Perception and deception of the mind

Perception and deception of the mind

The carnal mind [perception] is enmity against God.

This distorted vision of Spirit is really what we know as “matter.” The Bible refers to this distortion as the carnal mind.

The whole world is said to be under the sway of maya (illusions), and the powers of maya using the collective mass consciousness. Here is some example of the human mind is been controlled, distorted, and altered

There is the actions of maya
There is a veil of ignorance and fear in place
There is three knots of limitations and bondage in place in the human energy system
There is a Matrix (mind prison)
There is the ego and five senses
There is a carnal mind
There is the Archons that prevents the soul from ascending
There is a devil that distorts the human mind
There is the actions of organized gang stalking on earth
There is powers, authorities, principalities of darkness

This symbolize the fall of Man or fall of consciousness into the lower matrix or the three dimensional world of matter. Humankind or the spark of light is therefore trapped and held as a hostage in the world of the Archons world. Satan is the chief Archon, and he is the ruler of this world.

The devil is the carnal mind of humanity, the spirit of deception, which causes us to see with darkness or distorted vision and false perception. The traducer caused us to perceive with the reflected light of the sun and bring information into us from outside rather than radiate the Light from within to make True that which is without. We projected out of us images which we justified by the witness of reflection and all of our senses tell us that everything is outside of us when in reality all is within us for the Kingdom of Heaven is within us.

The error that man has made is believing that power is outside him

The Earthly Life Mind is immersed in the maya-hypnotized existence, remains in ignorance, deeming himself to be a physical being. The maya-hypnotized ego creates the distortions of reality or distortions of the powers within. The first distortion-error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, the second distortion-error is made through believing in the dying nature of man, and not the undying nature of the real Self/Soul. The third error-distortion of man´s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. The human body system and chakra system has “three knots”. These knots are found within the energetic interior of our psychic system. They are problematic because they bind us in a state of ignorance, distort everything we experience, and lock up our wisdom. These mind-errors is the mind-illusions that distorts reality. Another term for illusions is “maya” and the “dream state” of the mind is the maya-hypnotized mind. This mind is controlled by the second chakra and the Moon, which controls all the waters and emotions (even the maya-hypnotized).

Humans is said to be the most intelligent being and humans is the only species who invented their own prisons. This Mind Prison is kept in place through the The Three Knots of bondage and limitations. The mind prison is the result when everythings spiritual is turned off (real self, real reality and real knowledge).

This error is easy to understand when you consider that man has been told a couple of huge lies that effectively removed him from a world that reflects the higher values of freedom, equality, love, and abundance that are natural to him. In exchange for mankind’s creative energy and enslavement, the Controllers provide him with more propaganda, and exploit him for their own gain. Instead of being the natural recipient of all the abundance due to every sentient being on Earth, man is told that he has to “work for a living” and “pay to live” on the earth.

Doesn’t this sound like the kind of propaganda that could support a system of slavery?

As you believe something, you give it power; when you generate emotions around the thought, you enforce the object of your belief, gelling it, so to speak, into physical form. Even if you don’t consciously affirm/confirm a particular belief, if you don’t question or even are not aware of the underlying belief, it means that you implicitly believe in it and are part of the social agreement. When masses of people adhere to a collective belief, their consciousness has a collective creative effect. If you are born into this system, you are educated into what is considered to be real by everyone around you, and you never come to see the cage of beliefs that surrounds you, nor do you understand your own participation and complicity in supporting the system. The Controllers very cleverly use the creative power of each individual by getting them to agree upon a system of belief that supports the Controllers who hold the puppet strings of the human collective. They need the collective for its energetic mass—the reality that is created by consensual agreement. While there is certainly a personal reality system for every individual on Earth, the sheer pressure of the collective agreement makes it very hard for an individual to rise in vibration and attain his own personal freedom outside the collective agreement.

The Archons are exceedingly wicked, engaged in a war against the supreme God, who lives in a transcendent realm or Aeon far away.

