Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden means Total interference everywhere to captivating the mind

This interference process of organized gang stalking is going on 24/7 in Sweden and this interfering force using everyone to captivating your mind or hijacking your mind.

This interference means;

1. They interfering/captivating the human seeing with street theater, imitating, mimicking, manipulation
2. They interfering/captivating the human hearing with noise harassment, communication interference, distortions sounds
3. They interfering/captivating the human perception with gaslighting, mind games, voice to skull, syntethic telepathy.

The common thing with organized gang stalking is interference; simultaneously and synchronously actions of harassment, stalking and persecution, communication interference, imitating and mimicking is also interfrence actions. Every organized gang stalking action working for hook up the targeted individuals attention or hook up their mind with attention. Then they even beaming and weaving in ideas, words, music chorus, voices, sounds into the targeted individuals mind and this is the covertly aggreesive interference with organized gang stalking.


This organized gang stalking is interfering and surveillance the human mind like a Orwellian Thought Police, Thought control, thought stopping, mind control and brain washing is thought stopping. In other words this is the battle of the mind or psychological warfare or organized gang stalking.

This organized gang stalking surveillance is a form of paranoia psychology; they imitating and mirroring targeted individuals life. They stalking and persecuting them, surveillance them and then revealing they are surveillance the targeted individual. In State of Sweden they stalking, shadowing and uisng remote viewing and then interfering by terrorizing at same time.

Bildresultat för surveillance big brother


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden using some form of interfering paranoia psychology everywhere; food stores, pharmacies, healthcare, psychiatry, post/mail levery, shadowing interference. Here is some examples from the Swedish society;

The goal with organized gang stalking is to create total ostrasize and total isolation from others, so every time a targeted individual is doing something they are stalked, harassed, interfered or obstructed in some way.The goal is to create a reality so the targeted have no support system, and are ostrasized and constant targeted with all forms of psychology to destroy their life: sensitizing, triggering, victimizing, trauma-basing, dehumanisation, demoralisation, demnizing, voice to skull technology, syntethic telepathy for some example.

Here is some examples from the Swedish society;



Swedish post deilvery company

When you sending letters with your new phone number by post the Swedish post service delivery the letters to someone else, and does these people calling you and saying they got the letter. When you asking them why they opening the letter, they saying there is no one living on this adress here. So both post delivery company and everyone can be used for gang stalking. This is manipulation like  all other examples

Swedish tv broadcasting

When you watching tv in Sweden they can create high pitch distortion sound in evey tv broadcasting to create sound distractions that is interfering

People in Swedish broadcasting even using loud fake long nose breathing sensitizing methods. Here you can hear how fake this is. This is from when you watch live sport in Sweden

Swedish pharmacies

State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation with sound torture and psychic driving methods. Then does Swedish healthcare stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression. Then they don´t have any new times to other doctors for 9 weeeks. When you then start buying healthcare products from swedish pharmacies they manipulating the enviroment when you visiting the pharmacy. When you buying products you get a transparent bag used for when you want return medication you no longer using. When you buying these healthcare products the alarm start shouting when you leaving the pharmacy. Pharmacy workers using remote viewing psychology. If you start split a pill in four piecis they give you same advice next time you visiting them and this without asking for any advice.

Swedish healthcare and psychiatry (politcal abuse of psychiatry healthcare)

They informs you humans have a suicde gene

They informs you humans have a brain in the stomach (this the ego and the Solar Plexus brain)

They informs you there is an existing “dream guard” ( mind control and fake surveillance/interfering psychology dreams)

Therapist opening his doors suddenly while you waiting in the waiting room and then checking left and right and then closing the door again for several of month (some form of paranoia psychology – check behind the door psychology before every therapy hour starts)

Therapist has business cards in a medical package (medication interference)

Therapy interference and mirroring psychology. Swedish healthcare using mirroring psychology and using this to mind control your mind. When your fire alarm starts at home, the fire alarms starts in the middle of therapy. Another time their is fake power break when you have a conversation with the doctor, and people around suddenly starts moving furniture when it´s a power break.

