Organized Gang Stalking today; barking dogs, firecrackers, drilling near the floor, beaming words in the airs “now he is going mad”

There is a compiter generated speaking voice in the airs that is beaming and looping; now he is going mad”, on and off during the day.

Neighbors in apartment above who is standing outside your window an banging in the fence on and off, and door slamming 18 hours every day, now also sitting in the apartment with a drllling machine in the hands and start drilling when you writing, and scrathing in elements. And walking around and hammering in floors or walls and making hitting sounds on and off during the all day. And between these harassment then standing outside your window for 5-7 hours and doorslamming.

When you start recording the drilling sound above your head they stop. After the recording started it stops after a few second. This is the bizarre mind of organized gang stalkers. Today its saturday evening. This is the drilling recording from neighbors that stops after some second. So neighors above also know when you recording them and stop.

Its saturday evening and around 20.50 neighbors above start drilling harassment again. Earlier they started drilling when you writing and now they start drilling when you watch movies, and when you watch snooker sport neighbors above standing outside and banging in the fence or door slamming,

They using firecrackers as harassment

Barking dogs walking outside your window

And a beaming and looping voice constantly harassing and the goal seems to be the organized gang stalking goal; to drive to madness.

The computer generated voice in the airs and within these organized ganag stalkers is the same.

When you recording how they using televison for mind control and interfering by making soft clearing throat sound in live sport programs; there is forces that then manipulate your audio files and change it from coughing sound to

They using mind control in live sport broadcasting by making soft “double” clearing throat sound and they make this simultanously as you think a thought, and when you recording these sounds they then manipulate the audio files on every device you using. This is from biathlon eurosport live sport broadcasting today. From clearing throat sound the sound is manipulated in 18, 25 and 35 second in this video and in same video in 52 and 58 there is a new sound that someone is speaking in the background and sounds like Västerås. Sound is high in thsi video.


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