The oft-quoted passage about spiri-tual warfare in the Book of Ephesians: “We are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (6:12). What, one might well ask, is the meaning of “the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”? Isn’t the locus of evil spiri-tual forces in hell, which is traditionally conceptu-alized as being below rather than above the earth? In this passage and others that might be cited, “heavenly wickedness” refers to the archons. Even the word “rulers” here is a translation of the Greek archon, so that the original passage reads,”archons of this present darkness:’

It seems that Satan cloaks the complex multidimensional battle on three different levels with three different agendas: Level I: What is on the surface, which is visible to us that may be reported in the news media; Level II: The agendas of human beings, which are partly visible; Level III: The agendas of the rulers (archons), the powers, the world rulers of this darkness, the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens (Eph. 6:12). These are all invisible to us.

The seat for spiritual warfare and psychological battles takes place in the unseen sphere of the spirit-world Satan manifests wicked devices upon individuals so that he can maintain ‘constant evil’ in the earth.

Organized Gang Stalking and the increase of human wickedness and use “wicked devices” of advanced technology of syntetthci telepathy, voice to skull and electro magnetic and beaming voices and sounds to the mind.

The Ephesian text mentions “the wiles of the devil” (v. 11). The strategies and tricks of Satan are as varied as life itself. Fishermen and hunters use all kinds of devices to get their game. Satan uses every medium possible to trap and ensnare every person he can. He uses crafty methods to decieve and mislead.

Satan thought that Man never be able to be raised from the tomb. Satan may have won a battle in the garden, but he has not won the spiritual war and that´s why Satan still working day and night like the demon he is. He has already been defeated, and he knows it! However, he is going to use every tactic in his bag of deceptions to keep as many individuals as possible from knowing it.

The enemy doesn’t like it when we’re filled with the Holy Spirit because then we have power. We live in an evil age. Satan, knowing his time is short, is bringing his entire arsenal against us, trying to wear us down.

Satan’s. Circus is organized gang stalking, or organized gang stalking-circus. Study organized gang stalking and one will see that everything includes different ways of theater for the eyes, its psychological, both noise harassment for the ears and psychological communication theater, and its gaslighting theater for the perception. Satan´s circus is his spiritual and psychological warfare circus.

Organized gang stalking is ‘the wicked arts of archon/satan’, ‘his covert and overt insidious methods to divert people’ with ‘his shady plots’. Satan will use every method imaginable to break people down and organized gang stalking represents all these spiritual and psychological insidious methods of covert and overt warfare strategies.

We need this protection because, again, the devil will try to cause us to become discouraged and depressed. He uses every wicked device he has in order to attack our hearts and emotions. He attacks Christians with confusion, doubt, uncertainty, strife, discord, and arguments. He tries to get us to feel sorry for ourselves. He tries to get us to doubt the love of God. One of his favorite schemes is to attack us with a spirit of indifference, cynicism, callousness, coldness, and bitterness toward one another and God.

He approaches us through our circumstances, our feelings, and our thought life. We must be sure to guard our emotions, as they can often give the devil an entry into our lives. The fourth chapter of Ephesians gives us an example of the relationship between our emotions and spiritual warfare: “Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil. (Ephesians 4:26-27) Failing to control your anger grants the devil an opportunity to get a foothold in your life. Then he can use it as a base of operations to launch more spiritual attacks against you.

Satan uses all of his wicked devices and wiles to keep you from growing into a mature, powerful, spiritual divine nature.

The bottom line is that satanic devices serve the purposes of Satan and his wicked kingdom.

In spiritual warfare the enemy has been among us for millions of years and will be here until the end of times.

Satan gets to your mind through your senses—that is, through the sensual perceptions of the flesh; and he also uses your senses to deceive and control the mind.

The Human Being

Human nature mirrors the duality found in the world: in part, it was made by the false creator God and in part, it consists of the light of the True God. Humankind contains a perishable physical and psychic component, as well as a spiritual component which is a fragment of the divine essence. This latter part is often symbolically referred to as the “divine spark”. The recognition of this dual nature of the world and of the human being has earned the Gnostic tradition the epithet of “dualist”.