Doctors using paranoia interfering psychology. Suddenly he says; I see you have met my friend and he now refering to another doctors who is working in the privacy helthcare sector and not the public and government sector of healthcare.

Everytime you have a new apoointment to healthcare for prescription renewal they start shoooting firecrackers outside your window late night before. So these people who is shooting firecrackers knows when you have a new appoinment to healthcare and who has access to this in Sweden, and who has access to firecrackers in Sweden all year when they just selling these easter times and new years time in Sweden. When you then visiting healthcare they airstalking you and then hovering over the roofs during therapy. So same people has access to when you visiting healthcare, has access to firecrackers and then flying a helicopter over the roofs during therapy.

Swedish communication interference

There is a constant communication interference, constant background noise, noise harassment interference, crosstalk, non-stop babbling, using voice to skull technology and beaming words, music, commercials, voices and beaming this into your mind, and using syntethic telepathy to targetting your mind with interference actions, day and night.

State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation

Sweden creating sleep deprivation with sound torture, psychic driving, voice to skull, syntethic telepathy and beaming in sound of grasstrimmers, sound of sirens, sound of trumpet sirens, looping same music chorus, using psychic driving and transmitting same looping commercials. Sometimes they transmit sound of grasstrimmers, sound of sirens, commercials and sampling music chorus at same time in the middle of the night. When you listen to music at night they start mirroring this and transmitting this into your apartment before yoy trying to sleep, and when you wakening up they start beaming your mind with same music you have listen to at the night. State of Sweden gaslighting your mind at night by changing the volume, lower it or change it to louder, so they hacking your computer in the middle of the night in Sweden.

State of Sweden shadowing  toilet visits

When you wakening up in the middle of the night and visitng toilet they start beaming your mind with sound of grasstrimmer sound, sound of sirens, or trumpet sirens. State of Sweden using remote viewing psychology and shadowing you when you visiting toilet.

State of Sweden shadowing and interfering when you take a bath

When you take a bath State of Sweden targetting your mind with hair shaampoo commercials. They start transmit this into your apartment, and then they start synchronizing this at same time when you washing you hair. So state of Sweden interfering eeverywhere.

State of Sweden interfering when you exercise

When you exercise outdoors you are stalked by cars, trucks, people, helicopters, sound of sirens, obstructing people, cars obstructing path ways. State of Sweden also transmit music chorus into your apartment like; “We control the sunlight” and then they start beaming your mind with this when you are outdoors and exercise and a few seconds later a helicopter appearing. State of Sweden beaming voices into your mind when you exercise, using sound of owls outdoors just for create a surveillance effect. This music chorus “We control the Sunlight” means control the Ego or the perception of the Ego, and this is same what swedisg healthcare informed about; that the human has a brain in the stomach (The Solar Plexus Brain). When you exercise at home neigvbors startsplaying looping drum beats at same time to interfering. Even Swedish social wellfare services using same Solar Plexus psychology. They give you another social wellfare secretary and her name is “SUN”. State of Sweden using cris cross psychology everywhere in same way thet trying to interfering everywhere. It´same thoughts and strategies. So in same way they trying to interference everywheere, in same way they talking and communication everywhere in Sweden when you visiting food stores, pharmacies, exercise outdoors.

Swedish social interfering

The goal with gang stalking is to ostrasize and create isolation, so wherever you going they interfering somehow. When you visiting a Swedish theater the actors turning a big lamp  agains you from the scene and brighting you. When you going for a watch a movie someone take up their iphone and turning it against you tp pretending  the capturing you just before the movei starts. So everywhere you see swedes acting like they where controlled by other forces than themselves. There is a spirit who is the controller behind all these interfering actions or behind all these psychological street theater actions.

