Organized Gang Stalking going on with 24/7 activities

Organized Gang Stalking is a “Stockholm Syndrome” and is invisible, both psychological and spiritual warfare, going on indoors and outdoors, and 24/7.

There is a “computer voice” activated day and night, indoors and outdoors in the airs of Sweden, and it seems swedish organized gang stalkers is synchronized in the same way as the computer voice is stalking, harassing and tormenting with sounds, voices, frequencies.

The “computer voice” interfering every hour in your apartment and then outdoors.

They don´t target the ear-hearing, they target the pineal gland hearing by using frequency weapons, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology, sound stalking, sound-mind-control, noise harassment, noise interference, sound distractions, distortion sounds, simultanously sound interference, sound-sleep deprivation, sound tormenting, sound loopings, using machines, power tools, hitting sounds, stamping on floors, firecrackers, honking horns, looping drum-beats, high pitch terror screamings, psychological communication theater, and there is no end for all methods. Its stalking with sounds and interference with sounds to gain control over the awakening Self.

This is a form of sound terror stalking entanglement

If yoga and meditation is stillness, peace, silence and the way to higher divine Consciousness, so is noise the opposite force and the ruler of this world. The ruler of darkness not just using fear, the ruler using noise in every possible way as his spiritual weapons. Its like one trying to meditate and people around simultamously starts some form sound or noise harassment.

In this hierarchy of creation, there is one ruler who affects our human lives more than all the rest. The negative force in human life is called Satan. Fear is a destructive force which Satan uses to attempt to crush the soul. Fear is Satan´s weapon. Fear grips the mind, and holds the thoughts of a person hostage for the purpose of self-destruction. In other words, fear is a stronghold, Satan is like a Stockholm Syndrome. Satan weapon of mass destruction is fear in all forms. The Matrix is a “Stockholm Syndrome” were Satan holds the Self/Soul as his hostage, and prevent the soul from ascending or exit the Matrix of matter. When one start transforming oneself all forms of spiritual warfare or spiritual warfare starts, all forms of bombardment and terrors of the mind starts.

Fear has been called man’s deadliest enemy. Fear is man’s greatest enemy. Overcome fear, act with prudence, and all things may be thine. First of all overcome the fear of thine own self, then the fear of. Satan is the designer of fear. When the devil and his cohorts hurl “emotional missiles” of fear, doubt, despair, wickednss, stress and negativity, in the attempt to get into the mind Satans making the mind to a war zone where he fires missiles as the foe injects thoughts, words, sounds or voices (syntethic telepathy or voice to skull technology, ELF weapons).

Satan using simultanously stalking interference activities in is attempt to open entrancees in the mind. Its much like a computer virus.

Fear is very deadly thing that has put many in bondage. Fear is an energy designed by the power of darkness to overshadow one until it takes over the mind. Fear is an energy designed by the devil as a form of darkness to ravish and snap away every believe system within. Fears is Devil´s design and are not real. It is designed and created in such a way that it is not a reality but an imagination. Fear is trap, designed to paralyze the mind, to interfere, barricade, occupy, infiltrate or invade the mind to break one´s willpower.

Satan is trying to instill fear within you so that you will become paralyzedand not proceed forward.

Satan is like a roaring lion. Roaring is a tactic of intimidation. When a lions roars, it is trying to instill fear – trying to intimidiate. Satan’s desire is to dilute or even eradicate your faith, and one of his main tools for accomplishing that goal is F-E-A-R.

Satan wants to be worshiped and as long as he is not able to achieve his goal, it is his mission to declare war against humanity. To achieve those ends, Satan must control the minds of the masses. He must enslave our minds, before he can enslave our bodies. In other terms this mean he using strategies to distort the mind and lead away from the real Self, and he want´s to destroy or steal one´s identity as the real Self. In other words he working to enslave, psychological torture (fear mongering or sound frequency weapons, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology), mind control, oppression the end result is the same, the bondage of submission. His strategy is to capture the minds of all so that without thinking they would submit to the world system with one voice.

One of Satan’s primary tools of deception is distraction. He is using the five senses to deceive th mind.