Humans are generally ignorant of the divine spark resident within them. This ignorance is fostered in human nature by the influence of the false creator and his Archons, who together are intent upon keeping men and women ignorant of their true nature and destiny. Anything that causes us to remain attached to earthly things serves to keep us in enslavement to these lower cosmic rulers. Death releases the divine spark from its lowly prison, but if there has not been a substantial work of Gnosis undertaken by the soul prior to death, it becomes likely that the divine spark will be hurled back into, and then re-embodied within, the pangs and slavery of the physical world.

Over time we become desensitized to the realities of our choices and can literally create our own hell – cut off from the highest energy this universe has to offer. Once the low vibrational soup of our own creation becomes normal to us, our progeny will not know anything different and will become almost completely severed from the infinite consciousness of the universe. Once this happens we would degenerate into little more than cyborgs with very little creative force. We can see the early stages of this going on today with people locked into their computer devices. We can become more and more like the low vibrational archons who are methodically working to manipulate us into that future which is each day becoming more and more alarmingly a reality.

Signs of control by Satan (the ultra ego)

It’s because we are controlled by Satan. We are pawns, Remember? Satan is like a virus. The virus, being comprised mainly of DNA, (DNA is the brain of a cell) cannot do anything unless it gets into a cell. One the virus enters the cell, it replaces the cells normal DNA prompting the cell to do What the viral DNA demands. That is to reproduce, not what the cell was before, but what the cell has become. It replicates the virus! It looks like the virus, it acts like the virus, and it becomes the virus and produces other virus of its kind. No wonder that, when we are controlled by Satan, we begin to look like Satan, act like Satan, become satans and produce other satans because we are Satan’s! As well, we influence others to be Satan’s.

In the Matrix creativity has been replaced rigidty.

This veil holds a rigid structure in place that does not allow the DNA software programming and the coding structure of the DNA to actively integrate into the higher-dimensional chakra system necessary to activate aspects of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland. These aspects are limited by this veil or partition. This partition is also what holds you in third-dimensional linear time (time as a past-present-future loop) and creates major restrictions to knowing yourself.

Each cell is part of the body’s hard drive, the official memory source. When conditions in the environment change, the D.N.A. mutates so the body-computer can compensate for survival. When we drug our bodies with pollutants, the information processing unit (the brain) and the hard drive (the cells) become corrupted, much like a computer that has been affected with a virus program. The virus slows down the flow of information and energy, and when this happens, disease occurs.

The Jungian analyst Paul Levy has written a powerful book about the deceivers tided Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. His entire book is an exploration of our “inhumanity” and how we all participate in it, sometimes intentionally yet often inadvertently. Levy calls the collective psychosis under which we labor wetiko, a Cree Indian term that refers to a diabolically wicked person or psychic entity or archontic complex whose nature is demonic and who negatively influences and terrorizes others. His work leads us through the manifestation of wetiko in our culture, our media, our economy, our leadership, our religions, and most important, through ourselves. Levy describes the wetiko as “a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, one that is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage as a collective mental illness of titanic proportions.”

He compares it to a virus that covertly operates through the unconscious blind spots in the human mind because it is contagious, rendering people oblivious to their own distortions and delusions, and compelling them to act against their own best interests, as well as those of everyone else.

Satan moving around his organized gang stalkers like pawns on a chessboard. Satan using anyone, at anytime and anywhere. Satan is the stalker on the chessboard and mass consciousness is his players. The chessboard is the matrix and the Archons, Satan and organized gang stalkers makes everything to “obstruct” to prevent the soul from leaving the chessboard and ascending to higher dimensions of consciousness.

We are pawns on Satan’s chessboard when our position should at least be that of the queen and king. We play defense when we should be on offense. It’s our game, but we don’t know it. Unwittingly, we are operatives in a puppet regime for we have not sworn allegiance to God and his kingdom and Satan manipulates our every move, thought and intent. We remain unaware.

