the external powers he will come to salvation. So the eight petals of the lotus are the eight powers, but the internals stamens and pistils are extreme renunciation, the renunciation of all these powers

The highest knowledge, born of discrimination, transcends all; it perceives all simultaneously in time and space, and transcends all, even the World Process. When discrimination is perfected, the yogi transcends time, space, and causation. There are no barriers for him. All of eternity and infinity are available to him. This is why he is said to be Divine-Realized.

On the eight petals are situated eight forms of super-power and the mantra-letters of shining red

The lotus of eight petals each representing the eight Aisvaryas (super-human excellences) or the eight supreme powers;

and active powers like swiftness of thought,
power of assuming forms at will

This is attained when the whole mind has become one wave and is bereft of all association with places and centers. At this point the mind goes beyond the plane of self-consciousness to super-consciousness. Dhyana has been taken to its logical conclusion: the exclusion of external perceptions and the concentration on the internal part, the meaning.

Man should rid himself from the web of ignorance and attain Brahma in this place of the head.

The One Eternal state is hidden in a cave.

At this state mere gazing makes the mouth of the cave wide open and every tattva is illuminated. … sun into the Solar Region, called also Brahma-loka, and, thence with the dawn of Knowledge is absorbed in Brahman. … From the medulla the Susumndis bifurcated:

It is the one organ in the body which is ever active, and knows no rest when everything else including the brain undergoes rest. … which is endless (Bliss), as hidden in the cave (of the heart) in the highest Akas, he enjoys all blessings at one with the Omniscient Brahman.

Here is another centre of heat and vitality and light in the human body, and that is the heart. It is the one organ in the body which is ever active and knows no rest, when everything else, including the brain undergoes rest.

In the hole in the lotus of the heart;

Another meditation is given: Think of a space in your heart, and think that in the midst of that space a flame is burning. Think of that flame as your own soul. Inside the flame is another effulgent light, and that is the Soul of your soul, God. Meditate upon that in the heart.

The cave within the mountain is assimilated to the supreme Truth.” The Sanskrit word quha, “cave”, derives from the root “to cover, to hide”, which is synonymous with the root gup, whence gupta, applied to everything having a secret character or to what is not outwardly visible.”

The cave is the innermost and most hidden centre of the cosmos in the same way that the heart is that of the body. In the Brahmanic tradition the “cave of the heart” is the vital centre of the being, the abode of both the livAtma, the Spirit of Self (Atma) manifested in the human individual, and the paramAtma, the supreme and unconditioned Self that is identical with Brahman.

LivAtma and paramAtma are the two who have entered into the cave” and “who dwell on the highest summit”.

Microcosmically the cave is the central point of the heart, hidden and invisible, containing the seed, or potentiality, of Enlightenment. Macrocosmically it is the central point of the universe, which contains in potentia all the possibilities of manifestation.

Enlightenment is an uncovering and growth of the potentialities concealed within its point of origin.

This theme is reiterated in Buddhist and pre-Buddhist literature. “Know that this Agni, who is the foundation of the eternal (principial) world and by whom this can be attained, is hidden in the cave (of the heart)”.

This drawing out of concealed possibility is an initium, a beginning and initiation, a death and a second birth within the concealment anc darkness of the cave – and it will be remembered that every change of state takes place in darkness : the Enlightenment of Sakyamuni, for example, takes place in the hours of darkness and is completed at the time of the rising of the sun.” Every Buddhist initiation takes place in the cave of the heart, and the initiatic space – building or mandala – is symbolically identified with the cave.

The Buddhist Way, as every other initiatic path, is a series of deaths to selfhood and to the profane world. At his ordination and at each of the stages of Bodhisattvahood the Wayfarer dies to one state of existence and is reborn into a higher state. In this initiatic progress death and birth are two faces of one and the same change of state : what is a death from one point of view is always a birth from another; death in the preceding state is birth into the state that follows.

Entry into the cave is a second birth; emergence from the cave is a third birth. The second birth, which is properly a psychic regeneration, operates in the domain of the subtle possibilities of the human individuality.

The third birth, on the other hand, takes place in the spiritual, and no longer the psychic domain : it is an entry into the realm of supra-individual possibilities.

The second birth is a birth into the cosmos (corresponding to the birth of the avatara in the macrocosmic order); it is an entry into the cave, where all the possibilities of the formal realm, both physical and mental, are focussed and contained.

The third birth is a birth from the cosmos, a passage from the world of form (rupa-loka) to the formless world (arupa-loka) Symbolically, the former is a return to or a concentration within the central point of the circle of the world, an arrival at the peak of the mountain or, according to the symbolism here being discussed, an entry into the cave; whereas the latter is a passage through the apex of the cave, an exit from and leaving behind of the manifested universe in its entirety.

The symbolism of the initiatic cave is reflected in architectural forms. The cella of the Hindu temple, which is a small cubical chamber, unadorned and dark, is called the garbhaqrha, “the womb of the house”.

“The garbha-grha is not only the house of the Germ or embryo of the temple; it also refer to man who comes to the Centre and attains his new birth in darkness”.

It is rahasya, secret and mysterious. The garbhagrha is the “Cave in the Mountain”.

The temple is called Guharaja, “King of Caves”; the temple is a mountain; the cella within it is as cave.

Deriving from this Indian usage term their Buddhist temples “caves” (ku), and the Ananda temple at Pagan, for example, is so called and has kuharas, “caves” or halls radiating in the four directions from a massive centres.

Mountain and cave are two archetypes of Buddhist sacred architecture. They are represented by the cave temple and the stupa. The architectural expressions of the two symbols often combine or overlap : the cave temple contains a stupa (the mountain in a cave); and the stupa contains a hollow chamber (a cave in the mountain). The stupa is simultaneously a mountain and a cave.

The temple is only the symbolism of the Lord dwelling in the inner recess or shrine of our heart. It is common in the Upanishads to call our heart the cave (guhă), wherein is the Self, the indwelling Divinity to be adored.

At one level the lotus, from the root, vital spirit, the subtle, the recondite, is the pure Mind of Essential – the lotus which opens to reveal the innate Divine nature. At another level it is the physical heart, whose four arteries and four veins are the eight petals of the lotus.

The opening of the heart-mind, likened to the opening of the lotus, is the revelation of the sadhakds innate Divine Nature

There is salvation beyond the seven lakes and the seven suns. There is liberation in the land of everlasting, peace and none being. There is liberation in the agony of hell and eternal degeneration and devolution in heaven. To cross the ocean of the clear white light, you have approximately fifty minutes. Attempt to cross this ocean with all your might, and immortality is yours. Beyond all the other lakes and rivers, you shall find lands of lesser peace and more being. These lesser lands are generated by your Karma.

Final liberation is only found within the clear white light, lesser liberation is found elsewhere. The ocean of the clear white light is accessible through the Vihshuddha or Throat Chakra, the Chakra of the Moon- It can be unveiled through the Sarasrara. Chakra, or through the lotus of the thousand petals in the center of the brain. The Brahmarandhra at the top of the skull, the aperture of Brahman is the supreme gateway to the mental light of the living God.


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