Mind games for the mind and delusions for the perception (sight/mind)

Street theater for the eyes (sight sence)

Sound torture through syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology, ELF (hearing sense)

Others say that the five knots are reminiscent of the five senses, indicating that they all must be dedicated to God (of this world).

Satan is the limitation and illusions. The error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, and man has made believing in the dying nature of man, not the undying and immortal Self/Soul.

Satanic impressions, illusions, projections, perceptions, suggestions, suspicions, and deceptions set up as a decoy or an ambush of the soul.

Deception is Satan’s primary strategy, since he has succeeded in leading the whole world astray (Rev. 12:9).

Satan is kept alive by giving “him” your energy through the belief in him

Satanic psychology is to influence and interference

It is also not the nature of the enemy to be creative; he is clever, but not wise.

Satan bombards the mind with one attack after another and he using psychology – worry, fear, doubt, frustration, stress, anger)

We fail to realize that our mind(soul) is the gateway to our spirit which controls our entire existence as well or relationship with God. This is why Satan vigorously targets this area of our being (the mind).

Satan is a creation of fallen human consciousness. He is energized by human fear. Since all human beings share a collective spirit, the fear that people channel into Satan allows him to exert an influence of fear upon all our race.

Satan is our collective ego, collective instinctive ego, which is subconsciously.

The moon influences the collective and personal shadow. The second chakra and the moon chakra controls all waters and emotions.

The second chakra is the Lord of Speech and Communication and media is how he controls

The individual’s experience of evil then becomes identical with the collective shadow

Satan’s purpose to hijack the the Word of God.

The core of Satan’s plan is the hijacking of our consciousness and the creation of a hive mind.

they are assigned by Satan to hijack God’s people into mindsets of uncontrollable terror to make mockeries of them

Satan’s ultimate plan is to oppress and victimize the person he is harassing.

Satan, the arch-intriguer, may try to cut off the financial support of ministers and missionaries by making their financial supporters anxious about their own economic positions and to think that they cannot afford to continue support any longer.

The whole Matrix is devil´s Stockholm Syndrome and holds humankind as his hostage captivated in the Matrix.

Satan is the ruler of the negative force. Satan trying to hook up people to his negative force. Satan´s battle is the spiritual warfare between darkness (negative) and light (positive). Satan´s is the ruler of the second chakra and its negative “Mind” and is the controller of negative thoughts and emotions.

The more the spirit and the real self takes control and grow in strength the more active Satan will become. Satan uses ceaseless tactics to get burdens or pressure upon the spirit and trying to bound the spirit with negativity. Sounds and noise is been used by Satan to weakening the power of the Spirit and to prevent spiritual light expanding in Consciousness. To stand or withstand and resist the power of the darkness. To stand is a action of the spirit that repels an aggressive move of the Enemy and his forces. And to resist is to actively fight with the spirit.

If the believer finds himself in keen suffering and anguish, he knows that it is “the hour, and the power of darkness” (Luke 22:53). Through the suffering that the evil spirits cause, he learns that they are unmerciful and evil—intensely evil, nothing but evil, aiming at nothing but evil—and with all the power they are able to wield, are endeavoring to draw him into evil, doggedly, silently, persistently, wickedly. They are always at work, driven by undying hatred and malice against the human race. Enemies they are, and will be.

They have always been and always will be evil and only evil. In this way, the believer learns and knows that he must resist them, and that the fight to keep his spirit strong, pure, and buoyant for victory over them needs all the force of his being, in the power of God, if he is to be victorious. In his discovery of the wickedness and hatred of the supernatural powers of evil against him, the believer learns that he is not fighting against the intelligence of one supernatural being, but against principalities and powers with vast resources at their command, and that if he stands victorious against their wiles he has conquered not only one evil spirit, but all hell. (See Ephesians 6:12.)

He finds that the powers of darkness will not allow one single believer to be victorious over them until they, as a whole, have failed to conquer him. This explains their onslaught on the one who elects to be victorious over them all, in vital union with the Victor Lord who put them to open shame through His death on the Cross of Calvary. The believer is called to triumph over all the powers of darkness. However, to reach the goal, it is crucial that he put on the whole armor of God and lay hold of divine strength, truth, righteousness, peace, faith, the mighty sword of the Scriptures, watchfulness, and prayer.