Study the work of organized gang stalking and one will see how the action of Satanic energies working through the mass consciousness. Satan using anyone, anytime and anywhere, and people remain unaware.

“The brain is divided into three parts- the “CORE” or the sub-conscious mind, the “left hemisphere” and the “right hemisphere”. The left hemisphere controls logic and reasoning and is filled with fear”. The left brain also provides the “programming” for the “core” which does what needs to be done.

Conclusion; Then the left brain is the dominant hemisphere, and is filled with fear and also is the the programmer of the “Core” of the sub-consciousness mind, it will program the subconsciousness mind with fear-based programs to stay in domination and power. This knowledge is related to the “Corpus Callosum” and the called “Rainbow bridge” between the left and brain hemisphere. Fear is the component that make the “Alpha Bridge” to disappears, and instead increasing the powers of illusions of reality and this is the veil. When fear programs is in place the “alpha bridge” is down, and the alpha is also the state that represents the present “now”.

When we’re in a state of fear, our alpha bridge disappears (the bridge between left and right brain hemisphere). We may still have theta and delta, but we’re cut off from the resources of our subconscious mind and its connection with the universal whole. Beta waves flood the fearful brain. It’s in survival mode. When we’re in a state of bliss, our brains show the Awakened Mind pattern. A step beyond, they can also move to a symmetrical pattern Cade called the Evolved Mind. As our consciousness is filled with love, our brains function very differently, with large amounts of theta and delta, plus an alpha bridge to connect our conscious with our subconscious mind. Emotions create brain states.

We have recently been given a tremendous decree for the casting out of the dweller-on-the-threshold. And we have been taught that this dweller is the carnal mind, the nucleus of the anti-Self that we have created or that has been created by others, and that it is the dweller-on-the-threshold that is the enemy of the light in people.

Satan has corrupted man’s mind with a false wisdom, so that he may rule the earth through man. This corrupted wisdom has been injected in the world collective consciousness; and is now working against man’s own divine destiny. Satan possessed all the universal wisdom and secret knowledge you could ever think of, but used them in a very corrupted way. With this corrupted wisdom he is now ruling and corrupting the earth through man. For this reason, the Bible calls him “the prince of the world” or the “god of this world.” To live without the divine inspiration is to be subject to the wisdom of Satan. It is that false wisdom that has polluted the original flow of the divine life within man.

Man’s luminous evolution as well as the glory of the earth will occur the day we will all return to Spirit; to live by inspiration. After the fall, man’s conscious mind begins to infuse his subconscious mind with erroneous beliefs and false principles. This is how the heart of man or his soul became corrupted with sin. Because whatever man, thinks, does, feels, or says is registered in his subconscious mind (the heart), thus affects his entire consciousness.

The carnal mind deviously employs the human intellect, the human emotions, and the human will to justify itself before mankind; and thereby it gains the esteem of the world. And thereby there is formed the personality that is popular with the people. The carnal mind is the manipulator of the mass energies of the mass consciousness. Since the carnal mind is in control of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

The mass of thoughts that has been built up in race consciousness through many generations of earthly experiences and crystallized into what may be termed human personality, or carnal mind, which opposes and rejects God.

Mass consciousness is not Divine consciousness

Man’s history has been one of development from the state of mass unconscious reactions to that of a slowly recognised group responsibility. The low-grade human being or the unthinking individual has a collective consciousness. He may regard himself as a person, but he does no clear thinking as to human relations, or as to the place of humanity in the scale of being. He is easily swayed by the mass or collective thought, and is regimented and standardised by mass psychology. He moves in rhythm with the mass of men; he thinks as they think (if he thinks at all); he easily feels as the mass feels, and he remains undifferentiated from his kind. Mass psychology swing the masses to their will because they work with the collective, though undeveloped, consciousness.

Through mass consciousness reality is presented through the lens of the ego, and controls perceptions and what they is allowed to understand and see of this world. That´s why the third eye of intuition is closed.