State of Sweden surveillance everything you watch on tv, internet and listen to

State of Sweden is mirroring and imitating everything you watch on tv, tv shows on internet, or music you listeen to on the radio or on Youtube.

When you listen to music on Swedish radio they start transmit same music chorus and looping these into your apartment and even outdoors. When you listen to music on Youtube they start looping these into your apartment. When you watch sport programs they starts transmit commercials from these programs into your apartment and even transmit voices from sport commentartors into your apartment at night when you trying to sleeep. When you watch tv series like Westworld or Berlin Station they start transmit  music from these into your apartment. When you watch Survivor US or Survivor New Zeeland they start transmit music from these or theme songs, indoors and outdoors when you exercise, and then they start transmit voices from contenders from Survivors programs into your apartment and outdoors when you exercise.  When you watch  Jade Fever they start transmit: Jade makes people do crazy things into your apartment, indoors and outdoors, day and night hen you trying to sleep.

State of Sweden stalking and interfering with sounds of everything

State of Sweden using all forms of constant interfering sound everywhere. They can stalking your mind around all city with sound of trumpet sirens for 12-13 hours. They using sounds of owls in woods or around paths, they transmit sound of cuckoo clock into your apartment, transmit sound of sirens indoors and outdoors, and gang stalkers using barking dogs. When these actions taking place people around your apartment then starts imitating these sounds. They start imitating these sounds on the street when you going outdoors. They start make human made sound of same sound the swedish government has transmitted into your aparmemt. They sound like owls, make human made sound of sirens, and when you passing them on the paths when you exercise they sound like a cuckoo clock and then does people  standing outside your window and screaming crazy, crazy, crazy, and then does Swedish people barking like dogs.


Swedish neighbors stalking, harassing, shadowing and interfering

There is a 24/7 neighbor harassment. People walking around your apartment and sounding like screaming machines or they create human made noise harassment. In same way people sound like sirens, owls, sound like a cuckoo clock or sound like a barking dog, these swedes people walking around and creating human made noise harassment everywhere. In same way they they fake “sensitizing” breathing in swedish tv, swedes walking around and fake coughing and fake sneezing. Neighbors starts fake coughing constantly for 15 minutes every day, then does other people start fake coughing evertytime they walking outside your window, then does your neighbor start using this fake coughing when you start make breakfast every morning and walking out on the balcony and starts fake coughing, and then starts fake coughing when you eating. When you using internet and writing an mail to some department neighbor starts making hitting sounds in the floor everytime, when you writing an mail to social “wellfare ” services neighbors start make hitting sound in the floor, when you using your internet bank neighbor starts make hitting sound in the floor. When you writing a post on your website they scratching in elements,, or dropping heavy things above your head, they drilling in walls a few seconds here and there, they starts intense hammering in walls or floors, they using remote viewing and interfering when you watch tv serie, movies and drops something heavy on the floor at same time when something exiting happening in the movie. In same way they shadowing you they can use remote viewing in same second and interfering by dropping things on the floor. They walking around your apartment and hysterical screaming for hours every day, they walking forward and backwards and bouncing and football for 7-8 hours every day, when you opening your window nearest people make a high pithc screaming, when you going you your backyard  suddenly people starts working with grasstrimmers, lawn movers, and everytime you going to your backyard a helicopter appearing

This can´t be other things than a spirit who is controlling these organized gang stalking actions. When you have seen these anchored, chaining, sensitizing, triggering, looping and synchronized actions for 7 years soon these can´t be other actions than spiritual.

These actions are controlled by some form  of Spirit and this Spirit is roaring, stalking, shadowing, terrorizing day and night, sound torturing and create sleep deprivation, fear mongering, gaslighting, confusing, mind controlling, brainwashing, sensitizing, triggering, beaming and weaving sounds into your mind, victimizing, trauma-basing, demonizing, dehumanising, demoralising, slandering, using voice of skull, syntethic telepathy, psychic driving

The goal with organized gang stalking is to destroy the targeted individuals life on very level and interfering is the method they using.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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