It is important to remember that this armor, and the weapons belonging to it, will enable him to “stand against [all] the wiles of [Satan]” (Eph. 6:11). if he stands, all heaven sees it; if he is defeated, all hell knows it. If he triumphs, the hosts of darkness are not only conquered, but discouraged, and rendered less effective in their schemes.

As the believer gains victories over Satan and his deceiving and lying spirits by recognizing, resisting, and triumphing over them in their varied workings, his strength of spirit to conquer them will grow stronger. He will become more and more equipped to present the truth of the finished work of Calvary as sufficient for victory over sin and Satan, and this will set others free from their power through the power and authority of Christ by the Holy Spirit.

Our world is absolutely dominated by Saturn, which seems to be closely linked to the Matrix, the Archons and the god being masquerading as the creator of all that is. The rings of Saturn may be a hidden frequency bands tuned to the Chakras to keep us tuned into the god matrix. Saturn may also be broadcasting frequencies to the moon, which relays these frequencies to the earth grids for the purpose of keeping us from accessing our higher truth.

The Moon being the closest big object to earth would of course be used by the matrix for suppression of humanity. Rulers, authorities, principalities of this world creates polarity and division and has been Satans way to control/deceive people.

How much plainer can it be that Satan communicates to humans using the pineal gland. Satan has power over the air, according to the Bible. Air carries large amounts of electromagnetically charged waves. Magnetic resonance is the key Satan uses to interact and taunt humanity. His power to manipulate natural frequency and wavelengths produces an ill effect on pineal gland hormone production.

This explains why Satan’s army is feverishly installing tracking devices in everything. Once perfected, such technology will secure biological control over the brain and keep mankind in a mentally altered state tuned to evil. Resonances received by electrical communication devices allow signals from certain frequencies while rejecting others. Years ago, it was a proven fact that a transducer could modify spoken words into ELF waves to be heard in your head telepathically. At the time of discovery, it was secretly classified as a form of psychological warfare where an enemy could be taken out without a shot being fired. Now that this technology has advanced, when Satan decides to announce he is God in the flesh, those having his mark will receive universal transmission inside their heads like bees and believe the lie.

When these thoughts arise, they will think it is merely their thought because the brain gives off no biological warning the thought has been planted. Each person resonates with their own bioelectric signature that distinguishes them better than their fingerprint or iris scan.

This also means their personal field can be tracked anywhere. Your brain behaves like a radio station with DNA call letters that identifies you from everyone else. Just as satellites are able to beam songs to stations at different frequencies on a radio dial, Satan can track you and beam his collective consciousness like a remote control directly into your individual station.

It is all about Satan gaining permanent residence in your head by opening up your pineal gland and residing in your holy of holies. Why? Because you were designed in God’s image to have communion with him through your brains unique antenna and Satan hates this fact. He wants to destroy your inheritance, and to do this, he must get inside your head so you will only listen to him.

Multitasking breaks down our brain’s ability to stay centrally focused. This is just what Satan wants because it keeps one from putting all the pieces together as to what Satan’s army is really up to. Technology is changing mankind, as a species, to become totally detached from our human design of emotional contact to that of animalistic instincts. Families suffer as everyone had rather sit in opposite rooms while texting to each other. Our Creator did not design humans in his image to be self-satisfying robots, yet that is where Satan is heading with mankind. Satan using entangled ELF wave technology

Satan is the limitation and illusions. The error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, and One of the most important limitations of the Devil’s power was that he could not control the will. And because the Devil not could control the will he must use mind control, brainwashing, subliminal programming, deception and manipulations, using new psychological warfare technology as syntethic telepathy, beaming voices into the head by using voice to skull technology, using electro magnetic frequencies and beaming invisible sound frequencies to the ears and to the pineal gland.

Satan creates sense of separateness, imperfection, sickness, fear, confusion with his spiritual warfare.


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