When masses of city-dwellers regress to the unconscious state, it does not create a psychological unit that is in any way comparable to the original group and its psychology. In the original group, as we must emphasize yet again, consciousness, individuality, and spirit existed in the germ and strove to express themselves through the collective unconscious of the group, whereas the unconsciousness to which people are resignedly regressing today is, as it were, an unconscious with no tendencies in this direction. The autonomy of the unconscious reigns supreme in the mass psyche with the collusion of the mass shadow-man who lurks in the unconscious personality, and for the time being at least there is no sign of the regulating intervention of centroversion or of the regulation of the group by the cultural canon. The mass, therefore, is the decay of a more complex unit not into a more primitive unit but into a centerless agglomeration. Regression to the mass-man is only possible given the extreme process of cleavage between ego consciousness and the unconscious, and the consequent loss of centroversion.

The renegade ego of modem man therefore succumbs to a reactionary mass-mindedness and falls victim to the collective shadow, to the mass man within. Whereas in a homogeneous psyche the negative element has a meaningful place as decomposition and death, as chaos and prima materia, or as the leaden counterweight which roots growing things to the earth, in a fragmented psyche with a defeatist, regressing ego it becomes a cancer and a nihilistic danger. With the disintegration of ego consciousness all the positions built up in the course of human development are regressively destroyed, as in psychosis. As a result, the ego-sphere of the human and personal is lost. Personality values no longer count, and the supreme achievement of the individual—his behavior as an individual human being—is broken down and replaced by collective modes of behavior.

The trick is in the eyes. When you are born as a human being, you at once come into this illusion with eyes wide shut but intact and begin to decode the visual information around you first you cannot detect the illusion because the decoding mechanism is built into the DNA structure. Your entire experience is limited to five sensory perception mechanisms to feed the brain the limited amount of information that can be processed entirely in the mind.

It’s a trick and it’s a setup. The creation of the new species mankind was officially complete about two hundred thousand years ago, give or take. The rest of us original rebels had our own DNA encoded to easily manifest from spirit being into physical three-dimensional beings well before that.

The brain processes the decoded information and the actor does not question its validity but relies on it for cohesive interaction through rough. What the eyes see the mind calls actual and therefore exists, and so must be real. Reality filtered through a three-dimensional five perceiving hologram. The trick is in the eyes, if first presently the visual information the mind makes the obvious assumption it’s reliable and simply does not seek to decode any further than what the eyes reveal.

As a created being we never had eyes in our experience, and so the reverse is true for us; however, the reality of a spirit being is infinitely more genuine than that of a human being because the spirit being is decoding the vibrational frequency of a feeling-and-emotion existence that is without form or image. The same can be said of human beings, only that they are ensconced within the heavy shackles of flesh and form but experiencing the same emotional feelings from within with the added burden of having to rely upon the visual information. It puts them at a loss right from the gate because they are never told that the information they should be decoding is vibrational and not visual.

Under this set of wholly untenable circumstance a human being may come to rest inside a room with four walls and a desk as he sits to ponder his feelings. He never knew that the wall was really a window and spectators from the other side have gathered to observe him, so he has been tricked into believing the window is a solid wall and since he never questioned it or had cause to do so, he’ll interact with the window as though it is a wall and his body will likewise obey the laws of the phenomenal world and he will not detect the onlookers because the visual information suggested to his first glance a solid wall and nothing else.

To reveal the secrets to humanity and the reality of this illusion we call life the clever tricks that can be unveiled and would ultimately expose the fraud for what it is. The secret is the illusion of reality that relies upon the reinforced idea that what you see is actual and thereby should be relied upon most heavily to further cement the lie that would simply vanish if only we rejected the established parameters that preserve its secret. Once you are willing to reject the ready-made reality of the visual experience for the genuine unelaborated experience that is vibrational and not visual, you begin to understand the very root of this dilemma and what it continues to hold enslaved is our ever reaching minds. Where the hologram plays out inside our decoder mechanism the brain and the eyes visual information that is insincere and outright inaccurate beyond any certainty. In short my struggle is essentially the revelation to humanity about this truth and how and why they need to accept it as a matter of their eternal salvation that hangs in the balance.

