Organized Gang Stalking; Neighbors have technological devices that creates 7 automatic hammering sounds on the floor

Neighbors in apartment above who is living organized gang stalking lifes 18 hours every day using technological devices that creates 7 automatic hammering sounds on the floor and starts these on and off. Today they started before 07.00 in the morning

It sounds like this. This is an example

Another neighbor also has some technological device that creates all forms of looping drum beats and even sound as heart beat

And in present time when you write a word or read a word the neighbor above who using seven automatic hammering sounds in the floor, standing outside your window and in same second I wrote heart beat he is door slamming.

This is how they trying to control your mind through technological devices, door slamming, banging in the fence, looping drum beats, make hammering sounds in both walls and floors, dropping things on the floor, stomping on the floor, walking heavy on the floor, drilling in walls, scrathing elements, dragging furniture, flushing toilets, running water for hours, fake coughing, shadowing,

And when you are outdoors they sceaming, honking horns, using barking dogs, whistle blowers, car alarms, banging sounds

And they stalking with firecrackers or shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks and for 80-120 hours of shooting.

And they using wanrling blasting signal before they using dynamites and starts these just before you passing them, and they even start these loud warning blasting signal in same second you open your refrigerator.

This ego or mind of these collectively gang stalkers want´s control when you open your refrigerator or instill fear in same second you open the refrigerator. When the employment agency get work for you in Christian organization they have place siren on the refrigerator in the lunch room.

And neighbors above walking out on their balcony every morning you make breakfast and starts fake coughing, and then start fake coughing when you eat dinner, and same neighbors start door slamming when you make your dinner.

And their is comuter generated voice in the airs that constant interfering when you make dinner and eat dinner, and beaming sounds and words when you eating; it beaming words as; anxiety, worry, and even now its dangerous. So there is plan to entangle fear emotions when you eating or even open your refrigerator and they start warning blasting signals.

The computer generated voice in the airs that is beaming words as; anxiety, worry, and even now its dangerous must be same “Spirit” of some kind because they using same methods of interference.

It seems this world is been controlled by FEAR and MIND CONTROL


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