The act of spiritual reincarnation is a reality that cannot be avoided with an ever propagating species that self propagates and the spirit DNA structure that is the fundamental basis of the human being. It ensures that the flesh will perish but the spirit reincarnates over and over again into new human condition without any working knowledge of his past lives or memories to guide us along the way. Obviously you can see the inherent disadvantage to the human existence so fragile and weak limited by its psychical body to the infinitely more advantageous spirit being that can have a continuing uninterrupted existence in the flesh and in the spirit fourth dimension as well. Those beings who occupy positions of ruler ship and authority over humanity will undoubtedly be the spirit beings I speak of and for whom created the human race entirely. It is most agreed that humanities creation upon the planet made its first appearance about two hundred thousand years ago. That’s not an incredibly long time quite frankly since the planet has been around for about 4.6 billion years now and the spirit beings we speak of who are wholly responsible for the creation of humanity have been here the entire time.

Talk about some bitter memories to be in passion of after all this time. The vast majority of that time was in a state of suspended animation in complete separation from source entombed on a cooling rock that was slowly turning to ice. It would be millions and billions of years at what point the orbiting red dwarf hit the lonely dark world and smashed it into pieces one part scattered into millions of pieces the asteroid belt currently between mars and Jupiter. And the other half intact thrust into a new orbit between Mars and Venus some 400,000,000 million miles coaster to the sun and at what point all of the events that would forever change the prison planet into a lush living breathing cornucopia of life. Water and an atmosphere and the ultimate experimentation of genetic DNA—manipulation that would give birth to the inferior species human beings, and so he welcomes the new creation to take their place in subordination to him and his angelic henchmen.

Humanity is without an accurate historical record that can provide any evidence whatsoever prior to the flood event that is by most accounts an actual event that did indeed take place that wiped off the face of the earth every shred of recorded history prior to that event. It is more likely that this too was not an out raged god angrily punishing his creation but rather one attempting to desperately maintain his position of authority over his creation more likely.

Humanity in Isolation and enslaved/imprisoned in The Matrix

Eventually, about 25,000 years ago, having been chased out of every other star system in the cosmos, the Dark Forces had to concentrate themselves in one small part of the universe. They ended up in our planetary system, and eventually on earth, using this planet as their last stronghold. Upon arrival, they took humanity hostage and declared a quarantine whereby no ships could land without pre-approval. They threatened nuclear war if the Light Forces were to attempt to come in. With their highly advanced technology, they quickly surrounded the earth with a scalar electromagnetic grid known as “the Veil” around the earth, securing it in quarantine.

Control of Human Consciousness

Meanwhile, the Archons, having assumed control of humanity on the inner planes, furthered their domination over humans by designing ways to hijack the karmic wheel and the reincarnation process of the human race and established themselves on the etheric and astral planes as the “Lords of Karma”. In doing this, they were able to determine to a large degree our life circumst-ances when we incarnated into a new body. They’ve essentially considered humanity their “herd” that is here for them to feed off of, so they’ve kept us on the wheel of karma, stifling our opportuni-ties for attaining liberation from it. As we saw in earlier chapters, the Dark Force beings existing in physical form began breeding with certain humans and also recruiting others as their “minions”

The energetic Veil technology still in operation today also includes the placement of implants in our etheric bodies, designed to suppress the consciousness and prevent spiritual awakening.

Pineal Gland – the third eye is the gateway to the spiritual cosmos and conduit to the other side. The third eye is also known as your pineal gland, which is located in the center of the brain and shaped like a pinecone.

“The (alien) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye and learn yoga science of liberation), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

When the pineal gland or third eye starts opening its begin to decoding vibrational frequency and not using the visual five senses to decode reality. And that´s why the (alien) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye) because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years.

The five first chakras represents the five senses, and the sixth chakra is the state where ego and duality is dissolved, and then the third eye starts opening, and the five senses controls reality the visual-ego-perception, and the sixth sense (third eye) decoding vibrational frequencies and access higher dimension of consciousness outside the mind prison matrix. The five senses constantly working to keep everyone in the state of “veil of ignorance”, and negativity, stress, fear suppresses spiritual progress and the opening of the third eye.

“As a created being we never had eyes in our experience, and so the reverse is true for us; however, the reality of a spirit being is infinitely more genuine than that of a human being because the spirit being is decoding the vibrational frequency of a feeling-and-emotion existence that is without form or image. The same can be said of human beings, only that they are ensconced within the heavy shackles of flesh and form but experiencing the same emotional feelings from within with the added burden of having to rely upon the visual information. It puts them at a loss right from the gate because they are never told that the information they should be decoding is vibrational and not visual.”

The pituitary and pineal glands are opened fully and work together to create the “Arc of the Covenant,” a rainbow light that arcs over the top of the head to the third eye, which is a decoding mechanism for higher-dimensional language.

When the state of ego and duality is dissolved it lead to “two giving birth to three”; the onception of new cells or cells can be programmed with higher consciousness. In this process even new hormones is been produces; pinoline and DMT.

We see the master in all and purely wish to be of service. We leave the `saving and rescuing’ mode behind in favor of the desire to serve Divine Will. The pineal and pituitary glands change shape. If headaches persist, ask the beings who are working with you to simply ‘tone it down’ for they don’t feel pain, or ask them to release endorphins — the brain’s natural opiate. The brain is being activated — particularly the cerebrum. Cranial expansion is common. Triangular ‘seed crystals’ in the brow and recorder crystals in the right side of the brain are activated along with the eighth, ninth and tenth chakras. We begin to be hooked into the languages of light. The pituitary and pineal glands are opened fully and work together to create the ‘Arc of the Covenant’, a rainbow light that arcs over the top of the head to the third eye and is a decoding mechanism for higher dimensional language.

The crystalline circuitry herein described actually contributes to the physiological basis for the kundalini process. Additionally, this circuit permits the step-down transduction of information from the Higher Self to various levels of awareness experienced by the physical personality. It is most interesting that the right cerebral hemisphere, working in concert with the pineal, acts as a primary relay point for information moving from the Higher Self to the waking personality. It is well known that the symbolic imagery of the right hemisphere is the landscape of dreams. Many have felt that the right brain seems to express certain functions which reflect our more intuitive side. It has been said that we live in a left-brain culture of logic, science, and language. The symbolic language of dreams represents the mode of communication of the right-brain-dominant state of sleep which occupies nearly a third of our lives. In other words, we are only left-brain dominant when we are awake; when we sleep, we switch over into our right-brain mode of information processing. We need right-brain skills to function in the metaphorical landscape of dreams. The right/left-brain interplay of dream consciousness versus waking consciousness represents an attempt by the soul to maintain a balanced and integrated expression of interplay between the Higher Self and the physical personality. We have already established that psychic communication (via our subtle energetic anatomy) continually occurs at unconscious levels of information processing. Subtle perceptual systems such as the chakras have direct input into the right brain through pathways of the crystalline circuitry. This unique biocrystalline network allows information from the Higher Self to reach the left-brain consciousness of the personality.

In the universal order pain is not generally experienced by the creation. It is generally only experienced in reality systems that are controlled by the archons, in order to control, manipulate and render powerless those whose energies they feed off because they have lost their connection to the universal exchange energy system.

Archons uisng pain to control humankind on Earth in one form or another, and none is immune to it. The archons have done this by disconnecting all other soul beings here from Source, and wiping out their eternal divine memory of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is. Instead, they have connected us to cellular memory that limits our remembrance of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is. Most people consider that memory is contained in the brain, or central processing unit. This is not true here on earth. Memory is stored in the cells of our physical bodies. Only short term memory (a few minutes) is stored in the Hippocampus in the brain. It is called the cellular memory. Pain comes from our cellular memories stored in our bodies.

Because pain is located in our cellular memory, we easily feel it, and experience it, because it is stored as memory in our cellular structure, that is why anesthetics work. When the cellular form is deadened no pain is experienced.

Over time, our cellular bodies are ‘loaded’ with pain memories, and so we begin a process of avoiding pain, and the whole societal and social structure here is designed to avoid pain, i.e. a re-occurrence of previous pain. That is understandable and also sensible, unless one understands that it doesn’t have to be that way. It works this way. Once we are thoroughly indoctrinated with the notion of pain we avoid pain, and feel it before it has actually occurred.

Pain resides in our cellular memory and we can feel it before it occurs or our bodies are subject to any kind of damage. Most of us can remember some pain or other from our past, and don’t know where that memory comes from, how it is stored in the cells of our bodies, why we try to avoid a re-occurrence of it, and why it is there.

Fear here is largely the avoidance of previously stored pain and the memory of it. That is how the archons have captured, captivated and controlled us like sheep. We exist, mainly to avoid pain.

Understanding that all species here are similarly afflicted by pain, and that our pain sometimes causes us to inflict pain on other soul beings, as we do, may provide us with the basis for overcoming pain. Pain is essentially a memory that is carried in our cellular bodies, so that we can feel the pain and recall the memory, even if we are not under any duress or affliction. We all remember some pain or other, and we spend most of our lives, and doings, avoiding that emotion and the memory of that pain.

Pain is the system of imprisonment here. The pain body and system here was specifically designed to control us, and to keep us subjugated and imprisoned in a system and a prison with no bars, and of our own making. This is done by building a memory base stored in the cells in our bodies that ‘punishes’ us when we don’t conform to their system of control, and we feel ‘pain’, when we don’t conform.

It’s a bit like being in a prison with electrified iron barriers, and if we try to get out of the prison we are given a shock. That is the role that pain has in the archon system.

The archon system is designed to keep us enthralled in their system and ignorant of how the universe actually works.

They don’t want us to know this information, because if we did, we would walk through the prison bars and free ourselves from the prison.

The archons removed one strand of our physical DNA to ‘make us forget’ who we are, and to keep us imprisoned in their ‘pain system’. We therefore have two strands of DNA in our physical bodies, but with a three strand corresponding encoding in our soul bodies. Their whole system of indoctrination here is designed to make us forget who and what we really are and to make us remember our painful experiences, including our physical, mental and emotional experiences that are then stored in our cellular memory in our bodies, and manifest as pain in the body, mind and emotions.

One can think as this remove of one dna strand is like remove a bridge to the other side, so no one can pass. In other terms to disconnect the right brain hemisphere from infleuncing the the work of left brain hemisphere. There is bridge in the “Corpus Callosum” named the “alpha bridge” and this bridge disappears when the brain is controlled through fear based subconsciousness programs. This alpha bridge can be re-build through meditation and when this is the bridge to the theta state and divine connection, and this is what the Archons have disconnected humankind from by using all forms of both psychological and spiritual warfare strategies in all forms.

Archons want us to live with brain imbalance. They make us operate only through one brain hemisphere. The Corpus Callosum is the bridge between left and right brain hemisphere, but the “alpha bridge” frequency dissapear by fear, in same way the third eye of intuition is closed through fear. The veil of ignorance or veil of fear is in action when fear is the dominated thought pattern in the left brain.

When the right and left brain is balanced one is able to connect up more easilyto obtain information. When your´re centered and balanced, your energy will start expanding; it´ll start going up your spine again, then it expands out of the body , but including the body, into the experience that we tend to call bliss. The right brain hemispere and theta state is related to the “bliss consciousness”, and when fear controls the brain the “alpha bridge” between left and right brain hemisphere disappears.

The limitations of the unnatural separation of right brain from left renders us disempowered and irresponsible at the same time. The belief system is a very convenient tool for those at the top who wish to hold others in mental slavery and emotional bondage. The Controllers who set themselves up as the gods of man have been siphoning off the creative energy of humans for eons. Beliefs are very creative. Beliefs call up the power of consciousness to transfer a potential held in the quantum soup of the implicate—unexpressed potential—over to the side of expressed consciousness—manifestation into form. Beliefs are very creative.

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